Chapter 27

My nemesis has finally gone bankrupt
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Yu Wen Wen couldn’t get a wink of sleep. It had been a long time since he saw Ji Ran hit another person, but it was still the same; he knew where his opponent’s weaknesses lay. He even suspected that if Qin Man wasn’t there, Ji Ran would have left Gu Zhe disabled.

He called Cheng Peng the very next day. After hearing the story, Cheng Peng comforted him with a few words and decided to meet and discuss ways of dealing with this.

“I’ve checked, Gu Zhe didn’t go to the hospital last night. He’s probably afraid of blowing this incident up,” Cheng Peng said while driving. “It seems that it wasn’t serious.”

“Murder is a crime, so we have no choice but to let him off lightly.” Yu Wen Wen opened up the mirror of the passenger seat and looked. “I was so frightened yesterday, I couldn’t sleep or put on a face mask. Tsk, my eye bags have already appeared.”

“Just use some powder to cover it up.”

Yu Wen Wen closed the visor and said sadly, “Ran Ran definitely hasn’t had a good sleep.”

Arriving at Ji Ran’s house, Yu Wen Wen keyed in the password and immediately heard some faint sounds coming from the kitchen.

Cheng Peng had gone to park the car, so Yu Wen Wen walked into the living room and asked without turning around. “I knew you probably hadn’t had a good rest. I bought some fruits, do you want me to cut them up?”

It was silent.


Yu Wen Wen paused and turned back.

In the kitchen, Qin Man was beating an egg into a pot of noodles. He was wearing a white shirt buttoned carelessly, appearing extremely casual.

“…I thought you were Ji Ran. Where’s he? Still sleeping?”

“He’s awake and brushing his teeth.” Qin Man smiled, “Wait for a bit.”

For some reason, Yu Wen Wen felt something amiss, but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He nodded. “Alright…are you cooking?”

“Yeah, do you want me to make one for you? But the one I make won’t taste good.”

“Please make one for me.” He had intended to call Ji Ran to go out to eat and let off some steam. Since Qin Man had already made some, there was no further need. “Cheng Peng also came, please help and make one for him, too. Thanks.”

“No problem.”

Cheng Peng wasn’t surprised to see Qin Man. The two greeted each other and Cheng Peng took a seat beside Yu Wen Wen.

“Man Man,” Yu Wen Wen tried to look for a topic of conversation. “Were you scared by yesterday’s events?”

Once the words left, he felt that it was a foolish question. Until now, the scene of Qin Man forcing the alcohol down Gu Zhe’s throat was still freshly burned in his mind.

“A little, but it’s okay.”

Yu Wen Wen, “?”

Just as he was about to say something, the room’s door opened with a creak.

Ji Ran came out with messy hair and only a pair of black boxers. Red marks traced intermittently across his skin, all the way under his boxers. His eyes were dazed and full of drowsiness, evidently half-awake.

“What are you doing…”

His hoarse voice cracked. It was clear to hear the damage that had been done yesterday.

An apple fell to the ground with a dull thud.

Hearing it, Ji Ran turned around, only to meet the gazes of two people.

Ji Ran, “…”

Yu Wen Wen, who hadn’t had a good sleep: “…”

Cheng Peng, who was dragged out of his home early this morning: “Hi.”

Ji Ran expressionlessly turned around.

Five minutes later, he changed into a new set of pyjamas and emerged from his room.

“Why are you guys here?”

Cheng Peng replied, “We came to discuss the matter of Gu Zhe with you. How do you plan on dealing with him?”

How to deal with him?

Ji Ran completely hadn’t thought about it.

His throat tightened, not wanting to say a single word.

“Has he died from poisoning yet?”

“Nope. He walked out of the hotel normally this morning.”

“…” Ji Ran walked into the kitchen and saw the colourless ‘soup’. He scrunched his brows and asked the person beside him, “With your cooking skills, can you please stay far away from the kitchen in the future?”

“I was afraid you’d be hungry after waking up.” Qin Man stirred the pot of soup. “See what’s missing.”

Ji Ran reluctantly drank some.

