Chapter 6 – Experimentation

Feng Hua opened his eyes and found himself in a world of pure red.

The floor was scarlet, the walls were bloodstained, and gurgling red liquid flowed down from the ceiling. The colourful comic book was still on the floor. Feng Hua stood up and knocked over a glass milk bottle, which then rolled across the wooden floor. The wind rushed in through the narrow barred window, the small swing in the room began to swing, and pieces of paper about the same person fell to the floor, stained with blood. Feng Hua hurriedly crouched down and picked up the drawing paper one by one, but couldn’t pick them all up.

As the wind grew stronger, Feng Hua walked to the barred window and tried to close it, but couldn’t close it at all—it wasn’t a window, but iron railings, dense iron railings. Feng Hua ran to the door and tried to open it—there was no door, only iron railings, iron railings covered with bloodstains. It wasn’t a room at all, but just a cage, filled with blood, as if containing animals to be slaughtered.

Feng Hua had become a wild bird that’d just been caught, crashing and screaming in the room, his tiny self clawing at his feathers as he slid along the dirty walls to the ground…

When Feng Hua woke up, the 12-hour craniotomy experiment had been over for a whole day.

He was lying on a hospital bed, his once smooth and beautiful black curls had been shaved off, and he had many tubes inserted into his body. He couldn’t breathe on his own and his vision was blurred. He saw a white shadow swaying around him and subconsciously called out, Ye’er.

But he couldn’t make a sound.

A woman was talking beside him, but he couldn’t hear her clearly. He tried to look at everything around him, searching for Feng Yeran’s shadow, but he failed. Feng Yeran wasn’t there.

It took a whole day before his vision became slightly clearer. He was still unable to speak, but he could hear others’ voices clearly. He still hadn’t seen Feng Yeran. He wrote on a piece of paper and asked the female laboratory staff who came and went in a hurry. They told him that Feng Yeran had just finished the experiment and was now busy working with his team to study the data for publication. Countless times, Feng Hua wanted to rip off the tubes and leave the hospital bed to find the person he was longing for, but he was tied to the bed. The ropes that he could have easily ripped off before the operation had now become his biggest obstacle.

He would get a headache every day, want to sleep after the headache, have nightmares when he slept, have dreams about the scarlet room, and then wake up in a vicious cycle. What made it even more of a headache was that he was now weak and couldn’t control his ability. He would turn the false nightmares into real images, and then would be utterly lost in terror for a long time.

Every day, he looked forward to Feng Yeran coming to see him, but Feng Yeran didn’t come.

After half a month, the tubes were finally removed from Feng Hua’s body. He was sent back to his room, but he didn’t want to go back, shaking his head and mumbling “no, it’s scary”. However, the researchers ignored all this, thinking it was just a temporary mental instability after the operation. He kept calling out a person’s name in the room, but few people responded to him. A few kind researchers would tell him at the door: “He’ll be back soon!” and “Don’t shout anymore, maybe he’ll come tomorrow!”

Once again, he was locked in the small room, supervised by Old Zhang outside.

On the first night, there was a lot of noise from the room, but Old Zhang was watching an exciting movie and didn’t notice. For the next three or four days, the room was quiet. Old Zhang occasionally looked through the monitor and saw that he’d remained obediently seated on the swing in the room, slowly swinging, swinging.

In the past, Feng Hua would receive a routine examination once a week, mainly to check his intelligence, psychology and other indicators. But this time, due to a large-scale experiment for which the follow-up required too many people, the test was delayed for three weeks.

And the results were shocking.

Feng Hua’s pupils were dilated, and he was unable to focus, didn’t speak, didn’t move, and didn’t respond at all to the outside world, let alone do any exercise problems, psychological tests, or physical training. His body was so cold that if it wasn’t for his still-beating heart, one would almost doubt whether he was still alive.

Feng Yeran, who was aware of the situation, finally came to see him. It was already the 24th day after the experiment. During this period, Feng Yeran could basically be said to have lost sleep and forgotten about food, and he had long forgotten the time. To him, twenty-four days felt like three days. The experiment was a success. Feng Hua was taken care of and he had left a note for him, so he should have been okay.

