Chapter 36 – Do you have a girl you like?

Translator: Deathbutlowkey
Editor: Mimishijie

Mu Yifan had breakfast, took a short break, then left the villa’s district.

First he took a taxi to the city centre. When he arrived at the large shopping mall, he went to the bathroom to remove the gauze on his face. Seeing this cultured, elegant face, he nodded to himself and smiled.

Ever since he transmigrated into the novel that he wrote, he had never carefully examined this body’s appearance.

In the mirror, his face was pale; his eyebrows dense and black; his clear, bright eyes let through a childish air. He looked very similar to the real him. Only, he was more elegant in reality and hadn’t looked as innocent as the Mu Yifan of the novel.

Moreover, the appearance that he saw now also didn’t resemble the Mu Yifan that he had described in the novel.

The real Mu Yifan had been covered in a dark and suffocating aura as if everyone in the world owed him money. His face never showed any hint of joy, only a dark and gloomy countenance.

No matter how handsome he was, there was no way for the people around him to like him.

Mu Yifan pinched his cheek, satisfied. After so many days of having not seen his appearance, he’d almost forgotten what he looked like. Not to mention, his face had been wrapped in gauze for so long; it was time to let this face take a breather.

He looked into the mirror again then knitted his brows. The only thing that made him feel dissatisfied was the continuous paling of his countenance which meant that the day he would become a zombie was getting closer and closer.

Mu Yifan sighed and turned to leave the bathroom. He found a salon to wash and trim his hair and found a restaurant to grab some lunch before going to the villa where his stepmother lived.

By the gate of the villa, two off-road military vehicles were parked.

Mu Yifan looked at the car and knew that Mu Yuecheng was back.

He thought of the attitude that the former Mu Yifan used to treat his family and walked into the villa.

In the garden, four soldiers were standing guard.

The servants in the villa were stunned when they saw Mu Yifan and some fearfully greeted him before reporting to the people in the hall. “Admiral, Madam, the young master is back.”

Mu Yifan walked into the hall and saw the soldiers clad in military uniforms emitting a dignified air, as well as a woman and an imposing young man sitting next to them. They turned to look at him when he arrived.

Lady Zhao Yunxuan smiled slightly. “Yifan, you came back.”

Mu Yifan glanced at her gloomily. He didn’t respond and resisted the impulse to call her ‘mother’, before immediately sitting on the sofa and dully calling, “Dad.”

Mu Yuecheng asked, “Have you had lunch?”


Mu Yuecheng stood up and said, “Since you’ve eaten, you and Yihang will come with me to the study.”

Mu Yifan got up and followed him into the study.

Zhao Yunxuan quickly gave Mu Yihang a look before hurriedly letting him go.

The three people arrived at the room. Mu Yuecheng took a seat on the sofa and asked Mu Yifan, “Has your leg gotten better recently?”

Mu Yifan remained calm and collected, choosing not to answer.

Mu Yihang shot him a glance.

Mu Yuecheng, who had long been accustomed to his eldest son being reticent and reserved, twisted his brow and asked, “Yifan, do you have a girl you like?”


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