Chapter 30 – Truth (I)

“Feng Hua, I love you.”

Just after hearing this sentence, the wet flowers, the bright moon, and the people close by all disappeared.

Only this sentence still hung in the air, gradually condensing into a key that fell into Feng Hua’s hands. In front of him was a small white house piled up with paper. Smooth walls, a nicely shaped roof, a beautiful door and window, and an elaborate chimney.

As long as he opened the door with the key and walked in, he could get the truth.

To find the forgotten memories and know the whole truth about himself and Ye’er.

—But, why must he find the truth?

Feng Hua thought, As Sean and Qin Xihe said, as in the first fairy tale, if love is connected with death, I’d rather not love. Even if I have to cycle through the cruel story again and again, it’s fine as long as I can be with him. Perhaps, truth means love, but it’s fleeting, it’s vain, and it means the end! Why does it have to end? I want to be with him! It doesn’t matter how painful it is! It doesn’t matter if I can never be loved by him!

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice.

“Feng Hua, come here.”

Right at the door of the house, Feng Yeran stood there, smiling. “Feng Hua, look, this is our home. Do you like it?”

Feng Hua’s mind went blank, and he ran over.

He carefully touched Feng Yeran’s skin with his hand, and he felt it!

He hugged Feng Yeran. “Ye’er… Ye’er!”

“Silly child, why’re you crying? Come on, open the door and see what it’s like inside?”

“No… I can’t…”

“Why not? Don’t worry—”

Feng Yeran covered his hand over Feng Hua’s, inserted the key and slowly turned his wrist, and the door opened.

The two of them walked in.

In an instant, countless pages shook, and strong light from the outside world surged in through the cracks, colourful. Countless pages and countless words intertwined and merged with each other, finally forming concrete images and sounds, along with commentary.

Finally, the true story of Feng Yeran and Feng Hua was revealed:


Feng Yeran’s father was Feng Mu, the president of SW’s top research institute, and his mother was Yao Yumei, the mistress of Feng Mu’s passing love affair. Feng Yeran lived with his mother in a slum on the third floor underground since he was young, and when he was eight years old, Feng Mu took him and Yao Yumei back to the Feng family. Yao Yumei always grovelled but wasn’t respected. She died of cancer on February 5th during Feng Yeran’s third year of high school, and Feng Mu didn’t attend her funeral.

Feng Yeran’s first love was Chen Xuan, a high school classmate, and he dated her for one and a half years since the bonfire party in the second semester of his first year. Chen Xuan, however, had cheated on Feng Yeran with his older brother, Feng Boran, who was 12 years older than him, after half a year of dating, and this affair was exposed in Feng Yeran’s third year. Later, Chen Xuan and Feng Boran got married.

Feng Yeran failed the college entrance examination and severed ties with the Feng family.

Through constant efforts, he finally became a member of the research institute. Since university, he had set up a team and started researching Adesir embryos. He found an Adesir embryo in the most unlikely cold lands of R planet and prepared to welcome the birth of new humans, but he was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in a hospital room, so he hid his condition from the outside world. This embryo was his last hope, and he wanted to use it to realise his ambitions in the last years of his life.

On Christmas Day in 2232, the monster he created was born—possessing 89% of the Adesir bloodline, but just a disgusting, cruel piece of rotting flesh. And this piece of rotting flesh, after a high fever, unexpectedly took on the form of a baby. Feng Yeran named him Feng Hua.

Feng Hua was exceptionally gifted. He could turn illusions into reality and could inhibit Feng Yeran’s cancer cells. He was regarded as a key research subject of the research institute. He was like a blank sheet of paper, learning emotions bit by bit, and he brought countless surprises to Feng Yeran. His public appearances made Feng Yeran a celebrity. Feng Yeran regarded Feng Hua as his son, while Feng Hua’s world had only Feng Yeran. At a young age, when he learned what feelings were, he fell in love with Feng Yeran.

