Chapter 13 – Law-abiding citizen

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Translator: Vivi

Editor: SleepyMango123

Yu Wen Wen stayed for a week before Ji Ran couldn’t take it any longer and chased him away.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want Yu Wen Wen to stay, but Ji Ran simply couldn’t bear the way his house smelt entirely of perfume and how he did things like milk spas.

“You’re so cruel,” Yu Wen Wen told him between tears, “I didn’t spray any perfume. This is my natural body scent.”

“Don’t try to fool me like your other men.” Ji Ran stared at the thing in his hands, “If you don’t throw these flower petals away, you can pack your bags and leave by tonight.”

Yu Wen Wen cried, “If you put this in the bath and soak in it, you’ll have the fragrance of flowers. Flowers, do you understand?! Look at you, full of sweat. How does Qin Man not disdain you?”

After Ji Ran finished playing, he picked up the basketball and paused, “What? I paid for him but I still have to care about his feelings?”

“Maintaining your body fragrance is basic respect to your lover. Someone called me and Cheng Peng to play mahjong tonight, do you want to come?”

Ji Ran said, “Sure.” He would definitely force Cheng Peng to cough up every last penny he’d lost last year.

After taking a bath, he came out and saw Yu Wen Wen sitting on the sofa holding his phone. “Little Ran Ran, let’s play a few rounds of chicken dinner.”

Ji Ran actually preferred to play survival games on a PC but mobile games were more convenient. He lifted the towel around his neck to dry his hair and sat on the armchair as he launched the game.

After he entered, he realised Cheng Peng was also inside. His mic was on and they could hear everything.

“Don’t go back to school tonight, I’ll send you back in the morning.”

The boy’s voice was the same as the one they’d heard during the day, a weak stutter, “N-No way. You also s-said this the last time. B-But I was still late.”

“That was an accident. I’ll go easy on you tonight and only hug you like a bolster…”

“Can you not interfere with a student’s studies?” Ji Ran interrupted them, “Do you think everyone is like you, not turning up at school for a whole month?”

The other side was silent for a moment before the boy’s weak voice came through, “T-They?”

“…Fuck, I didn’t turn off my mic. Don’t worry, baby, they’re all our people. Ah, don’t go.”

“Give it a rest, aren’t you disgusting enough? Hurry up and get ready, we’ll play two rounds and go out for dinner.”

Just as he finished speaking, there was a party request alert at the bottom right of his screen.

[Q has requested to join your party.]

Before he could react, the party leader, Yu Wen Wen, had already accepted. A character wearing a complete set of beginner clothing appeared in the lobby.

“How is that disgusting? Isn’t everyone like this?” Cheng Peng didn’t know who this person was and continued talking, “Don’t tell me you and Qin Man are still unable to get along like before?”

The microphone icon beside teammate Q flashed, “No, he’s very good to me.”

Cheng Peng, “…”

Yu Wen Wen, “I thought you called him over, so I agreed…”

Ji Ran felt a headache, “Why did you come?”

Qin Man was silent for a moment before speaking, “I wanted to play a game with you.”

“Enough, leave by yourself. It’s not like you know how to play.”

That day when they were at the reception, Qin Man couldn’t even differentiate friend from foe.

“I do, I’ve played it for a week.”

Ji Ran, “…”

Yu Wen Wen looked towards Ji Ran, “Little Ran Ran, do I start?”

Pursing his lips, Ji Ran finally relented, “Begin.”

He glanced at Qin Man’s achievements and sure enough, the latter had been playing. His first few games included ‘top ten’, ‘winner’ and ‘chicken dinner’.

He didn’t expect Qin Man to be so good at it after only playing for a week.

When Qin Man used a grenade to blow up his enemy and achieved his 13th kill, Yu Wen Wen screamed, “Man Man, you’re really amazing! So strong! Let’s add each other as friends after this match ends!”


Ji Ran looked at the map and asked Yu Wen Wen who was the closest to him, “Do you have a scope?”

