Chapter 8 – Punishment

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“You want to kiss me?”

“Yeah. Can’t I?”

Feng Yeran wondered if something had gone wrong with his education and said, “No, absolutely not.”

Feng Hua looked up at him, breathing unsteadily. “But, you kiss others, right?”

“Fool, kissing is done with the woman you like. Of course I will… and you will in the future, too.”

It seemed that Feng Hua never expected Feng Yeran would answer like that. He widened his eyes, looking very confused, frightened, angry, and unable to understand. His breath fell short, his chest rose and fell, and his fingers trembled slightly. It was obvious he was restraining something. His voice was slightly raspy. “But I like you, is that not okay either?!”

“Feng Hua, I like you too!”

A glimmer of hope flashed in Feng Hua’s eyes, but it faded in an instant. He murmured, “It’s not the same.”

Before his face scrunched up and his tears burst, he turned around, his back to Feng Yeran. Using the last of his self-control to control his voice, he said, “I know. I’m going to bed.”

Then, he went to sleep alone in his small room. Before, whenever he came to Feng Yeran’s house, he’d definitely squeeze into the big bed with him. It was the first time that this little monster was sleeping well in his small bed.

That night, Feng Hua truly understood what tears and despair were for the first time.

Feng Yeran also lost half a night’s sleep. Although he was slow, he wasn’t so slow as to not notice Feng Hua’s thoughts. But, for him, Feng Hua was just a child, and also a boy at that. He was straight, so it was impossible for him to be with Feng Hua. He was afraid that in a few years, Feng Hua would be amused at his thoughts today, and it was no wonder. It was just the whim of an adolescent. He decided to have a good talk with Feng Hua sometime, but he was busy these days, and he could never bring himself to say it, so he put it off for seven whole days.

However, he should have talked to Feng Hua earlier, because, in the morning of the sixth day, a female researcher who entered Feng Hua’s room had her neck and arm fractured by him.

This incident alarmed the president and the director. The female researcher lying in the hospital claimed that she had only gone to give Feng Hua a routine examination when he suddenly burst into a rage, twisted her arm and slammed her against the wall, almost killing her.

A large wave of people came to the small room where Feng Hua was. Feng Yeran, who was in charge of Feng Hua, asked, “Feng Hua, why did you hurt her?”

Feng Hua looked up at him, and his voice was even a little frivolous, which was unfamiliar to Feng Yeran. “She wanted to sleep together with me. I just refused her.”

Several people around him almost laughed. Everyone knew it. No matter how gorgeous Feng Hua’s appearance was, they all knew his true form. The female researcher was well aware of that too. Who would want to sleep together with a monster? And this monster was just a child, wasn’t he?

But Feng Yeran didn’t react at all. He was staring at Feng Hua as if he were a stranger. This child was like his own flesh and blood. He couldn’t understand how such a young child could spit out the words “sleep together” which only belonged to adults and were even slightly vulgar. He didn’t know where Feng Hua had learned that from. Did he really know what sleeping together was actually about?

After a long time, Feng Yeran said while gritting his teeth, “Tell the truth.”

Feng Hua smiled and looked at Feng Yeran, as if everyone around him didn’t exist. “Ye’er, what do you want me to say?”


He suddenly approached Feng Yeran, and, when he was just a short distance away from him, he slowly said as if sleep-talking, “Because I was rejected by the person I like… I broke down and couldn’t control myself, so I hurt someone?”

Feng Yeran looked dazedly at the face that was suddenly in front of him—the silhouette so delicate that it looked like it was drawn, the wide bloodshot eyes, the darkness underneath the eyes, and the somewhat arrogant smile. It was so strange and chilling. A dizzying scent hit Feng Yeran’s face and he was somewhat unable to think, almost instinctively dodging.

Feng Hua sat back down and lowered his eyes, his curls blocking them. After a while, Feng Yeran only heard him say faintly as if he’d given up, “I’m sorry, I was wrong. Punish me.”

Because of this incident, Feng Hua was put into confinement for a month.

Before the confinement, Feng Yeran specially came to talk to him. For this talk, Feng Yeran even read a lot of books about adolescence and was well prepared.

In the small room, Feng Hua was sitting on the small swing, wearing long socks, his legs white. Feng Yeran was sitting opposite him, taking out thick books and talking to him fervently.

