Chapter 11 – Can I pay with my body?

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After Ji Wei woke up, he was called over to Ji Guo Zheng’s study and reprimanded. The incident in the toilet yesterday had been leaked by an unknown source and had made its way to his ears.

When he came out once more, the helper had already finished preparing breakfast and his cousin was sitting at the table.

His parent’s arranged marriage was in name only and his mother had moved out as early as half a year ago. During this time, he’d only seen her briefly once, which was yesterday.

“Brother,” His cousin called and couldn’t help looking towards the second floor, “Did Uncle scold you?”

“It’s nothing.” Ji Wei gave her a smile and looked at his watch, “Has Qin Man gone back?”

His cousin froze, “…I don’t know.”

Ji Wei asked, “Didn’t you want to invite him on a morning run?”


Her hands cutting the bread paused. After a moment, she pursed her lips and told him everything that happened this morning, “Brother, don’t you think their relationship is pretty good?”

Ji Wei slightly frowned, his eyes carrying a trace of doubt, “I don’t know. Eat up.”

They’d just finished their breakfast when Qin Man came out of his room.

Closing the door behind him, Qin Man glanced towards the end of the hallway. The door of the room was still tightly shut and through the thick wooden door, he seemed to be able to feel how peaceful the person sleeping behind it must be.

In the past, despite his busy schedule, he would have a strict sleep schedule every night. Occasionally, he would burn the midnight oil but it wasn’t common.

Right now, he was staying over at another person’s house. It wasn’t polite to sleep in until noon, and he still needed to greet his host.

“You’re awake?” Seeing him come down, Ji Wei smiled, “What’s wrong? Previously on our graduation trip, you’d always wake up at seven for your morning run.”

Qin Man replied, “Maybe it’s because the beds in your house are more comfortable.”

“Why don’t you take one back then?” Ji Wei turned around, “Auntie Yang, I’ll have to trouble you to prepare another portion of breakfast.”

“No need, I don’t have much of an appetite.” Qin Man said, “Is Uncle free now? I have something to discuss with him.”

“He is. He’s in the study.”

Qin Man nodded and just as he started to go towards the study, Ji Wei stopped him.

“Wait, Qin Man.” Ji Wei put down his butterknife, “Why didn’t you call me last night? Cup noodles aren’t healthy. There’re many things to eat in the fridge that are much better.”

“It’s not healthy, but it tastes good.” Qin Man laughed, “I’ll get going then.”

Ji Ran was awoken by his phone. It was the maintenance company informing him that his car was done being repaired.

After hanging up, Ji Ran looked at the time. It was already 11 o’clock.

He buried his head in his pillow and clicked his tongue.

He’d originally planned to get up earlier and swagger out of the Ji house in front of Ji Wei’s eyes. He didn’t expect last night to have been so unrestrained and coupled with the alcohol he’d consumed, he was unable to get up.

…It’s all Qin Man’s fault.

Thinking of Qin Man, he felt his waist aching. The pillow had cut off his airflow until he could no longer breathe and he had to lift his head. He finally stood up and walked towards the shower.

When he came out of the room, he held back a yawn as he looked down and was instantly startled by what he saw.

On the sofa downstairs were two people. Ji Wei was looking at a file while Qin Man sat across from him.

Qin Man sat with his legs crossed, reading a magazine. When he heard the door open, he looked up and coincidentally met his eyes.

…Why was this person still here?

Ji Ran went down the stairs and didn’t bother acknowledging any of them, directly heading towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Ji Wei’s brows were scrunched, “Aren’t you going to greet father?”

“You want me gone one moment, and greet father the next. Ji Wei, are you bipolar?” Ji Ran asked.

“Madam Ji is in the study room too.” Qin Man said before Ji Wei could open his mouth. He closed his magazine, “Let Madam Ji know before you leave.”

Ji Ran then remembered the reason Ji Guo Zheng had asked him to stay over. Speaking of the matter the old Madam Ji wanted to talk to him about, he grimaced and threw on the suit jacket he’d been holding earlier as he headed towards the study.

After two knocks, he heard Ji Guo Zheng’s voice, “Come in.”

Ji Ran pushed the door open. The two people in the room looked at him in astonishment.

“Grandmother.” After calling her, Ji Ran reluctantly looked towards the middle-aged man behind the table, “…Dad.”

“Mn, why did you come?” Ji Guo Zheng asked.

Ji Ran answered, “Didn’t you say grandmother had something to say to me?”

The old Madam Ji exchanged a glance with her son and he understood.

“I do.” She looked at the door and continued, “Close the door.”