“No, I’m too poor. I’m preparing to loot the crate of the player Qin Man just killed. Why don’t we go together? There’s a couple of crates, there’s definitely a lot of things.”

“No, it’s too far.” Ji Ran looked at the map. Qin Man was 500m away from them, “I’ll find one on my own.”

After searching one floor, Ji Ran was still unable to find anything and was preparing to wait for the next wave before he tried searching for a scope. He suddenly heard footsteps.

He didn’t know when Qin Man had run over to his side and threw down a gun.

He unceremoniously picked it up. It was a fully loaded 98k gun with an 8x scope.

“What do you want? I have everything, I’ll give them to you.”

Qin Man wanted to curry favour with him with these mere playthings?

Ji Ran feigned impatience, “No thanks, I don’t want anything. Get up, don’t block my way.”

In the next few games, Qin Man easily won over Cheng Pengand Yu Wen Wen with his skills.

“Qin Man, there’s a car in front. Let’s get into the zone and wait for them,” Cheng Peng said.

Qin Man refused, “No, you can go in first.”

Ji Ran endured the poisonous mist and scoured the last level of the building he was in. From far away, he spotted a tiny player riding a motorbike, heading in his direction.

The vehicle stopped beside him, but he didn’t bother to spare a glance at it and continued to run.

The motorbike followed behind him, refusing to leave.

Ji Ran ran for a while and frowned, “…You have too little health. Use a first-aid kit.”

“I didn’t find many first-aid kits, I’ve used them all up.”

After Qin Man said this, he saw the cold and heartless figure come to a stop. After several seconds, there were two more first-aid kits on the ground.

He got out of the vehicle to heal himself before getting back onto the motorbike. “Don’t be angry.”

Ji Ran didn’t expect him to bring it up again. His anger had long dissipated. What cruel ridicule had he not heard before from a young age? If the words ‘third-party’ could cause him to be angry for a week, he’d probably have died from anger a long time ago.

Qin Man didn’t receive a response and asked again, “How do you want me to make it up to you?”

“…I’m not angry.” Ji Ran could feel the nosy aura radiating off Yu Wen Wen and hurriedly interrupted him. He got onto the motorbike, “Can you focus on the game?”

“What? Angry?” Yu Wen Wen immediately caught the piece of gossip by its tail, “no wonder I didn’t see you at all this week. How did you anger little Ran Ran?”

“It’s nothing.” Qin Man laughed and feigned nonchalance, “Are you still living at his house?”

“That’s right, I really like this house. The bathtub and pool are especially big…” Yu Wen Wen paused for a second, “Oh, you’ve probably been here before, right?”

“Why are you talking so much?” Ji Ran clicked his tongue, “There’s someone at 251In pubg, players usually shout a number to indicate the direction of the enemy. These numbers can be found at the top of the screen . Chase them.”

After playing the game for an entire afternoon, Ji Ran could clearly feel the emptiness in his stomach.

“This is the last game, let’s go eat.”

“Alright, I recently found a pretty good Sichuan restaurant. Let’s go try it later.” Cheng Peng said.

“Sichuan again?” Yu Wen Wen changed the topic, “Oh, Man Man, do you want to come too? We’re planning to go for a mahjong session after eating.”

“May I?” Qin Man asked, “Would that be convenient?”

“How would it be inconvenient?!”

Ji Ran spoke cooly, “Forget it. We’re doing such useless stuff, how could we waste his time?”

Qin Man said, “I won’t go if you don’t want to see me.”

Yu Wen Wen turned his head to stare intently at Ji Ran with an aggrieved expression that seemed to say ‘you’re scum that throws people away after using them’.

Cheng Peng said, “Tsk, you were still complaining about me. Aren’t you guys even more disgusting?”

“Shut up,” Ji Ran said, “…If you want to come, then come. Stop acting pitiful.”

“I heard Gu Zhe tried to create trouble for you at the bar?” Sitting at the table, Cheng Peng asked.