But the problem was very serious. For the first time, Feng Hua didn’t run over to Feng Yeran like a puppy when he opened the door; for the first time, Feng Hua didn’t respond when Feng Yeran called his name, but just sat on the swing like a doll, lifeless.

Feng Yeran hadn’t expected such a thing at all. He grabbed Feng Hua’s arm and called his name repeatedly, “Feng Hua! Feng Hua! What’s the matter with you? I’m Feng Yeran! Brother Yeran? Why aren’t you responding? What’s going on? …I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy these days. I should’ve come to see you! But I left a note for you, at the head of your bed. Have you not found it? Feng Hua, silly child, don’t scare me!”

Feng Yeran kept talking, sometimes shouting loudly, sometimes whispering guiltily, his eyes all red. However, Feng Hua didn’t even spare him a glance. He simply didn’t know what to do. He called several colleagues who took care of Feng Hua and asked Old Zhang carefully about Feng Hua’s situation, but didn’t get any little valuable information at all. They all said he had somehow become like that.

It was already time to go to bed, but Feng Hua was still unmoving. The child, who looked twelve years old and had been so lively before, was now sitting quietly like a wooden person, his head hanging down, his lips tight, with a thick blackness underneath his eyes and a faint scar on his forehead, his body cold.

Feng Yeran carefully washed, applied medicine and changed the clothes for the child, and carried him to his small bed. Then, he slept on the bed as well, holding the child’s cold little body tightly.

Things he had almost forgotten these days came flooding back to him—

Feng Hua, the child created by Feng Yeran’s own hands, the child named by him.

He had once said that he liked to see Feng Yeran’s smile, wiped Feng Yeran’s tears with his tender hands, and created so many wonderful visions.

He took Feng Yeran to see the wonderful night sky, and said that he remembered every word Feng Yeran said.

He liked to sleep with Feng Yeran, he liked to act like a spoiled child, and he said he wanted to be with Feng Yeran forever.

His life was very short, and he waited for Feng Yeran in his room every day.

He blushed as he gave Feng Yeran a golden flower in a vast sea of people.

He said that he could use him as he wanted.

He, who’d lived only four years, had already helped Feng Yeran treat hundreds of stomachaches and suppressed cancer cells for Feng Yeran.

He, who was still young and fragile, had already undergone countless experiments, and his flesh had been cut open countless times.

This time it was even a craniotomy experiment…

But when he woke up, he couldn’t see Feng Yeran for a full twenty-four days. Did he have any after-effects of the operation, was he blind again, was he having nightmares, what exactly had he been through… So young, would he feel that he’d been abandoned?!

Thinking of this, Feng Yeran was on the verge of being crushed by regret and remorse. His stomach was throbbing with cramps. He held Feng Hua tightly and kept saying, “I’m sorry… I’m sorry! It’s my fault! Feng Hua, I won’t do this again. Talk to me, okay…”

His hot tears soaked Feng Hua’s pyjamas.

That night, Feng Yeran didn’t fall asleep until midnight.

When he woke up the next day, he was surprised to see Feng Hua sitting at the head of the bed looking at him with a soft smile on his face, as though he’d mostly recovered.

Feng Yeran quickly asked, “You’re not angry anymore?”

Feng Hua nodded, holding the little note Feng Yeran had left for him before he left, with a blush on his face. The little note read: Forgive me, Feng Hua. I’m afraid you won’t see me for a while after you wake up. I have to be busy with many, many things for the publication. But that doesn’t matter. There are brothers and sisters to take care of you. I’ll come back to see you as soon as I’m done! Thank you for agreeing to do this experiment. It’s been hard for you. I hope you get well soon! ^_^

This note had been placed under Feng Hua’s pillow at first, but it had accidentally fallen to the floor and wasn’t found. Now, Feng Hua was clutching it happily in his hand as if he’d taken a treasure, reading it over and over again.

