Chapter 4 – Hardworking Little Qin

My nemesis has finally gone bankrupt
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Ji Ran was a frequent patron of POP, so it wasn’t surprising for the valet employees working there to know him. It wasn’t because of their superb memory but rather, every car that he drove there emitted an air of arrogance, making it especially distinguishable.

The valet employee saw his car and immediately came forward to wait upon him.

“Brother Ran, you’re here.” The worker caught the car keys which had been tossed over and bowed, extremely respectful.

“Yeah.” Ji Ran dug into his pockets and pulled out several big notes and threw them alongside the keys, “Arrange a chauffeur for me later tonight, you can split the rest among yourselves.

The employee on duty was already used to it, even his thanks was extremely accustomed, “Thank you, brother Ran! Have fun brother Ran, I’ll have someone waiting for you here at 10.”

Qin Man swept a glance and guessed that there were easily more than ten bills in that stack.

Young Master Ji’s generosity truly lived up to its reputation.

Thinking of the black card in his possession, the corner of Qin Man’s lips curled up in amusement.

This scene coincidentally fell into Ji Ran’s sight, causing him to frown, “What are you laughing about?”

An eyebrow rose, “Nothing.”

“… In a while, make sure you listen to what I say when we arrive,” Ji Ran ordered. “Do you remember what I told you before? If you let it slip, I’ll make sure your entire Qin family goes bankrupt.”

The table Yue Wen Wen had reserved was the best in POP. Making his way through the crowd, Ji Ran easily found Yue Wen Wen standing on his seat and swaying his head wildly. Usually, when he went to gay bars, he would be in a female get-up. Today, Yue Wen Wen’s appearance could be considered low-key; only wearing a black T-shirt with the words ‘looking for a man’ on the back and jeans.

Yue Wen Wen turned around and immediately saw Ji Ran and Qin Man. It wasn’t that his sight was particularly sharp but rather, the two of them standing together was extremely eye-catching.

“Ji Ran!” He waved frantically, afraid that Ji Ran wouldn’t see him.

Ji Ran rolled his eyes. Every time they came to this establishment, it would always be the same booth. He probably knew the way around here better than the staff.

Today, the booth was filled with people to the point that a few had to stand around. Everyone watching Yue Wen Wen knew who had arrived and hurriedly stopped what they were doing, collectively standing to the side to watch.

Even though Yue Wen Wen had already informed them beforehand, many of them still couldn’t stop their eyes from growing wide when they saw Qin Man in person.

Qin Man was of the same age as them, but in their hearts, his position was akin to their father’s generation.

When they were at the bubble tea shop near their school in ripped jeans, Qin Man was already wearing a full suit and making his mark in the business world, chatting with other big bosses. He was a step ahead of them in every aspect. He was mature and steady, cold as well as self-reliant, the epitome of ‘the other family’s child’.

Majority of the people present were wealthy, dandy youths in the capital who were familiar with Qin Man’s name since it had often come out of their parents’ mouths. But now, this person had fallen from the clouds and they couldn’t refrain from wanting to watch such an interesting spectacle.

Although the booth was packed, there was still a space left for Ji Ran. Seeing him arrive, everyone was conscious enough to make space for him.

Ji Ran didn’t bother with those around them and went to his seat. Feeling gazes from all around him, he questioned, “What the fuck are you looking at?”

“Looking at how handsome you are,” A person beside him laughed and passed a cigarette stick over, “Want one?”

Ji Ran bit the cigarette and someone else immediately rushed forward to light it up for him.

He took a deep breath and felt someone pressing against his thigh.

Qin Man had walked over to his side extremely naturally.

But without Ji Ran’s permission, no one dared to offer him a seat.

Ji Ran turned towards Qin Man and blew out a cloud of smoke, “There’s no more space, stand outside.”

Looking at Qin Man’s unchanging expression, everyone instantly understood – Ji Ran hadn’t been joking. He really bought Qin Man.

Overlooking this scene, two men sitting in a corner began to whisper.

“Will Ji Ran be alright after treating him this way?”

“The Qin family is already bankrupt, what can he accomplish?”

“But I heard that Qin Man has many connections, it won’t be hard for him to start over from scratch. Now that Ji Ran has offended him… won’t he be doomed once Qin Man rises up from the bottom once more?”

“Tch.” The gossiper clicked his tongue coldly and lowered his voice, “If he’s doomed then he’s doomed. What does it have to do with us? We just need to watch and not get involved.”

