Chapter 43 – Is Sister-in-law well?

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Mu Yifan fell asleep rather quickly after that. He only needed to put Zhan Beitian’s hand inside of his pajamas and rub it on his belly to fall asleep.

Zhan Beitian heard the sound of his even breaths, and a few black lines appeared on his forehead. However, just as he wanted to retract his hand, he felt a throbbing under his palm that seemed very excited. The little thing in Mu Yifan’s stomach seemed incredibly pleased with his touch.

The stiff corner of his mouth unwittingly hooked up into a shallow curve. Lightly caressing Mu Yifan’s belly caused the little thing inside to be appeased. It gradually calmed down, appearing to fall into a kind of peaceful sleep, no longer moving about.  

Zhan Beitian didn’t immediately retract his hand, rather, he stroked a circle on Mu Yifan’s round belly. Feeling that the stomach was only as large as the previous days’, he knitted his brows.

What was going on?

Three days had already passed, but why had his stomach not changed?

Zhan Beitian thought about it.

Could it be that later growth would take a little more time?

But if it really was like that, it was very possible that Mu Mu wouldn’t be able to wait until the child was born, as he would have already…

Zhan Beitian’s hand unconsciously went to touch Mu Yifan’s thigh. The swollen thigh caused the space between his eyebrows to tighten even more.

Last time, he’d clearly had him drink the water from his spirit spring. How come there was no effect?

Could it be that the spirit spring has no impact on his bone cancer?

“Hurts.” Mu Yifan murmured, somewhat uncomfortable.

Zhan Beitian lifted his head to glance at Mu Yifan, who was sleeping restlessly. After he returned his hand to Mu Yifan’s belly, the man settled into a peaceful sleep again.

Yet Zhan Beitian didn’t sleep all night. He only became sleepy when the sky was gradually brightening.

He didn’t know how long he’d slept for when the vibrating of his phone woke him up again.

Zhan Beitian opened his drowsy eyes, using his hands to block the dazzling sunlight. After he adjusted to the light outside, he turned his head, looking at the person pillowed on his shoulder. His body suddenly stiffened, then he quietly pulled his arm out from under Mu Yifan’s head, before grabbing the still-vibrating phone and walking out of the room.

“Hello, this is Zhan Beitian.”

His voice upon waking up was especially rough and sexy, making Xiang Guo blank on the other side of the call. Amazed, he said, “Boss, you can’t have just woken up? I’ve been with you for so long, but it’s the first time I’ve seen you get up this late; could it be that something good happened last night?”

As he got to the last few words, his tone became more and more suggestive.

Zhan Beitian was irritated by his chattiness, and massaged his temples, his voice low, “If you have something to say then hurry up.”

Xiang Guo hurried to return to the main topic, “Boss, didn’t you tell me to investigate Mu Yifan yesterday? I’ve checked it.”

Zhan Beitian instantly became alert, his dazed eyes suddenly shining with with a severe light, “Where is he now?”

“Boss, you know that Mu Yifan used to be a special forces soldier, so investigating where he lived wasn’t easy. He’s too sly and really knows how to hide away. Anyway, I still found out that he stayed at his stepmother’s place the night before last. Not only that, I asked around, and today, at three in the afternoon, he’ll take a flight with General Mu to return to B city.”

“B city?”

Zhan Beitian blinked. In his last life, he had come across Mu Yifan in a town near B city.

“That’s right. Boss, should I continue investigating?”

Zhan Beitian replied indifferently, “No need.”

Since Mu Yifan was going to B city, there was no need to keep investigating.

Xiang Guo suddenly laughed mischievously, “Boss, is sister-in-law well?”

End of Chapter 43


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