Chapter 51 – Zhuang Ziyue

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“Ziyue?” Using an uncertain tone, Mu Yifan called out to the man who was approaching.

Hearing his name come out from the other’s mouth, his face that was filled with anger calmed a bit. He looked at the gauze covered Mu Yifan and doubtfully asked, “You are…?”

“I’m Yifan.” Mu Yifan said emotionally.

In the real world, and in the novel, Zhuang Ziyue and he were best friends. Finally meeting a friend after transmigrating who has the same relationship with him as in reality, it was no surprise that he would get emotional. In addition, during the apocalypse, Zhuang Ziyue had also been a zombie, becoming Mu Yifan’s trusted subordinate.

After Zhuang Ziyue became a zombie, he was the only one who could absorb the energy within jade, so his power couldn’t be underestimated.

However, according to the plot development, the real Mu Yifan only met Zhuang Ziyue after the apocalypse had arrived.

“Yifan? Mu Yifan?” Zhuang Ziyue looked at him incredulously, “I say, you wouldn’t have been disfigured while carrying out a mission, right? Otherwise, why would you wrap your face like this?”

The original Mu Yifan didn’t contact his previous friend when he found out he had bone cancer and thus had to retire. Instead, he shut himself in his home all day, unwilling to go out. So Zhuang Ziyue didn’t know about Mu Yifan’s situation.

Mu Yifan bitterly laughed, “It’s a long story. Weren’t you just buying raw stones? How about I wait until you’re done having it cut open and then we can find somewhere to sit and chat?”

Actually, the energy in this raw stone has already been absorbed by the QingTian bead, so he really wanted to see what it looked like after having its energy sucked away.

“Ok.” Zhuang Ziyue quickly told the two people following behind him to give the raw stone that he had his eyes on to the stone cutter. Then, he put his arm over Mu Yifan’s shoulder and asked happily, “I really didn’t expect to meet you here since you’ve never liked jade this type of thing, what brought you to Gu Yu town today?”

“I’m just accompanying a friend. We’ll be leaving in the afternoon.”

Zhuang Ziyue frowned, “You wouldn’t happen to be in the middle of an assignment would you?”

Mu Yifan shook his head, “I’ve already retired from the army.”

“What? You retired?” Zhuang Ziyue looked at Mu Yifan in surprise, “But why…?”

Seeing that there were people surrounding them, he didn’t finish the sentence, “We’ll talk once it’s lunch.”

The two arrived in front of the stone cutter and Zhuang Ziyue passed over the already marked raw stone.

Mu Yifan stood to the side to watch, he couldn’t quite understand what the people around them were shouting about. Something about dust, price rising, these random terms. He could only tell whether the raw stone was good from the tone of the people shouting.

“There’s green, there’s green.”

The surrounding onlookers excitedly shouted, there were even some who hurriedly called out prices, wanting to purchase the raw stone that had already shown green.

The stone cutter looked to Zhuang Ziyue, “Young master Zhuang, do you want me to continue?”

“Of course continue.” Zhuang Ziyue was confident that there was jade inside, moreover, it’s worth was above what he had purchased the uncut stone for, so he wasn’t worried that he’d make a loss.

Mu Yifan admired Zhuang Ziyue’s self-confidence, however, he was now worried for him. Who knew what the jade inside would look like.

The stone cutter stopped cutting it and instead changed to sanding. After a few minutes, a pile of green powder drifted out of the raw stone.


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