Chapter 4 – Wish

Soft, slow music rippled through the darkened room. In the middle, on top of a large cake, were four bright candles, their glow outlining the adult, Feng Yeran, and the child that looked twelve years old, Feng Hua, sitting on either side. Feng Hua was dressed in a dark blue knitted old sweater and wore a tall birthday paper crown. Behind him was a small Christmas tree decorated with all sorts of cute little presents. A particularly cute teddy bear sat beside him, which was a present from Feng Yeran when he had turned three. This year’s present was a small swing.

It was Feng Hua’s fourth birthday, though his physical appearance had reached the human age of twelve and his intelligence was far beyond that age. He had been in the research institute for four whole years, and his home was this small, dark, enclosed room. Feng Yeran accompanied him here every day, and took him out every week to walk around the deserted hillside nearby.

“Feng Hua, happy birthday,” Feng Yeran said softly.

Looking at the child in front of him, who was rather delicate-looking, with fair skin and eyes reflecting candlelight, he was in a particularly good mood, and didn’t even know how happily he was smiling.

Just as Feng Yeran finished saying “happy birthday”, Feng Hua smiled.

Feng Yeran felt that Feng Hua’s smile was like a suddenly blossoming flower—because at the moment he smiled, a lot of bright things rose from the ordinary floor, like stars, like fireflies, like small glowing shrimps in the deep sea, and like silver bells trembling on the monastery branches. They danced merrily in the air, making ethereal, wonderful sounds.

Feng Hua smiled in this vast, beautiful world, his body reflecting a glistening lustre. It was obvious that he was happy.

“Make a wish,” Feng Yeran said. “Just like last year, blow out the candles when you’re done.”

“I want to be with Ye’er forever.”

Feng Yeran bent his eyes. “Fool, it won’t work if you say it—and don’t call me Ye’er.”

Feng Hua stood up, grabbed Feng Yeran’s wrist that was on the table, and leaned over to blow out the candles.

The moment the candles went out, Feng Yeran felt a strong current of air lift them up from the bottom to the top—and those wonderful, shining creatures surged up into the sky with them. At that moment, it was like a drop of crystalline, viscous liquid had fallen into water, spinning and spreading around in an instant… They seemed to have broken through the confines of the house as they soared up into the sky. Little Feng Hua took Feng Yeran’s hand. Above their heads were countless stars, golden stars that were thick and beautiful, like a radiant river surging on a deep blue painting. And beneath their feet were buildings wrapped in silvery light, vast and endless mountains and rivers, colourful snowflakes…

Feng Hua looked at the bright stars and asked, “Ye’er, do you like it?”

“It’s really your style! It’s snowing and there are stars, which isn’t logical. But—it’s really very, very pretty! The illusions you create are getting more and more real. It’s unbelievable! But, you’ve never seen the starry night sky. How did you do that?” Feng Yeran was puzzled. “After all, every time we see the night sky, there are only two or three stars.”

“Ye’er brought some painting collections recently.”

“So you got your inspiration from them! But why do you want to show me the starry sky? Those paintings include all kinds of things, not just the starry sky.”

“Because you said you wanted to see them.”


“132 days ago, when you took me out for the second time, on the hillside, you said you had never seen the starry night sky before.”

Feng Yeran was stunned for a long time before he finally remembered. He couldn’t help patting Feng Hua’s head. “I’m really curious about the structure of your head. Can you remember everything I say? And with such clear times?!”

Feng Hua looked up at him and was actually a little proud. “That’s nothing. I can even remember every single word Ye’er has said!”

At 10pm, Feng Yeran tidied up the room, while Feng Hua, having already washed up and taken his medicine, was lying obediently on his small bed watching him. The medicine he took was an inhibitor, similar to a sleeping pill, which would make his head feel heavy, his muscles loose and his strength weak, making him fall asleep quickly. It was a means of controlling him from above; after all, they were afraid he’d go berserk in his unconsciousness. Feng Yeran took his temperature and then applied medicine to his wounds as usual.