However, Feng Hua’s advances were rejected by Feng Yeran. With the after-effects of the major operation, long period of imprisonment, and terrible loneliness, Feng Hua longed to know Feng Yeran’s whereabouts outside. Thus, he split off a second personality, the red-haired Sean. Sean represented Feng Hua’s id, which was evil, cruel, filled with passion and driven by desire.

Sean helped Feng Hua monitor Feng Yeran. Feng Yeran met Chen Xuan and rekindled an old love affair with her.

Chen Xuan made Feng Hua break out. He turned into a monster and almost killed Chen Xuan. Then, he was threatened by Feng Yeran, and after going berserk, he was turned into a honeycomb by anaesthesia shots and became rotting flesh again.

Some of its limbs were searching for Feng Yeran while it was unconscious, and it happened to overhear Feng Yeran’s conversation with the director. Feng Yeran said that he was working on an experiment that could replace Feng Hua, which would only take three years, and that when the time came, he would kill Feng Hua himself.

After hearing that, Feng Hua completely broke down and shrunk into a hard core, losing all human characteristics.

However, this was its misunderstanding. He had only heard what was in front. Feng Yeran was being sarcastic at that time. What he originally said was: I’m working on an experiment that can replace Feng Hua. It’ll only take three years. When the time comes, I will kill Feng Hua. Director, did you think I’d say that? He did make a big mistake this time, but he is my child. I will take responsibility for his affairs. No matter what, I won’t kill him!

However, it was because of this misunderstanding that Feng Hua completely broke down. In his deep sleep, no matter how much Feng Yeran called out to him, he didn’t respond.

For his obsession or to save himself, Feng Hua split up a third personality, Qin Xiche, a psychiatrist. Representing Feng Hua’s reason, his superego, she helped him pull himself together and pointed out that he could get him by any means necessary. Even if there wasn’t love.

Feng Hua began to work for Feng Yeran only in exchange for intimate interactions with him. Unknowingly, Feng Yeran’s feelings for Feng Hua grew dramatically—Feng Hua’s increasing seductiveness, Feng Hua’s kisses that made him realise Feng Hua had grown up and was no longer a child, Feng Hua’s occasional indifference towards him that made him inexplicably jealous, and Feng Hua’s confession to him in front of the whole world that shocked him. His mind was always on Feng Hua.

Feng Hua didn’t notice Feng Yeran’s gradually shifting feelings. He only knew that the person Feng Yeran loved was Chen Xuan. He yearned and suffered day and night. He wanted to get Feng Yeran so much, he wanted to get rid of Chen Xuan and the others so much, but didn’t want to dirty his hands and be hated by Feng Yeran, so he set up a ruse. He used his split personality, Sean, to do all the terrible things, while he took on the role of saviour himself.

His doppelganger, Sean, the symbol of desire, exposed the relationship between Feng Yeran and Chen Xuan. He thought that it was time to drop Feng Yeran down when he had been brought to the top. Make Feng Yeran lose his reputation. After he lost everything, he would realise that only Feng Hua was still by his side.

Sean succeeded. Feng Yeran had fallen to the bottom, and Feng Hua remained by his side during the most tragic moment of his life. Feng Hua became the only one he could rely on, the only one he trusted.

And Sean tempted Feng Yeran to say who he wanted to kill in his dream and fulfil his own wish (this was not Feng Yeran’s real wish, but his momentary anger). Chen Xuan and Feng Boran died due to heart attacks.

Xiao Zhijie hired an expert to help Feng Yeran with public opinion. However, this man had actually made a deal with Chen Xuan. Chen Xuan would get Feng Boran and he would get Feng Yeran. He realised that Feng Hua had become an obstacle to him getting Feng Yeran, so he made Feng Yeran realise that Feng Hua wasn’t so simple.

Xiao Zhijie, in fact, loved Feng Yeran morbidly and wanted to keep him prisoner. Feng Hua completed the transformation from Sean to himself in front of Feng Yeran. He tormented Xiao Zhijie with visions that drove him mad, and showed Feng Yeran the terrifying visions.

Finally, Feng Yeran was made clearly aware that Feng Hua was suffering from a serious mental illness.

