Chapter 54

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That night, Chen Dong and Chen Zhuang hurriedly ate their dinner, then left Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan, still eating, to go organize their own supply of grain.

Mu Yifan only ate one bowl before putting down his chopsticks, “I’m full, you take your time.”

“You’re full?”

Zhan Beitian frowned slightly. Lately, he’d always eat six to seven bowls before being full, but today, he’d only ate one.

Mu Yifan also knew that the amount he ate was significantly less than before. He rubbed his stomach and said, “En, I seem to be easily fed today, perhaps I just don’t have an appetite.”

Zhan Beitian looked to his belly and didn’t say anything more. He continued to eat the food in his bowl.

Mu Yifan thought it’d take Chen Dong and Chen Zhuang some time to collect all their grain, so after waiting for Zhan Beitian to finish eating, he took the initiative to wash the dishes.

After watching the news, Zhan Beitian grabbed the medicine that had already been prepared by Chen Dong and handed it to Mu Yifan, and personally watched him drink it all.

Knowing that the amount of spirit spring water contained inside wasn’t much, Mu Yifan obediently drank the medicine in the bowl.

When it came time to sleep, like the previous night, he left most of the bed to Zhan Beitian then quickly fell asleep.

Zhan Beitian watched the news on his phone for about half an hour before lying on the bed to rest. Following that, the person sleeping beside him came over to stick to him again.

This time, he didn’t push Mu Yifan away, he only lowered his hand that was at the edge of the bed. After flipping his palm up, a fist-sized green stone suddenly appeared in his palm.

Zhan Beitian looked at the jade in his hand then stuffed it into the hand Mu Yifan had draped on his stomach, then pushed him back to his original position to sleep.

Sure enough, he didn’t roll back again.

It was quite obvious that the reason the other liked to stick to him in his sleep was because of the QingTian bead in his belly. Now that he had a piece of jade to absorb energy from, he didn’t need to stick to him anymore.

Seeing Mu Yifan was still in deep sleep, Zhan Beitian soundlessly left the room and went to the washroom. After that, he disappeared in the washroom.

After a minute, he reappeared. His calm dark eyes had revealed a hint of surprise before returning back to normal and returned to the bedroom to sleep.

The next morning, when Zhan Beitian opened his eyes and was immediately faced with a fuzzy head sleeping on his chest, the corners of his eyes couldn’t help but twitch.

He gently pushed the other back to his original position then went to find the piece of jade from last night. However, the jade had disappeared; it couldn’t be found, even under the bed.

However, there was a heap of green powder on the bed.

Zhan Beitian reached for some of the green powder and rubbed it between his fingers. It was smooth. This powder was probably from that piece of jade after it had its energy absorbed by the QingTian bead.

He swiftly stood up and cleaned up the green powder. Then he went outside for a run.

Mu Yifan slept until it was eight before getting up in time to eat the noodles Zhan Beitian had boiled.

Zhan Beitian waited until he was almost finished before saying, “Today, I will be going to YongCheng Village and will only be able to return in the afternoon. You will stay here for the day, no need to follow me there.”

Mu Yifan knew Zhan Beitian was going to YongCheng Village to buy grain and other foods, so, not wanting to be bored, he nodded his head.

“If there is anything, call me.” Zhan Beitian stood up and left.

Mu Yifan sat in the living room eating noodles, his gaze following Zhan Beitian out the entrance.

Upon exiting the building, however, Zhan Beitian found himself suddenly surrounded by a group of people.


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