Little Feng Hua had scars all over his back and arms. Those were the marks of experiments. Although Feng Hua’s recovery ability was already many times faster than that of normal people, the frequent experiments still left scars on his thin body.

Feng Yeran said as he applied medicine to him, “Feng Hua, do you know. You’re the world’s first new human. You’re a perfect fusion of human and Adesir genes, pure blood. Previous experiments were able to extract about 3% of Adesir genes at most, and they even ended in failure. But yours is nearly 89%. No one in the world dares believe it, all saying we’re spreading rumours. Haha, wait for them to say it. The abilities you have now are already amazing, and I don’t know how they’ll develop in the future. You are my pride. By the time you reach the human age of eighteen, your physical signs should have stabilised. We’ll take you to the news conference and let those stupid people slap themselves in the face.”

Feng Hua listened silently to what Feng Yeran had already said to him countless times, without a trace of impatience.

As Feng Yeran spoke excitedly, his movements suddenly slowed down.

Feng Hua immediately turned around and placed his hand over his stomach.

After a while, when the pain disappeared, Feng Yeran slowly said, “Feng Hua, I’ve always believed that you’re God’s gift to me… Haha, though I’m not religious, I really feel that you’re God’s miracle to me. I was about to die, but you came to me… Feng Hua…”

Feng Hua let him sit him on the small bed and finally interrupted him, “With me, you’ll always live well!”

“Fool, you can suppress the tumour’s development, but you can’t cure me. My disease is terminal. I know how bad it is. No one can cure it. In fact, I don’t expect myself to live much longer. I just hope that while I’m alive, I can… make achievements… to let those people…”

He seemed to think of something and frowned in pain. Then, he stood up, intending to leave.

However, his wrist was grabbed again. Feng Hua looked up at him, his fingers gripping tightly. “Tonight, can you… not leave. Ye’er, sleep with me.”

That night, Feng Yeran stayed in this small room, lying on the little bed with little Feng Hua.

The space was very small. Feng Yeran was very tired and soon fell asleep with his back to Feng Hua, breathing evenly.

And in the darkness, Feng Hua covered him carefully with the blanket and held him carefully from behind, putting his warm little hands over his stomach to help suppress his pain.

He didn’t close his eyes for almost the entire night. He took care of Feng Yeran in the darkness. With his extremely strong hearing, he could sense the sounds of everything in this world—the sound of wolves howling in the distance, the sound of birds chirping, the sound of the wind blowing the leaves, the sound of leaves beating against the window, the sound of the person tossing and turning beside him, his even breathing, his sleep-talking, and, under his palm, the sound of his drumming heartbeat, the sound of the heartbeat he so fondly remembered.

At that time, Feng Yeran didn’t know that even when Feng Hua took sleeping pills, he was completely unaffected.

He didn’t know that such a small child could take care of him all night.

There were too many things he didn’t know.

Just as he also didn’t know that Feng Hua had learnt how to quickly heal wounds without leaving traces at the age of three, but pretended to be covered in wounds in front of him, waiting for him to apply medicine to him with his own hands.

The elegant baritone, the quiet piano sound, the snow-white flowers, the thick blood, the pale wrist, the hideous wounds, the knife on the floor. Blood gurgled out and fell on clothes, on carpet, on flower petals, on bare feet. There was no pain, but a kind of secret ecstasy, like a kind of dark, evil demon revelling inside the body, rejoicing for the end.

Feng Hua awoke with a jolt, his chest heaving. He looked at his wrist, which only had the scars he’d deliberately left, without a trace of blood. The dream that’d been incomparably clear was soon far away, disappearing without a trace in his mind.

He turned on his side and looked at the person sleeping beside him.