His team began to investigate Feng Hua rigorously, and he finally confirmed that the murderer who drove Xiao Zhijie mad, killed Chen Xuan and Feng Boran, and ruined his reputation was Feng Hua. This was the child he loved most.

At first, he couldn’t accept it at all and was utterly terrified.

But, when he really saw how seriously ill Feng Hua was, he just couldn’t bear it.

He reflected a lot on it. Indeed, the ones who made Feng Hua split were actually him and the research institute. Feng Hua was originally such a naive child, so innocent.

Feng Yeran really only had Feng Hua left. He decided to do his best to save him.

Feng Hua was too unstable. He was extremely terrifying when he went mad. He killed Eve, whom the director had arranged to mate with him, and destroyed his replicas, including the newest embryo.

The chain of events put Feng Hua in an extremely unfavourable situation, and it was highly likely he would be euthanised.

It was Feng Yeran, vouching for Feng Hua with everything he had, who kept him alive, just put under house arrest.

Feng Yeran wanted to save Feng Hua, but didn’t know that Feng Hua, who already knew that he himself was the killer, only wanted to destroy himself in despair. He killed Eve and destroyed the replicas and the embryo, just wanting to be killed.

He gave Feng Yeran a single-choice question: Love me, or kill me.

He laughed when he said that. He knew that Feng Yeran would never love him.

But Feng Yeran unexpectedly chose to love him. Feng Hua couldn’t believe it. It was just like a dream.

During that time, the two of them were together every day, healing each other.

However, the good times didn’t last long. Very soon, Feng Yeran found that no matter how much Feng Hua treated him, his condition got worse.

The examination results were quite bad. He didn’t have long to live.

And there was absolutely no way he could leave Feng Hua; three days was all it took to make him go mad again. Moreover, Feng Hua was already too strong. The raging hatred and pain would become his strength and make him do terrible things.

After much deliberation, Feng Yeran tried to make Feng Hua lose his memory, but failed.

Disease and depression tormented him, and finally, one night, he attempted to kill Feng Hua with his own hands. But he couldn’t do it.

He jumped from the high astronomy tower, wanting to end everything.

He was saved by Feng Hua.

Feng Hua was in extreme pain. He said, If you dare die, I’ll destroy the world!

By that time, it was the end of 2239.

After many twists and turns, Feng Hua took Feng Yeran everywhere in search of a doctor to treat his illness.


Only Feng Yeran knew that this disease was already beyond treatment.

He noticed Feng Hua’s white hairs and his occasional exhausted appearance, and finally realised that Feng Hua was treating him with his life.

It couldn’t go on like this, so he decided to deceive Feng Hua.

The person he chose was Selena, a woman who, with part alien blood, was so much stronger than the average person that even Feng Hua couldn’t easily hurt her. After discussing with Selena, he had her pretend to be able to cure him and play the role of a lover so that Feng Hua would leave on his own. When he died, they’d say that he had married Selena, gone to her hometown and couldn’t return, and occasionally show him some videos and give him regular letters, which, of course, had been prepared in advance.

He knew that the Adesir were quite single-minded and that it must be very painful at first. But, with time, it would naturally heal itself. After all, nothing was eternal. What else could resist the wash of time?

Everything went on smoothly according to Feng Yeran’s plan. He and Selena were interacting more and more at the hospital. Selena told Feng Hua that the operation was successful and that he was almost cured. Then, Feng Yeran forced himself to dance with Selena at the ball… Finally, he told Feng Hua that he had decided to move in with Selena, and, of course, Feng Hua couldn’t live with them. He had Feng Hua leave.

Feng Hua left, but would wait in the garden every night.

That was July 2240.

Every day, the constant chirping of summer insects, that blistering heat, the constant rainstorms, and Feng Hua kept waiting and waiting.

