Chapter 62 – So they’re already sleeping together 

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Zhan Beitian saw the questions filling Mu Yifan’s eyes, and explained, “You think that with your face, stomach, thigh, and wrist, you can still eat seafood?”

Having said this, he then realised that the other person’s body was full of injuries and very delicate.

Mu Yifan suddenly wilted.

Originally, he’d wanted to take advantage of the fact that he wasn’t a zombie yet to pig out, since, after he actually transformed, cooked food wouldn’t have any kind of flavour to him anymore. Putting it in his mouth would be like chewing wax.

Zhan Beitian said to Mao Yu, who’d been surreptitiously watching them, “You order.”

“Alright.” Beaming, Mao Yu took the menu, shooting a glance at Mu Yifan’s gauze-wrapped face, and selected five or six light dishes as well as Han restaurant’s signature dish. Afterwards, he also ordered more than a dozen local dishes.

After the waiter left, Lu Lin and the others took their seats one by one.

Mu Yifan calculated internally; there were twenty-two people in total in this private room. They were all Zhan Beitian’s subordinates, each and every one of them was tall and strong, not one shorter than 180 centimetres. Furthermore, they all had sturdy muscles. With one glance, one could tell that they were all highly trained.

After everyone sat down, they started to exchange glances with each other.

Xiang Guo lightly coughed and looked to Mu Yifan, “Mr. Mu, please excuse my earlier behaviour, I’ve basically met all of our boss’ friends, how come I’ve never seen you before? When did you meet our boss?”

Mu Yifan replied honestly, “We only just met this month.”

“Just this month?”

Xiang Guo and Lu Lin didn’t believe their boss would bring a person he’d only known for a month to meet his life-comrades.

They both believed that since their boss decided to bring this person, it meant his relationship with this person was definitely not simple.

Xiang Guo suddenly remembered the call he made to his boss a few days ago and the masculine voice he’d heard. At the time, he thought it was because his boss’ girlfriend had just woken up and her voice was a bit hoarse, which was why she sounded like a man. Thinking back to it now, perhaps it really was a man; a man named Mu Mu in fact.

He came out of his thoughts and asked, “Mr. Mu, you…a few days ago, were you living together with the boss? Uh…what I meant to say was…were you living in the same room?”

“Yep, these last few days we slept together.”

Everyone suddenly went silent.

A moment later, Sun Zihao finally choked out a sentence, “So, they’re already sleeping together…”

Zhan Beitian, “…”

Why did it feel that the more they discussed this topic, the more misunderstandings would appear?

Mu Yifan felt that the air around them had become awkward and doubtfully asked, “Is there a problem?”

Xiang Guo quickly denied, “Nope, nada. Just that when I called the boss a few days ago, I’d heard another man talking in the background so I grew curious.”

“Oh. Also, you guys don’t have to keep calling me Mr. Mu, it’s too formal. After this, you can just call me Mu Mu like Beitian.”

“No problem.” Xiang Guo laughed unrestrainedly and filled up two wine glasses on the turntable before rotating them in front of Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan. He said, “Mu Mu, since you and boss were the last to arrive, you must drink a cup as compensation.”

“Of course.” Mu Yifan excitedly picked up a wine glass.

However, just when he put it to his mouth, it was taken away by the Zhan Beitian sitting beside him who finished it in one breath, then did the same with the other cup.

“Wow, boss has learned how to cherish someone.” Sun Zihao teased.

Zhan Beitian furrowed his brows, “He can’t drink alcohol.”

Everyone looked to Mu Yifan’s gauze-wrapped face and understood. After that, there wasn’t anyone who tried to pour wine for him.

Mao Yu waited for everyone to finish toasting before giving a report of recent events, “Boss, ever since the Mu Corporation started to buy out grains, the amount we have been able to get has been steadily declining. Should we go further away to get more?”

Zhan Beitian pursed his lips and kept silent.

Xiang Guo, who was sitting diagonally opposite him, angrily said, “From what I see, although it is officially Mu Yihang who sent these men to buy out all the nearby grain, the one who actually ordered it was that backstabbing Mu Yifan.”

Mu Yifan, “…”

Why is it his fault again?

Everyone’s expressions turned ugly as they heard ‘Mu Yifan’ these three words, there were some whose faces were filled with anger.

