Chapter 20 – Why don’t you call him over so we can compare

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After hanging up, Qin Man returned to the teahouse.

“I got a call,” He explained as he sat down.

“No problem.” Liu Chen, the man sitting opposite him, was his assistant from his previous company. He laid out the documents. “I’ve inspected all the addresses you’ve provided and believe that these three are good. This one is in the city centre. It has many floors and a good view although it’s a little bit pricier. The other one is near the sea and is surrounded by nature, but isn’t lacking compared to the first. The last one is situated in a more remote location but the land is large and cheap.”

Qin Man received the documents. Liu Chen had been very thorough; every location consisted of various photographs of the area.

He flipped to the second one with the sea view and paused. “This one.”

Liu Chen didn’t expect this matter to be decided so soon and was taken aback. “J-Just like that?”

“En.” Qin Man flipped to the next page and carefully looked at the environment of the building.

Liu Chen smiled. “Looks like you really like the sea. After it’s finalised, the name…”

“We’ll talk about this later.” Qin Man interrupted him

“But you need to put your name down for registration.” Liu Chen was stumped.

“I’m clearer on the process than you think.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t register it yet.” After looking at the information, Qin Man was satisfied. He packed up the files.

This was different from what they had agreed on last month. Liu Cheng picked everything up frantically. “Did something happen? What about this…”

“Purchase it first and look for a few interior designers. Give me a report on the furniture catalogue, I’ll choose. As for the rest, wait for me to tell you.”

Liu Chen was much older than him and had plenty of experience. When he was first transferred to work under Qin Man, the latter had barely reached 20. At the time, Liu Chen’s heart had been unwilling.

But after working together for a year, he felt as if a meat pie had fallen out of the sky and onto him. This person was destined to stand out.

There were many times he wanted to ask further but endured it. “Understood, I’ll take care of it.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not a big problem.” Qin Man smiled. “This is just a personal thing. I need to delay it for some time but I’ll give you your pay for this period as usual.”

“I’m not worried about that…” After these words left his mouth, Liu Chen himself even felt it sounded fake. He received the file and kept it properly. “Alright then, call me if you need anything. I will be on standby.”

Qin Man asked, “Do you have anything else to report?”

“Not for now.”

He stood up. “I’ll be leaving first then.”

“Wait.” Liu Chen hurriedly got up. “I’ll send you off.”

Qin Man footed the bill and turned to leave. “No need, I have my own car.”

After paying, Liu Chen followed him out of the tea house, wanting to see his boss off as an exceptional employee.

But just as he walked out the door, a proud and arrogant gray Ferrari sped past him.

He was rooted to the ground with an expression full of shock and doubt.

… Was that his boss in the Ferrari?

It couldn’t be? He remembered his boss saying he didn’t like those flashy but useless cars with such small capacity. When he was entrusted with the task of purchasing a car, he was even reminded not to buy those high-key ones.

Thinking about it, Liu Chen decided he must have seen the wrong person.

After hanging up, Ji Ran opened a game and played for some time.

However, just as he had landed, he was already shot to the ground. He stared at the gray interface after his death and gave a heavy sigh.

Damn it, this was the price of being too hasty.

He should have blacklisted Qin Man’s number to give him some buffer time.

Moreover, others at least had a refund policy. But how could he refund Qin Man?!

Even if he could, he didn’t have the face to.

He wanted to let out some steam by playing a game but didn’t expect to die so early, causing him to feel even more disgruntled. Thus, he simply sent a message to Yu Wen Wen.

Daddy Ji: Give me some recommendations for a TV show or film that will make people feel happy.

Yu Wen Wen: Okay, kiss kiss. Wait for me, oh.

Daddy Ji: …

Yu Wen Wen: [Shared a link: The dream makers, 4th episode. 100 to 50! Elimination round begins!]

Ji Ran clicked it without looking.

Three minutes later, he hastily made his escape.

Daddy Ji: Laozi asked you for something funny, why the hell did you send me 100 men?

Yu Wen Wen: There’s exactly a hundred men here to make you happy! This is Heaven! Is it not enough?!

Yu Wen Wen: Just to let you know, I already chose the xx inside, a cool and handsome hunk with a heart as pure as the little brother next door! Speaking of this, Little Ran Ran, help me to cast a vote. A VIP member has 10 votes! Love you!

Yu Wen Wen: [Voting link: Please cast your vote for your favourite contestant.]

Daddy Ji: Scram. If you send this again, I’ll find someone to fire your idol.

Ji Ran threw out a threat and angrily clicked on the link before throwing a few votes to Yu Wen Wen’s idol with a ferocious expression.

He couldn’t rely on Yu Wen Wen. Ji Ran maximised the interface and selected a western film before lying on his bed.


Ji Ran was awoken by the sound of an explosion.

Sprawled on the bed, his sleeping posture hadn’t changed apart from the slight tilt of his head.

The explosion had come from his phone. Ji Ran instinctively turned to look at it and noticed the film had already run for an hour. The villain was currently in the midst of a massacre, ready to destroy the world.

After so many years, the world saviour trope was still being used. He closed it and changed into a more comfortable position to sleep.

Knock Knock

Two knocks sounded from his door.

