Chapter 66 – The best man in the world

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The car drove all the way to a factory in the east lane of the west of G City, a warehouse area specifically used to let people store their shipments.

Zhan Beitian parked the car and woke up Mu Yifan, who was pretending to be asleep, before getting out of the car and walking towards Mao Yu, who was counting their resources.

Once Mu Yifan got out of the car as well, he saw a bunch of movers carrying resources into the storage room and guessed that this was where the male lead stored all his acquisitions.

In order to avoid arousing the male lead’s suspicions, he took the initiative to walk towards the male lead and Mao Yu, smiling, “Hi~”

To him who could only say a few short words now, that ‘hi’ he’d just said was already the best greeting he could muster.

Mao Yu smiled back. “Mu Mu, you also came.”

Mu Yifan nodded, not intending to interrupt their work anymore.

Mao Yu continued speaking, “Boss, these are the last few cars that contain the resources we gathered, afterwards, what do you plan to do?”

Zhan Beitian just said, “We’ll talk about that after you finish unloading the items.”

“Alright, I still need to account for some purchases, if there’s anything you need, you can find me here in the warehouse.”

Zhan Beitian nodded and waited for Mao Yu to leave before taking his phone out. He made the call right in front of Mu Yifan, “Hello Mr. Drake, this is Zhan Beitian.”

Although he was speaking in Y Country’s language, Mu Yifan found that he could actually understand what was being said. He internally thought, perhaps this is because this body knows Y Country’s language as well.

“The situation is like this, I am in urgent need of the order I’ve discussed with you about and was wondering if we could arrange for the transaction to take place earlier.”

Listening to the conversation, Mu Yifan immediately knew that the male lead was talking to the arms dealer. The male lead was most likely worrying about the apocalypse’s sudden acceleration.

In actuality, it wasn’t strange to be worried. Who let those two virus carriers escape ahead of schedule, therefore causing his body to also begin zombification earlier.

Thinking up to here, Mu Yifan’s eyes dimmed a bit.

He’s about to become a zombie, don’t even mention killing the male lead, after this, he also wouldn’t be able to stay beside him. So within two days, he must find an opportunity to leave.

“The earliest it will arrive is two days later?” Zhan Beitian frowned. “That’s fine, then we’ll meet two days later at the same place as last time.”

Mu Yifan’s eyes shone, when the male lead goes to the meeting, wouldn’t he be free to find somewhere to hide then?

Zhan Beitian ended the call and took Mu Yifan to sit on a nearby sofa. After that, he opened his phone to search up the news, finding no more information on the two escapees.

Half an hour later, Mao Yu had finished counting up their purchases. “Boss, everything has been unloaded, do you want me to bring you there to double-check?”

Zhan Beitian put away his phone. “Close all the security cameras in the warehouse.”

Mao Yu was stunned, “Yes, sir.”

He turned to leave for the monitor room to turn off all the security cameras.

When he came back, Zhan Beitian then said, “Mao Yu, stay here with Mu Mu, I’m just going to go in and check before coming back out.”

“No problem.”

Mu Yifan also bobbed his head up and down.

The moment Zhan Beitian left, Mao Yu hastily pulled over a stool to sit beside Mu Yifan, he smiled sneakily. “Mu Mu, can you tell me, you and the boss, exactly how did you two meet?”

Mu Yifan looked at him before difficultly saying, “Th…throat…hurts.”

Mao Yu paused, “Your throat is sore? You can’t speak? Could it be the food we ordered yesterday causing a reaction?”

Someone handed him an excuse, so of course, Mu Yifan accepted it. He nodded at Mao Yu.

“Then you must take some medicine the moment you go back, it’s the only way you will heal quicker.”

Mu Yifan once again nodded his head.

Even though this was the case, Mao Yu was reluctant to give up this chance and continued, “Mu Mu, although you can’t speak right now, you can still type on your phone to answer my questions.”

Mu Yifan saw his expression of extreme curiosity into the male lead’s love life and, after hesitating for a while, finally whipped out his phone.

Mao Yu smiled mysteriously, taking the time that Zhan Beitian still hadn’t come out to get directly to the point. “Mu Mu, does the boss treat you gently?”

Although in his mind Mu Yifan felt that this was a weird question, he still typed, “How is it possible for him to be gentle with me.”

Because his joints were inflexible, his typing speed was very slow, making Mao Yu feel very nervous. “It can’t be, the boss doesn’t treat you gently?”