“Think about it, he’s always gone out of his way to make things difficult for Boss. Now that he’s found out we’re purchasing supplies, he’d definitely want to throw some kind of wrench into our plans so that we’d mess up. Though speaking of this, how did he find out we were in G City?”

Mu Yifan, “…”

Encountering a person with such a big brain hole, he can’t afford to feel hurt.

Although Zhan Beitian didn’t say a word, he had his own considerations.

It wasn’t long before the waiters came into the room holding up their dishes. Everyone immediately forgot about Mu Yifan as they began to eat, playfully threatening that they wouldn’t go home unless they got drunk.

Zhan Beitian knew his limits, so whenever someone toasted him, he would just take a sip. Unlike them who basically poured their entire cup into their stomachs.

During this time, his eyes swept to the person beside him. All of Mu Yifan’s actions fell into his eyes as he tried to inconspicuously steal some seafood to eat like a little mouse.

Zhan Beitian couldn’t help it letting his mouth hook upwards into a smile.

Mu Yifan completely didn’t know his actions had already been seen by Zhan Beitian. With his back facing Zhan Beitian, he was excitedly chattering with the people beside him as he continued to surreptitiously pilfer the food he wasn’t supposed to eat.

However, he didn’t eat too much, otherwise, Zhan Beitian would have long called out to stop him.

When this scene was seen by Mao Yu, he silently tsked.

The boss has definitely fallen in love. Just look at the way he looks at Mu Mu, it was more gentle than humanly possible.

At this time, the TV sounded with a news broadcast.

Zhan Beitian raised his head to look at the TV, the host first reported major news events before settling into more local ones.

“Today at 9 am this morning in H city’s XX mental institute, two patients escaped from…”

Zhan Beitian instantly paused the movements of his chopsticks as he focused on the two mugshots being displayed by the newshost. His voice turned serious, “Quiet.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but it was commanding. Especially towards trained soldiers, they understood that it was an order.

The originally rowdy private room instantly became silent, only the new host’s voice could be heard over the TV.

“These two patients’ sickness is very severe, causing them to bite any people they come into contact with. More importantly, the disease they have is highly contagious; their virus spreads through the wounds they have inflicted, causing the body to rapidly weaken and possibly leading to death. If you encounter them, remember to avoid them or directly turn around to leave. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of the two patients, please call XXXXXXXX…”

Mu Yifan frowned, feeling that the topic the news reported was very familiar. Then he immediately thought of something and gaped. Isn’t this how he explained the zombie virus’ origin within the novel?

The so-called mental institution was just a cover, in reality, the two afflicted patients escaped from the national research centre along with the zombie virus on their person.

They were originally archaeologists, this time during an excavation, they found the thousand-year-old Evil Emperor’s tomb. Unfortunately, other than a beautifully sculpted black coffin, there weren’t any other kinds of decoration, treasure, or artifacts. The entire place was empty.

However, when the archaeologists opened the coffin,  a black gas drifted out from inside.

From that point onwards, the two archaeologists started to act strangely. Their eyes became more and more unfocused, even their movements became sluggish, until finally, they started to bite anyone they could see.

The people who were bitten by them became the same as them, going as far as to eat raw flesh. It was extremely frightening.

Fortunately, it was discovered fairly early so the scene was controlled in time and they sent the two archaeologists as well as the people they had bitten to the national research centre for further analysis.

Now, two patients had escaped, this also signalled the beginnings of the apocalypse that was about to arrive.

The one difference was that, in his memory, they had escaped from the research centre on the 25th, how come the schedule was brought forward by a week?

When the news report finally finished, everyone in the room suddenly didn’t dare to make a sound.

Zhan Beitian frowned, only speaking a moment later, “Lu Lin, you guys shouldn’t leave G City these next few days. As for the acquisition of resources, keep it within G City boundaries. Also, if you encounter the two people mentioned in the broadcast or any other people with sluggish movements, I want you to immediately leave. Don’t pay them any attention, even more importantly, don’t approach them. If they try to pounce on you, directly use your guns and explode their heads. Don’t let them injure you in the slightest.”

“Use…use guns?” Lu Lin and co. were shocked as their mouths hung open.

Zhan Beitian’s gaze became strict, “Yes, this is an order. If anything happens, I will take responsibility.”

“Yes sir.”


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