Chapter 36 – There’s something wrong with this person

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Wen Xiao was tricked into making a trip to the entrance and nearly fought with his boyfriend over the phone.

When he returned to the villa, he asked Yu Wen Wen, “Who told you my boyfriend came?”

Yu Wen Wen didn’t even spare him a glance. “Ah, he didn’t come? I must have heard wrong.”

“Was this deliberate?”

“Everything has been eaten, you don’t have to help clean up. Just leave, I won’t send you off.”

“Isn’t this Cheng Peng’s house?” Wen Xiao couldn’t help blurting out but eventually reining in his temper. “Wen Wen, you also know that I’ve liked Qin Man for many years…”

“I don’t know!” Yu Wen Wen nearly jumped up in anger. “Either you leave right now or I’ll get Cheng Peng to chase you out.”

“… In that case, I’ll bid farewell to my friends before leaving.”

“No need. I’ll help you pass on the message.” Yu Wen Wen thought for a moment before deciding to say it anyway. “Wen Xiao, let me tell you. Qin Man is considered one of Ji Ran’s people now. You should stop thinking about it. If you make Ji Ran unhappy, we won’t even be sisters any more.”

Wen Xiao frowned. “You want to sever ties with me? Wen Wen, we’ve known each other for eight years.”

“There would be no difference even if it were 18 years.”

“Which part of Ji Ran is worth it? He’s so fierce…”

“Wen Xiao.” Yu Wen Wen lost his patience and threw Wen Xiao’s bag at him. “If you don’t leave now, I’ll have to chase you out!”

Wen Xiao gritted his teeth and pondered for a moment.

Although everything seemed to have gone smoothly tonight, the truth was that he hadn’t even managed to obtain Qin Man’s contact information. Qin Man’s attitude towards him had also been too confusing. If he were to fall out with Yu Wen Wen now, he didn’t know when he would get another chance to get close to Qin Man again.

“Fine.” He lowered his head grievously. “Don’t be angry, I’ll leave.”

Cheng Peng brought supper to Chen An, and saw Yu Wen Wen lurking on the sofa of the balcony like a thief.

“What’s wrong?”

Yu Wen Wen saw him and quickly explained everything with a scowl. “I saw that the two of them seemed to be fighting. Cheng Peng, am I doomed? I’m going to be destroyed by Ran Ran.”

“It’s fine.” On the contrary, Cheng Peng was calm. He looked towards the balcony and said, “Don’t worry. Everything’s fine.”


“En. If there’s anything wrong, Qin Man would be the one to bear the brunt of it. What are you worrying about?”

“Because I’m not as stress-resistant as Qin Man!”

Cheng Peng thought for a moment. “True.”


Yu Wen Wen wanted to continue, but suddenly heard a swoosh as the balcony door was pushed open.

Like a child who’d been caught in the act, he immediately shot to his feet.

Ji Ran walked in front and immediately saw them. “What are you doing?”

“I’m too bloated and wanted to walk about.” Yu Wen Wen noticed that Ji Ran’s temper seemed to have subsided and gradually relaxed. “That thing, are you guys done talking?”

“Who wants to talk to him? I’m just getting some fresh air.”

Cheng Peng glanced at his flushed face and sniffed at the scent of intoxication lingering in the air. “Since we’re done eating and it’s getting late, let’s return. Wen Wen, call a taxi for them.”

Yu Wen Wen quickly whipped out his phone and was about to dial when Ji Ran spoke.

“Don’t bother.” Ji Ran felt his eyelids growing immensely heavier.

He had woken up early today and hadn’t gotten to catch up on his sleep. After drinking earlier, he only felt incredibly tired. “I’ll just sleep here tonight.”

“But I only have one guest room,” Cheng Peng said.

“I’m only one person. Do you think I’ll need two rooms?”

Cheng Peng glanced towards Qin Man.

Qin Man was still holding a bottle of yogurt. “Is your sofa available?”

Cheng Peng sighed, “Alright, that’s fine. I’ll let Chen An prepare it for you.”

After sending away Yu Wen Wen’s sisters, Cheng Peng went downstairs and saw Chen An, who was looking around.

“What is it?” Cheng Peng pulled him close and touched his ear.

“N-Nothing.” Chen An glanced at the guest room. “Is Ji Ran sleeping here today?”