“That’s right. It’s more accurate to say he was there for Qin Man but he didn’t succeed in the end.” Yu Wen Wen told him.

Cheng Pengnodded and turned towards Qin Man, “Then, you’d better be careful. Gu Zhe is especially cunning and likes to attack others from the shadows. In the past, someone offended him and Gu Zhe threw a sack over his head in the middle of the night and beat him up. He was sent to the hospital but due to the lack of evidence and footage because of a blind spot, that person could only suffer a loss.”

“Fuck, something like that actually happened?” Yu Wen Wen asked, “Then, Man Man, don’t walk in dark alleys during this period of time. You know his weakness so no one knows what he might do to you.”

Qin Man laughed, his tone casual, “It’s fine, he probably wouldn’t dare. Moreover, if he really dares…”

Yu Wen Wen, “You’ll teach him a lesson?”

“I’ll call the police.”

Ji Ran didn’t even look up, “…What a law-abiding citizen.”

Yu Wen Wen called a friend over after they finished eating to form a table.

Cheng Peng was an expert at mahjong. Once it was his turn to draw a tile, he’d hook his arms around his lover, “Baby, draw one.”

“Game. I’m sorry, my baby’s luck is too good.”

After several times, Ji Ran couldn’t bear it any more, “Can you not be so obnoxious? Do you not have hands or something?”

After 40 minutes, he hadn’t won a single round. It wasn’t his money that was the problem; he felt incredibly frustrated from the continuous losses..

When it was time for him to discard a tile, Ji Ran hesitated for several minutes. Just as he wanted to throw one out, Qin Man, who’d been sitting beside him, suddenly reached a hand over and stopped him.

“Don’t throw this one,” Qin Man pointed towards another tile, “Throw this instead.”

From the tile, it was clear to see that if Ji Ran discarded the tile in his hand, he would have a wider scope of tiles he could use for winning.

“Believe me.”

Ji Ran hesitated and picked up the tile Qin Man had pointed to, discarding it. Sure enough, after one round, Yu Wen Wen threw out his winning tile.

From that game onwards, Qin Man continuously gave him tips from the side and in just half an hour, his box was overflowing. He’d gone from a loser to a winner.

When Ji Ran won another round once more, Cheng Peng couldn’t bear it any longer. “Qin Man, you couldn’t be cheating, right? How did you always manage to guess what we were waiting for and get Ji Ran to hide it away?”

“Then when your baby draws your winning tile, it’s not cheating?” Ji Ran refuted him.

“I-I didn’t cheat.”

“Ah, I’m really curious.” Yu Wen Wen’s eyes widened, “How did you always manage to guess what we’re waiting for?”

“I calculated it.” Qin Man laughed. “From the tiles you discarded, I could make a guess.”

Ji Ran turned around, “…You actually know how to do that? Why didn’t you teach me how to earlier? I lost so much at the start.”

Qin Man, “I didn’t know previously. I only just figured out the rules.”

The table fell into silence.

“You learnt just from watching, and even know how to calculate?” Cheng Peng grabbed his sleeves, “I don’t believe it! Quick, continue!”

Halfway through the session, Qin Man got up to go to the bathroom. When he came back out, he coincidentally met Cheng Peng’s little boyfriend.

The boy saw him and lowered his head before slowly stretching out a hand. “H-How are you? I’m Chen- Chen An.”

Qin Man wiped his hands and shook it, “Hello.”

Perhaps it was due to the similarities in their identities but Chen An, who’d been silent for the entire night, suddenly spoke, “Are you- Have y-you also been forced- by them to come here?”

“By Ji Ran?”

Qin Man raised an eyebrow and retracted his hands.

He smiled. Chen An didn’t know if it was his own imagination but he felt that when the person in front of him smiled, it was completely different from the smile he showed in front of Ji Ran to curry favour.

“Ji Ran wouldn’t force others. Moreover, if you’re being forced to do something against your will, I suggest that you call the police.”


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    In pubg, players usually shout a number to indicate the direction of the enemy. These numbers can be found at the top of the screen


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