Chapter 27 – Roof

Feng Hua was lying amidst the pages. The walls around him were finished, and the glare of the sun was shining on him.

The white shadow gently helped him block his eyes. “It’s too bright. Sure enough, we still need a roof.”

Feng Hua closed his eyes.

“Fortunately, you’ve built the roof before. The materials are complete, and we can finish it soon.”

May 2240.

In the garden, there was laughter, singing birds and fragrant flowers.

Feng Yeran was sitting in a wheelchair, his face pale but with a placid smile on his lips.

Not far away, a naughty boy surrounded by adults grabbed a watermelon and ran frantically around the pond. As soon as his father grabbed his ear, he began to cry and was immediately taken into his mother’s arms.

“Reminds me of when you were a child.” Feng Yeran smiled.

“Was I that naughty when I was a child?”

“No, you were always good, very good.”

As the breeze blew, the several white strands on Feng Hua’s head drifted slowly, which looked a little out of place amidst a head of black curls.

Drip, drip, drip.

It was raining. Parents quickly took their children’s hands and prepared to leave.

The shadow of an umbrella covered a thoughtful Feng Yeran.

Feng Hua’s voice was soft. Let’s go back.


As Feng Hua pushed Feng Yeran, he stepped into the hospital, walked into the elevator and went up to the 10th floor. Feng Yeran had been hospitalised here for three months. These days, Feng Hua had put off almost everything to focus on staying with Feng Yeran as he recovered, unless there was a major incident at the research institute, when he’d go back for a few days. He had set up a small bed next to Feng Yeran’s hospital bed and stayed by his side every day.

When Feng Yeran was critically ill, there was nothing Feng Hua could do. He took Feng Yeran to look for a doctor everywhere and had thought it hopeless, but in this foreign town, he met a valuable person—Selena, a 35-year-old female doctor who successfully stabilised Feng Yeran’s condition after two operations.

Selena was an excellent and responsible female doctor. She came to see Feng Yeran every day after the operation.

She was beautiful, with short orange hair, fair skin and red glasses. She and Feng Yeran had common interests and liked the same type of movies and novels. Even the food they liked were similar. Because of this, they soon became friends. They often got together to talk and write, and occasionally would even have Feng Hua avoid them.

Life in the hospital was quite boring, so it was no surprise Feng Yeran talked about Selena every day.

He said that Selena was already the best doctor in the hospital at her young age.

He said that when Selena gave him injections and infusions, it didn’t hurt at all, but once it changed to any other doctor, it would hurt him to death.

He said that Selena was a pitiful woman. Five years ago, she had come home from a night operation to find her husband and friend lying on the sofa drunk and her two-year-old daughter drowned in the bathtub. The next day, she divorced her husband.

He said that he’d accidentally seen Selena after she’d removed her make-up, and she indeed looked very different from usual. She had a bad complexion and heavy dark circles under her eyes, but he didn’t find that ugly. She actually wasn’t as gorgeous as she looked, but she was very strong yet fragile.

He said that they were very similar. They both wanted a family.

Feng Hua always listened quietly to Feng Yeran, smiling and nodding from time to time. Then, he turned off the video and the desk lamp, played calming music, and accompanied Feng Yeran to sleep.

In June, Feng Yeran looked much better.

One weekend, it happened to be Selena’s birthday. She had a party and invited Feng Yeran and Feng Hua.

At the party, Selena stunned the crowd. She danced a ballet to the violin for everyone in a white tutu.

After the meal, in the lively waltz, she unexpectedly didn’t dance with the handsome young men but came to Feng Yeran to invite the patient to dance.


Feng Hua was about to stop Selena’s invitation when he was interrupted by the crowd’s encouraging applause.

He could sense Feng Yeran’s breathing and heart quickening with his ears flushed. Feng Yeran was nervous and in anticipation.

Feng Hua clenched his fists as he watched Feng Yeran’s hand being pulled by Selena. Dressed in a hospital gown, he slowly left his wheelchair, left Feng Hua’s shadow, and carefully walked step by step on the tiles with intricate patterns, getting further and further away. His pale face had a faint flush and his brow was furrowed with pain, as if he were a mermaid who’d just learned to walk.

In the music, Feng Yeran moved his clumsy feet with difficulty. After lying in bed for a long time, his leg muscles had atrophied a little and he was weak all over. He was covered in sweat before moving a few steps.

Feng Hua knew that he would soon fall.

And a second before he fell to the ground, he would go save him.

However, Feng Yeran succeeded.

He completed the basic movements under Selena’s guidance. Or rather, he surpassed everyone’s expectations and danced very well.

After that song, Selena kissed Feng Yeran on the cheek.

The applause and cheers kept coming.

The person next to Feng Hua grabbed him excitedly and said, “Wow, your brother and Miss Selena are a great match!”

