Chapter 9 – Come in

My nemesis has finally gone bankrupt
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When Ji Ran returned to the table, he realised that everyone had left.

He instinctively scanned his surroundings and found Qin Man standing behind Ji Guo Zheng. Beside them was a woman with shoulder-length black hair wearing a dress and smiling.

Ji Ran recognised her. She was a relative of Ji Guo Zheng, as well as his cousin.

His phone vibrated. Yue Wen Wen had sent a message over.

[Yue Wen Wen: Ran Ran, please take care of me tonight. My oriental-themed event is probably going to last through the night, and my dad will definitely not let me in.]

[Daddy Ji: What about your little boyfriend?]

[Yue Wen Wen: We broke up, I’m still grieving.]

[Daddy Ji: I’m staying at Ji’s house today. Go over by yourself, the password is still the same. Sleep in the living room and don’t touch my room.]

[Yue Wen Wen: …]

[Yue Wen Wen: Where did you say you’re staying at?]

[Daddy Ji: You can’t even read?]

[Yue Wen Wen: Why have you suddenly started living with the Ji family?!]

Ji Ran looked up and saw his cousin touching Qin Man’s elbow.

Qin Man discreetly moved out of the way, avoiding her actions as he knocked glasses with her with a small smile.

[Daddy Ji: I’m trying to disgust Ji Wei to death. Enough, I’ve got to go.]

When Ji Wei and his group of friends came back out from the bathroom, their expressions carried a trace of embarrassment. Children of wealthy families were typically split into two groups: those who could be controlled and those who couldn’t.

Those with Ji Ran naturally fell into the latter category. They played truant, got into fights, and talking back was the norm. Even after they grew up, they were still as wild.

Meanwhile, those with Ji Wei were the type who were strictly controlled by their families from young and disciplined for bad results, so although they were rich, they dared not do anything and go overboard. Therefore, they didn’t even dare to refute him back in the bathroom.

Just like this, Ji Ran watched Ji Wei walk back to the main table, the provocation clear as day in his eyes. Their eyes met for a few seconds in between.

Qin Man saw everything.

Her goodwill was rejected, causing this cousin to feel embarrassed. Seeing Ji Wei return, she called out with a red face, “Brother.”

“Mn.” Ji Wei quickly controlled his unhappiness from earlier and smiled, “You’re always saying you want to meet Qin Man. Are you happy now?”

His cousin replied, “Don’t talk nonsense. Wh-Where did I…”

Ji Wei laughed, “Qin Man, my cousin has always admired you. Shouldn’t you at least accompany her for a dance?”

Qin Man’s smile didn’t waver, “Always?”

“That’s right,” Ji Wei said, “She was in the same high school as us, and can be considered our junior sister.”

Qin Man nodded, “Sorry, I don’t quite remember.”

The girl’s smile stiffened but her voice was as gentle as ever, “It’s alright… I never really stood out.”

Ji Wei, “It’s the same if you get to know each other now. Qin Man, my cousin really worships you. She’s currently studying to get into the same university you went to previously. Since you’re a senior, why don’t you help her out.”

Qin Man nodded, taking out his phone, “Since that’s the case…”

The girl’s eyes lit up and she immediately opened her WeChat.

Qin Man pushed his phone towards the girl. There was a QR code on it, “I know a junior brother who’s currently studying there. He might be able to help you more than me. He’s extremely friendly. You can contact him, and he’ll help you.”

When Qin Man returned to the table, Ji Ran was staring intently at his phone. On the screen was an extremely tense match.

“Qin Man, let me remind you.” Ji Ran didn’t even look up, using a voice that only the two of them could hear, “If you dare to use my money to humour someone else, just wait to be buried.”

Hah, this little junior brother’s words were too scary.

“Your cousin said she wants to try for the same university as me and wanted to learn more about the school.” Qin Man propped his chin up with a hand and watched him play the game with interest, “I didn’t humour anyone else.”

Ji Ran wanted to laugh. Was the Ji family so lacking in connections that it had to consult an outsider just to enter a university? It’s more like his cousin wanted to brush up on some relationships before entering the school, right?

Qin Man was silent for a moment before he suddenly asked, “Did Ji Wei make things difficult for you?”

Ji Ran’s hands didn’t stop, “Enough, do you think he can do anything?”

After saying so, he felt something wasn’t right, “This is my problem, what has it got to do with you?”

It was fine as long as he hadn’t been bullied.

Qin Man asked, “Are you staying tonight?”

Why did his words sound so strange? “Why?”

“If you’re staying, you should eat something now. This residence doesn’t seem to be frequently used, and there aren’t any delivery options available in the area. There’s nothing to eat if you get hungry at night.”

Ji Ran refused to yield, “I’m not eating. Don’t bother me.”

The reception only ended later in the evening at nine.

The guests hadn’t all left. The butler came to help settle Qin Man in.

“Mr Qin, we’ve prepared a room for you. Please follow me.” Then, he turned to look at Ji Ran, “Young master Ji, please follow me as well.”

This was a vacation home used to host private banquets, thus there weren’t many guest rooms in the villa. The butler brought Qin Man to the first room next to the stairs, “Mr Qin, there’s a landline next to the bed which you can use to directly contact me should you need anything. The extensions are all written on the machine.”

