Chapter 63 – It hurts here

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Editor: Mimishijie

The dinner finished at 11 pm. A large group of people staggered out of the Han Restaurant.

Since Zhan Beitian had drank a few more cups later that night, he could only let Mu Yifan drive them home.

When they arrived at the villa, it was already midnight, so the two each went to their own rooms to sleep.

The moment Mu Yifan closed the door, he let out a sigh of relief.

Before, during dinner, the scent of humans had assaulted his nose from all directions. He almost couldn’t control himself and went up to bite them.

Now, that he was finally back to sleeping alone, he didn’t need to worry about biting the male lead in his sleep.

Of course, this may have also killed the male lead, thus completing his original plan of killing the male lead. However, he really didn’t want to become that kind of flesh-eating monster.

He could use any kind of method to get rid of the male lead, even the ones that are extremely looked down upon. The only one he couldn’t do was bite, thinking about it now, he felt disgusting.

Mu Yifan walked towards the bath, he first took a shower, then checked how much he had further zombified. Only after confirming that there was nothing out of the ordinary about his body, did he leave the washroom and lay on his bed to sleep.

Without the male lead sleeping beside him tonight, he once again turned into an insomniac. His stomach was very uncomfortable, no matter how much he tried, he just couldn’t fall asleep.

And this kind of uncomfortable wasn’t something that was surface level like feeling pangs of pain or stinging, but rather it was like something was suffocating him. Both uncomfortable and hard to breathe.

Mu Yifan just simply gave up on sleeping, he stared at his ceiling as he thought about random things. Finally, he wondered whether or not the male lead had fallen asleep.

Without him by his side, the male lead should be sleeping peacefully, right?

However, in the other room, Zhan Beitian wasn’t asleep like Mu Yifan had thought. Even though he had drank some wine just before, he was completely sober and awake.

He really felt that habit was a frightening thing. He’d had only slept with Mu Yifan for four or five days, but now, without that person clinging to him, he felt like the empty space beside him was actually lacking something.

Since Zhan Beitian couldn’t sleep, he got up and went into his space. Not long after, he came back out, but this time, there was an exquisitely made wooden box in his hand.

He walked out of his room and went to the door of the next room. He quietly tried to push open Mu Yifan’s room door, only to find that not only was the door unlocked, but the person inside was also still awake. Then, because of his arrival, that person sat straight up in shock.

When Mu Yifan registered that the person who entered was Zhan Beitian, he sighed in relief. “You almost scared me half to death, I thought a thief had wandered in.”

Zhan Beitian walked to the front of the bed and asked, “Why haven’t you slept yet?”

“Can’t sleep,” Mu Yifan rubbed at his belly. “It hurts here.”

Zhan Beitian peered at the large belly that was still the same size before handing over a small wooden box.

The wooden box was in a perfect cube shape and was only 20 cm tall and wide. The carvings on it were extremely delicate and detailed, like what ancient people would use to store their valuables.

“What is this?” Mu Yifan curiously went to receive it, when he did, he immediately felt the pain in his stomach lessen by a lot. This type of feeling was the same as when he had touched those raw stones. He internally thought, ‘It can’t be jade in this box, right?’

Zhan Beitian did not answer him, he turned then left.

Seeing that he was about to leave, Mu Yifan hurriedly reached out his hand and grabbed onto his clothes, “Wait.”


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