Chapter 60 – It actually reacted to you

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Mu Yifan was embarrassed as he said, “You’re grabbing my little brother.”

Zhan Beitian had a face full of black lines. Just as he was going to take his hand back, he suddenly felt the thing in his hand actually get hard.

“Fuck, it really reacted to you.” Mu Yifan could hardly believe it, he began to wail in anguish, “It’s all Uncle Chen’s fault! These past few days his food was too nourishing, it couldn’t have gotten any richer unless he decided to cook cow pizzle or tiger pizzle, those extremely invigorating ingredients.

Zhan Beitian, “…”

With a dark face, he released his hand, turning towards Mu Yifan’s swollen thigh and touching it. He immediately frowned. The degree of swelling was no different from before, and it was obvious that the spirit spring water had no effect.

How could that be?

Mu Yifan shifted his body, “Don’t go randomly touching, otherwise, I’ll end up shooting.”

“Shut up.” A vein twitched wildly on Zhan Beitian’s forehead.

He took his hand back from the iron tub and asked, “How severe is your bone cancer?”

Of course Mu Yifan couldn’t tell him the truth and so he lied, “I’m already in the late stage of my bone cancer. The doctor has already said that I can at most live for another month.”

“Another month?” Zhan Beitian expressed his suspicions, “Which part of you looks like you’re just barely holding onto the end of your life?”

Are there any people who are about to die able to be as active as you are? Simply having more energy than those wild tigers in the mountains, who will be able to that this person in front of them would be dying soon?

Mu Yifan retorted, “How am I not? Don’t you know that every person who is about to die has a momentary flash of liveliness, like the final radiance of the setting sun? Nevermind that recently I’ve been eating such rich meals, of course I would seem to have a lot of energy.”

Zhan Beitian’s gaze changed and sneered, “Isn’t your period of liveliness a bit too long?”

“Whatever, either way, my doctor said that I only have, at most, a month to live. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me, go ask my doctor.”

Zhan Beitian pursed his lips before looking to his gauze-wrapped face and asked, “When can you take off that gauze on your face?”

Suddenly Mu Yifan felt a bit guilty, “My doctor said that I can take it off at the start of the next month.”

“The start of the next month…”

Zhan Beitian mumbled something softly before reaching a hand towards Mu Yifan’s face. However, just when he made contact with the other’s cheek, he instantly changed his hand’s trajectory from pulling off the white wrappings, then walked down from the stove and said, “Put your clothes on.”

Mu Yifan wasn’t used to the brightness of the sunlight that made it in through the windows and squinted his eyes, “I don’t need to bathe anymore?”


Zhan Beitian picked up the dry towel that he’d previously had ready and handed it to Mu Yifan, before he turned his back to him.

Mu Yifan stood up, but just when he was going to dry off his body, he noticed that his wheat coloured skin tone was gone, in its place was a pheasant-like white.

Sure enough, there was also water from the spirit spring in that water. Otherwise, it was impossible for his skin tone to suddenly become so white.

Although Mu Yifan knew the reason for his skin tone’s sudden change of colouring, he still had to pretend to be clueless and asked, “Beitian, how come my skin tone became so pale all of a sudden? It couldn’t be that there was some kind of bleaching effect it the medicine was there?”

Zhan Beitian looked at the baby-like white skin and didn’t comment, directly walking out of the kitchen.

“Hey…” Mu Yifan quickly dried himself off, put on some clothes, and then also ran out of the kitchen. Just as he exited, he saw the Village Chief bustle into the yard.

“Mr. Zhan? Is Mr. Zhan still here?”

When Zhan Beitian heard the noise, he walked out of the living room. Upon seeing the Village Chief’s anxious face, he frowned, asking, “What happened?”

The village chief panted heavily as he ran in front of Zhan Beitian and quickly said, “Mr Zhan, all the grains and produce that we sent to G city were confiscated by the Food Supervisory Bureau. They said that the pesticide in our produce exceeded the limit and did not allow us to sell it.”

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes.  “Where was it confiscated?”

“Our vehicle had just entered G city and was stopped by officials saying that they needed to do a spot-check. Afterwards, they confiscated our produce.”

Zhan Beitian immediately took out his phone and walked to the corner to call a person to settle this matter.

The village chief anxiously paced about where he stood.

Frankly speaking, he also didn’t know why he had run to find this person the moment something happened. But, he inexplicably felt that this person would have a way of solving this problem.

Zhan Beitian hung up, came back, and said, “Let your men call the number that I’d given you the day before. There will be someone to settle this matter.”


The village chief quickly called his men that had gone to G city and relayed the instructions before hanging up. Afterwards, he said, “Mr Zhan, I feel that this matter is not that simple. Our fruits and vegetables were confiscated for no reason, I believe that…”

Speaking to this point, he stopped. He believed that Zhan Beitian could also guess that this matter had something to do with those five elites. If that were not the case, why would their vehicle that had just entered the city be stopped?