“Thank you.” Qin Man nodded, “Is Ji Ran staying in the room beside me?”

“No, young master Ji is staying on the other end.” The butler told him, “It’s the young lady who is staying in the room next to yours.”

“Enough, are you still in elementary school?” Ji Ran interrupted them and directly headed for the room at the end. He waved to the butler, “I’m going back to my room, I’ll call you if I need anything.”

The guest room was neat and tidy, with red wine and roses displayed on the table. It was easy to see that they’d spared nothing on tonight’s reception.

There was a shower attached to the room and Ji Ran quickly went to take a bath.

In a suburban villa, no matter where you looked, it was all trees and nothing else. Ji Ran regretted his decision. He didn’t know if he’d gone crazy, but for the sake of infuriating Ji Wei, he’d actually thrown himself into such a desolated area. He stood around in a daze.

He returned to his room and dug through his pockets, realising his cigarettes were missing.

Ji Ran didn’t have an addiction. However, at this moment he particularly felt like having one, and thus he casually threw on his outerwear and prepared to find his car.

His room was right at the end of the corridor, so even when the door was slightly ajar, as long as he didn’t make too much noise, it would be hard for him to be detected. The moment he opened his door, he heard the conversation outside.

“It wasn’t convenient to speak earlier…” It was Ji Wei’s voice. “Qin Man, since when did you and Ji Ran get to know each other?”

Ji Ran’s footsteps halted. He glanced towards the source of the voice.

Qin Man and Ji Wei were standing beside the stairwell, their backs facing him so Ji Ran couldn’t see their expressions.

Qin Man said, “I’ve already told you, he’s my junior brother.”

“Of course I know he’s your junior brother. But you two didn’t have any interactions during your time there.” Ji Wei said, “I know. Did Ji Ran cause problems for you? That bastard is too much. He’s just messing with me every day, and since he knows you’re my friend, he’s targeted you…”

“Ji Wei.” Qin Man interrupted him. “Although my family has gone bankrupt, there’s no need to speak to such an extent. You’re thinking too much, and also… the word bastard is too harsh.”

“I understand, but I’m just worried he’ll pester you non-stop. Also, it’s better if you don’t get too close to him, he’ll cause your worth to drop. Didn’t you see the way other people looked at you when you were sitting with him earlier?” Ji Wei sighed deeply, “I rarely scold others, but this word truly can’t be separated from Ji Ran. You should know, he’s the product of my father and another woman…”

“You don’t need to tell me about your family matters.” Qin Man’s tone sounded like he was laughing, his voice lightly permeated the air. It was neither cold nor warm, “I’m not interested.”

At this time, there were the sounds of other people talking coming from downstairs. It sounded like Ji Guo Zheng had invited a few business partners into the living room to discuss matters.

Qin Man swept a glance over at the people below. Now was his resting time, and he didn’t want to interact with those people again. Therefore, he merely gave a nod, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first.”

“Wait a minute.” Ji Wei called to him, “Do you want to go play golf tomorrow?”

Qin Man smiled, “We’ll see,”

After returning to his room, Qin Man took off his suit jacket and picked up his phone. He sent a message to his new boss.

[Q: Did you drive here today?]

Who knew that once his message was sent, he received a red alert.

[You are not friends with this recipient. Please check your message again…]

Qin Man raised an eyebrow and smiled.

How had he offended this little ancestor again?

Later that night, Qin Man was sleeping soundly when he was awoken by a knock on his door.

Frowning, he considered the fact that this was another person’s house and could only throw on a jacket before he opened the door.

Just as the door opened a crack, the smell of alcohol hit him.

His new and difficult to please boss was standing outside, wearing the same garments as him. It was a simple white shirt while his suit pants looked as if they’d been carelessly thrown on.

Ji Ran’s eyes sparkled under the light and there were traces of liquid around his mouth. It was the residue left behind by the alcohol. He stood extremely straight.

Qin Man asked, “Why are you…”

“Qin Man.” Ji Ran interrupted him, “Let’s do it.”

Qin Man froze. “Now?”


He laughed, “You’re drunk again.”

“I’m not drunk.” Ji Ran frowned. Sure enough, he wasn’t drunk since the alcohol in the room wasn’t strong enough.

He’d only gotten slightly warm and a bit tipsy from drinking.

After he’d gone back to his room, he grew even more annoyed the more he thought about it.

Qin Man’s worth would drop just by staying with him?

Clearly, he was Qin Man’s patron. What did Ji Wei, that rascal, know? As long as he said a word, Qin Man had to crawl under his legs.

Seeing the other person’s lack of response, Ji Ran grew impatient, “You’ve already taken my money. Can’t you do things faster?”

Ji Ran’s buttons were skewed, revealing his collarbones and exposing a large expanse of pale skin underneath it. The sexy figure of the man underneath the dim light was extremely attractive.

Qin Man’s eyes darkened. “Do you know where we are?”

Ji Ran was losing his patience. “If you don’t want to do it, then forget it.” He turned around to leave. “I’ll find someone else.”

His wrist was abruptly snatched.

In the dark, Qin Man suppressed his voice like an old fox luring in an unsuspecting soul, “Come in.”


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