Chapter 37 – I almost suffocated

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Shock flashed across Mu Yifan’s eyes.

He hadn’t expected Mu Yuecheng to ask him this.

Mu Yihang quickly looked up at Mu Yuecheng and seemed to have guessed at what his father wanted to do.

Mu Yuecheng continued, “If you don’t have one, I have a friend whose daughter has reached the age of marriage…”

Having heard to that point, Mu Yifan was immediately reminded that in the novel, Mu Yuecheng had wanted to matchmake Mu Yifan and Rong Xue, the eldest daughter of the Rongshi Group.

As he was worried that his eldest son’s bone cancer would become worse, he wanted to let him get married earlier so he could leave Mu Yuechang descendants to continue the bloodline of his eldest son.

In the novel, Mu Yifan had been persuaded to meet Rong Xue, but when he was eating at the restaurant, he saw Rong Yan, a part-time worker there and fell in love at first sight.

“Dad, you didn’t call us to come just to talk about this, right?” Mu Yifan interrupted him in a low voice.

He knew that Mu Yuecheng had treated his eldest quite well. Unlike other people who found stepmothers for their sons, after which they became stepfathers themselves.

Moreover, between his two sons, Mu Yuecheng liked Mu Yifan relatively more because Mu Yifan, like him, chose to become a soldier. As his father, he was particularly proud.

Unfortunately, Mu Yifan had been diagnosed with bone cancer. He also wasn’t the real Mu Yifan, so he would neither marry anyone nor go on blind dates and the like. Not to mention, the other person that Mu Yuecheng wanted to introduce him to was Rong Xue, who looked like his sister in real life, making it even more impossible.

As soon as Mu Yuecheng heard him, he knew that his son didn’t want to talk about this kind of topic. He sighed and continued with a serious face, “Of course, I didn’t have the both of you come in just to say this. Rather, I have another important thing to discuss.”

Mu Yifan and Mu Yihang felt the atmosphere become tense and they couldn’t help but sit up straight.

“I recently received information that there will be a huge upheaval around the whole world. The money that we use now will become waste paper. Gold, silver, pearls and jewelry will become piles of useless decorations. In the times to come, things like food, goods, and supplies will be the best means of survival, so…”

Mu Yuecheng paused at this point and then continued. “I want both of you to sell off all the shares of the company and then use it to purchase various supplies, including a large quantity of weapons.”

Mu Yifan stifled his emotions with all his might to maintain the calm on his face, but his heart was turbulent.

Judging by Mu Yuecheng’s words, he clearly knew that the apocalypse was about to happen. However, in his novel, Mu Yuecheng simply didn’t know about the arrival of the end. If that was the case , how come he knew now?

Mu Yifan felt slightly uneasy.

It was clear that the storyline of his novel was about to derail.

“Dad, are you joking with us?” Mu Yihang suddenly stood up, staring at his father in disbelief.

Mu Yifan glanced at Mu Yihang indifferently. He understood very well why Mu Yihang was so emotional.

In order to obtain the company, he had not only done a lot of things in the dark but also injected a virus into his big brother. However, his father was now asking them to sell the company; how could he accept this?

Mu Yuecheng spoke in a low voice, “Does it look like I’m joking? Yifan, what about you, would you be willing to sell the company’s shares?”

The company had been left behind by his ex-wife, and the company’s largest shareholder was Mu Yifan. Now, only he could make the decision.

Mu Yihang quickly turned his head and nervously looked at Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan asked, “Dad, how did you learn about this news?”

Mu Yuecheng frowned. “I can’t tell you that, but this information is absolutely reliable.”

Mu Yifan stood up. “Dad, about the company, you’d better ask Mu Yihang. I have already handed over the company to him.”

He knew that Mu Yihang regarded the company as more important than his life and definitely wouldn’t sell the company. Also, the most important thing was that he didn’t want the development of the plot to derail.

When Mu Yihang heard those words, he was more shocked than when Mu Yuecheng told them to sell the company. “Big…big brother, is that true?”

Did his big brother suddenly have a change of heart?


Mu Yuecheng’s face exposed his anxiety. “Yifan, you…”

Mu Yifan immediately left the study. He glanced at Zhao Yunxuan, who was anxiously waiting in the hall, and returned to the room that had been prepared for him.

When the door was closed, he suddenly let out a sigh. “Damn it, I almost suffocated.”

He rubbed his cheeks forcefully. Facial nerve paralysis wasn’t that easy to act out; he had to restrain his emotions at every moment and couldn’t be exposed. To him, it really was quite challenging.

“Anyway, how did he know that the apocalypse is coming?”

Mu Yifan was puzzled. He thought for a long time but still couldn’t think of an answer. It didn’t take long for his mind to turn to the male protagonist.

Today, he had wasted the entire day and couldn’t stay together with the male protagonist to increase his likeability. He couldn’t go on like this. He had to increase the awareness of his existence in the male lead.

Mu Yifan took his phone out of his pocket and promptly gave the male lead a call.


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