No matter what Feng Yeran did, his mind was always on the child downstairs—

Is he still downstairs? It’s raining! Did he bring an umbrella?! Does he see the yellow umbrella hanging on the iron gate? It’s thundering… He won’t get all wet again, will he? Ah! He’s really down there… This silly child! Why don’t I just go down and tell him that I…

Feng Yeran tried to restrain himself from calling out to Feng Hua and running straight to him, but he failed.

It was the seventh night Feng Hua had been waiting, and Feng Yeran had been rather restless all day.

He seemed to be having some fever, and he was dizzy all night.

He found the window open and didn’t know when it’d been opened.

He walked over, and, just as expected, in the undulating mist, he saw the child he missed day and night.

The moment their eyes met, he forgot everything.

He was still too selfish after all. He had forgotten his plan…

He just wanted to call out Feng Hua’s name, just wanted to hug him right away, just wanted to tell him what he really thought right away, just wanted to leave with him right away!

Leave this place!

Leave all the pain! All the disease! All the hopelessness!

Not think of anything! No regard for the consequences!

Go to the ends of the earth together!

So, he pulled Feng Hua and ran.

In the grass, he laughed and cried and he told Feng Hua, I love you!

They eloped.


Feng Yeran only contacted Selena. Selena prepared medical facilities, enough medicine, and a personal doctor, Qin Xihe, for Feng Yeran. He and Feng Hua cut off almost all contact with the research institute and went into seclusion.

From July 2240 to December 20, 2241, more than 500 days, were their happiest times.

Even in the most painful times, they were happy. When Feng Yeran was sick, Feng Hua stayed by his side day and night, and when Feng Yeran woke up, he could always see Feng Hua’s smiling face.

When Feng Yeran was better, they would go for walks and travel nearby.

Every minute of every day was so beautiful, so precious.

In the height of summer, they drifted on the turquoise lake, surrounded by lotus flowers, and Feng Hua dove into the water and caught a big fish for Feng Yeran.

Feng Yeran was either in a wheelchair or carried by Feng Hua. They went deep into the forest to observe all kinds of animals, cute hares, furry owls, and an endless sea of flowers and countless fireflies.

Before falling asleep, no matter what kind of beautiful scenery he wanted to see, Feng Hua would always, like magic, let his Ye’er experience it himself. They would sometimes sink into the deep sea and sometimes travel in space.

They wandered through the rose jungle, with large red Damascus roses, strong fragrances, and exquisite rosa centifolia. The sea of roses was like waves. Feng Yeran always liked to bury his head in the flowers, tasting the flavour of flowers as if drinking wine.

They lay on the roof in the early autumn evening, counting the stars in the sky until Feng Yeran fell asleep.

Occasionally, they would go shopping in the crowded market. The rare classical market seemed to go back hundreds of years. As long as the two of them were together, even ordinary red apples and tiny oranges looked so beautiful.

They always remembered each other’s birthdays. On that day, they blew out the candles together and made wishes.

They went to the chapel to pray together.

When he was sneakily kissed by Feng Yeran, the innocent Feng Hua would always blush all over in an instant and then immediately kiss Feng Yeran till he couldn’t breathe.

In the deep winter, they sat by the fireplace, looking out the window at the white snow. Even if they didn’t say a word, their hearts were overflowing with happiness.

In September 2240, Feng Yeran bought a golden notebook from a small stationery store. He just couldn’t put down the beautiful notebook. When he got home, he said to Feng Hua, I’m gonna write a diary on it! It’ll be different from what I wrote before. I want to write a diary of happiness this time!

Every day, as long as he was well enough, he would go to his study and write for a while.

After a whole year, he finished writing it. He went to the rose jungle with Feng Hua, buried the golden notebook in the soil, and said to Feng Hua, This is my gift to you! If I die, you’ll dig it out and read it…

At that time, Feng Hua suddenly left. Feng Yeran thought he was angry.

“Eh, you child! Why’d you just leave?! Why won’t you listen to me? Don’t get angry!”

Feng Yeran struggled to chase after him, only to find that Feng Hua was standing still in front of him, his body just trembling violently.

