Chapter 58 – I really want to bite the Male Lead

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It was 5:30 am and the sky had only just brightened. The villagers had only just woken up, so there weren’t many people by the pond.

Mu Yifan sat by the big tree near the pond, quietly gazing across the tranquil water. His brows were knitted tight together but his heart was unable to reach the same calmness.

The reason for this was because he’d realized the reason why he’d been able to smell the scent people were emitting.

These were the warning signs that told him he wanted to bite people; once he loses his reason and does so, he would never be able to stop eating people.

Every time Mu Yifan thought back to how he’d wanted to eat people, he would feel extremely disgusted. He definitely didn’t want to become like that, but he also wasn’t able to be cold-hearted enough to kill the male lead.

Especially since once he became a full zombie, he would have even less of a chance. At that time, his movements would become extremely slow and without any consciousness, anyone could easily kill him.

When it was 6 am, the villagers all went to their fields to work and the people walking by the pond increased. The scent from their bodies became thicker and thicker.

Mu Yifan didn’t dare to stay by the pond any longer, so he immediately left towards Chen Dong’s house.

From afar, he could already see Zhan Beitian standing by the entrance to Chen Dong’s house. His posture was tall and straight with a handsome face, attracting the attention of the people walking by.

Mu Yifan couldn’t help but to think back to this morning when he’d kissed him, before awkwardly making his way over to Zhan Beitian.

“Go inside and change your clothes, then eat breakfast.” After saying this, Zhan Beitian turned back and headed to the yard.

Mu Yifan instantly let out the breath he was holding.

The male lead should have still been asleep at that time, so he shouldn’t know about the kiss. Otherwise, the male lead wouldn’t have been that calm while facing him.

Chen Dong came out of the kitchen holding a bowl of noodles when he saw that Mu Yifan was back, he laughed, “Little Mu, you came back right on time. Brother Zhan was just about to go find you to eat breakfast.”

Mu Yifan smiled and returned to his room on the second floor, immediately taking off the pajamas he was wearing.

With his back to the door, he didn’t notice Zhan Beitian had followed him up to the second floor.
Zhan Beitian stood at the door looking at Mu Yifan’s swollen leg and frowned. Not making a sound, he turned and went back downstairs.

Mu Yifan went downstairs for breakfast after changing.

The moment he entered the door to the living room, he was hit with the thick scent of humans, unconsciously taking a few whiffs.

“Little Mu, it’s time to eat breakfast.” Chen Dong called out to him.

Mu Yifan sat at the table and received the bowl Chen Dong passed to him. But his mind wasn’t on eating.

Seeing him eating small bites at a time, Chen Dong concernedly asked, “Little Mu, do you not have an appetite? Even last night, I could tell the amount of food you eat has become less.”

Mu Yifan’s actions froze for a second, before finding a random excuse, “It may be that I woke up earlier than usual, so I don’t seem to be hungry.”

Not hungry? That was strange.

God knows how much he wanted to tackle the other and take a few bites. Particularly the male lead, his scent made him even hungrier.

He really wanted to take a bite right now, what to do?

Mu Yifan didn’t dare to continue thinking about that, speeding up his movements and ate with vigor. He simply pretended that the fragrance was coming from his food.

Zhan Beitian glanced at him before focusing on his breakfast again.

Once Mu Yifan felt full, he hurriedly went back to his room to sleep some more .

Later, not knowing how long he’d slept for, he was awakened by Zhan Beitian.

“Go to the kitchen.”

After saying this, Zhan Beitian left the room.

Mu Yifan didn’t know what he wanted to do, after rubbing his eyes, he dazedly got up and headed for the kitchen.

Once Zhan Beitian saw him enter, he immediately said, “Take off your clothes.”


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