Chapter 29 – Chimney

Feng Hua was walking in the wasteland. The land was cracked, and black debris was floating in the sky like snowflakes.

He stood at the end of the world, the cold wind howling, and a deep abyss was below the cliff, the distance as black as it could be.

Where is this? What month and what day is it now? Why am I here?

Not far away, there was an abandoned newsstand.

Feng Hua walked over and picked up a tattered newspaper, which read: December 20, 2241.

Suddenly, his head was dizzy and his ears were buzzing… Ah, he heard the sound of a bell.

Dong, dong, dong, dong.

Feng Hua staggered out of the newsstand, breathing rapidly.

Children’s cheerful voices rang out, like silver bells.

It was a group of children dancing on a cross. They were laughing, joking, jumping, jumping.

Without warning, they suddenly stared at Feng Hua—

They were probing eyes, gloating eyes, evil eyes, horrible eyes…

Feng Hua’s hands and feet were rapidly getting thinner and smaller, and he became a child. Like a poor prey, he ran frantically, and the ghosts dancing on the cross were chasing him madly.

Chasing him, in this wasteland, in the black snow.

Help! Help me!

The white shadow appeared, and it pulled little Feng Hua along to run quickly.

Finally, the horrible laughter died away.

Little Feng Hua gasped loudly and wiped his sweat.

He entered the rose jungle with the white shadow. Through the heavy fog, he could see the dark outline of a castle.

Deep in the jungle, there was a young man. He had fair skin and black curls, but his face couldn’t be made out. He was sitting against a tree, the white roses around him shaking slightly. He was holding a picture book in his hand.

Feng Hua walked towards him and heard him say, “Tired? Then rest for a while.”

Little Feng Hua sat beside him and heard him flipping through the picture book. He turned his head and saw the colourful pictures between the pages. “What’s this?”

“It’s a fairy tale. Do you want to hear it?”

Little Feng Hua nodded and got closer to the man.

“The fairy tale is called ‘The Monster and the Prince’.”

The man’s voice mixed with the wind that carried the fragrance of flowers as he softly said:

“Long, long ago, there was a poor and frail prince. One day, he picked up a seed in the forest. He buried it in the soil, and it sprouted and bore fruit quickly. But inside the huge fruit, there was a monster.

The monster was ugly and scary, but the monster wanted to get the prince’s love.

‘Please love me,’ the monster said to the prince. ‘I can become what you love. I can give you anything.’

It shed a layer of skin and became beautiful and clean; it gave the prince a healthy body, wealth and fame.

It let the prince live in a grand castle with many subjects.

However, the prince didn’t love him.

The prince had a beautiful canary. The prince liked its sweet singing voice very much.

The monster whimpered and ate the canary in one bite, crunching, smacking its lips, swallowing, and the poor canary was eaten clean.

The prince brought back a cute little white rabbit. The prince liked its beautiful red eyes very much.

The monster whimpered and ate the little white rabbit in one bite, crunching, smacking its lips, swallowing, and the poor little white rabbit was eaten clean.

The prince raised a smart and clever puppy. The prince liked its loyalty and its tail that wagged at any time.

The monster whimpered and ate the puppy in one bite, crunching, smacking its lips, swallowing, and the poor puppy was eaten clean.

The prince fell in love with a princess. The prince liked her lovely voice, beautiful eyes and pretty figure.

The monster whimpered and ate the princess in one bite, crunching, smacking its lips, swallowing, and the poor princess was eaten clean.

The prince was furious and ordered to kill it.

But the monster had grown too big, too big, and no one could kill it.

The prince put it in a cage.

For three whole years, the monster lay in the small cage.

Then, the prince’s kingdom was swept by war, and the enemy was too strong, so the prince’s army was defeated.

The enemy troops accidentally destroyed the cage and let the monster out.

The monster killed the enemy and protected the prince, but now there was nothing left.

‘Now, only I can be by your side. As long as you love me, I can give you anything. Do you love me?’ the monster asked.

‘I can’t love you,’ the prince replied.

The monster walked through the thick jungle and came to the end of the world, where it found the devil.

‘I want to get the prince’s love. Can you help me to achieve this?’ it said to the devil.

The devil smiled. ‘I can help you achieve it, but you will need to pay an unknown price.’

The monster finally got the prince’s love.

For more than five hundred days, it seemed to be in a dream.

Every day and night, it was with the prince, so happy, so joyful.

However, on December 20th, 2241, the prince died.

The price of love, it turned out, was the prince’s death.

The monster devoured all life and burned everything in despair.

‘If love is connected with death… then, I’d rather not love!’

The monster came to the wasteland in pain with strong obsession.

It spat out a canary, which flew to the sky, its singing voice so sweet and beautiful.

It spat out a little rabbit, which hopped in the dry grass, blinking its beautiful red eyes.

It spat out a puppy, which barked and wagged its cute tail.

It spat out a beautiful princess, who seemed to have slept for a long, long time, stretching and yawning.

