Chapter 7 – I love scum men the most

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Ji Wei’s voice sounded cold, it was clearly because there were other people present on the scene that he had to hold back. However, his tone wasn’t courteous, “Why are you here?”

“My brother is getting engaged. Naturally, I have to be here to congratulate you,” Ji Ran answered. “Where’s my sister-in-law? Which woman is so unlucky?”

Ji Wei’s face turned green. In his eyes, this brother was a symbol of his father’s betrayal to his family.

In the public’s eye, Ji Wei was the earnest and competent heir to the Ji family. But in front of Ji Ran, the hatred in his heart couldn’t be suppressed, “No one invited you. Scram.”

“Oh,” Ji Ran seemed to have thought of something. He pulled out an invitation  from his pocket, pinching a corner of it as he waved it before Ji Wei, “Someone actually did.”

Ji Wei pursed his lips and took one step forward, his voice sinking lower, “Ji Ran, let me warn you. You either get the hell away now, or act like a mute later on and stay silent when you’re inside. If anything happens today… I won’t let you off.”

“Ji Wei, let’s not discuss how you’ve yet to become the master of the house.”

Ji Ran’s smile faded, “Even if the Ji family ends up in your hands, I, Ji Ran, have nothing to do with it. So who do you think you are to tell me what to do?”

The atmosphere was growing tense and the reporters nearby were all collectively watching them. After seeing Ji Ran’s green hair, their attention was completely fixed on them as they began to guess the young man’s identity.

No matter how willful a rebellious teen was in this contemporary age, it was rare to see such a green colour. Not to mention…at another person’s engagement party.

After some time, there were a few people who noticed that the man’s appearance resembled Ji Wei’s.

Although there haven’t been many people who mentioned it in recent years, the reporters hadn’t forgotten the existence of the Ji family’s illegitimate child. This news had long lost novelty, but people have always loved to hear about gossip surrounding the rich and powerful families. As long as they expose a new angle, they won’t need to fear a lack of interest.

It didn’t take long for the reporters to come to this realization as they hurriedly picked up their cameras, wanting to rush up to Ji Ran’s side. Unfortunately, they had only managed to take two steps before they were blocked by the huge security staff.

Noticing the commotion, Ji Ran turned to look in that direction but quickly retracted his gaze. He stuffed the invitation card into Ji Wei’s suit pocket and headed in.

“I’ve let you see something ridiculous.” Ji Wei had already gotten his emotions under control. He took out the invitation card, intending to chuck it in the nearest bin.

“It’s fine.” Qin Man‘s gaze was glued to the back of the person who was walking further away. “Then, I’ll go in too.”

After entering, Ji Ran immediately found the other main character of today’s event.

It was a gentle looking woman dressed in a white gown. Beside her were several of her bridesmaids to be who were also dressed to the nines. The way they moved was evident of their distinguished upbringing.

Fair enough, at aristocratic levels such as the Ji family’s, it was rare to find marriages with sincere feelings involved.

She seemed to be a worthy lady, but it was a pity she was wasted on Ji Wei.

“Where are you seated?”

Ji Ran was startled, turning around instinctively. He didn’t know when Qin Man had appeared behind him.

“Are you walking around on your tippy-toes? Why didn’t you make any sounds?” Ji Ran secretly let out a breath, “Why are you here? Can you even afford an engagement gift?”

Seemingly having thought of a possibility, he narrowed his eyes, “Don’t tell me you used my money to buy Ji Wei a gift?”

Ji Ran naturally knew his words were merely kicking up a fuss. The money that was in Qin Man’s hands was up to him to spend, but he still felt unhappy.

“I didn’t,” Qin Man answered, “I used my own savings. It’s just a pair of couple watches, it didn’t cost much.”

“…” Ji Ran frowned, “A cheap present will only allow others to look down on you, don’t you know that? Why didn’t you just not come?”

Qin Man casually replied, “Your brother will understand.”

Ji Ran sneered, “Your feelings are pretty deep.”

Old Madam Ji had seen her grandson’s green hair from far away. No matter how graceful she was, she couldn’t help frowning.

She had long known that Ji Ran and Ji Wei’s relationship was akin to fire and water. There was no way Ji Ran would honestly attend the engagement party without making a fuss.