“Feng Hua, the reason you have such feelings for me is a common adolescent illusion…”

“I’m a whole twenty-three years older than you, you know? I’m sort of your father. I like you too, but it’s a kind of family love…”

“Men should like women, and you also have a mate. She’s a princess we’ve carefully cultivated and produced, and is the best match for you…”

“I have a woman I like. I should say, I love her. I’ve liked her since high school, even though she’s already married to my brother…”

Feng Hua sat opposite Feng Yeran, watching his mouth open and close, listening to the voice he liked the most. He could understand it at first, but gradually, he found himself beginning to not understand what he was saying. Every word seemed so strange, just like meaningless words jumbled together with strange letters. When Feng Yeran looked at him, he would nod and reply, but he didn’t even know what he was saying himself. He wondered what he would say, he listened to himself speak—

Yes, he seemed to be standing in the corner, silently looking at the two people in the room. Feng Yeran, who was talking non-stop, and the ‘good child’, who was sitting on the swing and listening intently.

He wandered around the room, hovering, and suddenly, he had a sense of doubt. He didn’t know why he was in this place and whether all of this was meaningful. It seemed that the only proof he still existed was his chest, which was throbbing with pain. He walked towards the small barred window, enduring the pain that made him feel like he was deprived of oxygen, and looked at everything beyond the iron railings for a long time, as if there was something out there that could liberate him and make him happy.

After Feng Yeran finished speaking, he gave him a big hug.

The moment he was hugged, the wandering shell was suddenly sucked into the body and they became a whole. Feng Hua dazedly hugged Feng Yeran back, as if he had a long dream, with only the slightest fragment in his head, the rest just blank.

“Eh? Why’re you crying?” Feng Yeran anxiously wiped Feng Hua’s tears, his heart aching. This was the first time he’d seen Feng Hua crying. At the same time, he let out a sigh of relief. Sure enough, this was his child, his lovely and gentle Feng Hua. That frivolous, dangerous and aggressive Feng Hua was just an illusion.

Feng Hua didn’t know why he was crying either. It was probably because he’d only just learnt the skill of crying and hadn’t yet mastered it.

He hugged Feng Yeran tightly and murmured, “Can I still see you when I’m confined?”

“I’ll come to see you.”

“Will you come every day?”

“I’m afraid I can’t come every day. You know, it’s confinement after all. Even I can’t enter your room freely. Of course, I’ll appeal to the director so that I can come to you when my stomach hurts… Don’t feel lonely. I’ll bring you a lot of books, dishes, comics, games and so on, enough for you to pass the time. You can also chat with Old Zhang at the door. People will pass by occasionally. They’re very interested in you. You can talk to them.”

“I just want to talk to you.”

“You should make more friends.”

“What if you… don’t come to see me again?!”

Feng Yeran squatted down and looked up at the child whose eyes were swollen from crying. He sighed with pity and kept wiping the tears pouring out of Feng Hua’s eyes.

Feng Yeran pressed Feng Hua’s hand against his stomach. “Little fool, have you forgotten that I’m your patient? I can’t even live without you!”

Feng Hua was stunned and suddenly smiled. He nodded heavily. “Mm…”

* * *

During the time he was in confinement, Feng Hua gradually became confused between day and night, reality and dream. When he woke up, he would stand in front of the window or sit on the swing in a daze. He slept most of the time, unless Feng Yeran knocked on his door and talked to him from outside the confinement room.

He had many, many dreams, most of which he couldn’t remember clearly. Occasionally, he could only recall some fragments—he dreamt that his other vague self was standing in the room and observing him, with a withdrawn look, his expression full of sarcasm; he dreamt that the iron railings on the barred window were gone and the turbulent autumn wind was coming in from outside, seemingly inviting him cheerfully, so he climbed up the barred window and looked out, and there was a familiar figure standing among the thousands of redwoods, gazing at him…

On October 5th, after being confined for a week, the iron door was knocked again. It wasn’t the delivery man, but a young, frivolous and lean red-haired man.

“Yo~” He whistled outside the door. The iron door rattled a few times, then he actually came in.

The light outside was so dazzling that Feng Hua shielded his eyes with his hand. He asked while frowning, “How did you get in?”

