Chapter 25 – Do you dare?

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On the way to the party, Qin Man was silent.

Cheng Peng took Chen An and left first, while Yue Wen Wen got into Ji Ran’s car with the mindset that it was a waste not to accept free drinks.

The party was unsurprisingly hosted at a bar. Not only were the participants present, Gu Zhe also invited many men and women.

Ji Ran had just sat down when Gu Zhe approached him flatteringly.

“Are you still practising? I thought you’d stopped partaking in such races.” Gu Zhe sat across from him.

“I haven’t been for a while. But if I’m racing against you, just a couple of days of practice is enough to win.” Ji Ran glanced coldly at him. “Speaking of which, aren’t you playing too many tricks recently?”

Gu Zhe’s expression changed. He knew Ji Ran would mention it. “I didn’t grip the steering wheel properly.”

“Stop acting in front of me.”

“Didn’t you pay me back?”

“That was laozi being merciful.” Ji Ran smiled coldly, “If it wasn’t because I couldn’t be bothered to bury you, I would have sent you down to have a party in hell.”

In a competition, such acts that harmed others and oneself were the most frowned upon, as it wasn’t unusual for lives to be lost.

Gu Zhe’s face changed and he finally said half-heartedly, “Fine, it’s my fault.”

Yu Wen Wen thought Gu Zhe would surely have a fall out again, but unexpectedly, he had endured. He silently tugged on Ji Ran’s sleeves, hinting at him not to say anything overboard as there were only three of them present at the moment. It wouldn’t be good to stir up any trouble.

Ji Ran couldn’t be bothered either. He was a little hungry and wanted to look for supper after leaving the party.

“Hand over the prize.”

Gu Zhe replied, “That will have to wait. Take a seat first, I’ll have someone bring it over.”

After he left, Yu Wen Wen kicked up a fuss. He wanted to play dice, but naturally, it wasn’t with Ji Ran.

Qin Man told him, “I don’t quite know how.”

“It’s fine. Just shake it.”

Qin Man could only compromise. “Alright.”

The person who wouldn’t utter a single word the entire way here was now playing dice with someone else. Ji Ran rolled his eyes and lit a cigarette as he watched them.

Qin Man wasn’t being humble when he said he didn’t know how. After a few rounds, he had drunk quite a few glasses.

Ji Ran felt it was really rare – for there to be something that Qin Man didn’t know how to do.

However, it was clear that Qin Man’s alcohol tolerance was superb. He didn’t show the slightest sign of becoming tipsy.

Just as he was watching with interest, Gu Zhe returned. “Ji Ran, the prize is here. Want to go collect it?”

Ji Ran very much wanted to pick up that pair of gloves. Turning around, he stubbed the cigarette and followed behind Gu Zhe, all the way to the bar.

Gu Zhe pushed the box containing the black gloves towards him and smiled warmly, “Here, check and see?”

Ji Ran opened it. Sure enough, it was Chester Kenelly’s gloves. He had seen it many times on television, and since it was custom made, there was no second pair in the world.

His expression subtly eased as he closed the box and prepared to leave.

“Ah, wait a minute.” Gu Zhe hurriedly grabbed his shoulder.

“Previously, we had some misunderstandings. I hope you won’t take it to heart.” Gu Zhe picked up two cups of alcohol that had been prepared beforehand and handed one to Ji Ran with sincerity in his voice. “After drinking this cup, let the grudges between us be gone. How about it?”

Ji Ran looked at him.

Gu Zhe clicked his tongue, “It’s better to squash an enmity rather than keep it alive. Since we’re all in the same city, we’ll cross paths often, so why not? I heard you’ll be joining your father’s company soon. You never know if we’ll meet again in the business world.”

Ji Ran received the glass and shook it mildly.

Seeing this, Gu Zhe decisively drank the glass in his hand, not leaving a single drop.

However, Ji Ran hesitated. Strangely, he felt that something wasn’t right. Just as he lifted his hand, the cup was gone before he could speak.

Qin Man held the cup and brought it in front of Gu Zhe with a slight smile. “Since you like drinking so much, why don’t you drink both?”

Ji Ran froze. “Why did you come?”

Qin Man sneered, “If I hadn’t, you’d have been taken1word use here is 抢 but it can have two meanings. Firstly, someone snatched JR away from QM. Secondly, it means to be r*ped away.”

Others may not understand, but Ji Ran did. Originally, he already had his doubts, but now, they were confirmed.

He instinctively looked toward Gu Zhe, who stared daggers at Qin Man with a green face.

Ji Ran immediately exploded. “You drugged it?”

Since they hadn’t tried to conceal their actions, many people soon took notice and crowded over. No matter how, something like drugging another person’s drink was frowned upon. Gu Zhe forced a laugh and refuted him through gritted teeth. “How can that be?”

“In that case, you drink it,” Ji Ran told him.

Cold sweat poured down his forehead. “I’ll get drunk if I have any more to drink. I still have to…”

“Motherfucker!” Ji Ran cut him off and grabbed him by the collar. Without thinking, he swung a punch towards Gu Zhe’s face.

Gu Zhe was frightened and his movements were sluggish from the drink he had earlier, so he was unable to defend himself. Ji Ran seized the opportunity to hold him down and swung another punch.

Yu Wen Wen’s mouth had fallen open from shock before he quickly stepped forward. “RanRan! Stop!”

In a fit of anger, Yu Wen Wen was unable to restrain Ji Ran. Just as his third punch was about to land, Ji Ran abruptly felt a force around his waist and found himself being lifted away.

