Chapter 42 – You just need to put your hand here

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Since it was already quite late, Chen Dong didn’t make anything elaborate. He just mixed some chicken noodles to fill their stomachs.

Mu Yifan ate seven large servings before he felt even 70% full.

Watching him, Chen Dong secretly clicked his tongue and thought to himself, this person can really eat. Even he, a 2-meter tall man, could at most eat 4 large servings before feeling full.

No wonder he’d put on so much weight at such a young age.

Mu Yifan used a napkin to wipe his mouth before asking, “Uncle, how should I address you?”

Chen Dong faintly smiled, “My surname is Chen and my full name is Chen Dong.”

Mu Yifan smiled back, “Oh, so it’s Uncle Chen. I want to thank you for your hospitality tonight.”

It seemed that even though the male lead arrived at Baibi Village a day earlier, the place he stayed at hadn’t changed. He still stayed at the house of someone named Chen Dong.

According to what he had written in his novel, Chen Dong’s wife had died young. He raised his son by himself and this son was now 20 years old, with the same large build as his father – because of that he felt safe allowing two adult men stay in his home.
Mu Yifan and Zhan Beitian sat in the living room for more than half an hour, chatting with Chen Dong. Once they had more or less digested their food, they returned to their room to sleep.

When Mu Yifan reached their room, he immediately laid on the bed, commenting, “Hopefully tonight I won’t have insomnia again.”

Zhan Beitian heard him just as he was preparing to read a bit before sleeping. He suddenly looked up, “Insomnia?”

“En, I couldn’t get any sleep last night. Even if I’m tired to the point that I can’t even keep my eyes open, I’m still unable to fall asleep.”

Zhan Beitian frowned.

This had to be the Qingtian bead’s doing. Otherwise, how could there be someone who still couldn’t sleep even after being so tired they can’t keep their eyes open.

Zhan Beitian returned to his senses and was just about to ask something when he saw the person on the bed was already sleeping like a dead pig, not even realising his comforter had fallen to the floor.


Didn’t he just say that he had insomnia?

Only a few minutes had passed and he had already fallen asleep. Moreover, it was such a deep sleep.

Zhan Beitian stood and picked up the comforter, covering Mu Yifan with it. Then he returned to his seat at the desk to read.

After reading for half an hour, he started to feel a little tired but he wasn’t used to sharing a bed with another person. This was a habit that he had developed while he was in the army as well as after living through the apocalypse.

As for his request to sleep with Mu Mu the first day that he reincarnated, that was solely because of the Qingtian bead.

Zhan Beitian stood at the end of the bed and watched Mu Yifan for a while, before laying on the other side of the mattress.

Originally, he’d wanted to sleep in a chair or the car, but he was going to have to stay here for at least five days. Taking into account the fact that he had things to do tomorrow morning, it would be impossible to spend everyday sleeping in a chair. It would exhaust him and affect his focus when doing business. On top of that, he still needed to guard the person lying in bed, so he couldn’t sleep in the car either.

It was one in the morning when Zhan Beitian finally started to drift into sleep, his eyelids slowly closing.

Suddenly, the person beside him turned. Following that, a leg dropped onto his stomach with some force.

Zhan Beitian immediately woke up.

He quickly turned his head and saw Mu Yifan shifting his upper body over to Zhan Beitian’s side. Pillowing his head on Zhan Beitian’s shoulder, he licked his lips and inarticulately murmured, “Comfy.”

Zhan Beitian: “……”

Looking at the person who had gone back to sleeping soundly, he knitted his brows and pushed him away.

In his sleep, Mu Yifan felt dissatisfied, unconsciously moving back towards the place that made him feel comfortable. When he was pushed away once more, he just leaned over again, only to be pushed away a third time.

Unwilling to give up, he continued to move to the comfortable side of the bed.

Zhan Beitian’s face darkened. Unable to stand being this intimate with someone, he could only persist in fending off this sticky invader.

If the other person wasn’t pregnant, he would have kicked him off the bed entirely.

This time, Mu Yifan awoke from his dream. He took one glance at Zhan Beitian’s frigid expression in the darkness and was startled. He didn’t dare encroach again, instead grabbing the other person’s arm and placing it on his stomach, “You just need to put your hand here.”

He didn’t know whether or not it was because of the Qingtian bead inside his stomach, but when he was close to Zhan Beitian, he felt that sleeping with a big belly didn’t feel as uncomfortable as before.

Zhan Beitian was speechless.


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