Chapter 38 – I just missed you

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The phone only rang twice before Zhan Beitian picked it up. Mu Yifan asked happily, “Beitian, what are you up to?”

The other was silent for a moment. In a deep voice, he asked, “What is it?”

When Mu Yifan felt from his tone that the other person seemed unhappy with his call, his smile instantly disappeared. Depressed he said, “It’s nothing, I just missed you, so I gave you a call. Since you had something you needed to do, I won’t bother you.”

He immediately hung up, throwing his phone to the side gloomily. It seemed that he’d bothered the male protagonist and made him unhappy.

Although, he just remembered that today, the male lead seemed to have nothing to do except hold a meeting with his men to discuss what resources to buy next.

On the other side, Zhan Beitian looked at his phone, an eyebrow raised. A faint smile that he himself wasn’t aware of bubbled up in his eyes.

“Boss, did sister-in-law call you?” Lu Lin, who was sitting to the side, teased him.

Xiang Guo hurriedly asked, “What sister-in-law? Can it be that the boss got a girlfriend?”

“What? The boss got a girlfriend? How come I didn’t know? When did this happen?” Sun Zihao excitedly asked. “Boss, you’re really too cruel. You started dating and didn’t even say anything to us!”

Mao Yu had a smile on his face, “Boss, if you really got a girlfriend, bring her out and let us have a look. We need to check if sister-in-law is pretty or not. Brothers, am I right?”

The others cheered together, “Right!”

Zhan Beitian glared at Lu Lin, who’d brought up the subject.

Lu Lin explained with a face full of innocence, “I saw the Boss smiling so happily, so I guessed that it might’ve been sister-in-law calling him.”

Just then, although the Boss’ expression had been subtle, he could more or less discern whether the Boss’ mood was good or not, since they were comrades-in-arms who had worked together for many years.

Zhan Beitian furrowed his brows.

He’d been smiling very happily?

Xiang Guo smiled and said, “Boss, you’re not young anymore, having a girlfriend is very normal. There’s no need to hide it. If she’s the one, just go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the certificate, otherwise, when the girl runs off, you’ll regret it.”

Zhan Beitian didn’t want to talk to them anymore, immediately standing up and walking to the corner to make a call. As soon as the call connected, he heard the other side excitedly shout, “Beitian?”

The corners of his mouth unconsciously raised, “Are you coming back tonight?”

Lu Lin and the others watched the Zhan Beitian in the corner, and quietly discussed, “See that expression on the boss? He’s definitely dating.”

The others all nodded repeatedly.

“Too bad we don’t know what kind of woman finally conquered the boss.”

“Since the Boss has fallen for her, I think she must be a beautiful, gentle woman.”

Everyone couldn’t help but fantasize about the appearance of their future sister-in-law.

At the moment, the subject of their imagination was rolling across his 2 meter wide bed just because the male lead called him back, “Today I have to stay at my dad’s place, I will only be able to come back tomorrow.”

Then he giggled, “Calling me back, did you miss me too?”

Zhan Beitian had no response for that.

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it as an agreement.”

“I still have something to do, I’m hanging up.” Zhan Beitian quickly ended the call.

Mu Yifan looked at his phone, unsatisfied, then laughed happily. The male lead returning his call was a good start.

He has to put in more effort and strive harder to become friends with the male lead.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Mu Yifan glanced at the doorway and sat up, puzzled. He smoothed out his clothes and looked at the mirror to make his expression heavy, making sure there were no tells, before opening the door. Seeing Mu Yihang standing by the door, he frowned, coldly asking, “What is it?”

Mu Yihang stared at his face for a good while. Then he looked away, shifting his gaze towards his thigh, “Brother, has your leg gotten better?”

Mu Yifan stared at him without speaking.

If the person in front of him didn’t look exactly like his big brother in real life, he would have really wanted to reply with a ‘hypocrite’.

Mu Yihang asked again, “Just then….the words you said in the study, were they serious?”

“Is there a problem?”

“There’s no problem.” Mu Yihang swiftly took out a document, “These are the forms to transfer the rights to the company, it requires brother to sign and stamp.”

Mu Yifan took the document. Without even taking a look at the contents, he just directly signed his name.

As for his seal, the previous Mu Yifan had always kept it stuffed in his wallet. Since it wasn’t large, having it at hand was very convenient.

After stamping it, Mu Yifan promptly shut the door.

Outside the door, Mu Yihang stared at the documents in his hand and still couldn’t believe that Mu Yifan had signed the ownership documents so easily.

He doesn’t know how, but he felt that today’s Mu Yifan is somewhat different from before. Although he is still expressionless and doesn’t like to talk, his temperament has changed a lot. It was unlike the previous gloomy, murderous atmosphere, as if the people around him are his enemies.