Feng Yeran finally breathed a sigh of relief. He reached out to take him into his arms, and murmured, “What a worrying little monster.”

* * *

After that incident, Feng Yeran would take time to see Feng Hua no matter how busy he was. He’d spend the day immersed in the laboratory with other researchers, and in the evening, he’d go to Feng Hua’s small room with relevant documents and sit as he read documents, wrote reports, wrote in his diary and so on. And Feng Hua would read comics, watch videos, drink milk, or just sprawl out on the little sofa and watch him like a puppy.

He watched as he opened the thick black diary and wrote smoothly in it with a pen, sometimes smiling, sometimes frowning. He wondered what exactly he was writing about. He really wanted to read it. In fact, he could read it from even twenty metres away if he wanted to. But Ye’er said that he wasn’t allowed to read it. If he did, it’d make him angry. Feng Hua thought hazily and gradually fell into sleep.

As long as he was with Feng Yeran like this, he wouldn’t have nightmares, only colourful dreams. He dreamt that Feng Yeran took him by the hand and led him out of the small room, and the two of them followed the winding path into the jungle, listening to the gentle birdsong as they plunged into the waist-high reeds. Feng Hua looked up at the smiling Feng Yeran, and looked at the clusters of reed flowers bearing the sunlight, mixed with gold and pale pink, swaying like waves against the sky-blue background.

Feng Yeran, who was writing in his diary, felt a hairy touch. He was somewhat startled to find reed flowers drifting around him, seemingly tinged with the colour of sunlight. He couldn’t help but stop writing and looked at the child sleeping soundly on the sofa with his head tilted. He seemed to be having a good dream. Feng Yeran thought as he took a blanket to drape over Feng Hua’s body.

* * *

One month later, the preparations for the official news conference had been completed.

Feng Yeran asked, “Feng Hua, would you like to attend the news conference?”

“What do I need to do?” Feng Hua asked.

“You don’t need to do anything, just stay on stage. Mm, of course, you need to answer some questions as well.”

“Will there be a lot of people?”

“Yeah, a lot. They’ll seem rather excited and will keep taking pictures of you. The host will ask you a few simple questions. Even if you’re too nervous when the time comes, it doesn’t matter. We’ll prepare the answers for you. Just memorise them.”

“Will you be by my side?”


“All right then… but.” Fenghua paused for a moment, then said, “If I go, you’ll have to give me a present!”

“What do you want?”

“I’ll tell you when I want it!” The little monster smiled a little craftily.

The live news conference was even more popular than expected. Feng Yeran and the director acted as the main speakers, while the twelve-year-old looking Feng Hua, dressed in a small suit for the first time, stood behind the white curtain, breathing slightly heavily. The moment the white curtain was lifted, he was so irritated by the glare that he couldn’t help blocking it with his arms—countless cameras were pointing at him, constantly taking pictures. His appearance was reflected on the big screen and thousands of people in the exhibition hall were staring at him. At that moment, Feng Hua, who was already somewhat afraid of the crowd, could barely contain his trembling. However, he knew that he couldn’t disgrace Feng Yeran, so he closed his eyes.

But no matter how hard he closed his eyes, he could still hear the sounds. Countless shutters, commentary, surging applause, revolts, praise, and, it seemed, he could even hear their whispers.

“Isn’t this Feng Mu’s second son? I’ve heard he’s run away from home for many years.”

“Feng Boran’s probably going to be furious now. His younger brother who’s twelve years younger than him actually caught up.”

“I’ve heard that Feng Yeran and Feng Boran were love rivals. At that time, they had a fierce fight over a woman, and then he ran away from home!”

“I damn wish they’d fought more! These two guys have been in the limelight these past few years.”

“Look at that poor child. He’s only just had a craniotomy and he’s brought to participate in this. His hair hasn’t even grown back yet. He’s going to suffer later.”

“Don’t be fooled by that skin bag. It’s a monster. We’d be puking instantly if it showed its original form. Well, no experiment is too much!”