Mu Yifan nodded.

Mao Yu continued to ask, “It couldn’t be that the boss likes to be rough? How is he rough?”

Mu Yifan thought for a bit before simply typing, “Not asking for permission, directly taking off my clothes.”

Mao Yu gaped, his mind instantly filled with inharmonious images. “The…the boss actually dared to…cough cough, that, Mu Mu, do you like our boss?”

What if Mu Mu didn’t like his boss, but, because his boss liked Mu Mu too much, he had to resort to such means.

Did he like Zhan Beitian? Mu Yifan thought about it, in the real world, Zhan Beitian was his childhood friend. So of course he liked Zhan Beitian as a friend, but right now, he was within the book.

Actually, strictly speaking, the Zhan Beitian in the book wasn’t all that bad. Other than being a little mean in the beginning, he’s been pretty good to him, even going as far as to take care of him.

Seeing that he wasn’t making a sound, Mao Yu immediately panicked, worried that his boss had fallen into a one-sided love. Just as he was about to ask again, Mu Yifan replied, “I like.”

Seeing these two words, he suddenly heaved a sigh of relief and smiled, “Although our boss likes to frown and doesn’t know how to make someone happy, he is actually a pretty reliable man.”

Mu Yifan agreed with this point so nodded his head happily.

Whether Zhan Beitian was good or not, he was more clear on this matter than anyone else.

“It’s good that you also think this, haha!” Mao Yu happily hung an arm across Mu Yifan’s shoulders. “Mu Mu, let me tell you, you’ve found the best man in the world.”

“Huh?” Mu Yifan did a double-take, this phrase sounds a bit weird.

“What are you guys doing?” Zhan Beitian returned from the warehouse only to see Mao Yu’s hand now on Mu Yifan’s shoulders. His gaze darkened, an unhappy feeling inexplicably rising in his heart.

Mao Yu noticed his boss’s gaze and swiftly retracted his hand. Feeling a bit awkward, he smiled, “Boss, Mu Mu and I were just talking about how he likes you. Mu Mu, am I right?”

Although Mu Yifan didn’t know why Mao Yu revealed the topic of their conversation, nevertheless, he still nodded his head.

Zhan Beitian’s previously calm eyes flashed with shock, he silently looked to Mu Yifan.

Mao Yu saw that his boss’s expression smoothed out a lot and smilingly asked, “Boss, after looking through the warehouse, did you find anything that you still need?”

Zhan Beitian looked at him and ordered, “Notify Xiang Guo and the others, there is a mission tomorrow.”

When Mao Yu heard there was a mission, he instantly schooled his expression and seriously replied, “Yes, sir.”

“Also, I already have plans for the resources in the warehouse, you don’t need to question anything.” Zhan Beitian finished speaking and pulled Mu Yifan along with him to leave.

Mao Yu rubbed his forehead. Somehow the boss’s last sentence seemed to hold a deeper meaning.

Only after the car had driven a distance away, did he turn back towards the warehouse. He opened the door only to see that all the resources had disappeared, even the metal railings and shelves were nowhere to be seen.

The entire warehouse was empty, in fact, it may have even been cleaner than when they’d just got it. Even if thieves had stolen all of it, they couldn’t have moved it all away right under his eyes right? In a short few minutes, they’d looted the entire warehouse.

Mao Yu couldn’t believe his eyes, “The fuck, where did all the resources go?”

Translators notes:

Dummy: Hey yall, some of you might have already seen this coming, but we’re sad to announce that we will be dropping this novel here. Many things have happened since we decided to pick up this novel but, a big thank you to readers who have been with us through it all. We really enjoyed translating it as much as you guys enjoyed reading it. Do continue supporting the translators of NOZW in their next project and feel free to reach out to them in the chatbox or through the comment section. And now, on to them…

THISBRO and death: And that’s it for Number One Zombie Wife! Thank you for sticking to us for the duration of this journey and for enjoying/loving this wonderful novel. Unfortunately, this will be where we stop as the author, 金元宝, has specifically requested we not translate after her free chapters. Let us mourn together….

But not to fear, for we are here with another pit novel for y’all to jump into, “Fake Demon Lord” has captured THISBRO’s soul and has conned the [not so] innocent deathbutlowkey into its vicious claws, so you can look forward to seeing that translated next ^^


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