At dinner time, Zhao Yunxuan was very enthusiastic towards Mu Yifan, “Yi Fan, you rarely come back home so you have to eat more and take care of your body. Try this tortoise soup, it can warm the lungs and stomach.”

Mu Yifan knew that Zhao Yunxuan was only this nice to him because he signed the document.

He didn’t try to be polite. Hearing that the tortoise soup was good for the stomach, he quickly drank a few more bowls.

However, he hoped that after the apocalypse arrived, Zhao Yunxuan and Mu Yihang wouldn’t regret not selling the company’s stocks.

After eating, Mu Yuecheng didn’t bring up the matter of selling off shares again. He sat with Mu Yihang on the sofa talking and laughing, discussing recent developments.

Mu Yifan also did not worry over Mu Yuecheng’s abnormality. In the future, it wouldn’t matter whether he successfully kills the male lead or not, nor whether the world will continue to exist or not. The General Mu Yuecheng, in the apocalypse, would live who knows how many times better than others. How many hundreds of times better.

Tonight was the same as the night before, Mu Yifan was tired to the point of being unable to keep his eyes open, and yet he still couldn’t sleep. He tossed and turned over and over on the bed, until finally, he could only sit up.

“What’s going on?”

Mu Yifan pulled at his hair, irritated, “It can’t be that I slept too much the past few days, and now I can’t sleep?”

He yawned and picked up his phone to check the time. It was already two in the morning.

Mu Yifan put back the phone, flopped down on the bed and continued to try to sleep; even until the sky outside the window started to lighten up, he still could not close his eyes, instead, he got up and took a bath. Taking this time when everyone was still in deep sleep, he hailed a taxi and left.

He didn’t immediately return to his own villa, but found a place to have breakfast first. Then, he went to find Li Qingming to have his face wrapped.

When he arrived at Li Qingming’s apartment, it was already after eight o’clock.

Mu Yifan got out of the taxi and stretched his body, the rays of the morning sun lighting up his face and making him feel particularly comfortable.

“Mister, you haven’t paid the fare yet.” The waiting driver was a little impatient and had to remind him.

Mu Yifan snapped back to attention and turned around, “I’m very sorry, but could I trouble you to wait here for half an hour? Afterwards, I’ll need to get a ride back.”

He pulled out three hundred yuan from his wallet, handing it to the driver.

The driver accepted the money, immediately smiling giddily, “Alright, no problem.”

Mu Yifan took out his phone and gave Li Qingming a call, wanting to ask exactly which floor he was on.

Right at this moment, a black BMW sedan stopped in front of him.

Mu Yifan blinked, this car is the same as the car he usually drives, so he couldn’t help but look at it a few times.

After the car was parked, the driver’s door was pushed open. A tall figure stepped out of the car. When he saw Mu Yifan across from him, his whole person was startled. Immediately, his thin lips spat out, ice-cold: “Mu–Yi–Fan!”

Mu Yifan, upon seeing that the person coming down from the car turned out to be Zhan Beitian, almost fled for his life.


Why would the male lead be here?

He had never thought that he’d confront the male lead with this face before the apocalypse.

Mu Yifan’s first reaction upon returning to reality was to feel his own face, then, lowering his eyes to look at the clothes he wore.

Fortunately, he’d changed and washed his clothes at Zhao Yunxuan’s place.

At this moment, the moment the other person in the passenger seat caught sight of Mu Yifan, he blanked. Immediately, with mocking intent flashing in his eyes, “Yo, isn’t this Lieutenant Commander Mu? Long time no see, didn’t expect you to still be alive!”

Mu Yifan looked towards the man by the car. He was extremely tall, with a square face, dense eyebrows, wide nose, and a thick mouth – his appearance was very ordinary.

He searched through this body’s memories, finding that the other was Zhan Beitian’s subordinate named Xiang Guo.

Xiang Guo loathed him because during a mission, Mu Yifan, unwilling to let Zhan Beitian complete it smoothly, plotted against him in the dark, causing both Xiang Guo and Lu Lin to nearly lose their lives.

At that time, if it weren’t for Zhan Beitian risking his life to save them, perhaps they wouldn’t have lived to see the sun. As a result, Xiang Guo treated Zhan Beitian with extreme respect, while wishing he could skin Mu Yifan.

Back then, if it weren’t for the fact that they had no evidence to prove that Mu Yifan had sabotaged them and caused their mission to fail, he would have been already been kicked out of the army and even imprisoned.

Later on, every time a mission was assigned, everyone guarded against Mu Yifan, monitoring his each and every move.


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