Feng Yeran was lying on his side facing him, his body slightly curled up, hiding under the covers like a child. Pale light shone onto his cheek through the gaps of the window, outlining his silhouette. His black hair was slightly dishevelled, the tips giving the illusion of light brown in the sunlight. Feng Hua pulled away the hair blocking his eyes, which were soft to the touch.

Feng Yeran had a pair of beautiful eyes with double eyelids, the corners of which were slightly downwards, long and somewhat curly eyelashes, a small mole above his right eye, and a very heroic shape to his eyebrows, the arches of which gave a sense of pride. However, because he was so thin, his eye sockets were a little deep, and because of his poor health, the dark circles underneath his eyes didn’t go away all year round, so he looked a little gloomy. But Feng Hua knew how good he looked when he smiled, when the gloom cleared.

He couldn’t help but flip open his sketchbook, quietly tracing Feng Yeran’s outline with a pencil. The sunlight was a little thicker at the moment, dissolving the gloom on Feng Yeran’s face. His eyelashes fluttered lightly and his lips were slightly open, as if he was having a beautiful dream, and his eyebrows were stretched out, as if carrying a faint smile. The breeze rushed in through the gaps of the window and lightly brushed the hair behind Feng Yeran’s ear, those soft black strands slowly sliding down and hanging in front of his eyes, which had a languid beauty to the look.

Feng Hua stared at his eyes and froze for a moment, then began to draw.

The shadows of flying birds swept across the white gauze curtains, it became noisier and noisier the outside of the laboratory, and Feng Yeran’s phone vibrated several times.

Feng Yeran stirred slightly.

Feng Hua put down his sketchbook and stared at him, a faint blush on his face.

Feng Yeran opened his hazy eyes and dazedly looked at the teenager in front of him.

Feng Hua looked at him and his heart suddenly beat much faster for some reason—at the moment when Feng Yeran opened his eyes, and went from dazed, to surprised, then to smiling and saying “Good morning, Feng Hua”, Feng Hua watched his series of changing expressions and associated it with the sunrise.

He seemed to see a red sun rising out of the darkness, and he was wrapped up in the brilliant sunlight at that moment, his heart overwhelmed with excitement, so much so that he could hardly speak.

“What’s the matter?” Feng Yeran asked, puzzled.

Feng Hua was red all over his face and bursts of heat were rising from his head.

“Is it a fever?”

With that, he naturally pulled Feng Hua down and pressed his forehead against him. Feng Hua instantly dodged away like a frightened deer.

Feng Yeran was baffled. Suddenly, his attention was drawn to the sketchbook on the bed. He had just reached out for it when Feng Hua quickly hid the sketchbook behind him.

“Secret.” He spat out that word with a red face.

Feng Yeran blinked. He couldn’t help but rub his hair hard. “Hey, you’ve really grown up. You even have secrets now!”

* * *

The next summer, Feng Yeran took Feng Hua to the city for the first time.

Feng Hua looked about twelve or thirteen years old, though he’d only lived for a little more than four years. He had never been to the city before; in fact, the most he had ever been to was the surrounding fields. He rarely saw people, so he was very nervous.

To give him a deeper understanding of city life, Feng Yeran took him on train line four. There were too many people inside and Feng Hua’s whole body was tense. He clutched Feng Yeran’s hand tightly, his palms sweating and his eyes full of panic. Seeing him like this, Feng Yeran was really a bit distressed, so he pushed the child to the corner of the carriage and shielded him with his body. Feng Hua looked up at him, his face flushed.

The train ride would last a full hour and would take them from outside the city to the city centre. The large transparent windows showed Feng Hua the whole new world from all sides. Gradually, he shifted from his initial panic to excitement.

He looked out the window and saw—

Before he knew it, the train was travelling through the air, surrounded by clouds and mist. When the clouds were less, he could clearly see the buildings towering straight into the clouds, the white blue-roofed spires, a slightly shorter classical clock tower, and the railways wrapping around it like ribbons.

“Ah, over there, Ye’er, what’s that?” Feng Hua called out excitedly.

