Chapter 26 – No one is at a disadvantage

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Amidst his anger, Ji Ran wilted when Qin Man’s gaze practically doused the fire in his heart.

He only managed to choke out after a moment, “Why wouldn’t I dare to? What do you think I’m paying you for?”

Qin Man remained expressionless. “Why don’t you use it?”

“…I’m not interested in it now.” Ji Ran turned away, as if concealing his extinguishing anger. “Do you think everyone is like you, thinking about nonsense everyday?”

Qin Man’s gaze darkened. “You have a problem.”

“You are the one with a problem,” Ji Ran blurted out. “You’re terrible at it, so I don’t like using it. What’s wrong with that?”


Qin Man’s expression twisted and he repeated, “Terrible? In that case, why did you come to me?”

“Isn’t this because I only found out the goods were defective after having bought it?” Looking at his face, Ji Ran knew he was going in the right direction. “Who would have thought that although you may be handsome, you are awfully lacking on the inside? You’re really not as good as you look.”

Recalling the aftermath of the first time they did it, Ji Ran felt that was the truth, so his words held more confidence.

Ji Ran thought Qin Man would kick up a fuss in the car. Unexpectedly, Qin Man only turned silent for a few seconds1yall know… a silent man is the most dangerous before undoing his seatbelt and getting out of the car.

Leaving Ji Ran to sit in the car alone, stunned.

Ji Ran scratched his head in frustration, feeling a little feverish. After getting off, he wasn’t in a hurry to go home. He first went to get some wind and lit up a cigarette.

Before he could take two puffs, Yu Wen Wen called.

“Ran Ran, are you home?” Yu Wen Wen’s side was silent, so he should have already left the bar. “We broke a few glasses earlier, but I’ve already compensated them. Are you alright? Were you hurt? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“What could possibly happen to me?” Ji Ran replied. “Where’s that grandson now?”

Yu Wen Wen hesitated. “After drinking the alcohol, he was brought away by his friends. I don’t know if they went to find the hospital or women.”

Ji Ran silently cursed, “It’s really an aphrodisiac?”

“Right, that disgusting pervert,” Yu Wen Wen spat.

The anger that had dissipated earlier erupted once more.

“Go look. Search which hospital or hotel he’s in.”

Yu Wen Wen froze. “What for?”

“Laozi is going to castrate him.”

Yu Wen Wen rarely saw Ji Ran get this angry and didn’t dare to say more, only attempting to calm him down. “…How can I possibly find out? In any case, nothing much happened, so it’s better to restrain yourself.”

“Also, when Gu Zhe left, he kept threatening to teach Qin Man a lesson… Why don’t you tell Man Man to stay at home for this period and not go out?”

“Why should I be scared of him?”

“Of course you’re not, but Qin Man’s situation isn’t something you’re unfamiliar with. If Gu Zhe really wants to do something, it’s not impossible.” Yu Wen Wen sighed ruefully. “Gu Zhe’s family has some backing while Man Man…”

“Isn’t it just bankruptcy? Even if Qin Man becomes a beggar, Gu Zhe still wouldn’t be able to compare to a single one of his toes.” Ji Ran interrupted him and stubbed the cigarette. “I’m busy, I’m hanging up.”

Returning to the room, Ji Ran threw the phone aside. Qin Man had just come out from the shower.

He was only wearing a pair of shorts, exposing his bare figure dripping with residual water droplets.

Ji Ran only took a look before swiftly looking away. “…You should stay at home for a few days. Gu Zhe likes to do things underhandedly. Now that he has a grudge against you, he might try something.”

“It won’t take long, I’ll try to settle everything as soon as possible.”

Qin Man’s expression didn’t change. It was as if he didn’t take those words to heart. “Go take a bath.”


Ji Ran finished bathing and came out to see Qin Man talking on the phone on the balcony. When he neared the window, he could vaguely make out a couple of words.

“En, you’ve worked hard.”

“I’m fine.”

“See you tomorrow.”

This made him frown.

Who was Qin Man talking to on the phone at such a late hour? Even arranging to meet tomorrow? Didn’t he just tell him not to go out for the time being?