Seeing Qin Man unmoving, Ji Ran grew unhappy. “Didn’t you hear what I said? Don’t stand here and block the path…”

“Quick.” Yue Wen Wen stood up and interrupted them, waving to the person beside Ji Ran, “Hurry up and move over, make some space for Qin Man. Hurry up!”

Knowing that Yue Wen Wen was trying to lighten the situation, Ji Ran fiddled with his cigarette silently. The crowd around them saw that he didn’t object so they cautiously made space.

“God.” Qin Man had just sat down when Yue Wen Wen quickly grabbed Ji Ran’s sleeves and said excitedly, “It’s really Qin Man! Ran Ran is amazing! You’re too good! We’ll go to True Colour tomorrow, bring Qin Man along. I want to let those ladies take a good look!”

True Colour was a gay bar Yue Wen Wen frequented.

“Go by yourself.” Ji Ran wasn’t interested in interacting with Yue Wen Wen’s circle of sisters. He glanced at his surroundings and asked, “Why the fuck did you call all these monstrosities here?”

They usually hung out with a couple of old acquaintances that had too much money to throw around when they came to this club. Although they could get high together, they still had a bottom line. However, many of the people present tonight were notorious for committing vile acts. Apart from murder and arson, they’d probably done everything else.

This group of people had often pestered Ji Ran when he first entered high school. For the sake of a few more street races, Ji Ran had reluctantly gotten to know them briefly. But after he stepped into the legal racing organisation, he no longer had any contact with them.

It wasn’t out of fear, but rather disdain since matters could become too troublesome. He didn’t want to create any problems, the one who’d have to drag him out of jail at the end of the day was his busy father.

“I wasn’t the one who called them.” Yue Wen Wen also had his principles, “They’re from the table next to ours and insisted on coming over. Some loose-lipped person told them about Qin Man’s matter and now, we can’t chase them away.”

Ji Ran, “Nothing better to do.”

Just as he said this, another evil spirit had appeared.

“Ji Ran, you came late today.” The man’s arm was hooked around his female companion’s waist and wasn’t decent. In his other hand was a glass, “Shouldn’t you punish yourself with three cups? Come, I’ll accompany you.”

This was the leader of the evil spirits, Gu Zhe. He was the most difficult person to deal with, his father spends a huge sum of money just to bail him out of trouble every year.

Ji Ran laughed, but his eyes were dark with disdain. Under the dim club lights, no one saw it clearly. Instead of speaking, he merely picked up the glass full of alcohol in front of him and downed it in one go.

Gu Zhe raised his hand and knocked glasses with Ji Ran.

After drinking, Gu Zhe moved the glass in front of his companion, letting the skimpily clad woman obediently fill it up.

Ji Ran raised a brow and turned to the person beside him, “Hey?”

Qin Man sat with his legs crossed elegantly as if it wasn’t a noisy nightclub he was in, but an upscale restaurant where he was negotiating business deals. “What is it?”

“Fill up my cup.” Ji Ran tapped his fingers against the rim of the wine glass.

Under everyone’s gaze, Qin Man narrowed his eyes at the glass before putting down his legs. He picked up the glass and filled it up.

Great skills, not a single bit of foam.

Ji Ran stared at the cup filled to the brim and laughed, his smile not quite reaching his eyes, “What, you’re afraid of wasting the wine?”

Gu Zhe finished another cup, “Ji Ran, drink up.”

Ji Ran glanced at Gu Zhe and suppressed the annoyance in his heart as he chugged it.

Gu Zhe enjoyed being the boss. However, in the past, everyone simply wanted to follow behind Ji Ran. Therefore, during the duration of high school, Gu Zhe often competed with him one-sidedly.

Ji Ran was extremely vexed but nothing worth a big fight occurred. He was depressed and therefore, simply left, refusing to hang around this lad.

When they finished their third cup, Yue Wen Wen raised an arm and caught Ji Ran, “Ran Ran, let’s go to the front and party.”

Yue Wen Wen was an especially wild person. Each time, he’d jump onto another’s stage and challenge female dancers in the nightclub. Ji Ran didn’t even think twice, “Go by yourself.”

“Yue Wen Wen, you go.” On the other hand, Gu Zhe stood up. “Give me your seat, I want to drink a few more rounds with Ji Ran.”

Yue Wen Wen knew that Gu Zhe was bad news, “He’s going to party with me, drink by yourself.”

“Didn’t you hear him just say he’s not going?” Gu Zhe already reached their spot. “Coincidentally, I have some things to say to Ji Ran. Moreover, Ji Ran never dances… Ah, could it be that you’re still drunk from last night?”