It spat out flowers and grass, butterflies and seabirds, lush forests, a magnificent castle…

In the brand new world, it spat out its dear prince.

The poor and frail prince.

The prince picked a seed in the forest. He buried it in the soil, and it sprouted and bore fruit quickly. But inside the huge fruit, there was a monster.

The monster was ugly and scary, but the monster wanted to get the prince’s love.

‘Please love me,’ the monster said to the prince. ‘I can become what you love. I can give you anything.’

The prince would never love it.

But that was the monster’s wish!

Even if it could never be loved, even if it was just a relationship sustained by pain and hate.

The monster only wanted to be with the prince! Life after life, forever!”

The man’s calm voice got more and more excited as he went on. Finally, he flung away the picture book and stood up. A strong wind blew, and his red hair fluttered wildly with it. It was an arrogant face. It was Sean.

“Just be together forever. So what if you’re not loved? Isn’t the worst thing death?” Sean said. “Hey, aunt, don’t you think so?”

Qin Xihe, dressed in stern black, was standing not far away with a white umbrella. She nodded. “Spring, summer, autumn, winter, the cycle repeats itself. Feng Hua, it’s good the way it is now. You create the world in your memory again and again, pursuing the love you can never get. It is because you can never get it that you form an obsession and become the eternal force and motor for your vicious never-ending circle of creating, destroying, and creating the world. Only in that way can you be with him forever.”

Feng Hua began to have a headache again. He always felt that he’d forgotten something important, something very important, something he shouldn’t forget yet had to forget.

Feng Hua!

Feng Hua!

Feng Hua!

Feng Hua opened his eyes. The white shadow was right in front of him.

The white shadow floated and held Feng Hua’s face. “Feng Hua, I have also heard of the fairy tale ‘The Monster and the Prince’, but the version I know is much gentler than the one he just told. Or rather, it’s a very romantic and touching story. Let me tell it to you!”


I can’t listen to it!

Don’t listen!

However, the white shadow’s voice blew right into Feng Hua’s ears, so clear it seemed to pour straight into his heart.

“A long, long time ago, there was a prince who was terminally ill. He picked up a seed in the forest, and it grew into a monster. The monster was so ugly, scary and cruel, but it wanted to get the prince’s love. It couldn’t bear the prince loving anything other than it. So, it ate the prince’s canary, rabbit and dog, and even the prince’s brother and the prince’s beloved princess. [The prince hated it.] At the same time, the time it spent with the prince was so happy. It fulfilled the prince’s wishes and gave the prince all it could, including its own life. [The prince couldn’t hate it.] War swept through the prince’s kingdom, and it protected the prince. [It was all the prince had left.] It got sick, very sick. [The prince wanted to take care of it and protect it.] It begged for love countless times. [The prince chose to love it.] [The prince fell in love with it.]”

“No!! No! Stop it!” Feng Hua and Sean yelled. Qin Xihe had fallen powerlessly to her knees.

But the white shadow continued, “The monster got much better. However, the prince was dying. The previous treatments were temporary. Now, even if the monster gave up its own life, there was no saving him. The prince didn’t want the monster to die, nor did he want to see the monster suffer for the rest of its life. He could already predict the most terrible consequences after his death. So, he tried to make the monster lose its memory, but failed; he chose to deceive the monster by telling it that he was in love with a beautiful woman. The monster, who was in extreme pain, didn’t want to hurt the prince or his beloved any more. For seven nights, he waited and waited—”

The white shadow suddenly paused. It asked, “Next, what happened?”

It stared straight at Feng Hua. “Feng Hua, tell me, in July 2240, you waited downstairs for seven nights, and then, what happened?”

“Why’re you asking that?! He didn’t come down once! He ignored me! Are you happy now?”

“What actually happened on December 20th, 2241, do you really not remember?”

“Ahhhh—I don’t know! I don’t know!”

“Feng Hua, right where you’re standing, in the soil, what exactly is buried, do you not have any impression?”

The whole world suddenly shook.

Feng Hua saw two figures, a thin and pale man, and himself.

A stream of heat rushed to his throat and nose. Feng Hua stepped forward, wanting to hug the familiar man, but the other was just a bubble.

The grey Feng Yeran was sitting in a rose bush, urging, “Is it ready, is it ready?”


Feng Yeran stood up. He put the beautiful golden notebook into the box and buried it in the soil. “Mm-hm, done.”

The grey Feng Hua was displeased. “Why’re you burying it? I can come over and dig it out anytime if I want to read it. It’s no use hiding it.”

“Feng Hua, this is my gift to you.”


“Since it’s a gift, you have to open it at the right time to feel the surprise.”

“Is that so?”

“If I… well, don’t be angry. If I die, dig it out and read it… Eh, you child, why’re you leaving?? You, listen to me!”

The world shook harder and harder, and the fierce wind surged.

Feng Hua stared at the constantly trembling soil under his feet.

—His gift to me is buried here?


