Chapter 61 – Our boss actually likes men?

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Zhan Beitian leaned against the door while sweeping his gaze over these brothers who had accompanied him even in the face of death and asked, “What sister-in-law?”

Xiang Guo paused, “We’re talking about Mu Mu, sister-in-law Mu Mu! Sigh, boss, don’t tell me that even after coming to this stage, you still want to hide sister-in-law from us?”

“Mu Mu?”

Zhan Beitian’s indifferent eyes flashed with a hint of amusement. He really didn’t know what had led to these brothers of his to such a misunderstanding.

Hearing Zhan Beitian call out ‘Mu Mu’, the Mu Yifan who was admiring the architectural design of the Han Dynasty returned to his senses and poked his head into the private room, “You called me?”

Zhan Beitian, “…”

Everyone in the private room looked to the entrance, only to see a man who had his face completely wrapped in gauze.

They couldn’t tell the gender just from his face, but from the height of more than 180cm and his voice, they would know that the person standing by the door was definitely a man.

Seeing that nobody was saying anything, Mu Yifan was puzzled, “Were you not calling for me?”

Zhan Beitian stood straight and gave a simple introduction, “Mu Mu, these are my friends.”

Having the Zombie King’s memories, Mu Yifan obviously already recognized Xiang Guo and co., “Hello, my name is Mu Mu.”

Xiang Guo and Lu Lin froze, they looked at Mu Yifan as if they had seen a ghost. In the end, it was Mao Yu who snapped out of it first, walking forward with a smile and reaching out his right hand, “Hello Mr. Mu, my name is Mao Yu.”

The others also swiftly came back to reality and went to introduce themselves.

Mao Yu lead Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian to their seats.

Xiang Guo and the others also slowly made it to their seats, then commenced with a quiet discussion.

“Didn’t you say that the boss had a girlfriend named Mu Mu? Why did a man come? I’ve followed our boss for so many years, how could I not know if the boss liked men?”

Lu Lin shrugged, “How would I know what happened? The last time we ate together, we asked boss if he got a girlfriend and he didn’t correct us. At the time, Xiang Guo and the others were also there, they can prove that I’m not lying.”

Xiang Guo nodded furiously.

“Then did the boss explicitly say that his girlfriend was called Mu Mu?”

Lu Lin revealed a hesitant expression, “That…he did not.”

“Then how do you know that boss’ girlfriend is called Mu Mu?”

“It was Xiang Guo who said it.”

Xiang Guo rushed to say what had happened at Dr. Ge’s home, “At the time, I had asked the boss and he also didn’t correct me. More so, I had never seen our boss worry so much over someone.”

Everyone in the conversation was shocked, “Could it really be that our boss likes men?”

Zhan Beitian glanced at Xiang Guo and the others from across the table, before picking up a menu and handing it over to Mu Yifan, “You order.”

Mu Yifan hadn’t eaten such a luxurious meal in a long time, he excitedly received the menu and didn’t hold back as he told the waiter his order, “Can I have a steamed mitten crab, prawns steeped in tomato sauce, cellophane noodles with scallops…”

In one breath, he listed a good five to six seafood dishes, “And finally, five bottles of red wine.”

The waiter quickly jotted down everything Mu Yifan ordered.

Mu Yifan closed the menu then passed it over to Zhan Beitian, “Your turn.”

Zhan Beitian didn’t reach for the menu, instead, he blandly said, “No need, we also like the dishes you ordered. However, these dishes, you can’t eat any of them.”

Mu Yifan, “…”


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