Chapter 46 – Almost got away

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True to its name, the exterior walls of the houses in Baibi Village were covered with a layer of white powder. With each house situated near the other, it appeared to be an ancient town and gave people the feeling of walking into a long-forgotten city.

Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan followed Chen Dong’s instructions, walking along the road. After asking a few of the passing villagers, they quickly found the house of the village head.

Baibi Village’s head was extremely enthusiastic upon hearing that Zhan Beitian was here to purchase its rice, fruits, and vegetables. He immediately welcomed them into the lounge.

Mu Yifan, who’d been dragged out by Zhan Beitian, heard the contents of their conversation and couldn’t help but yawn. As he’d already known that the male lead was here to discuss purchases with the village head, he felt particularly bored.

However, just when they were preparing to leave the village head’s home, there was a change in the plot. Suddenly, in came five men who were looking for the village head to discuss the purchasing of all the rice in Baibi Village.

Looking at these five elite figures, confusion flashed through Mu Yifan’s eyes. In his novel, there was absolutely no one who would fight over buying foodstuffs with the male lead, so where did they crawl out from? Moreover, they offered an even higher price than the male lead.

Zhan Beitian didn’t compete with them. After learning that their offer was higher, he simply took Mu Yifan and left the village head’s house.

Parked outside of the village head’s yard was a high-grade sedan, which was probably driven by the five men they’d just seen.

Zhan Beitian and Mu Yifan took a look at the number on the car’s license plate. It read, ‘CityG66333’, which meant it was a car driven over from G city.

After they returned to Chen Dong’s house, Zhan Beitian immediately called Xiang Guo, telling him to look up the license plate ‘CityG66333’ to find out who the car belonged to.

Mu Yifan seized the chance to dash to the kitchen. “Uncle Chen, is the medicine ready?”

“It just finished cooking, I’ll pour it in a bowl for you. Drink it when it’s not as hot.” Chen Dong spoke while pouring the medicine into a bowl, then turned to check if the chicken stew in the pot was ready.

At lightning speed, Mu Yifan glanced all around the kitchen, seeing if there were any places where he could pour the medicine out. Then, he was struck by a sudden idea. He swiftly picked up the bowl, dumped the medicine back into the pot, and put the lid back on.

He laughed mischievously in his heart.

Thus, no one would find out that he hadn’t taken the medicine. After all, no one would think that he’d poured it back into the pot.

When Chen Dong turned back around again, he hurriedly placed the bowl on his lips, pretending that he’d already finished the medicine.

Chen Dong looked at him, amazed. “Such hot medicine. You finished drinking it so fast!”

“En.” Mu Yifan used a hand to wipe his lips. “Uncle Chen, I’m going upstairs to rest for a bit.”

He would wait until no one was in the kitchen, then come down again to stealthily pour it out.

In the lounge, Zhan Beitian hung up the phone and walked to the kitchen. Seeing Chen Dong bustling around, he asked, “Uncle, is the medicine ready?”

Chen Dong lifted his head, smiling. “It was ready a while ago, Little Mu just finished drinking it.”

He drank it?

Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows, a little disbelieving that Mu Yifan would have the initiative to run over and take the medicine. “Uncle, you personally saw him drink it?”

“Of course.” Chen Dong nodded assuredly.

Zhan Beitian still didn’t really believe it. How could someone who obviously resisted taking the medicine before drink it down so easily now?

He swept the kitchen with his eyes, eventually landing on the medicine pot and bowl on the table. Walking forward, he opened the lid of the pot. Inside, more than half of it was filled with the medicine and its dregs. “Uncle, how much water did you use?”

“I used a bottle of water, once it finished boiling, the medicine was just enough to fill a bowl.”

Zhan Beitian frowned, pointing to the medicine pot. “Then why is there still medicine inside?”

“What medicine?” Confused, Chen Dong walked over and looked inside. “Huh, I clearly remember pouring out all the medicine; how come there’s still so much left?”

He scratched his head, puzzled.

Zhan Beitian’s expression became severe. “Uncle, did you really see him drink all of it?”

Chen Dong started to become uncertain. “This… this…..”

Almost immediately, he thought of something and gasped. “That kid wouldn’t have taken advantage of me turning my head away to secretly pour the medicine back into the pot, right? Just now, I had thought something was strange. If the medicine was so hot, how did he finish it in one go?”

Zhan Beitian suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He couldn’t even get angry if he tried.

He realized that this fellow wasn’t as stupid as he’d thought. If he weren’t so careful, he really would have been tricked by him.

Zhan Beitian looked at the medicine within the pot, then thought of something. He picked it up and left the kitchen.


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