During his confinement, even Feng Yeran couldn’t enter at will. He had to specially appeal to the director to be able to enter Feng Hua’s room when his stomach hurt.

“I have this~” The red-haired man shook the key in his hand, laughing like a rogue.

“Where’s Old Zhang?”

“He’s outside. Don’t look at me with such hostile eyes. I’m not a bad person.”

“Who are you?”


“Are you a researcher here?”

“Hehe, sort of.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Talking to you.”

“I don’t want to talk.”

“I’m curious about you… Come on, let’s introduce ourselves.”

Sean narrowed his eyes, looking sly. He unceremoniously sat down on the small sofa opposite Feng Hua, which was where Feng Yeran usually sat. “My name is Sean. I’m 24 years old. I’m an intern majoring in biological science and graduated from X University next door. My hobbies are beauties, food and photography. How about you, kid?”

Feng Hua didn’t answer.

Sean wasn’t embarrassed at all. He said confidently, “Then let me guess… You, Feng Hua, were born over four years ago, have the appearance of a fourteen-year-old human, and are actually a new human with 89% Adesir blood. You can turn dreams into reality. Well, like turning a butterfly in a dream into a butterfly that can be touched in front of you, though it doesn’t last long.”

“…” Feng Hua took a sip of water, not interested at all.

“Your guardian’s name is Feng Yeran, 27 years old. He’s gained great fame and wealth because of you and is now a very busy man.”

Feng Hua put down his glass and finally looked up at him.

“Everyone thinks he has achieved success, but most people don’t know that he has a miserable family, and a dying body.”

Feng Hua frowned.

“He was born into an influential family, but unfortunately, was the child of a mistress. His father pinned all his hopes on his elder brother, who was 12 years older than him, and neglected his upbringing. His mother passed away from illness when he was in high school. During his despair, he still had a female lover, but that woman fell in love with his brother. They got married. At their wedding, he made a scene while drunk. As a result, he severed ties with his family and ran away from home. Unfortunately, his irregular and unhealthy lifestyle led him to develop stomach cancer…”

“Shut up.”

“Seeing your reaction, I’m right?”

“How do you know?” Feng Hua asked warily.

“It’s obvious. Anyone can know if they just investigate a little.”

With that, he took out a bunch of photos, newspaper scraps and so on from his backpack.

As soon as Feng Hua raised his hand, several photos flew to it. Sean looked at the incredible scene and gave another excited whistle.

The first one was a photo from a wedding. In the picture, Feng Yeran was dragging the bride and running forward, surrounded by unclear figures. One could imagine how sensational it was at that time.

Feng Hua narrowed his eyes slightly. The next second, the bride’s face in the photo burst into flames.

Sean was so scared that he grabbed the photo and used his clothes to put out the fire. “My little ancestor! That’s a photo I’ve worked so hard to get for so many years. How could you…”

“What else do you know?”

“Hehe, I know a lot more, but you have to promise not to destroy my photos. And! My body is also very fragile. You don’t… don’t do that to me… hehe,” the red-haired seemed to be scared and said with some trepidation.

“You’re afraid of me now?”

“No no… You promise first, and I’ll talk after you promise.”

“I promise.”

“Mm-hm, okay, then I’ll go on and tell you… I also know that you… were put into confinement for a month. Feng Yeran can’t come over to see you every day, and you really want to know what he’s doing outside, who he’s seeing, his every detail. You want to know it all, because”—the red-haired man subconsciously made a posture of self-defence—”you like him!”

But he wasn’t attacked. When he looked up at Feng Hua, the red-haired man found that he was actually smiling.

Feng Hua tilted his head slightly as he looked at him, with a smile on his lips. The red-haired man suddenly thought that it was reasonable for Feng Hua not to attack him. In Feng Hua’s eyes, he was simply just a little rat, even though he looked much older than Feng Hua.

“That’s right, I like him,” Feng Hua said with a smile, his voice soft. “But, why are you coming here to tell me that?”

Sean got excited. “I can help you!”


“I like photography. I’ve been Feng Yeran’s little follower recently, and I don’t have much to do. I can help you take pictures of his whereabouts!”

“That sounds good, but why help me?”


“Say it.”

The red-haired man was startled, and his thin body shook a little. He hurriedly said, “Because I’m interested in you! I want to become friends with you and talk to you more… hehe.”



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