POP was a place where gossip flew. Anything that happened would be known to everyone.

Ji Ran couldn’t stand him and simply waved towards Yue Wen Wen, “You go. Give him your seat. Gu Zhe, you don’t need a chauffeur tonight.”

Gu Zhe confusedly asked, “Why?”

“I’ll call 120 and let them send you home,” Ji Ran laughed.

Gu Zhe came today with malicious intentions. Hearing this, he merely let out a cold laugh and sat down. With a wave, the staff brought over a few more glasses.

Two types of mixed alcohol filled ten cups to the brim.

“Playing with one cup is too boring,” Gu Zhen said. “Why don’t we take ten shots at once?”

Observing this scene, how could Yue Wen Wen still be in the mood to party? He hurriedly found a new seat and sat down to watch. Gu Zhe must be tired of living, he actually dared to provoke Ji Ran.

Ji Ran put the dice on the table, “Okay.”

“Wait. It’s boring if we just drank. How about this, if I lose, Lily will drink.” Lily was Gu Zhe’s female companion.

Gu Zhe laughed and looked towards the person beside Ji Ran, “If you lose, Boss Qin will drink.”

Ji Ran froze before speaking, “We’re drinking, what does it have to do with others…”

“Okay.” Qin Man said before he could even finish.

“Cool.” Having achieved his goal, Gu Zhe waved a hand and Lily scurried over to his side.

Hooking around Gu Zhe’s arm, her lips were nearly plastered against his face, “You’re so bad… Why am I the one drinking?!”

“Relax baby, I won’t let you drink.” Gu Zhe snorted and picked up the dice on the table, tossing them. Then he covered them with a cup and swept it across the table.

Shaking the cup for half a day and using every method in his book, he finally released it with a loud bang. His face overflowing with confidence.

In reality, Gu Zhe wasn’t here to make Ji Ran drink.

But he also wasn’t here to hang out with him.

Compared to Ji Ran, the person he hated more was the cold and aloof flower of the Qin family. They had snatched many great opportunities from his family in the business world and Qin Man had even filed a report against him in university, leaving him no choice but to buy his graduation certificate. He also had to suffer from his father’s beatings.

Just as he was wondering when he could enact his revenge, said person actually arrived at his doorsteps.

Ji Ran frowned and wanted to reject when he heard the person beside him speak, his voice low, “Play, I’ll drink for you.”

Was he crazy? Why was he rushing to take drinks for him? One had to know that the current alcohol content wasn’t a joke. Two different types of alcohol mixed together was extremely potent.

“Shut up and sit down.” Ji Ran picked up the dice and tossed them before covering them with a cup. “Who needs you to help me drink?”

“Isn’t it because I’m afraid that once you get drunk, you’ll randomly throw money at other people?” Qin Man said, “You’re my sponsor, I can’t let you get snatched away.”

Ji Ran was speechless. “Well, aren’t you a fucking professional? Why don’t I give you a medal for it?”

“Don’t waste your money,” Qin Man countered, “Just give me a discount.”


“Ji Ran, are you done?” Their environment was too noisy, Gu Zhe couldn’t hear what they were saying. Seeing that Ji Ran didn’t move, he ridiculed, “Don’t tell me you’re backing out?”

Ji Ran turned back and stated, “Five ones.”

Two people, ten dice. If there were five dice with the 1 facing up, it would be Ji Ran’s win.

Gu Zhe didn’t expect him to call such a large stake. Looking at his own hand that didn’t contain a single 1, he didn’t think twice before revealing his hand. “Ji Ran, turns out you’re actually a noob at playing dice? You should’ve said so earlier, we could’ve played something else. Boxing is also fine, otherwise, others might think I’m bullying you… I don’t have a single 1 here.”

Saying so, he looked towards the person beside Ji Ran and said, his voice full of ridicule, “Boss Qin, please drink up.”

This show was too exciting, nobody at the table wanted to leave. Even the server pouring drinks at the side was carefully eavesdropping.

Qin Man didn’t even spare Gu Zhe a glance. He glanced at the person beside him, “Do I drink?”

“Drink your ass.” Ji Ran lifted a finger and tipped the dice cup aside.

Inside, five dice only had a single red dot facing up. Five identicals.

“Gu Zhe, you’re already a big boss yet you still found a woman to drink for you? Hurry up and finish it by yourself.” Ji Ran raised a brow provocatively, his tone full of mockery, “I already said I’ll call 120 and send you home today. So you have to obediently lie down for me, understand?”



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