Chapter 52 – Scratch

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“What is this?” The people around doubtfully looked to the green dust drifting through the air.

One person tried using his hand to try touching the green dust, “Could it be that the stone cutter accidentally sanded off the jade too?

“No way, it can’t be, can it?”

The stonecutter was furious, “Within the ranks of stone cutters, I’m an old master. How could it be possible for me to accidentally sand off the jade? Do you know that your words will destroy my reputation?”

The crowd didn’t dare to make another sound.

Zhuang Ziyue doubtfully looked to the raw stone and pointed to it, “Why is there a hole in here? The green powder seemed to come out from here, this master, could you make this hole a bit bigger?”

The stonecutter has a face of hesitation, “But… if I do that, the jade inside will be damaged.”

Zhuang Ziyue knitted his brows, and took a moment to think, “Don’t worry, just do as I said.”

The raw stone was his, the stonecutter could only carry out what was requested and made the hole a bit bigger.

Immediately, the green powder flowing out of it increased. From where the green powder was flowing out of, the place that was originally green slowly turned white.

“What’s happening? It had clearly shown green, how come it’s become white? What is this green powder?” The surrounding people immediately started to quietly discuss.

The stonecutter frowned harder, “I’ve cut stones for so many years, never have I seen a situation like this. Young master Zhuang, could it be that you’ve accidentally bought a fake?”

Zhuang Ziyue said unhappily, “I’ve been identifying raw stones for years, how can I not even tell the difference between a real and fake? Smash it open.”

This time the stonecutter didn’t hesitate, he immediately smashed it. Instantly, everyone saw that inside contained a pile of green dust.

Mu Yifan gaze moved, after having its energy sucked out by the QingTian bead, the jade would become this. It was different from the zombie Zhuang Ziyue, after Zhuang Ziyue absorbed the energy, the jade was still jade, just that it’s brightness would become duller.

Zhuang Ziyue knitted his brows tighter and pinched some of the dust between his fingers to feel, “It seems to be jade powder?”

The stonecutter said, “This is really strange, how could the jade inside turn to dust? I’ve never seen anything like this, nor have I ever heard about it.”

Zhuang Ziyue shook his head, showing that he also hadn’t heard about anything like this, “It seems I’ve wasted 500,000 RMB on this raw stone.”

The people previously competing for this raw stone all rejoiced that they hadn’t purchased it. 

Zhuang Ziyue asked the person who had previously brought the raw stone here to bring it back to its store owner to let him determine exactly what the green dust was. And then, he brought Mu Yifan to a private room in a nearby restaurant to eat lunch.

The moment he sat down, he concernedly asked, “Yifan, didn’t you love being in the army? Why did you suddenly retire? Also, what happened to your face?”

Mu Yifan didn’t want to make Zhuang Ziyue sad by saying the truth, so offhandedly found an excuse, “After getting my leg injured in a mission, my movement hasn’t been as smooth. The higher-ups suggested I retire. As for my face, it’s like this because I had an allergic reaction to the medicine, so I applied some medicine to reduce the swelling.”

Zhuang Ziyue’s eyes flashed with worry, “Then your leg injury should be too serious right?”

Mu Yifan smiled and asked a question in return, “Did you see any problem with the way I was walking earlier?”

Zhuang Ziyue thought for a second, “It was the same as usual.”

“There you go then., It’s only that it takes more effort to run, there isn’t much problem with normal walking.”

Zhuang Ziyue finally put his concerns down, “You really aren’t a good friend, not even telling me that you’ve retired from the army. If we hadn’t met today, were you planning on hiding it from me your entire life?”

“It’s only because of my leg injury that I didn’t come to find you.”

“What do you plan to do now? Will you be taking over the company your mother left for you?”

“Currently, I don’t intend to.”

The corner of Zhuang Ziyue’s mouth twitched, “If you don’t start planning now, the company your mother left you will get stolen by that half brother of yours.”

Mu Yifan didn’t place much importance on that and said, “If he wants it, then he can take it.”

Zhuang Ziyue immediately narrowed his eyes, “I just realized that you’ve become much more open, not like before where you were surrounded by this dead aura and didn’t like to speak.”

Mu Yifan smiled and asked, “Then do you like the me now, or the one before?”

“The you from before was too competitive, everything you did, you had to get first place. You didn’t like anyone being better than you. However, in my opinion, that type of you seemed very tired. Right now, you seem better, so of course, I want you to stay as you are right now.”

Mu Yifan laughed, he didn’t want to continue talking with Zhuang Ziyue about the previous Mu Yifan, so he changed the topic.

After that, the two men chatted very happily, practically forgetting the time.

When it came time to pay, the two each holding a credit card fought over the bill. Just when they were in the midst of fighting, Mu Yifan’s nail accidentally scratched Zhuang Ziyue’s hand. Instantly, a small trail of blood came out.

“Ziyue, are you okay?” Mu Yifan worriedly looked over the hand.

Zhuang Ziyue felt that this scene was extremely funny, “Look at you worried expression, it’s just a scratch. There’s nothing to worry about, but your nails really are sharp. Their practically like knives. Alright, you also don’t need to fight over the bill with me. If you really want to invite me out to eat, wait until your face gets better.”

Mu Yifan looked at the red blood on Zhuang Ziyue’s hand, and finally released the breath he was holding. Right now, he was already half a zombie, getting scratched by him was fatal. There is a high possibility of getting turned into a zombie.

“Ok, wait until my face heals, then I’ll find you to meet up.”

Just at this moment, Mu Yifan’s phone sounded. Seeing that Zhan Beitian was calling, he immediately picked up the call. After saying a few sentences, he hung up.

“Ziyue, my friend is here to pick me up, so I’ll leave first.”


Mu Yifan glanced at Zhuang Ziyue’s hand one more time before getting up to leave.

Zhuang Ziyue saw that the wound on his hand was still bleeding, so he just picked up a napkin and gently wiped it.

But then he noticed that the blood leaking out was becoming darker and darker. Just as he went to take a closer look, the wound suddenly stopped bleeding. He didn’t really care, so when the waiter brought over the change, he simply got up and left the restaurant.


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