“En. Just tonight, he’ll leave tomorrow.”

Chen An nodded. “Then, you asked me t-to grab one more blanket…”

“Just leave it there, I’ll get it. There’s one more guest who will be staying downstairs.”

Chen An immediately guessed who it was. “It’s on the bed.”

After Cheng Peng left, Chen An hesitated for a moment before turning back to his room. When he came out once more, he was holding a glass cup. He stood outside the guest room for a long time before daring to enter.

“D-Do you want honey water?”

Ji Ran opened his eyes and looked at the person who’d just entered. He finished the drink in one shot and simply put it down on the table. “Thanks.”

Chen An froze, not expecting Ji Ran to thank him.

Sensing his gaze, Ji Ran frowned. “What are you looking at?”

“N-N-Nothing! C-Cheng Peng and I will be in the room next to yours. If-If there’s anything you need…”

Chen An was originally a stutterer. Under Ji Ran’s scrutiny, his words were completely unable to form.

Ji Ran quickly interrupted him. “Alright, I understand. You can go back. I just want to sleep for a bit.”

“Oh, oh.”

As Chen An was about to leave, the person behind called out, “Wait.”

He stopped. “Yes?”

Getting up, Ji Ran was silent for a moment. “… Do you still have any more honey water?”

“Yes, if- if you want more, I’ll- I’ll make another cup.”

“The person downstairs also drank some alcohol.” Ji Ran paused, “If you can, bring a cup to him. But if it’s too troublesome, forget it.”

Chen An was stunned. “I-It’s not troublesome. B-But this villa isn’t often used. T-There aren’t a-any other cups.”

“Use mine.”

Chen An came back to his senses and took the empty cup. “Okay.”

“And also…” Ji Ran pulled the blanket over his head. Because of this, his voice became muffled and sounded somewhat gloomy. “…Don’t say that I asked you to do so. Otherwise, I’ll beat you up.”

Cheng Peng carried the set of blankets downstairs and saw Qin Man sitting on the sofa, with a phone in his hand as he read through some files.

Hearing footsteps, Qin Man turned it off and the screen immediately went dark.

“Thanks, I’ve troubled you.” Qin Man smiled.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve troubled me.” Cheng Peng threw the blanket to one corner of the sofa. He folded his arms and leaned against the wall, getting straight to the point. “However, Ji Ran isn’t naturally good at dealing with troublesome matters. His personality is rather straightforward and causes him to get into trouble easily. I hope that you won’t casually create an enemy for him out of your own selfishness.”

For Wen Xiao to be able to enter Yue Wen Wen’s circle of friends, it was naturally not by relying on his weak and white-lotus persona. Wen Xiao had a strong family background. The most notable thing was that he had the ability to influence all his ex-boyfriends to be unable to forget him. Even after breaking up, they were willing to go to extreme lengths for him.

Qin Man’s smile didn’t falter. “You don’t have to worry. I will settle everything.”

“Qin Man, you’re too arrogant.” Cheng Peng raised an eyebrow. “You speak rashly, but have you forgotten you are already bankrupt?”

“Apart from money, there are many ways to solve a problem.”

Cheng Peng laughed, but did not reply. He merely turned around and went upstairs.

“Oh, and one more thing. I’m not a client, there’s no need to use your company’s methods on me.” Qin Man sneered, “If you’re really interested, you can just ask me. No need to make a fuss over nothing and go to such lengths to investigate me.”

Cheng Peng didn’t get flustered even after he was exposed. He turned his head and said calmly, “Ji Ran is my friend, I’m just worried for him. I apologise if I’ve offended you.”

His tone did not contain a single trace of guilt.

“You’re his friend. I naturally won’t blame you.” Qin Man threw his phone onto the table. “It’s just that you should spend more time on yourself rather than caring about those around you. Otherwise, you might just run into problems.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Cheng Peng’s expression faltered. “Did you investigate me?”

“I’m only returning the favour.”

Cheng Peng wanted to press further, but heard footsteps approaching.

Chen An came down, wearing a pair of slippers. He froze when he saw the situation. “D-Did I interrupt?”

“You didn’t. Why did you come down?”

“I made some honey water- f-for Qin Man.”

Qin Man received the cup and thanked him.