It was something like a hot air balloon, but a little bigger and more oval, floating slowly in the air.

“That’s an air tour ship!”


“Yeah, some tourists want to see the whole city, so they take the air tour ship with their families and slowly make a full circle around the city.”

“What if they get hungry?”

“Silly boy! It’s like a luxury hotel with everything, so how could there be no food.” Feng Yeran smiled. “If you like, I can take you to experience it when we get the chance.”


“Of course. Don’t get too excited. Later, there’ll be a lot you haven’t seen. For example, underground cities.”

“There are cities underground?”

“Yeah, in some areas, underground cities are much more prosperous than above ground. The underground city in the city centre has three whole floors, with zoos, amusement parks, residential areas and so on. It really has everything.”

“Are we going to play there?”

“I just want to show you around and buy you some decent clothes. You can’t always wear old ones!”

The two of them got off the train in the shopping district on the first floor of the underground city. A light show was being held on this day, with shiny hearts appearing on the ground at every step they took. The beautiful woman on the huge advertisement made all sorts of graceful poses in the air, with an elegant voice, giving passers-by a flying kiss every now and then. There were shopping guide robots on the streets, which were dedicated to answering all kinds of questions and quick in their movements.

Along the way, Feng Hua was simply dazzled. But despite his excitement, he hadn’t gotten rid of his fear of people. He kept a firm grip on Feng Yeran’s hand, not wanting to let go. Even in the clothing store, he didn’t dare go into the small room alone to try on clothes and had to have Feng Yeran go with him, which made Feng Yeran laugh and cry.

Feng Yeran bought three sets of clothes for Feng Hua: one set of pyjamas, one set of autumn and winter clothes, and one set of summer clothes. Feeling thirsty, he let Feng Hua sit on the stool and went to buy drinks.

When he returned, he found that Feng Hua had become the centre of attention.

Many visitors had stopped by to look back. Two girls were already standing next to him, talking to him about something. Feng Yeran thought, He’s still so young and it’s like this. Do we have to wrap him up when he’s older?

And Feng Hua was clearly embarrassed. He was clutching something in his hand, tilting his head slightly, and his ears were scarlet. His slightly long curls blocked half an eye and the other eye drooped down. With his delicate profile and fair skin, he seemed better looking than the children in the advertisements.

When he noticed Feng Yeran at the back of the crowd, he suddenly raised his eyes—Feng Yeran seemed to see slumbering blue butterflies suddenly fluttering at that moment. His eyes were blue and bright, and his pale lips curled up. Feng Yeran took a deep breath, feeling an impulse to hug him.

Feng Hua ran towards Feng Yeran, as excited as he was when he heard Feng Yeran’s footsteps while he was locked up alone in the laboratory before.

“Ye’er!” He looked up at Feng Yeran, his face slightly red.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s for you.”

Only then did Feng Yeran realise that Feng Hua was holding a small flower. It was golden, very ordinary, but also very beautiful. It was obviously just a small flower, but Feng Yeran was truly touched, as if the flower was made of gold.

Feng Yeran took it in his hand. “Thank you!”

Feng Hua hugged Feng Yeran’s waist and rubbed his head against his clothes. Feng Yeran was helpless. “You’re so big, and you’re still acting like a spoiled child!”

Feng Hua was comfortable with the hug and didn’t let go at all.

Suddenly, Feng Yeran noticed a familiar car not far away, and a man and a woman were looking over and saying something. The man was about thirty-five years old, with a straight suit and a serious expression, and he looked somewhat similar to Feng Yeran. The woman was nestled in his arms, wearing a black evening dress that exposed her shoulders, with an expensive pearl necklace around her neck, her long hair coiled behind her head, and her make-up exquisite and elegant; it was obvious she was travelling to some ceremony.

As they walked towards Feng Yeran, a strong wind blew. The golden flower in Feng Yeran’s hand went with the wind, then lay on the ground and was crushed under the pedestrians’ feet.

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