Chapter 21 – Did you have a girlfriend?

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Ji Ran didn’t have a good sleep.

Although Qin Man didn’t reach under the blanket or didn’t talk in his sleep, he wasn’t able to sleep. His dreams were filled with Qin Man and the most outrageous one was where the other man even ate his nose.

The next day, he got up early and took a shower.

There were two pairs of razors on the sink, one of which belonged to Qin Man who placed it there last night. Beside it, there was even another toothbrush such that both of them were facing each other.

Ji Ran picked up his own and stared at himself in the mirror while brushing his teeth. He seemed to feel as if his eyebags looked darker than usual.

As he was brushing, he abruptly picked up Qin Man’s toothbrush and heavily set it in another corner of the cup.

When he came out once more, Qin Man was already awake and using his phone while laying in bed. Once he heard him come out, he looked up and asked, “So early?”

On the other hand, Ji Ran ignored him and simply yawned.

Qin Man got up and headed for the bathroom. “Go for a morning run together?”

This made Ji Ran recall that he hadn’t exercised for a long time. Perhaps, this was why he wasn’t able to sleep well last night.

“Not going.” Ji Ran sneered, “Old people should exercise more.”

After Qin Man came out from the shower, he coincidentally heard Ji Ran on the phone.

“Still early? It’s almost 8, hurry and get up. We’ll go to the gym later.” Ji Ran had his phone resting on his shoulders while his hands were busy buttoning his pants. “We’ll go to the one we usually go to, it’s close to you… If I don’t see you at the gym when I get there, you can wait and see your idol being fired, understand?”

He hung up and turned around, just in time for the two to meet each other’s gazes.

Qin Man raised an eyebrow. Just as he was about to speak, Ji Ran helped him to force it down. “Shut up, don’t raise any weird requests.”

Qin Man: “…”

“The contract isn’t in effect yet. Allowing you to sleep here yesterday was already a big concession.” Ji Ran picked up his sports attire and stuffed it into his bag. “Don’t fucking follow me.”

Qin Man laughed, “I only wanted to ask if you wanted to get breakfast together?”

Half an hour later, Yu Wen Wen sat in a corner in a daze, staring at Ji Ran eating his breakfast with half-squinted eyes.

“…Did you come here to eat or exercise?” Yu Wen Wen was tired beyond belief. “Ah, don’t finish everything. I’m still hungry.”

Ji Ran put down his bowl of noodles and took a sip of his water.

Yu Wen Wen continued, “Little Ran Ran, you’re so mean. I skip work everyday because I don’t want to get up early but you actually woke me up so early.”

“Don’t you like coming here?”

Yu Wen Wen surveyed the empty gym and emphasised with a hint of fatigue in his voice, “I like the muscular-man packed gym, not the 8 a.m. gym.”

Ji Ran rolled his eyes and went to change.

After stripping down, a fair and nicely-shaped body could be seen. His muscles weren’t obvious but he was obviously tall with a beautiful pair of long legs, unlike those muscular body builders. Instead, it had a unique flavour to it. If it were anyone else, Yu Wen Wen wouldn’t be able to resist himself.

Unfortunately, they were too familiar with each other after being brothers for a long time. Back in junior high, Yu Wen Wen could still secretly touch and lick Ji Ran’s attractiveness index. But after they grew closer, he dared not even harbour such thoughts for fear Ji Ran would obliterate him with one strike.

By the time he knew Ji Ran was also gay, his interest had long evaporated.

This made him think of something else. “Why isn’t Little Man Man with you these few days?” Yu Wen Wen asked.

“Why are you talking about him? Who was the one who ran off after seeing him last time?”

“Isn’t it because I was embarrassed after going drunk-crazy?” The other man touched his chin. “Ran Ran, let me ask you something.”


Yu Wen Wen asked, “Are you not completely bent?”

Ji Ran got onto the treadmill and wrinkled his brows. “Why are you asking this?”

“After bringing Qin Man home, you still have the mood to go out?”

“… What are you trying to say?”

“If I had a Qin Man at home, I’d definitely…” Yu Wen Wen thought for a bit, “Be like a monarch abolishing morning court after a long spring night1春宵苦短日高起,从此君王不早朝。To speak of the beautiful night the emperor spent with his consort such that he finds it difficult to wake in the morning. From then on, he abolishes the standard morning court so that he may spend more time with his beauty.”

Once he mentioned this, Ji Ran inevitably recalled the dream he had last night.

After a moment’s silence, “If you don’t stop, I’ll sign you up for a male etiquette class.”

“You couldn’t bear to.” Yu Wen Wen leaned back. “Right, speaking of which, I’ve spoken to Gu Zhe.”


“He wants you to add him back on WeChat.”

“Not adding. Jumping around the circle everyday, it’s annoying to watch.”

After leaving the gym, they headed for Cheng Peng’s house. Ji Ran was there to discuss the business contract while Yu Wen Wen just wanted to mooch off a meal. He’d heard that Chen An’s culinary skills were great.

Once he saw them, Cheng Peng’s expression became subtle. Just as he brought them into his house, he turned to Ji Ran. “Looks like your nightlife is pretty exciting.”

Ji Ran threw himself onto the couch and asked lazily, “What?”

“Looking so drained, you were probably tossed around quite a bit.”

Yu Wen Wen heard this and immediately chimed in, “That’s right. I was still wondering why your expression seemed different today.”

“…” Ji Ran’s face turned green. “Toss your ass. I just didn’t sleep well.”