Afraid that Ji Ran would show up in a pair of jeans, she’d even arranged for people to bring him a suit. But she never expected Ji Ran to aim for his own hair, making him appear frivolous and indolent.

Bringing shame upon the Ji family.

However, everyone was present, so there wasn’t any use in thinking about it.

To prevent things from getting out of hand, the amount of tables set up were limited. Thus, all those present were important figureheads in their society. At a glance, Ji Ran didn’t recognise a single person.

This was his first time partaking in a Ji family related event. In the past, they were all restricted to relatives and didn’t invite outsiders.

“Mr Qin, this way please,” The butler, who was always by Madam Ji’s side, walked over and gestured towards Qin Man. Saying so, he looked at Ji Ran, “Young Master Ji, the madam invites you to take a seat at table three. She has already reserved a spot for you.”

“Got it,” Ji Ran replied, heading in that direction.

Watching Ji Ran take his seat at table three, the butler sighed in relief before speaking, “Then, Mr Qin, let me show you…”

“No need,” Qin Man laughed. “I’ll have to trouble you to prepare an extra seat for me at table three.”

The butler froze, “Mr Qin, your seat is at the main table…”

Ji Ran had just sat down when he received some news from his friend.

Yue Wen Wen, “Little Ran Ran, you’re so evil! My chat groups are boiling because of you!”

Ji Ran was baffled, “?”

The other side forwarded a picture to him. Ji Ran opened it and immediately spotted his own bright green head.

Looks like it was taken the moment he got out of the car. It was a high resolution image to boot. 

“Searching relentlessly for him far and wide in my dreams: This picture will help me get through the next few nights.”

The comments below took up the entire screen.

“Fuck, sister, your courage is truly great. You even dare to get off to this person, do you even know who that is?”

“I’ve saved it, thanks sis!”

“Chicken cage warning1Warning that people whose words are too evil/indecent will be locked up in a chicken cage; 你好骚.jpg (you’re so evil.jpg).”

“This face, these legs, these shoulders… I can’t, I’m willing to kneel down for him and open my mouth all day and all night long… No, I’m willing to even become a top for him!”

Ji Ran, …

Kneel down? Open your mouth?? What the fuck is this???

…This can’t be a fucking sexual innuendo, could it?

Ji Ran was frozen for half a day before returning to his senses, “Who posted that last comment? I want to cut off her head.”

Yue Wen Wen hastily replied, “Don’t, we’re just joking.”

Ji Ran had to question, “Who took this picture? I want him to delete this moment.

“I think it’s a photographer who shared it to a group with over a thousand users. Even if it’s deleted, this person has too many friends on his WeChat. I just saw…” Yue Wen Wen relayed his thoughts.

He could only comment, “This picture has already been uploaded to Weibo, and even appeared on my dashboard.”


Just as Ji Ran wanted to type, he felt his ears grow hot, as if someone had pinched them.

The person’s fingers were somewhat rough from calluses, making Ji Ran’s back feel itchy.

Qin Man quickly released his hands and took a seat beside him naturally, “Why is your ear so red?”

“Who said you could touch me?” Ji Ran rapidly closed his chat room, “…Are you a stalker?”

Qin Man laughed and lowered his voice, “My job is to stay by your side.”

“I’m not a woman, I don’t need you to follow me,” Ji Ran retorted. “I’ll call you when I need you. If there’s nothing, don’t approach me.”

This junior brother’s words were incredibly blunt.

Qin Man nodded, feigning hurt, “But you never seem to look for me. Have you gotten sick of me?”

The two men sitting next to each other were too eye-catching. One was an illegitimate child while the other was a bankrupt businessman. Everyone else at the table couldn’t help but to size them up.

“That’s right.” Ji Ran was growing impatient. He wanted to end this conversation as quickly as possible, “I’m a living scum man. Do you have any problems?”

“I don’t,” Qin Man grinned, showing his dimples, “I love scum men the most.”

Ji Ran, “…”

He replied, “…You don’t need to work so hard. I won’t deduct your salary.”

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    Warning that people whose words are too evil/indecent will be locked up in a chicken cage; 你好骚.jpg (you’re so evil.jpg)


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