Chapter 48 – Are you worried for me

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After Mu Yuecheng promised to help, Mu Yifan happily returned to the lounge to eat.

As his spirits were high, his appetite also soared. He finished a large pot of chicken soup by himself. “The chicken soup Uncle Chen made is really delicious!”

This was the first time Chen Dong had been praised for his cooking skills. He beamed, cheerfully taking the chopsticks and bowls to the kitchen to wash.

Mu Yifan helped by taking the unfinished dishes into the kitchen as well. He returned to the lounge just in time to hear Zhan Beitian on the phone.

Zhan Beitian asked, “What did you find?”

Seeing that he didn’t leave to take this call, Mu Yifan just took a seat beside him and pretended to watch TV while eavesdropping.

He knew that after Zhan Beitian returned from the village head’s place, he’d called on people to investigate the men who’d competed with him over buying food. This phone call was probably giving him the general gist of the investigation.

“They were people from G city’s Mu Technology Group?” Hearing the surname ‘Mu’, Zhan Beitian couldn’t help but involuntarily glance at Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan seemed to not notice his gaze, as his eyes were always concentrated on the television. However, he was suppressing the surprise in his heart.

People from Mu Technology Group?

Could they be people sent by Mu Yuecheng or Mu Yihang?

If this really was the case, that just meant that Mu Yuecheng wasn’t giving up. Moreover, he’s already convinced Mu Yihang to buy resources on a large scale.

Although, Mu Yihang would never sell off the company shares.

That means, there was a high possibility that they had used their own savings. Nonetheless, that was already enough to let them live well during the apocalypse.

It’s no wonder that Mu Yuecheng didn’t bring up the topic of selling the company shares that night.

On the other side of the line, Xiang Guo replied, “Yes boss, I also found that it was the president of Mu Technology Group who had sent them. Not only that, but Mu Yihang also arranged a group to buy grain from all across the country.”

Zhan Beitian narrowed his eyes shooting out a cold light. “Mu Yihang? What’s his relationship to Mu Yifan?”

Mu Yifan immediately felt the temperature in the living room falling to freezing.

Xiang Guo lowered his voice, “They are half-siblings from the same father.”

Zhan Beitian instantly stood up, glaring at a specific spot in the living room.

Mu Yifan secretly peered at Zhan Beitian’s cold eyes and guessed that the male lead must be suspecting whether Zombie King Mu Yifan was also reborn.

If he was in the male lead’s position, he would also think the same.

Otherwise, why would the Mu Technological Group who had always focused on electronics, suddenly buy grain at such a large scale?

Speaking of, after Mu Yifan transmigrated into his novel and used the future zombie king’s body, where did the original owner of the body go?”

Or was it that he had already ceased to exist in this world?

“Boss?” Xiang Guo hadn’t heard Zhan Beitian reply for a long time and called again.

Zhan Beitian snapped out of it, “What about Mu Yifan? Is he still in G City right now?”

“He and General Mu have already left G City.”

Zhan Beitian knitted his brows, “Are you sure that he has left? Did you personally see him board the plane?”

“The person I sent said that they had personally seen him board the plane.”

Zhan Beitian thought then quietly asked, “Arrange for some people in B City to watch Mu Yifan.”

When the Mu Yifan beside him heard this, he released the breath he was holding.

Fortunately, he’d previously had Mu Yuecheng find someone to disguise as himself, creating the illusion that he’s left G City.

In fact, he’d always been worried that after Zhan Beitian had seen him without the gauze, he would look into his whereabouts. Even just leaving Li Qingtian’s apartment yesterday, he had been careful about avoiding the open streets and surveillance cameras so as to not let Zhan Beitian know where he lived.

After Zhan Beitian hung up the call, he fell into deep thought.

Mu Yifan didn’t bother him, instead, he continued to half-heartedly watch TV.

“Is Chen Dong home?” A male voice suddenly sounded from the yard.

Mu Yifan recognized it as the village chief’s voice.

Zhan Beitian glanced outside.

Inside the kitchen, Chen Dong quickly ran out, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.”

Seeing that the person who had come was the village chief, he immediately put on a bright smile and excitedly asked, “Chief, how come you’re here?”

The village chief smiled, “I’m here to find your guests.”

Chen Dong paused, “Is chief talking about Brother Zhan?


Chen Dong smiled, “Chief, they’re in the living room watching TV.”

Then, he shouted towards the people inside, “Brother Zhan, little Mu, the village chief is here to see you.”

The village chief said, “I’ll go inside to find them myself.”

He walked into the living room, seeing Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan, he smiled, “Have you two eaten yet?”

Zhan Beitian didn’t put on too much flattery and directly asked, “Is village chief here to talk about the matter on the purchase?”