The person on the other end couldn’t possibly be his parents as that couple should still be abroad.

Forget it, who cares about who he’s meeting? Since he’d already given the warning, anything that happened wouldn’t be his responsibility.

His kindness had been taken for granted.

Ji Ran turned off the light and buried himself under the blanket while cursing silently. He only stopped once he heard the door to the balcony open.

The bed behind him dipped a little as Qin Man laid down as usual. There was only a weak light emitting from his handphone that lit up the room.

Ji Ran opened and closed his eyes many times. In the end, he still couldn’t resist repeating his words. “Gu Zhe is too despicable, he’s capable of using underhanded means. You should go out less these few days.”

“If there’s anything urgent…you can call others over. It’s not like I won’t allow it.”

It was quiet behind him. Ji Ran waited for some time but received no response.

When he was about to turn over, there was finally movement.

He hadn’t had time to see what the person behind him was doing when he felt his pyjamas being lifted up. Then, something hot and hard2having a hard timme figuring out if this is his abs or dck pressed against his back.

Qin Man was naked and his body was shockingly hot.

“…What are you doing?” Ji Ran was startled and instinctively wanted to get up but Qin Man’s hands firmly wrapped around his lower abdomen, forcing him to lean back.

“I’ve told you before, I also have my needs.” Qin Man gazed askance at him. “Previously, I held back since you had a competition but now that it has ended, shouldn’t it be time you fulfilled what you agreed to before?”

Qin Man’s breath sprayed into his ear, causing Ji Ran’s heart to thump wildly.

He pushed away Qin Man’s hand. “I’m the one paying, so I should be the one who decides when the agreement should be fulfilled.”

“What if you won’t ever fulfill it? This is illogical. Who was the one who came to me back at the villa? Now that so much time has passed, you can’t possibly have no desire.”

Qin Man seemed to have thought of something and added, “Or did you do it yourself?”

Ji Ran’s face burned. “None of your business.”

Qin Man’s brows furrowed and his hands snaked down. “Let me see.”

Qin Man’s strength was overwhelming and he easily used a leg to pin the other person down. Ji Ran only felt as if his body was completely shackled within his embrace; it was completely impossible to struggle. He began to shout, “I didn’t, I didn’t do it! Wait…”

But it was too late.

Qin Man detected the changes and lowered his head in satisfaction to kiss his earlobe. “You’re quite honest.”

Ji Ran had a reaction.

With a red face, he cursed, “You’re crazy and shameless. Scram!”

“Not scramming. Didn’t you want to find someone to do this sort of thing? Let’s have a mutually beneficial exchange. I won’t ask you to take responsibility, so why worry? This time, I’m prepared to let you feel good…it’s okay even if you want to be on top.”

Qin Man spoke so flawlessly that Ji Ran couldn’t find a logical reason to refuse.

He really hated such a feeling.

Powerless, as if he was being controlled within Qin Man’s palm.

In the past, no matter how unrestrained those young masters were in seducing him, he could remain unmoved. Yet, in front of Qin Man, he just had to throw aside all his defense and resistance.

Qin Man released him and hovered above him. His hands captured the person beneath him3like this (yes i rotated it screw the text) as he asked, “Are we doing it?”


Ji Ran’s voice was hoarse, “…If I say no, will you sue me for breach of contract?”

“No.” Qin Man said, “I will work at Yong Shi for you for a year. I’ll refund the contract amount from our first agreement. But after a year, when the contract ends, we will part ways.”

Ji Ran panted lightly, glaring at him.

Qin Man gazed at him for a long time. He suddenly lowered his head to lick Ji Ran’s jaw.


Ji Ran didn’t have any defence. Usually, he would resolve it himself once a week. However, the past half month had kept him busy, so he hadn’t had any time. That was why he was completely unable to withstand this sort of teasing at all.

He felt as if he were on the verge of exploding.

Qin Man was right. Since they were both men, no one was at a disadvantage.

He lifted his arm and mercilessly hooked it around Qin Man’s neck, stopping him from getting up.

