Chapter 44 – I slept really well last night

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Zhan Beitian’s calm eyes flashed with confusion, “Sister-in-law? What sister-in-law?”

“I’m talking about Mu Mu, sister-in-law Mu Mu. Wasn’t it because something happened to sister-in-law yesterday that made you hastily abandon me and Dr. Ge?”

Zhan Beitian kneaded his forehead while saying helplessly, “He isn’t…..”

He hadn’t even finished speaking when Xiang Guo interrupted him, “Boss, stop trying to hide it from us, we already know everything. Also, boss, since you only woke up so late today, last night, did you and sister-in-law do that….en….hehe, I shouldn’t have to elaborate, right?”

Zhan Beitian knitted his brows, “…”

Xiang Guo continued, “Boss, since we already know everything, there isn’t any point in keeping it from us any longer. When you have the time, bring sister-in-law out and let us see what she looks like, so if we meet again later we won’t be strangers.”

Zhan Beitian had already given up on explaining, “Right now I’m in Baibi Village.”

“Then I’ll wait for you to return, you must bring her to let us see.” Xiang Guo excitedly said.

Zhan Beitian raised his eyebrows and asked, “You really want to see?”

“Of course.”

Zhan Beitian glanced into the room at the man sleeping as though he was a dead pig. His lips raised slightly, “I hope that when the time comes, you guys won’t be frightened.”

Curious, Xiang Guo asked, “Why would we be frightened? Could it be that sister-in-law is too ugly? Or is it because sister-in-law is too beautiful and boss can’t bear to show her to us, is that right, haha!”

Internally Zhan Beitian thought, ‘To be wrapped up like that, only a god would know if he was ugly or beautiful.’

At this moment Mu Yifan, who was awoken by holding it in for too long, got off the bed. Yawning, he walked out of the room. He saw Zhan Beitian still on the phone, rubbed his eyes and mumbled, “I’m going to pee.”

Zhan Beitian, “……”

Mu Yifan really didn’t need to let him know when he was going to the toilet.

“Ah, boss, I heard something beside you. Was that sister-in-law that was just speaking?” Xiang Guo excitedly asked.

However, sister-in-law’s voice had sounded very masculine. Perhaps it was because she just woke up, so her voice was a little husky.

Zhan Beitian, “……”

“Boss, hurry and get sister-in-law on the phone, let me greet our sister-in-law.”

“I’m hanging up.” Zhan Beitian immediately ended the call.

On the first floor living room, Chen Dong was watching the TV. Hearing sounds from the floor above, he walked out and saw Zhan Beitian standing in the hallway.

He smiled heartily, “Brother Zhan, you guys are awake. I’ll go and make something for you to eat.”

“Thank you.” Zhan Beitian returned to his room to change.

At this time, Mu Yifan walked back in and stretched, “I slept really well last night.”

He instantly received a glare from Zhan Beitian. Unfortunately, Mu Yifan had no idea exactly how much hate his one line had pulled.

T/N: him/her/they are pronounced the same in Chinese, that’s why Xiang Guo hasn’t realised that his ‘sister-in-law’ is a dude.


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