“Not enough salt and it’s too diluted.” He was hungry and something was at least better than nothing. Moreover, this was merely a bowl of noodles. No matter what, it couldn’t go too wrong.

Yu Wen Wen stared dumbstruck.

Sitting on the sofa, Ji Ran asked Cheng Peng, “Who was there yesterday? Give me the names of those who were with Gu Zhe.”

Then, he coughed loudly.

“How did you know I investigated?” Cheng Peng laughed, “I’ll send it to your phone later. But, what are you planning to do? If that big group of fools wants revenge, won’t it be troublesome?”

“I don’t have that much energy.” Ji Ran coughed, “Can’t I hold a grudge?”

“Alright.” Cheng Peng turned to Yu Wen Wen, “Did you guys go on to have a second round yesterday?”

Yu Wen Wen peeled a tangerine and stuffed it into his mouth. “How could we have the mood to do so? We went home. Why?”

“Nothing. Listening to Ji Ran’s voice, I thought you guys went to a KTV last night.”

“You talk a lot of nonsense,” Ji Ran answered.

Shrugging, Cheng Peng got up and walked to the kitchen. “I’m going to help, I’m hungry.”

After sitting for a while, Ji Ran couldn’t endure it. He took out a face mask from his pocket and put it on. Then, he bent over and coughed for a long time.

Yue Wen Wen immediately moved to his side.

“Drink some water.” He handed the water over. helping Ji Ran pat his back as he asked with concern, “Are you all right, Ran Ran? Did you open the door to a new world last night? Did it feel good? Did you use a condom? Don’t leave it inside, or your stomach will hurt.”

Thankfully, Ji Ran hadn’t drank any water or he’d have choked.

His throat hurt so much that he was too lazy to explain. Besides, with the state of his body…he couldn’t fool Yue Wen Wen, so he didn’t waste his effort.

He did almost open the door to a new world yesterday.

Originally, he had decided that he must give Qin Man a taste of the pain in his ass, but he had been training every day during this period. Then after those things happened last night, he didn’t have any desire to move.

Besides, he wasn’t prepared and didn’t even have the basic knowledge of such things. So, he just laid down.

Anyway, it was Qin Man who was serving him, so it was not a loss. Ji Ran comforted himself in his heart.

Although he had already reminded the other person, the noodles were still bland. Yue Wen Wen added spoon after spoon of chili to the noodles.

“Yue Wen Wen.” Ji Ran didn’t lift his head, “wash the dishes after eating.”

Yue Wen Wen paused, and asked in disbelief, “Why? My hand is covered with four layers of hand cream every day. With my delicate skin and tender flesh, how can I wash the dishes?”

“Qin Man cooked, Cheng Peng helped, so you should wash the dishes. It’s fair. ”

Yue Wen Wen: “What about you?”

“I provided the ingredients and even the condiments, what else do you want?” His voice became more and more hoarse.

Qin Man got up, poured a cup of hot water, and put it in front of him.

Cheng Peng was obviously not very satisfied with the noodles, and after taking two bites, he stopped. “Gu Zhe may not let this matter go, you two should pay attention in the coming days.”

“He should pay attention to his own dog life.” Ji Ran said, “His grandpa, I haven’t agreed to let him go.”

Seeing that Ji Ran was okay, Cheng Peng hurried back to the company. The strange thing was that Yue Wen Wen also took the initiative to say that he wanted to leave. Normally, he’d hang around as an excuse for not going to work.

Ji Ran sent them to the door. Yue Wen Wen suddenly grasped his wrist, looking like an experienced person.

“I understand, I understand everything.” He said, “Life is full of joy. But you still have to pay attention to your body. Look at how hoarse your voice has become…”

Ji Ran’s voice sounded through the mask, “Scram.”

Ji Ran’s voice didn’t become like this purely due to what they did last night.

He had felt that his throat was faintly aching as early as two days ago, but it was only today that it flared up. His screams in bed last night only aggravated his condition.

But it also wasn’t accurate to call them screams. Others will go ‘ah, ah!’ but when it comes to Ji Ran, it becomes—

“Fuck! It hurts! Get out!”

“Hiss, do you think you’re grinding your needle?”

“If you want to do it, be faster… Doing it so slowly, do you want to appear like you have a lot of time?”

