Chapter 45 – Come with me

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After the two had freshened up, they went to the hall downstairs for breakfast.  

Today’s breakfast was especially rich. It was clear that Chen Dong had put a lot of heart into his cooking.

Mu Yifan’s stomach had already been hungry to the point of making growling sounds. Picking up his chopsticks, he wolfed down his food, quickly cleaning out the big table of breakfast. Then, he comfortably took a seat in Chen Dong’s usual recliner, patting his full belly.

“Take your medicine.” Zhan Beitian suddenly said.

“What?” Mu Yifan turned his head, confused, “What medicine?”

Zhan Beitian stared at him expressionlessly, “You didn’t take your medicine both today and yesterday.”

A slightly guilty look flashed through Mu Yifan’s eyes, “I’m still full right now. Just let me rest for a bit and then I’ll take the medicine.”

Zhan Beitian coldly said, “Go take it right now.”

Mu Yifan was stared at until he felt uncomfortable from head to toe and was forced to summon up the courage to go back to their room to take the medicine. Anyway, whether he took it or not, Zhan Beitian wouldn’t know.

Who would have thought that the male lead would actually follow him to their room on the second floor?

Zhan Beitian’s gaze was fixed on Mu Yifan as the latter took out a yellow medicine packet from his backpack exasperatingly slowly. Immediately, his eyes narrowed, emitting a cold, captivating light, “You’re taking traditional Chinese medicine?”

He had never seen this man boil his medicine before, which means that this man hadn’t taken any medicine during this period of time.

Mu Yifan didn’t know why the male lead was suddenly angry, so much so, that he looked like he wanted to strangle him. He couldn’t help but hurriedly nod, “The doctor said that the efficacy of this medicine can reduce swelling in the short term, control metastasis, alleviate pain, stabilise the illness, lengthen my survival period…”

When Zhan Beitian heard the words ‘lengthen my survival period’, his face turned cold, immediately taking the medicine and going downstairs. Catching sight of Chen Dong, who was right in the middle of slaughtering a chicken, he asked, “Uncle, do you have a medicine pot here?”

Chen Dong raised his head and saw Zhan Beitian holding a medicine packet, he smiled. “I have one, do you need to cook medicine? How about I do it for you?”

He wiped his hands on the apron around his waist and accepted the medicine packet enthusiastically.

“Uncle, wait a moment,” Zhan Beitian turned and walked out of the yard.

Mu Yifan, who’d followed him down, watched Zhan Beitian’s retreating figure and asked, “Uncle Chen, where’s he going?”

“Don’t know.” Chen Dong went to the kitchen, took out the medicine pot, and began to clean it.

Before long, Zhan Beitian returned with two bottles of mineral spring water. “Uncle, just use these two bottles of water for boiling the medicine.”

Mu Yifan looked at the bottles in Zhan Beitian’s hands and blinked, confused. It’s just that this was nothing more than a matter of boiling his medicine, why would mineral spring water need to be used? Could it be that if mineral spring water was used, the medicine’s effects would be better?

But how come he’d never heard of something like this?

Immediately, he thought of something, and suddenly his eyes widened.

The water in those two bottles weren’t from the male lead’s spirit spring, right?

“Uncle, do you know where the village chief lives?” Zhan Beitian asked.

Chen Dong looked at him, curious, “Brother Zhan wants to look for the village chief?”


“The chief lives on the north side of the village. If you follow the road from the entrance of my house, you’ll be able to find him.”

Zhan Beitian turned and walked out of the yard, then turned back again. He looked at Mu Yifan who was standing next to Chen Dong and glaring at the medicine pot resentfully and called out mildly, “Mu Mu, come with me.”

Mu Yifan turned his head to look at him. “I’ll just not go, I want to watch Uncle Chen boil the medicine. And when the medicine is ready, I’ll be able to take it then.”

In fact, he wanted to take advantage of the male lead’s absence and switch the water, or stealthily pour the medicine out.

Zhan Beitian returned to Mu Yifan’s side and stared into those eyes that couldn’t conceal his intentions. He pursed his lips, not saying anything, and directly lifted him out of Chen Dong’s living room by his shirt collar.


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