“You made me suffer in pain for the whole day the previous time. Do you know how to do it or not?” He scolded hoarsely. “…I’ll give you one last chance. There’s room for discussion if you serve me properly, otherwise, you can scram back to the guest room.”

Once his words fell, there was pain from his jaw as Qin Man intensified his sucking, leaving behind a row of teeth marks.

He stuck out his tongue and licked the indentation, seemingly satisfied.

The limited edition lubricant Yu Wen Wen gave them was finally put to use.

After tossing about for three hours, Ji Ran was completely drained.

There was a slight rain outside.

Listening to the rain fall, Ji Ran laid in bed, unmoving.

Qin Man rubbed his hair. “Does it hurt?”

There was no reply.

It didn’t hurt. In fact, he felt good. His body and heart were satisfied.

Only his legs that had been suspended for a long time felt a little sore.

Had he felt so good back at the hotel? He had been too drunk at that time to remember, only experiencing the aftermath once he woke up.

Qin Man suddenly picked him up.

“What are you doing?”

“Go wash up.”

Ji Ran turned away. “Not going.”

“Wash up before sleeping.” Qin Man didn’t leave any room for discussion, directly bringing him away.

He passively took another bath. By the time he came out, Ji Ran was overcome by fatigue but felt that something was missing.

Half a minute later, he lit up a cigarette.

Qin Man came out and sat beside him. “Do you have any more?”

Ji Ran swept a glance at him and passed him the half-smoked cigarette.

Qin Man leaned forward slightly to receive the cigarette between his lips. In the process, his lips brushed across Ji Ran’s fingertips.

Qin Man took a puff with extreme familiarity

“How did you and Gu Zhe meet each other?” Qin Man suddenly asked.

“High school, next class.”

Qin Man turned to look at him. “Has he ever bullied you?”

Ji Ran seemed like he’d heard something funny. “No one can bully me.”

“He’s just the kind of person who wouldn’t dare to do anything on the surface but will do things from the shadows.”

“Don’t fall for his schemes again.” Qin Man put out the cigarette. “Do you know the purpose of drugging you?”

“Wasn’t it just to see me make a fool of myself? Those drugs usually have side effects.”

“I’d told you earlier that someone was recording.” Qin Man cast a sidelong glance at Ji Ran, his expression dark. “They were using professional-grade cameras. Do you think anyone would bring these sorts of things to a nightclub?”

“They wanted to record you. Once it spreads on the internet or to your family, you won’t have a good outcome no matter what.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier?” Ji Ran cussed in his heart.

“So what if you knew? Are you going back there to beat them up?”

“You’re too reckless.”

Ji Ran laughed in anger, “What do you want me to do? Tell them ‘it’s okay’ and give them a toast before leaving?”

Detecting the growing temper of the man beside him, Qin Man decided to coax him.

“You don’t have to do anything. Gu Zhe has a guilty conscience after doing too many shameful deeds. It’s only a matter of time before he suffers.”

Ji Ran didn’t reply. In the middle of the night, he no longer wanted to talk about Gu Zhe and stress himself out for nothing.

After sometime, he recalled something and asked, “Since you moved over to my place, what happened to your dog?”

Qin Man’s eyebrows rose. “Jiao Jiao?”

“…” In the end, why on earth would you give a dog such a name?

“It went abroad with my parents.” Qin Man paused. “How do you know I have a dog?”

Ji Ran lifted the blanket and laid in. He closed his eyes. “I don’t know. It was a blind guess.”

Qin Man pressed on, his words carrying a trace of amusement. “Did you go through my Moments?”

“Did not.”

“I’ve only posted it before on my Moments.”

“… I said I didn’t. Are you sleeping or not? If you’re not, get out. Don’t disturb me.”

T/n: Yes….things are heating up finally. Also, yes, I know I had a lot of things to say about this chapter so I tried to keep them in the footnotes. Also, since I’ve completed my other translation project (last chapter coming next week: here) Nemesis is finally being moved up from sporadic to weekly updates (Hurray) at a 99% chance (1% being me lagging behind the chapter for that week).

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