Chapter 39 – It’s really nice that I can dream of you

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Mu Yifan saw Zhan Beitian and Xiang Guo glaring coldly at himself, desperately, he suppressed his internal panic to let himself calm down.

Gradually, his surprised look returned to that of calm. At the same time, recalling the kind of gaze Mu Yifan used to look at Zhan Beitian and the others after he’d become a zombie, the gaze that had been fixed on Xiang Guo changed from calm to something cold, dark, and vicious. Xiang Guo couldn’t help but shiver.

Just now, Mu Yifan clearly seemed to radiate a harmless feeling. In the blink of an eye, how had he reverted to the Mu Yifan that they’d previously known? – No, it should be said that he was more dreadful than the Mu Yifan from before; like a demon from hell, wanting to tear him to shreds.

The reason as to why he felt this way was because he has not yet seen the Mu Yifan after becoming a zombie.

Zhan Beitian shifted, blocking Mu Yifan’s line of sight.

Mu Yifan met Zhan Beitian’s cold eyes and slightly flinched. Evidently, his acting skills had already deceived Zhan Beitian. The corner of his lips slowly rose up into a cruel smile. Controlling his voice, he said in a hoarse tone, “Zhan Beitian, you are so protective of him, are you afraid that I will eat him?”

After saying that, he really wanted to give himself a slap, those words just now were simply pouring oil to the fire. In the novel, during the protagonist’s first life, the zombie king Mu Yifan had eaten his two subordinates – Xiang Guo and Lu Lin – bite by bite, right in front of him.

Zhan Beitian narrowed his cold eyes, his clenched fists were also making cracking sounds, and the veins on the back of the hand violently emerged one by one. It was obvious that he was trying to restrain his emotions.

Mu Yifan’s heart beat frantically.

The male lead’s glare is so frightening, what do I do? Someone come save him.

“Boss!” Xiang Guo felt that something very wrong was going on with Zhan Beitian, he quickly went up to him, worried that he would kill Mu Yifan on the spot.

Speaking of, it was also strange. Before, whenever the Boss saw Mu Yifan he would always disregard him. This time, how come he was so agitated?

As Xiang Guo held the male lead back, Mu Yifan snorted coldly. Turning and getting into the taxi, he had the driver take him away.

Zhan Beitian glared unwaveringly in the direction the taxi left in.

Xiang Guo, seeing that the taxi had driven out of sight but Zhan Beitian still hadn’t relaxed, very carefully asked, “Boss?”

Zhan Beitian returned to reality, glancing at Xiang Guo, gradually, his face became carefully neutral. Calmly he asked, “Which apartment is Dr. Ge in?”

“Boss, Dr. Ge is in building C, level 7.”

Zhan Beitian turned and walked towards building C.

Xiang Guo hurriedly followed, then brought up Mu Yifan, “I hadn’t heard any news about Mu Yifan in so long, I thought he was dead.”

Hearing about Mu Yifan, Zhan Beitian’s eyes became cold. He asked, “Why would you think he was dead?”

“Boss, you forgot, when Mu Yifan was injured on our last mission, they found out that he had bone cancer so he was discharged to return home and recuperate. Afterwards, there wasn’t any news of him, so I thought he was dead. I think getting cancer serves him right – all the terrible things he’s done, even God can’t put up with it and wants to punish him.”

Bone cancer?

Zhan Beitian stopped in his tracks. He couldn’t help but think of Mu Mu.

He also suffered from bone cancer, and didn’t have much time left.

Thinking up to here, Zhan Beitian knit his brows. He didn’t know why, but his heart suddenly felt a little stuffy.

Xiang Guo stopped as well, “Boss, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”

Zhan Beitian ignored that inexplicable pain and continued walking forward. As he’d been killed by the zombie king Mu Yifan, he had long forgotten that Mu Yifan had been discharged after being diagnosed with bone cancer.

Since, regardless of who it was, the fact that the savage zombie king Mu Yifan had once been a person afflicted with a terminal disease was unimaginable.

Zhan Beitian then immediately thought of something, ordering, “Tomorrow, go investigate where Mu Yifan lives, and whether or not he’s staying in G city.”

Xiang Guo didn’t understand, “Why investigate him, he’s already about to die anyways.”
Zhan Beitian thought of Mu Yifan’s pale face, narrowing his eyes and laughing coldly, “Even if you died, he would still not die.”

Xiang Guo looked at him, astonished, “Boss, what do you mean by that? Do you have inside information? Or are you saying that Mu Yifan simply doesn’t have bone cancer?”

“Since I said to go check, then just go check.”


Mu Yifan got in the taxi and left Li Qingtian’s apartment building. It was only when he could no longer see Zhan Beitian that he heaved a sigh of relief, “That really scared Laozi to death.”