“Yes.” The village chief gave a rather forced smile. “Mr. Zhan, before you left my house, you also saw the price that those 5 people proposed was higher than yours by many times. If Mr. Zhan, wishes to buy the grain from our village, I don’t know if you’d be willing to increase your price a little?”

Zhan Beitian sat on the sofa and crossed his legs. He calmly said, “Village chief, don’t forget, other than grain, we are also purchasing your village’s fruits, vegetables, and livestock. As long as it can be used to fill the stomach, I want all of it, but if you sell the grain to the other party, then I must apologize. For the other things, I can only go to another place to buy them altogether.”

He’d come to Baibi Village because he knew that Baibi Village’s harvests were good, however, the harvests of other places should also be comparable. Therefore, the things grown here were hard to sell, which was why he would come here to purchase resources.

Mu Yifan saw what Zhan Beitian was trying to do. He’d accurately determined that the other party wouldn’t buy Baibi Village’s fruits and vegetables. As these things were difficult to store, if they were purchased, the buyer would have to use a large freezer to freeze them or find someone to marinate them. That way, they could be preserved for longer.

The male lead was indeed special. He could dare to buy so much since he possessed a pocket dimension that could keep everything fresh and from spoiling.

The village chief’s already forced expression became ugly, “This… how about you let me think about it?”

If he sold the grain to those 5 people, the money earned would definitely be much more than what the man in front of him was offering. However, those 5 people would only be purchasing grain and not the other items, so his village’s fruits and vegetables wouldn’t be able to sell.

Once the village chief left Chen Dong’s house, he immediately sent someone to negotiate.

After sending the village chief off, Chen Dong rushed back to the living room, “Brother Zhan, Brother Zhan.”

Zhan Beitian knitted his brows, “What is it?”

“Is your car locked? Just now, when I sent the chief out, I saw someone looking at your car. What’s more, when he saw me come out, he left immediately, so I suspect he may have wanted to steal your car.”

Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan looked at each other.

“Was that person wearing a black suit with a black tie?” Zhan Beitian asked.

Chen Dong nodded furiously, “Exactly, exactly, brother Zhan, how did you know?”

Zhan Beitian didn’t answer him. In his heart, he already knew that the person was probably one who wanted to buy grain. In addition, they weren’t looking at the car, but rather the license plate so that they could find out the identity of who was competing with them for grain.

Mu Yifan also guessed the other party’s motives but didn’t worry that they would discover his identity. This was because the licence plate on the car was a fake. The original Mu Yifan didn’t want people to know his location so he purposely installed it.

It was the same for the other cars in his villa, all their license plates were fake as well.

Zhan Beitian looked at Mu Yifan before suddenly asking, “Are you afraid the people from Mu Technological Group will make trouble for you?”

As far as he knows, the Mu Group has a lot of power within G City, and especially since the license plate of the car they drove here with is from G, it would be very easy to find out who is trying to fight with them for the grains. At that time, they would definitely try to suppress them.

Mu Yifan beamed cheerfully. “Are you worried for me?”

This was really good; it meant that the male lead already considered him as a friend.

Zhan Beitian, “…..”

“Trust me, it’s just the Mu Group, they don’t even enter my eyes.”

Seeing Mu Yifan’s serious expression, Zhan Beitian stared at him for a while before shifting his gaze away.

At night, when Chen Dong’s son, Chen Zhuang returned home, Chen Dong immediately introduced him to Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan. This was because last night when they had arrived, Chen Zhuang was already asleep, and when the two had awoken, Chen Zhuang had been long gone, riding his motorcycle to the city for work. Only now, did he return for dinner and to sleep, so they still hadn’t met.

Chen Zhuang and Chen Dong looked extremely similar. They both had an honest face, and when meeting anybody, they both put on silly smiles. Their actions had a hint of density, not really knowing how to interact with strangers.

Since he had work tomorrow, after finishing dinner, Chen Dong returned to his room to sleep early.

Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian also returned to their room to shower and rest.

When it was time to sleep, Mu Yifan obediently laid on the other side of the mattress, leaving most of the bed for Zhan Beitian.

However, after falling into a deep sleep, he once again started to become restless and single-mindedly tried to burrow into Zhan Beitian’s arms.

At first, Zhan Beitian still tried to push him away slightly, but it was useless. After pushing him away, this person would just come back. Later, he simply just ignored him, lying straight, letting the person beside him hold onto his arm to sleep.

However, by the next morning, he faintly felt something hard pressing against his thigh and was instantly awake.

T/N: hi guys, it’s death here! Thank you all so much for your support and kind comments, I was legit crying in the hotel bathroom. I’m on a trip right now, so the chapters after this will all be thanks to thisbro’s hard work!! Again, thank yall so much, as a translator I’m so glad that you guys are here for the quality because we really do work a lot on it!! :))))


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