It seems that it hadn’t entirely been the film’s fault earlier when he’d woken up. Ji Ran didn’t move but simply asked in an unfriendly tone, “Who is it?”

Who else could it be?

“It’s me,” Qin Man replied.

Ji Ran’s mood was terrible. “What do you want?”

“I’m here to put some things down.”

Qin Man thought he would have to stand outside a little longer. But just as he spoke, the door opened.

A head full of green hair poked out. The rims of Ji Ran’s eyes were red from the lack of sleep. Coupled with his bad sleeping posture, there were some red marks on his face which appeared rather distinct against his pale skin.

Ji Ran was not in the mood to bicker with him. He opened the door with the intention to shoo him away but the words at the tip of his tongue were forcibly swallowed back once he saw the other person.

Qin Man was holding a pillow in one hand and pulling a battered luggage in the other. He stood perfectly straight outside the door.

“… What are you doing?”

“Wasn’t it stated in the contract?” Qin Man replied, “I’ll be sleeping in your room from now on.”

Ji Ran finally woke up. “The contract hasn’t been signed. Sleep your ass! Scram! How thirsty are you?!”

“Then, treat it as a down payment.” Qin Man said after thinking. “I’ve already packed everything, it’s too troublesome to put them back. How about this, before signing the contract, I’ll only sleep in your bed without doing anything else.”

“Who cares if it’s troublesome?” Ji Ran cursed. “Scram back to your own room.”

Just as he was about to close the door, Qin Man was already a step ahead of him. He had one foot in the door.

Due to the two men’s posture and the distance between them, Ji Ran felt that he could feel Qin Man’s warm breath whenever he spoke.

“If you let me in, I’ll help you do the thing we did when we were at the villa.” Qin Man lowered his voice and negotiated.

Could anyone beat this man when he wanted to be shameless?

Ji Ran wanted to host a shamelessness competition for him and Yu Wen Wen to see who would win.

Cursing in his heart, Ji Ran nonetheless recalled that night and felt his heart speed up as his ears inexplicably turned red.

“Who do you think you are? I can easily find a prostitute with better techniques than you,” He rambled.

“Better techniques than me?” Qin Man’s smile grew restrained but his strength increased.

Ji Ran found his strength lacking compared to the other. The door was forcibly pried open and Qin Man forced him to take a step back. “Why don’t you call him over so we can compare?”


Ji Ran was speechless for a long time, momentarily forgetting how to speak.

Until his pants were pulled. He suddenly returned to his senses and retreated backwards.

God damn.

Qin Man suddenly shut the door and stepped forward before he kneeled down in front of Ji Ran in a natural manner. His devout posture seemed as if he was worshipping the person in front of him and not about to desecrate him.

Ji Ran panicked. Before Qin Man could touch him, he pressed a hand against the other person’s face.

“I fucking… don’t have the mood to do that sort of thing. If you want to sleep, just sleep. Stop getting handsy with laozi… or mouthy.”

Ji Ran was enlightened.

Wasn’t it just a few days earlier? It was only a matter of time.

Moreover, he was a master with quite a few abs. So what if he slept with Qin Man? If he didn’t want it, could Qin Man actually take him by force?

He wasn’t that unreasonable.

Five minutes later, Ji Ran sat cross-legged on the bed as he watched Qin Man take out everything from his luggage.

Ji Ran frowned as he saw Qin Man arranged his books neatly on the shelf.

Did this person have so many belongings? Why did the guest room seem so empty earlier?

After unpacking, Qin Man had just touched the bed when he heard the other person’s cold voice.

“You don’t have any sleepwalking tendencies, teeth gnashing or snoring habits, do you?”

“How would I know?” Qin Man raised an eyebrow. “We slept together before. Don’t you remember?”

Ji Ran had passed out after feeling good that night. He didn’t even know who the person beside him was, so how could he remember his sleeping habits?

“Who the hell will remember this sort of rubbish?” Ji Ran turned his back to the other and grabbed the quilt. “You’re not allowed to put anything under the blanket when I sleep. I’ll kill you if you disturb me.”

Qin Man watched his back and laughed. “Alright.”

After he was done, Qin Man went into the shower. When he came out once more, the person lying on the bed had already changed into a different position. Ji Ran was now facing him and the corners of his lips were slightly curved.

Ji Ran didn’t remember but he did.

When his little junior brother was awake, he was like a wolf baring its fangs, wanting to devour others. But once asleep, he was extremely docile without any vices. In short, he was like a little hedgehog on its back.

Qin Man silently got onto the bed and turned to stare at his little junior brother for a long time.

Then, he lowered his head and kissed his nose.

A moment later, the light went off. Five minutes after Qin Man closed his eyes, Ji Ran’s eyes shot open. He panted heavily for a few seconds—


He actually dreamt of Qin Man kissing him?!!!!

And he even bit his nose?!?!?!

He stared at Qin Man with fright, silently thinking to himself: It’s enough that you’re normally like that to me, why do you still linger in my dreams like a ghost?! He furiously pinched Qin Man’s nose with all his strength.

T/n: Flirting in the middle of the night… just sleep. QM is too confident… why does he even want to compare his skills to a prostitute? 

JR: I’ll kill you if you disturb me

QM: He’s just a lil porcupine

And thus, begins their nightly routine…



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