Mu Yifan had thought that he was completely screwed just then, since the male lead looked like he wanted his head. He’d wanted to run, but also felt that running away just like that was rather senseless, so he could only endure it and face the male lead.

As for why the male lead restrained himself and didn’t beat him up, Mu Yifan believed that it was most likely because the apocalypse hadn’t started yet. If the male lead did something carelessly, he might stir up some unnecessary trouble. He might as well use the time to buy supplies instead.

Of course, this was just Mu Yifan’s guess. The real reason might be something that he wouldn’t ever be able to guess. Perhaps the male lead wanted to wait until after the apocalypse to torture him.

That said, why would the male lead suddenly appear here?

Mu Yifan thought back to the novel, and quickly understood why the male lead had appeared there.

According to the novel’s description, on the thirteenth of April, the male lead was introduced through a recommendation and went looking for a certain Dr. Ge. He wanted the doctor’s help in purchasing batches of medical equipment, as well as various medicines.

If it was really like this, then Dr. Ge lived in the same district and apartment building as Li Qingtian.

The hell!

This was way too coincidental!

The driver in the front glanced at Mu Yifan through the rearview mirror, and couldn’t help but mutter a little, “This Laozi is the one that really got scared.”

It would be a mistake to assume that just because he was in the car, he couldn’t see anything. Just then, he had clearly seen, reflected on the window, Mu Yifan’s vicious glare at Xiang Guo and Zhan Beitian. It made him think that he’d picked up a murderer who had just escaped from prison.

When he arrived at the city center, Mu Yifan got off the taxi and called Li Qingtian to let him come to the city center to find him. Then, he went to the shopping mall, bought a new shirt and put it on.

Half an hour later, Li Qingtian arrived and found Mu Yifan, helping him wrap his face up again.

Mu Yifan only returned to his villa after wrapping his face. When he saw that the male lead had not returned yet, he called his phone: “Beitian, I’m back, where are you?”

“I’m out discussing a few things with others.” Zhan Beitian replied mildly.

Mu Yifan listened to his pleasant, deep voice. It was like a lullaby, and he couldn’t help but yawn, “Then, you do that, I’m taking a nap.”

Zhan Beitian saw that he was about to hang up, and hurriedly said, “Wait a moment.”

“En?” Mu Yifan responded weakly.

“I’ll come back to eat at noon.”

The other end of the line was quiet, with no one answering Zhan Beitian.

Zhan Beitian frowned, “Mu Mu?”

There was still no answer.

The confusion that surged through Zhan Beitian’s eyes also contained a tiny thread of unseen worry, “Mu Mu, are you listening?”

Yet there was still no response.

Zhan Beitian hung up and called again, but no one answered.

He called three more times and couldn’t sit still any longer. He rose swiftly, “Xiang Guo, I have a matter to attend to. I’ll leave you to discuss the matter of the medical equipment and medicine with Dr. Ge.”

Xiang Guo hurriedly asked, “Boss, did something happen to sister-in-law?”

Zhan Beitian was distracted and paid no attention to what Xiang Guo had said. He agreed without thinking, apologised to Dr. Ge, then promptly left.

Xiang Guo smiled and said: “I told you the Boss was dating!”

Then, taking out his phone, he called Lu Lin and the others, “Lu Lin, the Boss really has a girlfriend, called Mu Mu. Hearing this cute name, I just know that sister-is-law is very beautiful. En, I’m definitely not wrong, Boss personally admitted it just now.”

Sitting opposite him, Dr. Ge watched Xiang Guo gossip, “…”

Hey, hey!

This person, do you still remember that we’re here to talk business?


Zhan Beitian sped back to the villa in his car. He caught sight of Mu Yifan, lying on the sofa in the lounge, and hurriedly rushed over. He shook Mu Yifan a little, “Mu Mu? Mu Mu?”

Mu Yifan dazedly opened his eyes. Seeing that the person in front of him was Zhan Beitian, he thought that he was dreaming, and whispered, “Beitian, it’s really nice that I can dream of you. I’m hungry, go cook something for me.”

Then, he closed his eyes and fell asleep again. Mu Yifan, who hadn’t slept for the whole night, was exhausted.

The corner of Zhan Beitian’s mouth twitched.

Just then, when he didn’t hear Mu Yifan reply to him on the phone, he’d thought something was wrong with the Qingtian bead and something strange had happened to Mu Yifan again. He didn’t expect Mu Yifan to have fallen asleep.

This made Zhan Beitian feel both annoyed yet helpless. Mu Yifan being addicted to sleeping wasn’t his fault, could he be blamed?

At this moment, Mu Yifan’s stomach rumbled.

Zhan Beitian glanced at the stomach, then to the clock on the wall. It was already past twelve o’clock. Accepting his fate, he walked to the kitchen to make some food.


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