On the other side, Ji Wei saw the door shut and felt stifled. What did Ji Ran count as? He was just a shameful illegitimate bastard. Who gave him the right to enter their home? And who allowed him to see his father and grandmother?

As a child, he’d always been hard-working and obedient to be recognised by them with much difficulty.

He definitely couldn’t allow Ji Ran to snatch it away.

Ji Wei quickly came back to his senses and turned towards the person behind him, “Qin Man, let’s grab lunch later and play golf.”

“No thanks, I’ve got something to do.” Qin Man smiled without looking up. “Aren’t you going to accompany your fiancée on the first day of your engagement?”

“She’s busy with her singles party, where would she have time for me?” Ji Wei replied, “Next time then.”

Qin Man made a careless sound of acknowledgement, his attention was utterly focused on the study room behind him.

His little junior brother had a bad temper and a clumsy mouth. He was afraid they’d get into a quarrel.

Before ten minutes was up, his underclassman came out wearing an expressionless face.

Ji Ran closed the door and immediately headed towards the main gates as if the people sitting on the sofa didn’t exist. The moment he stepped outside of the house, he felt that even the air had grown much fresher.

True enough, the Ji family and he would never be able to get along. It was not good to stay too long.

He started his engine and rolled down his windows. He wasn’t in a rush to leave and instead, took out a cigarette from the pack. Just as he prepared to light it, a hand abruptly entered his field of vision.

His mouth was empty.

Qin Man stood outside his car, his hand holding the cigarette stick, “Your lungs will turn black at this rate.”

“It’s none of your business even if my heart turns black.” Ji Ran said, “Give it back.”

Qin Man laughed, putting the cigarette into his mouth instead.

“…Do you have a problem?” Ji Ran glared at him, “Are you so poor that you can’t even afford a single cigarette?”

“Give me a ride,” Qin Man said.

Ji Ran asked, “Where’s your car?”

Qin Man replied, “I’m already bankrupt, how could I possibly have a car? I took a cab up the mountain yesterday.”

Ji Ran hummed, “Not giving. Walk home by yourself.”

Qin Man laughed softly and nodded, “Okay, then will you look for me again in the future?”

The revving of a sport’s car engine wasn’t small. The silver car sped off, leaving behind only a single sentence.

“No, scram.”

Qin Man stared at the back of the car for a moment before he turned around and headed towards his car.

He’d only taken a couple of steps before he turned back around and threw his keys into his pocket. Holding the cigarette that had yet to be lighted, he started walking downhill.

Ji Ran had driven a considerable distance before remembering to turn on his GPS.

This was a residential estate and he didn’t have a house here. Naturally, he wasn’t familiar with this route. Turning on his GPS, he heard the mechanical woman’s voice, “Navigation is starting. 53 kilometres[1] to your next destination…”

Ji Ran couldn’t help taking another look at his phone. Were they that far from the city? Why hadn’t he noticed it yesterday?

Driving for some time, he noticed there weren’t any other cars. If one wanted to get a cab, they’d probably have to wait by the road until the sky turned dark. Moreover, the Ji family’s villa was at a higher altitude than most, so the distance was also greater.

Ji Ran laughed coldly. Serves him right, Qin Man deserved to suffer a little on the mountain.

Qin Man had walked for some time before his phone rang.

It was Ji Wei, “Where are you? Why is your car still outside my house?”

The arrogant clamour of a sports car’s engine came from a distance. Qin Man looked up and saw a silver car speeding back.

“Leave it there for a while, I’ll let someone collect it in the afternoon.” Qin Man held back a laugh and said, “I still have something to do, I’m hanging up.”

Seeing him, the silver car accelerated even faster and was about to reach him. Qin Man stood still on the spot, his back straight and unmoving.

The car screeched to a halt.

The windows rolled down, revealing the fierce expression of the driver inside, “A thousand dollars for your cab fare. Take it or leave it!”

“But I only have four hundred.” Qin Man bent down and asked, “Can I pay you with my body?”

Ji Ran told him, “Why don’t you walk till your legs break?”


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  1. I want to know what they talked about. Especially since he said, that he and Ji family would never be able to see eye to eye. I really, really want to know.

    On a similar note: I had thought Ji Wei was a more mature person. Such a reason and he bullied his illegitimate brother? Even hates him? That is just too much. Is he a kindergartener?

    Haha, Qin Man sure knows Ji Ran and his mentality pretty well – it’s so cute xD

    Thank you for the chapter :3

    • I know right. He’s already the heir and Ji Ran is basically treated as an outcast to the family, why can’t he just let him be. It’s his father who had a child on other woman, why blame it on Ji Ran. Such a shallow-minded person, no wonder he could only accomplish as much.


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