Chapter 7 – Scent

That night, Feng Yeran brought the little monster back to his home.

His room was still quite messy, with piles of books on the table, sofa and carpet, clothes that had fallen onto the floor, and an overflowing rubbish bin in the hazy yellow light.

The little monster was quite happy. He moved some things out of the way to “dig” a hole in the sofa, then sat comfortably on it with his legs up. He tilted his head back and sighed softly, exhaling all the heaviness and anxiety, and inhaling the fresh, happy air.

Feng Yeran brought him a glass of hot milk, and watched him sip it little by little like a baby, occasionally sticking out his tongue and saying “hot”. Feng Yeran couldn’t help but think of the first time he had seen milk—he was still locked up in the electric prison at that time, and was very small, with tiny eyes, no limbs, only tentacles. After observing Feng Yeran drink the milk, he had also cautiously stretched out his tentacles and touched the milk gently, then seemed to be shocked by the touch and temperature of the liquid. His whole body had jumped back, the milk had splashed up, and his little eyes had squeezed shut.

“You’re really a miracle.” Feng Yeran sighed. He couldn’t help stroking his scalp that had grown some fluffy hairs. His voice overflowing with joy had a touch of regret in it. “I’m sorry for shaving your hair for the experiment. You have such beautiful hair.”

“Ye’er likes me with hair?”

“Of course! Your hair’s black and curly and feels especially soft. If you grow it a little longer, I can give you a medium or angled parting which will look especially good, or you can just tie it up.”

“I’m not a girl.” Feng Hua was dissatisfied.

“Haha, I really hope your hair grows faster.”

“If you like it, you can see it now,” Feng Hua said softly.

The next moment, black curly hair really appeared on his head. Feng Yeran couldn’t believe it. He reached out to brush the hair, rubbing it gently with his fingers and listening to the familiar sound. “Are you doing magic?!”

“I just need to imagine the details of the hair. The more I recall, the more I can create.”

Feng Yeran was stunned for a long time before saying, “Not only can you turn dreams into reality and imagination into substance, but you’ve also learned to replicate now?”

“It’s all the same idea, but I’m not familiar enough with it yet. I can’t sustain it for long, and… do you notice the difference?”

Feng Yeran looked closely, then said, “It’s really a bit different. It doesn’t feel as soft and shiny as before. Some of the hair is especially clear and real, and some seem a bit fuzzy.”

“Yes, ah… I can’t.”

Just as the words left his mouth, he became bald again. Feng Yeran was stunned. He couldn’t help but hug him, and laughed out loud. “Okay, okay, fake hair is no good. It’s better to wait for your hair to grow naturally. Sure enough, I do prefer your real hair.”


“Feng Hua, you’re really a gift from the heavens.”

“Ye’er, you’ve said that many times.”

“You know, we almost travelled the galaxy to create you back then—I’m really not bragging. We were really lucky to find an incomplete Adesir embryo in the most unlikely R planet’s cold lands, and it only took a few years to get you. Creating you was simply a magical experience, just like configuring a potion. At that time, I recorded all my experiences and put it in a document, thinking that even if it didn’t succeed, it’d be a kind of keepsake. I never expected it’d become so valuable now—but I wouldn’t sell it no matter how much anyone else pays. I’m the only one in the world who knows how to make you.”

“Yeah, I’m yours alone.”

* * *

The news conference was very successful. Feng Yeran’s experimental results soon swept the news and the internet, making Feng Yeran, Feng Hua and the research institute almost instantly famous. Feng Yeran had become a really busy man, and occasionally brought Feng Hua to events. But, more often, he himself, the president, the director and so on attended various invitations, were interviewed, appeared on programmes and so on.

Feng Hua was also a lot busier than before. People would often visit him, dress him in all sorts of strange clothes, take pictures of him, ask him all sorts of questions, ask him to turn dreams into reality in public and so on. Every time he did that, it’d cause a series of exclamations and warm applause. Over time, he got used to it.

There was only one thing he looked forward to every day, and that was the moment when Feng Yeran pushed open the door to his room every evening. In fact, growing up, he had always looked forward to that moment—

In the early morning, he would peer out the barred window to see the scenery, observing the trails of swaying leaves and the shadows on distant herds.

In the morning, after breakfast, he would sit at his little table and draw.

