Chapter 41 – Needs to supplement the body 

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The room they were given was not very big, about fifteen square metres or so. The decor was also very simplistic, with only a desk and a single 1.5 m wide bed, as well as a wardrobe with a full-length mirror. The furniture was extremely old-fashioned, and seemed to be thirty to forty years old.

“Our place only has this one room left. If you don’t mind, you can stay here.” The big man told them honestly and scratched his head in embarrassment.

Zhan Beitian took out 1500 yuan and handed it to the man, “Uncle, we’ll be staying here for the next five to seven days. We’ll be troubling you to help us with the food. Right, we haven’t had dinner, can we trouble you to cook something?”

Chen Dong hurriedly waved his hand, “I don’t need this much, just five hundred is fine.”

Zhan Beitian directly stuffed the money into his hands, “My friend eats a lot, we’ll have to trouble you to cook more.”

Chen Dong hesitated for a moment, then laughed and said, “That’s fine then. I’ll go cook up something for you two right now. Also, the bathroom is to the left of the stairs, you can shower in there.”


After Chen Dong left, Zhan Beitian went to shower first. When he returned, he only wore a pair of tight jeans. With his tall, strong and model-like build, Mu Yifan looked at him with envy, jealousy, and hate.

Zhan Beitian sensed his heated gaze and turned towards him suspiciously “What is it?”

Mu Yifan didn’t answer him. Instead, he stood up in front of the full-length mirror, pulling up his shirt to take a look.

He looked at his swollen belly, knitting his eyebrows resentfully, “When can my body return to its original appearance?”

Zhan Beitian: “…”

Mu Yifan suddenly took in a deep breath and sucked his belly in. His belly immediately deflated by half an inch.

However, his swollen belly was still very obvious. It looked similar to someone with a potbelly.

After seeing him sucking in his belly, Zhan Beitian’s gaze became severe and shouted at him, “What are you doing?”

Mu Yifan was startled and the belly he was sucking in immediately returned to its original state: “I…I was just trying to make my belly smaller.”

“You…….” Faced with his innocent expression, Zhan Beitian took a deep breath before gently saying, “Don’t do that again.”

Mu Yifan was confused, “Why not?”

Zhan Beitian didn’t answer him, then expressionlessly said, “Quickly take a bath.”

Sensing the male lead’s bad mood, Mu Yifan didn’t dare to provoke him again. He took his pajamas and quickly escaped.

Zhan Beitian put his shirt back on and went to the first floor. He found Chen Dong in the kitchen and then gave him another 500 yuan. “Uncle, my friend is ill and he needs to supplement his body.”

Chen Dong thought back to Mu Yifan’s gauze wrapped face, and then laughed, “No problem, I’ll definitely stew your friend some chicken soup everyday.”

Hearing the man’s promise, Zhan Beitian didn’t leave immediately. He looked at Chen Dong as though he still had something to say.

“Is there something else you need?” Chen Dong asked.

After a period of hesitation, Zhan Beitian finally said, “Uncle, the food for these few days, just cook them according to what someone would eat when they’re pregnant.”

Chen Dong: “…”


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