“Why didn’t you sleep well?” Yu Wen Wen came closer. “Could it be that despite Qin Man’s lovable baby face, he’s particularly clingy in bed? Or did he push you down instead?”

It was true that he was clingy, but what the hell was lovable doll face?

“Push your ass.” Ji Ran asked, “If you have a man sleeping beside you at night, won’t you feel uncomfortable?”

“Sometimes,” Yu Wen Wen said.


“Yeah. When I was with my ex, I couldn’t sleep with him by my side.” Yu Wen Wen cupped his face. “I really wanted to kiss him and my heart kept beating. Even when I fell asleep, my dreams were filled with him… tsk tsk. Talking about this makes me want to date.”

“…” Ji Ran was expressionless. “I feel that you’ve been too bored recently and even became more talkative. Why don’t you go on a date? You haven’t gone out with anyone for so many years, how can flirting be enough for you? Don’t you like those little idols? I’ll find someone to help you get their contacts.”

Yu Wen Wen hurriedly shook his head. “I only look at them as my son. I want to raise them, not sleep with them.”

“Enough.” Cheng Peng interrupted them and took out a file for Ji Ran. “This is the supplementary contract I prepared for you. Bring it to your lawyer.”

“Thanks.” Ji Ran received it.

“Another thing,” Cheng Peng said. “I’ve helped you investigate Qin Man’s family matters.”

Ji Ran raised his brows in surprise.

Yu Wen Wen asked, “Why did you investigate Qin Man?”

“Too bored.” After a brief pause, Cheng Peng turned towards Ji Ran. “Also, I feel that the contract between you two is weird.”

How could it not be? There were even more conditions that couldn’t be listed on the contract itself

But Ji Ran didn’t tell them about it. Instead, he asked, “So?”

“So…” Cheng Peng scratched his ear. “There wasn’t any surprise. His dad really is bankrupt and in debt. Both his parents have also gone overseas.”

Ji Ran made a sound. “What else?”

“Qin Man only accepted a few projects in the last two years while working at his father’s company. In the end, those projects were the company’s highest grossing projects.”

Ji Ran wasn’t interested in this.

He walked towards the window and took a puff of his cigarette. There was silence for a moment before he asked, “Did he have any girlfriends in the past?”

Once spoken, the three people in the room froze.

“Or boyfriends?”

He didn’t hear any reply. Ji Ran turned back suspiciously and was met with two profound gazes.

Yu Wen Wen tsked, “Little Ran Ran’s jealous appearance is really cute.”

Ji Ran: “…”

Ji Ran: “Laozi only wants to know if there has been any unlucky fool who fell into Qin Man’s trap before.”

“I understand.” Yu Wen Wen nodded and pretentiously continued, “I know.”

Ji Ran: “… I fucking feel like you don’t understand at all.”

“I didn’t investigate this.” Cheng Peng teased, “But if you are interested…”

“I’m just asking casually. I’m not interested.” Ji Ran stubbed his cigarette and ended the conversation.

He only went home late at night.

By the time he reached home, Qin Man was already asleep, saving him the trouble of having to bicker. Moreover, the terrible sleep he had last night caused him to fall asleep the moment his head touched his pillow.

Just as he was about to succumb to his tiredness, a large hand suddenly appeared and hooked around his neck.

In an instant, Ji Ran was startled awake and with the fury of last night’s lack of sleep, he growled, “Qin Man, you-”

Qin Man’s hands suddenly slipped upwards to touch his face before patting it in a coaxing manner.

“Be good, Jiaojiao.”

“…” What the hell? What did this person call him?

The person behind him rubbed his head and mumbled, “Be good.”

Ji Ran unconsciously thought Qin Man was dreaming of his ex.

…He didn’t expect that this person really had an ex-lover.

Jiaojiao… this name should belong to a girl.

Ji Ran suddenly realised a problem. Qin Man couldn’t have been a straight man, right?

Before he could ponder further, Qin Man moved closer to him until his lips were plastered to Ji Ran’s neck.

“Did you change your shower gel?”

Although he knew the sleeping person didn’t do it intentionally, Ji Ran still couldn’t help spitting, “Change your ass.”

After scolding, he struggled to escape from his embrace. Unexpectedly, the other person exerted a little more force so he was unable to free himself after a long time.

Ji Ran was helpless. Just as he was about to wake him up, Qin Man was faster than him and pulled him back.

There wasn’t any time to react before Ji Ran found his back pressed firmly against Qin Man’s chest. With the latter’s lips in his hair, Ji Ran seemed to be able to feel the vibrations when he spoke.

“Jiaojiao, be good. Daddy’s sleeping.” Qin Man’s voice came from his hair and carried a faint threat in his voice. “If you continue to move… I won’t find you a female dog.”

Ji Ran: “…”

Almost immediately, the ugly as hell American Bully appeared in his mind.

Motherfucking Jiaojiao. True enough, a pet’s name is directly proportional to its master’s IQ.

It was too petty to bicker with a sleep-talking person. Moreover, he hadn’t fallen asleep earlier, so it wasn’t like he had been awoken.

Ji Ran clicked his tongue and retracted his fist. After using all his strength to break free from those arms, he turned around and forced himself to ignore the breathing beside his ear.

T/n: An american bully (AKA bulldog)

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    春宵苦短日高起,从此君王不早朝。To speak of the beautiful night the emperor spent with his consort such that he finds it difficult to wake in the morning. From then on, he abolishes the standard morning court so that he may spend more time with his beauty


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