In the afternoon, he would cooperate with the staff to complete various tasks, and someone would occasionally come to give him a psychological assessment. If there was nothing else, he would wander, read or sleep in his small room.

After dinner, he would be just like a puppy waiting for its owner, jumping around in the room as if the day had just begun. He would peer out the window from time to time, and would press his ear against the wall from time to time, attempting to listen for distant sounds.

So, every time Feng Yeran just pulled into the car park, he could hear it. Over the clutter of background sounds, he would listen silently as Feng Yeran got out of his car, carried his things into the research institute, greeted passers-by, walked out of his office, put his things away, dealt with some documents, talked to certain people, then walked out of the room, closed the door, and walked towards him step by step…

However, something was beginning to change these days.

Firstly, the time. Although Feng Yeran had come to see him every day since what had happened during his recovery from the craniotomy last time, the time he was seeing was now getting later and later. He always came only after the sun had completely set, and occasionally, even in the middle of the night.

Secondly, the smell on his body. In the past, Feng Yeran always had a faint smell of medicine on him. Due to his illness, he practically couldn’t stop taking medicine, whether it was Chinese or Western medicine. But now, his body was often mixed with all kinds of turbid smells, the smells of wine, food and perfume.

It wasn’t an unpleasant perfume, but that kind of mature floral scent. However, Feng Hua just couldn’t take it. It was as if he saw those annoying ribbons wrapped around Feng Yeran again and wanted to take a pair of scissors to cut them all off.

Finally, his words. Since the news conference, Feng Yeran’s conversations had almost always revolved around the powerful people he met outside, the women who pursued him, his brother and so on…

For example, now, in Feng Yeran’s home.

Feng Hua was lying on his back in the bathtub, which was full of bubbles. Feng Yeran was rubbing his scalp, washing his newly grown, short, soft curls.

It was obvious that Feng Yeran was excited. “Feng Hua, have I told you about Ms Zhou? I asked her to fund our project before. After all, I’ve known her since I was a child. I thought she’d help, but she said she only recognised Feng Mu’s eldest son and told me not to bother her. It turned out that the day after the news conference, she came to visit. Do you think I should see her? Or not see her?”

Feng Hua looked up at him. Feng Yeran was bending down and rubbing his hair, a mocking smile on his face.

“Those women wouldn’t even look at me before and would only chase after someone like Feng Boran. Now, they’re actually scrambling for my contact information. It’s amusing to watch. If they knew I had stomach cancer, would they turn against me immediately?”

“I’m afraid Feng Boran can’t sleep these days, can he? All the articles on the internet say that I’m better than him. I wonder how he feels about that?”

“…Feng Hua, you know, it’s like I’m dreaming these days.”

“…Mm,” Feng Hua answered softly. He watched as Feng Yeran gradually closed his eyes, a flash of pain in the shadows under his eyes. Then, his pale lips opened lightly, his voice extremely soft.

“She came to me. It’s been ten years. I really thought… she’d really completely forgotten everything between us. She…”

Feng Hua suddenly closed his eyes. At that moment, he seemed to smell the perfume on Feng Yeran’s body again, so strong that it seemed to have the warmth of a woman. That smell was a thin film that completely separated his Ye’er from him. The flames inside him began to churn again, his breath caught, and his head became sluggish. It seemed as if he couldn’t understand anything Feng Yeran said afterwards at all.

Noticing Feng Hua’s abnormality, Feng Yeran asked, “What’s wrong? Is the water too hot?”

Who knew that the next moment, Feng Hua suddenly grabbed the showerhead and sprayed it at Feng Yeran… The warm water washed over Feng Yeran’s hair, face, neck and body. Feng Yeran was so scared that he dodged away. He brushed his wet hair behind his head with his hand, wiped the water off his face, and opened his mouth to gasp. “Feng Hua!! You…”

The showerhead fell into the water with a splash, and mist billowed. Feng Yeran opened his eyes and saw the naked, youthful teenager standing in the bathtub, gazing at him with a complicated expression, his normally blue eyes appearing dark and deep. His black curls had turned into wisps, and droplets of water were sliding down his hair. At that moment, he seemed to have grown taller and older again, looking fourteen or fifteen.

“Take a bath with me, Ye’er.”

As soon as Feng Hua finished speaking, he rudely removed Feng Yeran’s shirt emitting a scent and pulled him into the bathtub, his palms hot. The warm water wrapped all over Feng Yeran, and that irritating smell finally dissipated into the mist.