Even if he couldn’t see him, he knew that Feng Hua was crying silently at this moment. The hot tears and snot were being wiped away messily with the back of his hand, but he couldn’t wipe them all away.

Feng Yeran sighed and hugged Feng Hua from behind. “Why’re you crying? Crybaby.”

“I’m not crying!”

Feng Hua was clearly a very powerful monster, but at that moment, he could only cry secretly like a child. There was nothing he could do.

He’d always been very scared.

No matter how happy he was, he was afraid.

He always forced himself to forget the fact that Feng Yeran was dying, but almost every night, he’d wake up with a start countless times, then rest his head against Feng Yeran’s chest and listen to his heartbeat.

If he woke up one morning and his Ye’er was already… what would he do?

He was right to be afraid. From October 2241, Feng Yeran was unable to walk. He just lay in bed day and night.

His memory was declining very noticeably. He was drowsy and his eyesight was declining.

The colourful world gradually became black and white in his eyes.

His clear vision gradually became blurred.

What he said one moment would be forgotten the next.

He was awake for no more than three hours a day.

That day, Feng Yeran’s physical condition suddenly became very good and his mind became very clear. He could even get up and walk.

He asked Feng Hua to take him to the garden nearby for a stroll.

Feng Hua dressed him in a thick cotton-padded jacket, draped a blanket over him, and pushed him in his wheelchair to the lawn.

It was dusk. As the two of them looked at the slowly setting sun, Feng Yeran said with a smile, “Feng Hua, do you know… when I… began to like you…?”

“Last year?”

“Even earlier.”

“When you knew I became seriously ill…?”

“Even earlier.”

“Last time you said you only began to like me when you eloped with me last year.”

“That was a lie! In fact… I’ve always liked you, always loved you… my… little baby!”


“Don’t blush at this age! Well… the first time you… tried to… kiss me, I actually thought the shape of your lips was very beautiful, and a little… sexy.”

Feng Hua hung his head and kissed Feng Yeran’s lips.

Feng Yeran continued with a smile, “Later… didn’t you grow up all of a sudden… At that time, you really kissed me… till I couldn’t recover. Later, you… you confessed in front of the whole world. At that time… my whole head was full of you… It’s just… I was too stupid and didn’t realise it right away… I didn’t… tell you sooner…”

“It doesn’t matter! I know now! Ye’er, you should talk less. Don’t tire yourself out.”

“Good… then I’ll listen to you. When did you… begin to like me?”

“Do you even need to ask? I’ve liked you since I was born and fell in love with you when I was a child!”

“Haha… I feel, I can have a… good dream…”

Before he knew it, Feng Yeran fell asleep.

Feng Hua pushed him to a place where there was no wind and wrapped him tightly.

Then, he heard the bell of the chapel not far away.

Dong, dong, dong, dong.

Slowly, one after another.

It was at that moment that Feng Yeran, in a sweet dream, lost his breath.

That day was December 20, 2241.

“The Truth” I of Monster

The author has something to say:

Well, although the “truth” part hasn’t been finished, after reading it, you should… understand most of it, right?

Some kids are really good. They guessed a lot.



1. The first part is actually about the content of “The Wall” (chapters 1-26), but have you noticed the difference between this part and the “The Wall”? In the later part of the wall, Feng Hua did more things, which are particularly terrible.

2. Have you noticed the name “Qin Xiche”? Hey, isn’t it “Qin Xihe”?

Spoiler alert, this means that the story of “The Wall” you saw earlier isn’t the original truth, but a story that’s been processed and distorted—the truth is much sweeter.

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    “It doesn’t matter! I know now! Ye’er, you should talk less. Don’t tire yourself out.”

    “Good… then I’ll listen to you. When did you… begin to like me?”

    “Do you even need to ask? I’ve liked you since I was born and fell in love with you when I was a child!”

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  2. I’m working on an experiment that can replace Feng Hua. It’ll only take three years. When the time comes, I will kill Feng Hua. Director, did you think I’d say that? He did make a big mistake this time, but he is my child. I will take responsibility for his affairs. No matter what, I won’t kill him!

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