“Why is it a male? His older brother too, making a male housekeeper. What we want is a beauty. The one at home isn’t smart at all. The damn power went out yesterday. My words got stuck inside…”

“Hahahaha… How’s your baby?”

“What are you still caring about the gender for? I think this boy is very good, much more innocent and beautiful than those female stars in the magazines. Besides, he’s an Adesir. It’s said that no one can match them in that department…”

“Damn, I’m all wet!”

“What’s all this nonsense, dead woman? How much does this boy cost? If we buy him, perhaps we’ll make a fortune in the future…”

—The initial fear was gradually replaced with anger. The more he heard, the fiercer his inner flame burned. Feng Hua’s fists turned white from his squeezing. Although he didn’t understand much, he knew those were dirty, disgusting words. He couldn’t figure out why the people below were like that—like wearing beautiful smiling masks over their ugly, vicious faces, plotting their own obscene, vicious plans while warmly applauding.

He didn’t care what those people said about him, but the moment he heard them speak ill of Feng Yeran, he felt the urge to strangle them immediately. However, he had promised Feng Yeran not to move around or disobey him, so he tried hard to stand quietly.

Occasionally, he would raise his eyes to look at Feng Yeran. He watched him enthusiastically giving a presentation to the audience from the stage, looking very passionate and professional. Gradually, he realised that most of the people weren’t so bad. They were sincerely praising this achievement. In the crowd, there were countless young girls, middle-aged women, and even some men staring at Feng Yeran on the stage with an unusually excited emotion. Feng Hua seemed to see smelly ribbons gushing out from them and wrapping around Feng Yeran. Those ribbons drew them closer together. At the banquet after the news conference, they stood around Feng Yeran with their wine, tightening their ribbons even more… Women took Feng Yeran’s arm, and men wrapped their arms around his neck and even pressed up against him, taking him into spaces he couldn’t see—completely binding Feng Yeran with the layers of ribbons reeking of disgust!

Once again, Feng Hua experienced that overwhelming feeling of annoyance, just like last time in the bar, but even worse. He wasn’t far away, and there were many people taking pictures of him and many people approaching him for a conversation, but it was like he’d been put into a plastic bubble that he couldn’t tear apart, unable to hear anyone else speak, not caring about anything else; there was only Feng Yeran, the only light in the terrible, dark world.

He was gradually running out of oxygen in the bubble, his heart stifled with pain and his breath short, but his back was slightly chilled again. He hated those ribbons, hated all the turbid, eager, expectant, longing, thirsty gazes towards Feng Yeran, hated the sweaty fingers that touched Feng Yeran. Those gazes and those touches, to him, were like the mud that’d pollute the clear spring water. He was afraid that Feng Yeran would be polluted, feared that Feng Yeran would drift further and further away from him! Something was surging in his heart, as if constantly warning him that he should do something immediately to prevent worse things from happening!

So he tried to call out Feng Yeran’s name in the bubble. “Ye’er! Ye’er!”

Feng Yeran didn’t hear.

Feng Hua struggled to tear open the bubble, then walked step by step through the crowd towards Feng Yeran, his pace increasing until he was running, until he was hugging him tightly from behind!

His movements were so clumsy that he knocked Feng Yeran forward. The clear liquor spilt out of the glass and stained Feng Yeran’s fancy clothes.

The lady next to him covered her red lips and a shriek spilt out through her fingers.

Feng Yeran frowned slightly and tried to turn around, only to find Feng Hua hugging him dead tight. He still looked only twelve years old, but his strength was so strong that he was in pain and unable to move. Feng Yeran asked worriedly, “What’s wrong?”

Feng Hua buried his head under Feng Yeran’s back, his fingers gripping Feng Yeran’s liquor-stained lapel so tightly that his finger bones had gone white. He begged in a low voice, “Ye’er, let’s go home.” Just like an aggrieved, capricious child.

Feng Yeran felt his slightly trembling body and his rapid breathing, and smiled. He didn’t chastise Feng Hua, but just placed the wine glass on the waiter’s tray. He took Feng Hua’s cold little hand and squeezed it comfortingly. “Mm, let’s go home.”

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