—Should I look?


—Why can’t I?

—If you do, this world will collapse!

—Why? What else could be so terrible now that things have come to this?!

Feng Hua stood in the same place, and his figure became more and more blurred. Gradually, tall and short Feng Hua appeared, big and small. Some were still blocking Feng Hua, while others had begun to move. They were digging frantically.

They dug out a box. Inside, sure enough, was an old, dark golden notebook.

Feng Hua flipped open the first page with trembling hands.

On it was the unmistakably familiar handwriting.

To my most beloved Feng Hua. —Your loving Feng Yeran

The whole world shook violently, the castle collapsed, trees fell, and flower petals and black snow fluttered together.

Screaming, roaring, banging, shattering.

A white light.

Feng Hua closed his eyes.

When he opened them again, he found himself standing in the garden. At that moment, it was night.

The dark clouds were low, drifting slowly, and the moon was hidden behind them. In the halo, his long reflection was reflected on the house in front of him.

The second floor was bright, and a familiar figure was in the window.

What a familiar scene.

July 2240.

Right here, waiting minute by minute.

No matter how hot it was, no matter how windy or rainy it was, he was always waiting.

For seven nights, he listened to their joyful laughter and pleasant breathing, but to no avail.

Feng Hua was about to leave when he heard the sound of the window opening.

The window was opened.

The fog thinned, the moon revealed a little corner, and a bright light spilled down, illuminating Feng Yeran’s face.

Feng Yeran stood there, gazing at the monster waiting in the garden.

He smiled, but the next moment, he suddenly frowned. He turned around and closed the window.

Feng Hua was at a loss.

But, with his abnormally sensitive sense of hearing, he soon heard the sound of fast running.

The sound of going downstairs, the sound of opening the door, the sound of Feng Yeran’s rapid breathing.

Sound after sound, rhythmic, getting faster and faster, like his heartbeat.

When he saw Feng Yeran rushing out of the house and running towards him, anticipation, excitement and impulse seemed to explode instantly—all, all the jealousy, disappointment, despair, pain, loneliness, worry… all the negative emotions suddenly went up in smoke, and all reason vanished into thin air.

He hugged the thin Feng Yeran hard, wishing he could integrate him into his flesh.

Selena’s voice rang out. “Yeran, where are you? Have you gone out?”

“Let’s go,” Feng Yeran said.

Feng Hua grabbed Feng Yeran’s hand and left quickly. Feng Yeran laughed and unexpectedly pulled Feng Hua into a run.

They went through the garden, staggered along muddy roads and mossy roads, and startled a flock of birds. Feng Hua picked up Feng Yeran, went through the dew-covered jungle, and crossed over the gurgling stream…

They didn’t speak, just laughed from time to time.

They had no idea where they were going, no idea why they were doing it. They just kept running and moving forward, as if in that way, they could reach the end of the earth with only the two of them.

Their hands holding each other were wet with sweat, so hot, and they gazed into each other’s eyes from time to time, like stars in the sky, bright and shining, and like flames, burning with instinct.

In the forest, fireflies were flying, bright mist was pouring over the grass, and flowers were swaying.

It was fragrant.

Fragrant dew fell from the leaves.

Feng Hua lowered his head and kissed Feng Yeran’s lips.

Drip by drip.

Again and again, kissing.

Feng Yeran laughed intermittently.

He was hugging Feng Hua when he accidently fell on top of Feng Hua.

Feng Hua lay among the wet flowers, while Feng Yeran propped himself above him.

The moon finally showed its face, its bright light gently tracing the outline of the two.

Amidst the chirping of summer insects, Feng Yeran softly called out, “Feng Hua.”


“Feng Hua.”

“Mm, what is it?”

Hot liquid fell onto Feng Hua’s cheeks.

Feng Yeran tried to smile, but his brow furrowed tightly.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

“Feng Hua, I love you.”

End of “The Chimney” of Monster

The author has something to say:

Finally finished writing “The Wall”, “The Roof”, “The Door and Window”, and “The Chimney”. These are able to form a house, but if you look closely at the synopsis, you will find that there is one part missing ><

The most important part of “The Chimney” is the two fairy tales, the cruel fairy tale and the sweet fairy tale the white shadow hasn’t finished telling. Depending on the narrator, there are significant differences in the content of the fairy tales. The cruel fairy tale is narrated by Feng Hua himself, and Feng Hua later becomes Sean (id); the sweet fairy tale is narrated by the white shadow. Later in the chapter, we touch upon the buried “gift”. The stimulated Feng Hua’s memory recovers and he remembers part of the “truth”. This structure, like the chimney of a house, starts from the inside of the house and extends to the outside, where it connects with the truth.

The next chapter will tell their “truth”. However, in fact, this chapter has already told it in the form of fairy tales. The pieces of the story can gradually be connected together.

After reading this chapter, do you feel that you understand it a bit?

It doesn’t matter if you still don’t understand. It’ll be much better after reading the next chapter.

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