Chapter 56 – What should I do now?

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It was only at night that Zhan Beitian returned to Baibi Village, just in time for the dinner prepared by Chen Dong.

As Mu Yifan ate dinner, he saw that Zhan Beitian’s brows were locked tight together. So, he knew that the business he went to take care of today at Yong Cheng Village hadn’t gone smoothly. He’d most likely encountered the people sent by Mu Yihang.

Of course, this was all just guesswork. As for what Zhan Beitian did in Yong Cheng Village, how negotiations were going on; he didn’t ask too much. After eating, he took the time when Zhan Beitian was taking a bath to swiftly tuck the knife that was used to cut fruit into his belt. Then, he went to the second floor.

He put on his pajamas and stuffed the knife in his pajama pocket. After that, he laid down on the bed, waiting for Zhan Beitian to return.

However, after waiting for more than half an hour, he was just about to fall asleep from waiting, but Zhan Beitian was yet to return to the room.

Thinking that the male lead had entered his space to take care of some things, Mu Yifan could only wait patiently. Unfortunately, he fell asleep, unable to wait for the person to come back.

Perhaps it was, that his desire to kill the male lead was too deep. The previous nights he slept peacefully until the next day, but tonight, he woke up in the middle of the night.

When Mu Yifan opened his eyes, he was faced with Zhan Beitian lying beside him, and immediately remembered the matter of killing the male lead. He was instantly jolted fully awake, and borrowing the moonlight from outside, stared at Zhan Beitian’s handsome face for a long time. His eyes slowly betrayed a flash of hesitation, and in his heart, he couldn’t help but feel depressed.

Early this morning, he had clearly already decided to take the opportunity when the male lead was asleep, to kill him. But now, after looking at the male lead’s face, he once again started to feel soft-hearted. So much so, that he was more unwilling to get rid of him than compared to when he had just transmigrated into this novel.

Damn it, what should he do?

Mu Yifan unconsciously lifted his hand and stretched it towards Zhan Beitian’s face.

Yet, right when he just touched the other’s face, he immediately came back to his senses. Hurriedly withdrawing his hand.

Mu Yifan lowered his gaze.

This wouldn’t do.

He couldn’t continue to be this soft-hearted. Remaining soft-hearted would only lead to him being unable to return to reality.

Mu Yifan once again made up his mind, put his hand into his pajama pocket and found the fruit knife.

Just when the fruit knife was exposed from his pocket, he suddenly stopped his movements.

Mu Yifan felt that something wasn’t right.

The male lead in the book is supposed to be a very careful person. Especially after experiencing the apocalypse, his awareness of his surroundings became unnaturally high. It was impossible to sleep so soundly at night, even more so when there was someone he wasn’t extremely familiar with sleeping next to him.

In addition, he’d just touched the male lead’s face. The male lead couldn’t have felt nothing, otherwise, his wariness and awareness would just be too low. This type of person, definitely couldn’t live to the end of the apocalypse.

So, the male lead most likely is already awake, just simply pretending to sleep and hasn’t opened his eyes.

Mu Yifan thought that there was this possibility, and was suddenly thankful he hadn’t made a move. Otherwise, the one who would be dead would have been him.

He put the fruit knife back to its original position and took his hand out of the pocket. He decided to continue sleeping, yet, all his sleepiness had disappeared. Rolling all over, he just couldn’t fall back asleep, especially since he was carrying around such a large belly, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Come here.” The person beside him suddenly voiced.

Mu Yifan swiftly snapped his eyes open and was met with Zhan Beitian’s eyes. They were extremely clear, no trace of having just woken up.

He was once again grateful that he hadn’t made a move.

“Come here.” Zhan Beitian repeated again.

After hesitating for a second, Mu Yifan quickly moved his body, laying his head on Zhan Beitian’s pillow.

Zhan Beitian rolled onto his side and put his hand on the round belly, gently rubbing it, “Now sleep.”

Mu Yifan knew that right now, he was unable to kill the male lead. He could only erase the idea of using the opportunity when the male lead was sleeping to kill him. As his stomach became more and more comfortable, his eyelids slowly started to droop, quickly falling asleep.

Seeing that Mu Yifan had already become dead to the world, Zhan Beitian’s eyes slowly revealed a trace of uncertainty. In the end, he didn’t take back his hand, directly settling it on Mu Yifan’s stomach as he also closed his eyes.


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 56 – What should I do now?”

  1. I hate that Mu Yifang is trying to kill Zhan Beitian because of the completely unfounded idea that he’ll return to his own world if he does. He’s not willing to risk his own life (I think his own death is more likely to send him back than the protagonist’s, though both are very unlikely), but totally willing to risk an innocent’s life.
    He was just an ordinary person, how can he jump to the conclusion of murder without a second thought? And the only reason he stopped the first time around was because Zhan Beitian looked like his childhood friend? What if he didn’t know him? Would he have casually killed someone? Then what, he wouldn’t have returned to his world, he would still be stuck here, about to become a zombie, and having killed humanity’s hope?


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