Mu Yifan, who had been silent for a long time, sighed deeply. He did not need to guess who was the one behind this. Unfortunately, the hatred that the male lead had for him in his heart was too great.

Zhan Beitian touched his chin as he returned to the living room to continue watching television.

The village chief had originally intended to leave, but after thinking that he might still have to rely on Zhan Beitian later, he hardened his scalp and followed along.

Two hours later, the team heading for G city called to report that the matter was proceeding very smoothly. The fruits and vegetables that had been confiscated not long ago were returned and the official in charge said that it was a mistake. After liaising with the middleman, they successfully obtained a large sum.

The village chief sighed in relief and thanked Zhan Beitian before leaving Chen Dong’s house.

At this time, Zhan Beitian’s phone suddenly rang. It was Lu Lin calling.

“Boss, everything has been settled. All the produce and grains have already been stored properly. When are you returning to G city?”

Zhan Beitian asked dully, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Lin laughed, “It’s nothing. It’s just that the brothers that you sent to get supplies will be returning tomorrow. That’s why we wanted to find boss and have a little gathering.”

Zhan Beitian raised his brows, “Just a gathering?”

Lu Lin laughed with a ‘hehe’. “Actually, everybody just wants to see sister-in-law. Boss, you won’t disappoint us, right?”


Zhan Beitian’s gaze unconsciously fell on Mu Yifan, who was clumsily skinning a fruit.

“Dinner at Han restaurant at 6 p.m. tomorrow.”

“Alright, I’ll make a reservation now.” Lu Lin happily hung up.

Zhan Beitian put the phone down on the table, “We’re returning to G city tomorrow.”


Honestly, Mu Yifan didn’t care when they would leave Baibi village. His original intention of coming here had only been to spend more time with the male lead.

However, the more they interacted, the less he was able to make a move against the male lead. Perhaps he was doomed to become a zombie in this book.

When night fell, Chen Dong learned that Zhan Beitian and the rest were leaving Baibi village the next day and specially prepared a table full of dishes. They kept eating until nearly 9 before they returned to their rooms to wash up and rest.

It was then that Zhan Beitian discovered another bad habit of Mu Yifan’s when he was sleeping. He liked to hug him to sleep, and especially liked to bury his face against him. Sometimes, he would even lick his hand that was not covered by the blanket while his mouth would continuously mumble, “Yummy, yummy.”

Even if he shoved the jade piece into Mu Yifan’s hands, it was still unable to make the other person obediently sleep on his side.

Just like this, Mu Yifan once against hugged and licked Zhan Beitian, who he was currently lying on for the entire night.

When he woke up the next day, he realised that his chin and neck were cool. After using a hand to wipe at it, the back of his hand was immediately stained with liquid.


Mu Yifan glanced suspiciously at his hand and then turned around, staring straight into Zha Beitian’s cold gaze.

“I really want to know, exactly what were you dreaming of last night?” Zhan Beitian’s voice was low.

“Me?” Mu Yifan thought for a little and said, “I think I dreamt that I was having a feast.”

Zhan Beitian let out a deep sigh and suppressed the fury in his heart before pushing off the person lying on him. He stood up and stripped off the shirt that was stained with saliva before heading to take a bath.

After the two of them had breakfast, they drove out of Baibi village.

On the way back to G City, Zhan Beitian drove slowly, intending to take the time to appreciate the scenery. In the future when the apocalypse arrives, there will be no chance.

When they arrived at G city central district, it was already 6 p.m, the time their reservations were set for.

Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian arrived at the Han restaurant and two waitresses wearing Han ethnic costumes welcomed them in.

Zhan Beitian asked, “Was there a person surnamed Lu who made a reservation yesterday?”

“That’s right. Mr Lu is currently in the Han room on the fifth floor.” The waitress brought them to the fifth floor and knocked on the door before the person inside allowed them in. Pushing the door open, she escorted them in.

When the people inside saw Zhan Beitian, the atmosphere instantly became livelier.

“It’s boss, boss is here.” Lu Lin saw him and yelled excitedly.

The people sitting on the sofa chatting heard his voice and quickly turned towards the entrance. “Yo, boss is here. Boss, you’re really on time, but as the last one here, you have to punish yourself and drink one glass. Does everyone agree?”


Xiang Guo quickly interjected, “Brothers, punishments can wait until later. Right now, we want to see sister-in-law.”

“Sister-in-law?” There were some people who were unaware of this matter and asked with uncertainty, “What sister-in-law?”

Xiang Guo laughed, “You guys probably still don’t know, right? Boss has a girlfriend.”

“Seriously? Who is sister-in-law?”

Xiang Guo glanced at Zhan Beitian. “Boss, hurry up and bring sister-in-law out for us to see.”


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