Feng Yeran looked at him blankly for a long time before saying, “Sometimes, I find that you’re really, especially willful and overbearing. That’s not right, you’re not a Leo.”

Feng Hua didn’t reply. He just pressed his hot body against Feng Yeran and hugged him tightly. After a long time in the rolling mist, he murmured, “You’re clearly mine.”

After the two of them had taken a bath, it was still early. Feng Yeran suggested watching a little movie, and Feng Hua agreed.

So, one large and one small dug out two “holes” on the messy sofa, then pulled out a recently popular movie and watched it together.

It was an action movie with strong heroism. The protagonist was a fit red-haired man with a first-love girlfriend. Just like the usual melodramatic stories, he climbed mountains of swords and plunged into seas of flames1上刀山下火海 [shàng dāo shān xià huǒ hǎi] means to undergo the most severe trials. for his girlfriend and her country, and seemed to be able to handle everything alone. The storyline was quite exciting, and Feng Hua watched with great interest. However, Feng Yeran didn’t watch the movie properly. He was too busy, with constant phone calls, his computer on the entire time, an email from time to time, and even a video conference. After he finally got all that done, the movie was almost over.

He sat back down next to Feng Hua and asked, “How’s the movie?”

“It’s okay.”

“Ah, I wanted to watch the movie properly, but I ended up…”

“There’s still about ten minutes left.”

Feng Hua took a sip of freshly squeezed orange juice and continued to watch the movie quite seriously. Feng Yeran looked over as well, wondering what could attract him so much.

They were watching a 3D movie, and the effects were quite realistic. It was a post-war scene at this point, with a woman crying as she walked towards a wounded man in the rubble. And the man who was lying on the ground woke up. He swept the surprised woman into his arms, and then, they started kissing.

Feng Yeran froze for a moment. He subconsciously went to cover Feng Hua’s eyes.

However, Feng Hua blocked his hand and said firmly, “Let me see.”

Feng Yeran was a little embarrassed. He suddenly felt like a father with a son who was about to enter puberty…

God damn it, this 3D movie was too realistic, and the sound effect was 360 degrees. The man and woman in the movie seemed to be kissing right in front of the two of them, very realistic, without any sense of incompatibility. Their lips and tongues were tightly glued together, and their breaths were rapid. The angle was constantly changing and their sounds were clear. The man’s hand had even gone deep into the woman’s top…

For a man of Feng Yeran’s age, it was a very ordinary kiss, but the one beside him who was watching intently was still a child… a very young child. He couldn’t help but imagine himself as a child, and his ears went red…

“Feng Hua!” he called out, a little embarrassed and angry. “This will have to wait until you grow up and meet someone you like. You…”

However, Feng Hua wasn’t listening to him at all. He was still intently watching the two people kissing crazily, and, seemingly unconsciously, his fingers holding his jaw gently rubbed against his slightly red lower lip. Feng Yeran looked at him in a daze, unexpectedly thinking that his lips were very nice, thin and beautifully shaped. As an adult, he’d be absolutely restrained and sexy, driving girls crazy.

When he raised his eyes again, he suddenly noticed that Feng Hua was staring at him. His unblinking gaze, and, immersed in shadows, his dark blue, slightly narrowed eyes. His lower lashes were long and slender.

An inexplicable scent flooded the air.

Feng Yeran was suddenly a little timid, when it was clear the one in front of him was still just a child!

“Feng Hua…” he called out again.

“Ye’er, come here,” Feng Hua said softly, his voice a little raspy.

Feng Yeran didn’t understand what he meant. He subconsciously wanted to correct him again. However, before he could say anything, Feng Hua pulled down his neck and his half-closed eyes approached him, his eyelashes long and slender, like a blue swallowtail butterfly fluttering towards him.

His intention couldn’t be more obvious. Feng Yeran abruptly covered his lips.

Feng Hua kissed him on the back of his hand, soft and warm to the touch. It seemed he could smell the fragrance of orange juice, as well as the scent unique to Feng Hua’s body, which had been getting more and more intense these days.

Feng Yeran’s eyes widened. He was too shocked to speak.

Feng Hua’s breath was very close, and his voice was almost begging. “This is the gift I want. Can’t I?”

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    上刀山下火海 [shàng dāo shān xià huǒ hǎi] means to undergo the most severe trials.

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