The wine glass in Feng Hua’s hand was crushed to pieces.

The scarlet liquid fell, one drop, two drops, soundlessly.

That night, in the bathroom, Feng Yeran sat in the bathtub as Feng Hua washed his hair.

Feng Hua asked, “Do you like Selena?”

Feng Yeran nodded.

Feng Hua: “You already have me. Why?”

Feng Yeran: “…I’ve told you before that it’s just family love between us. I can’t respond to your feelings…”

Feng Hua suddenly stepped into the bathtub and slammed his fist on the tiles behind Feng Yeran. Red beads of blood slid down and fell into the bathtub like a blooming flower.

“Ye’er, how can you be so forgetful? Last year, you even said that you loved me? You said many, many times that you loved me, and I even recorded it? Do you want to hear it now? Why have you forgotten so quickly?”

Feng Hua’s face was very, very close to Feng Yeran, his eyes covered with red blood vessels, which looked a little scary. “So, are you testing me? But Ye’er, don’t you know what I would do? Do you want your beloved Selena to become like Chen Xuan, or like Xiao Zhijie, or perhaps, like Eve?”

Feng Yeran looked up at Feng Hua, who was saying terrible things while his whole body was trembling and had even started silently weeping. He raised his head and held him in his arms. “Feng Hua, she’s the only one who can make my wish come true. Do you really want to hurt her?”


“I’ve… always wanted to have a family, a normal and sound family, to be an ordinary father with my own children for the rest of my life…”

“Can’t you be with me? Was it really all a lie when you said you loved me before?!”

Feng Yeran held Feng Hua’s face with both hands and wiped his tears. “Feng Hua, you can’t understand now, but one day you will understand… I’ve always loved you… but… I…”

“What don’t I understand?!”

“…Feng Hua, you’ve got more white hair.” Feng Yeran’s fingers gently rubbed Feng Hua’s several white hairs, saying something completely irrelevant.

“Tell me, what exactly don’t I understand? …Don’t look at me like that… Okay, I won’t hurt that woman this time, but please don’t be with her. She’s just your doctor. You want a family and children, no problem. Later, I’ll…”

“Feng Hua, you’ve grown up. Your position will be hard to replace for a long time, and it’s no problem at all for you to survive alone. Of course… it must be painful at the beginning, but I believe that you’ll be able to hang in there…”

“…I won’t leave you!”

“Next month, I’ll be out of the hospital.”


“I’ve started going out with Selena. We’re planning to start living together next month.”

Clanging and banging.

“The roof’s almost finished too. It was really quick this time,” the white shadow said happily. “So, what happened next?”

Feng Hua stood amidst the piles of paper, a dimming light reflecting on his cheeks. “The people from the institute came to pick me up, but I still waited for him downstairs every night for seven days.”

“That’s July. How’d you put up with it?”

“Yeah. At that time, with just a little nap, I would dream that I killed that woman. Several times, my own body moved first…”

“But, you didn’t kill her.”


“Did you move Feng Yeran?”

“Of course not.”

“He didn’t come down to see you?”


“Not even once?”

Feng Hua frowned and seemed to have a headache. “No.”

“…And after that?”

“I left. It was boring.”


With the white shadow’s voice, the whole space went dark.

The white shadow blew gently and a candle lit up. It turned the pages in the candlelight. “Let’s sort out the timeline the wall covers. It’s a full eight years starting from your birth, which is… well, the story from the Christmas of 2232 to the winter of 2239. And although the roof is the first story, it actually takes place after the wall, starting in 2240 and lasting a little over half a year.”

“Is that so.”

“Then, next is the door and window.”

End of “The Roof” of Monster

The author has something to say:

We’ve waited long…

“The Wall”, “The Roof”, “The Door and Window”, and “The Chimney” make up the main body of this text. “The Wall” is written in detail and the rest are written briefly. Each part is true and fake, false and real.

Probably, “The Wall” and “The Roof” are best understood, “The Door and Window” will be described in a very stream-of-consciousness way, and “The Chimney” should involve two fairy tales. I’ve been on a break for a while. You must be quite confused while reading, but that’s okay. The truth will be revealed soon, muah -3-

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  1. I suddenly had the urge to grab the true, whole copy of the book and dissect it so clearly that there wold be no confusions or messed up feelings anymore.

    Also, how dare you author, letting Feng Hua suffer so much… The baby is already very bruised 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。

    Thanks for the chapter!! :^D

  2. Well the author says some parts are false, so maybe the Selena part? I mean I was kinda surprised to see him rejecting Feng Hua again after sorting out his feelings. Or maybe the part which he they started dating has never happened 😖

  3. Well the author says some parts are false, so maybe the Selena part? I mean I was kinda surprised to see him rejecting Feng Hua again after sorting out his feelings. Or maybe the part which they started dating has never happened 😖


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