This conversation came to an end due to Chen An’s appearance. Cheng Peng had no intention of discussing such matters in front of him, and hence said, “Be quieter when you get up tomorrow. Chen An hasn’t been to school in two days. He needs to catch up on sleep.”

“I-I’m fine!”

“Got it.” Qin Man smiled. “Chen An, do you have an extra towel? I sweated a little earlier and wanted to clean up.”

Ji Ran was quite tired. But once he laid down, he found himself unable to sleep.

It was summer and the air-conditioning was set at a proper temperature. He habitually moved to one side before remembering that he was sleeping on his own tonight.

Although he hadn’t done it with Qin Man that many times, they could be considered a pair who slept together for quite some time. He had long lost his initial resistance and began to treat Qin Man as a big heater.

He didn’t like using a blanket when he slept. Whenever he woke up in the night feeling cold, he would simply inch closer to Qin Man without caring whether or not he’d wake the other person. Later on, Qin Man would help cover him with a blanket.

However, he had already developed this habit. Every morning when he woke up, he would practically be plastered against Qin Man’s body.

His body was very firm and warm; it was really comfortable to lean against.

Ji Ran hurriedly drove away such thoughts and found that he wasn’t cold any longer. If his thoughts continued to stray, he was afraid that he would have to lower the air-conditioning even more.

He closed his eyes and willed himself to fall asleep.

Amidst the peaceful silence, there was an abrupt sound of the doorknob turning.

Who was it? Chen An again?

Ji Ran didn’t want to deal with the stutterer and pretended to be asleep. Even his breathing was perfect.

The person who came was very quiet. Even his footsteps were extremely light and nearly inaudible. However, Ji Ran could still feel him approaching.

He was already asleep, so why was the little stutterer still coming over? Ji Ran clicked his tongue silently and decided to chase him away.

“Are you asleep?”

It was actually Qin Man’s voice.

Ji Ran froze. He instinctively continued to play dead rather than immediately kicking him out.

His blanket was peeled away and Ji Ran’s heart strangely began to speed up.

No, wait. Why should he pretend to be asleep?

Did the little stutterer not help him lock his door?

Also, why did this bastard run over to his room in the middle of the night? Or could it be that he had been too harsh earlier in the garden? Because of that, Qin Man couldn’t swallow this anger and decided to take his revenge under the covers of the night?

Ji Ran’s thoughts ran wild. He suddenly felt something warm on his face. The other person was actually touching his face.

Before he could react, he was kissed.

…Wait? Again?

Was Qin Man a pervert? A kissing maniac? Didn’t they kiss long enough in the garden???

Since he had pretended to be asleep, Ji Ran had to act it through. Even if he woke up right now, he didn’t know how to react in such a situation.

Thankfully, Qin Man only kissed him lightly. It was a kiss devoid of any lust.

Ji Ran thought to himself that if this person dared to put his hands recklessly on him, he would definitely beat him up.

Then, something warm and wet touched his face.

Ji Ran was stunned for a while. He waited until the thing moved down to his chin before he realised—Qin Man was helping him to wipe his face.

Qin Man’s actions were very light. After wiping his face, he moved to his ears, then his neck.

When the towel left his skin, the areas that were wiped felt somewhat cooling.

Ji Ran couldn’t hold back a sneeze.

…There’s definitely something wrong with this person.

He was happily ridiculing him when Qin Man suddenly pinched his cheek.

“Get up first.”

Qin Man had long grown used to tending to Ji Ran. Once this person got drunk, he would be dead asleep. Even if he was woken up half-way through, he would be able to fall back asleep soundly soon after.

That was why he didn’t hesitate to wake Ji Ran up.

Ji Ran was shocked. His eyes flew open—He actually knew that he was pretending to be asleep all along?

Are you messing with me?

Just as the words ‘you dog’ almost left Ji Ran’s mouth, he saw Qin Man sitting at his bedside holding a cup in his hands as he held him up.

The cup was too familiar.

It was the one he’d just used before.

The taste of honey was overwhelmingly sweet, permeating the air with its scent.

“Drink some before you go back to sleep.”

In the dark, Qin Man’s voice sounded heavy but it was also filled with immeasurable patience.

“Be good.”

T/n: I, too, wanna lean against Qin Man’s comfortable body :’D Why are they both so cute… wanting each other to drink some honey water >u< but now, Ji Ran has to drink both…

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