Qin Man carried him aside and told Yu Wen Wen, “Hold him properly.”

Yu Wen Wen hurriedly held down Ji Ran’s arm.

Gu Zhe couldn’t bear the pain. He lifted a hand to wipe at his nose and found blood.

“Fuck! You’re all just standing around watching laozi get beaten?” He roared at his dog-like friends. “Still fucking standing around? Get them!”

“Let’s see who dares to.”

Before they could move, Qin Man spoke up. “If you aren’t afraid of your parents finding out the kind of shit you guys are doing, go ahead.”

“What else do you know other than bringing out teachers and parents?! Fool!” Gu Zhe cursed.

Ji Ran flailed in anger. “Let go of me! Gu Zhe, laozi will beat you to death today!”

Qin Man patiently stood between them. He picked up the alcohol from the bar and walked in front of Gu Zhe, asking coldly, “What did you put in it?”

However, Gu Zhe refused to budge. “I didn’t add anything!”

He began to struggle but was suppressed by Qin Man’s hand on his shoulder. Before he could react, the person in front of him abruptly grabbed his jaw and exerted strength, forcing him to open his mouth.

Qin Man didn’t hold back and adding on to the fact that he deliberately targeted the area Ji Ran had hit earlier, Gu Zhe was completely unable to fight back.

Without a change in expression, Qin Man poured every last drop into Gu Zhe’s mouth. Some spilled onto his clothes, causing him to look like a mess.

Then, Qin Man slowly stood up.

Everyone had been stunned by this series of events, even Ji Ran had froze.

“Pui…cough, cough! Fuck, Qin Man, laozi is going to beat you to death, pui! Pui! Pui!” Gu Zhe tried to throw up the alcohol.

“Who the hell are you trying to scare?” Ji Ran finally regained his senses.

Seizing the moment when Yu Wen Wen was distracted, he forcefully broke free and stormed forward as if he wanted to continue hitting Gu Zhe.

But Qin Man was a step ahead, blocking his path.

“Move aside. Today, I must…”

Qin Man suddenly stooped down, catching Ji Ran off guard, and circled his hands around the latter’s legs. He directly threw Ji Ran over his shoulders.

Ji Ran: “?”

Ji Ran: “!!!”

“F-Fuck! Let me go!”

Ignoring the pain on his back, Qin Man picked up the black box on the bar counter and turned to Yu Wen Wen. “See if there are any damages and help me pay it first. I’ll transfer the amount to you tomorrow.”

Yu Wen Wen had already turned foolish. He only knew how to nod. “Oh…Oh, Ok!”

Just like this, in front of the large group of people, Qin Man carried Ji Ran on his shoulders and left.

“Qin Man, I’m going to die with you.” When they’d finally reached the car, Ji Ran was already tired. He gave up struggling and leaned over Qin Man’s back.

“Alright, you drive. I’d drank some alcohol earlier.”


“If you really can’t let it go, you can return.”

After throwing away his face earlier, how could he go back at this time?

Ji Ran gave him a punch. “Let me down!”

In the car, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. “Why did you stop me? These kinds of people deserve to be beaten to death.”

“There was someone recording earlier.” Qin Man told him calmly, “Do you want to be arrested?”

Ji Ran raised an eyebrow, “Then, why did you feed it to him? If he dies, don’t we have to take responsibility?”

“That should be a type of aphrodisiac. He doesn’t have the guts to feed you poison.” Qin Man said cooly. “Moreover, he should be the one worrying since he brought it. The police will find out once they investigate.”

Ji Ran choked. “But you still shouldn’t have carried me out. It’s too embarrassing.”

The person by his side was silent.

Peace returned to the car and Ji Ran couldn’t help turning to look at him. Qin Man was staring straight ahead, without any expression.

Ten minutes later, Ji Ran finally calmed down.

He realised Qin Man was right, but had lost his head in anger earlier. How could he calm down then?

He recalled raining punches down on Qin Man’s shoulders and guessed he must have suffered quite a bit, too.

Hesitating for a moment, he finally opened his mouth. “…Thanks, for earlier.”

The other person was still silent.

Ji Ran frowned. “I’m thanking you. Shouldn’t you at least acknowledge it?”

Unexpectedly, Qin Man asked, “How old are you?”

Ji Ran was flabbergasted. “24.”

“You’re already old enough, yet you dare to recklessly drink alcohol someone else has given to you? You seem more like 12, without any vigilance at all. And you have no regard for your own safety when taking revenge, only knowing to use your fists to solve all problems.”

Ji Ran’s eyes widened. “How would I know Gu Zhe was perverted enough to drug a man?”

“Anyone with brains can see that he was acting strange today.”

“Who are you saying has no brains?” Ji Ran never expected that his thanks would invite such rebuke.

He stopped the car and laughed coldly. “Even then, so what if I drank it? Can he possibly bring me away? At most, I’d have been horny for a night and if I couldn’t bear it, I could just spend some money to find someone that would help me quench my thirst, alright?”

“No need to find. There’s one ready in front of you.”

Qin Man suddenly turned around and looked straight at him. “But, do you dare to use it?”

T/n: Accidentally changed every instance of Ji Ran to Qin Man… had to fix it manually but let me know if you spot anything funny.

Also don’t know to call Ji Ran smart or foolish to challenge Qin Man. Either way, yall know what’s coming.

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    word use here is 抢 but it can have two meanings. Firstly, someone snatched JR away from QM. Secondly, it means to be r*ped


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