“…You’re trying to kill me so you can find your next family, right? Let me tell you, dream on.”

…And the like.

He came back to reality and took another sip of the warm water, watching as Qin Man came out from the room after changing into an ordinary suit.

Ji Ran froze. “You’re going out?”

“Yeah, I’m meeting a friend.”

“Don’t worry, Gu Zhe won’t dare to do anything to me.”

Ji Ran switched off the TV. “…Who’s worried about you?”

Qin Man walked over to the sofa and tied his tie. “I’ll be back early, don’t open the door for strangers.”

Ji Ran was speechless. “Do you think I’m three?”

After Qin Man left, Ji Ran returned to bed. He didn’t like going out while sick. Although he didn’t fall sick easily, it was hard to recover once he did, so he’d just stay at home until he got better.

Just as he laid down, his phone rang. It was an unrecognisable number.

“Who’s this?” He picked up.

“Is this Mr Ji?” A male’s voice came through the receiver. “Hello, I’m Xu Lin, your future assistant at Yong Shi.”

“Mr Ji wanted me to inform you to come to work starting next Wednesday. Do you have some time now? I have prepared many documents. If you’re free, shall we meet somewhere?”

Half an hour later, Ji Ran arrived at the restaurant.

He had wrapped himself up from head to toe in a thick bundle of clothes, in addition to a cap and a mask; it was extremely eye-catching.

“Mr Ji?”

Ji Ran looked up and saw a man sitting in a corner of the restaurant, waving at him.

The other party was wearing a grey suit, and looked about thirty years old. He appeared clean, refined, and upright.

“I thought your throat didn’t feel well over the phone, so I ordered green tea.” Xu Lin said, “If you don’t want it, you can order something else.”

“No need.” Ji Ran sat down and endured the discomfort in his throat. “Where’s the documents?”

Xu Lin passed them over. “They’re here. I spent a few days compiling them. Take a look and let me know if it’s missing anything.”

Ji Ran took the papers, but did not open the documents. “Have you been working at Yong Shi for long?”

“That’s right, I was Mr Ji’s assistant.”

Ji Ran paused. “Mr Ji? Ji Wei?”

Xu Lin’s smile didn’t carry any weaknesses. “That’s right, I left his department three months ago.”

Ji Ran was amused. “You’re quite honest. Did he tell you to monitor me?”

“These are matters you’ll find out eventually after entering the company, so there’s nothing to hide.” Xu Lin said naturally, without a hint of embarrassment. “It’s because Mr Ji and my working habits clashed, so after going through Director Ji, I was willingly transferred to your side. It’s definitely not to monitor you.”

Ji Ran had originally planned to drive him away. He didn’t need something like an assistant since Qin Man was already enough. But after hearing what Xu Lin said, he felt it was interesting.

He had never heard of an ordinary employee and his superior having ‘clashing work habits’. He went to the big boss to ask to be transferred?

“It’s not like I’ll take just anyone.” Ji Ran leaned back. “What are your qualifications?”

“They’re in the last file,” Xu Lin said.

Ji Ran flipped it open and saw his CV. Solely based on the projects he’d been involved in over the last few years, Ji Ran could understand his abilities.

Joined seven years ago, and had been working under Ji Wei for seven years?

Seven years. Even a dog would feel something for its owners. Ji Ran smiled in amusement, and closed the file.

“Alright, I feel that our working habits are quite compatible. You can stay.”

“Thank you for taking me in,” Xu Lin answered jokingly. “In that case, I’ll have to trouble you to bring these back and look over them. I’ve compiled two years worth of project information, as well as the company’s future developments. You’re free to ask me if you have any questions. Either over the phone or in person, at any time.”

Ji Ran finally began to look over it seriously. After a few pages, he felt something weird.

…These projects and proposals are almost the same as the one Qin Man prepared for him.

The only difference was that Qin Man’s copies were more comprehensive and complete. The two summaries were also different, as if a single question was answered in two different ways.

Ji Ran suddenly felt that the documents in front of him were just like the additional tuition materials he had in high school, and his head suddenly ached.

T/n: Just like Ji Ran, I too don’t wanna work


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