Chapter 24.1 – Madness

This was the first time Feng Yeran had taken the initiative to kiss him.

Feng Hua’s breaths immediately became heavy.

But it was obvious that he was suppressing himself. He was silent for a while before saying in a raspy voice, “You’re drunk. It’s a bit late. You can sleep here tonight…”

However, before he could finish, the drunk man held his head and forcefully kissed him again.

Like a child, Feng Yeran stuck his lips to Feng Hua’s and didn’t move.

This time, the kiss lasted longer.

When their lips parted, he laughed joyfully again, as if he were playing some game.

Feng Hua couldn’t hold back any longer. He pushed Feng Yeran down onto the sofa and kissed him frantically, his hot palms sliding up his waist, intense lust in his heavy panting.

The drunk man not only didn’t resist, but even catered to it.

His fingers delved into Feng Hua’s soft hair, he opened his mouth, he matched Feng Hua’s rhythm, and he chased Feng Hua’s lips and tongue.

Feng Hua kissed Feng Yeran’s ear fiercely and sucked on his earlobe, his jaw and his contours.

A blazing fire burned between them, as if to incinerate them clean.

It was a pity that Feng Hua’s kiss had only just reached Feng Yeran’s clavicle when he found him asleep.

Feng Hua laughed.

He lovingly kissed Feng Yeran’s lips, then carried him to the bed.

In the darkness, Feng Hua lay on his side with his head propped up and gazed at Feng Yeran’s sleeping face. Every now and then, he covered him with the blanket and brushed his hair out of the way.

His thin lips moved slightly.

If only you’d take the initiative like this when you aren’t drunk.

Then, I could imagine that, perhaps, you really like me already.

* * *

Of course, Feng Yeran had no memory of being drunk, and, in fact, Feng Hua hadn’t done anything to him.

Feng Hua was always restrained and didn’t intend to take advantage of a drunk person.

This kind of thing happened over and over again. Once Feng Yeran got drunk, he would crave Feng Hua intensely, even in his sleep. Whereas, normally, he was bound by worry and fear and controlled by reason. There was an impenetrable barrier between him and Feng Hua.

Two or three months later, it was the height of summer again.

The director met with Feng Yeran to discuss the new embryo and issues such as Feng Hua’s genetic inheritance.

The director believed that Feng Hua had reached adulthood and that the time had come for him to reproduce.

The research institute had long been developing a mate for Feng Hua, named Eve. Now, living in nutrient fluid, though she didn’t have the intelligence of a higher creature, she had simple emotions, could speak simple words, and had a very beautiful body, perfectly capable of giving birth to healthy offspring for Feng Hua.

In fact, when Feng Hua had just reached adulthood, the director had mentioned this. However, Feng Yeran had always refused, believing that the child would have to grow up a little more. Now, with Feng Hua in such an unstable mental state, it wasn’t an appropriate time either.

So, Feng Yeran still refused.

But, unexpectedly, the director sent someone to talk with Feng Hua, and Feng Hua readily agreed.

Originally, they only needed to obtain Feng Hua’s sperm and then artificially implant it into Eve’s uterus for successful fertilisation.

However, several male researchers teased Feng Hua in front of him. “What a great opportunity! Feng Hua, you’re still a virgin, aren’t you?!”

So, Feng Hua agreed to fertilise Eve by truly bonding with her.

Inexplicably, Feng Yeran felt very uncomfortable. He had difficulty imagining Feng Hua making love with a woman. However, he then immediately felt puzzled. Why was he being so possessive when he clearly couldn’t love him like a lover? Wasn’t this a good opportunity? To open up a new world for Feng Hua by bonding with a woman so that he would no longer be obsessed with him, a man?

According to the plan, Feng Hua would have his first bonding with Eve on the afternoon of August 15th.

It was an afternoon.

Feng Hua was brought into the sterile room where Eve was, with layers of surveillance inside and heavy security outside. A researcher teased that even though he was just a virgin, he must be very powerful today. After all, he ate… He didn’t finish, but just smiled very evilly by the side.

Feng Yeran originally should have sat at the surveillance monitor to watch the whole process and confirm all the details to speculate on the probability of Eve’s conception.

But he left.

First, he sat in the corridor in a daze, and then, he paced up and down anxiously.

He was clearly so far away he shouldn’t have heard anything.

But he seemed to hear it.

He covered his ears hard until the buzzing from inside his body covered those noises.

Once again, he thought of the day Feng Hua was born.

That day, he was also that anxious. He had paced the corridor, afraid that his last hope would go up in smoke.

However, this time was a little different. He didn’t seem to be worried about Eve’s conception, and he didn’t seem to be looking forward to whether or not he’d get Feng Hua and Eve’s offspring. He was just inexplicably uncomfortable, painful and anxious, and, inexplicably, he felt he’d made the wrong decision…

Every minute and every second was so long, and he didn’t know how long had passed, but Feng Yeran just couldn’t stand it any longer. He headed for the surveillance room, praying in his mind that Feng Hua had finished.

Before he even pushed open the door, Feng Yeran felt strange, because it was too quiet.

As soon as he stepped into the room, he found that all the researchers in the entire surveillance room had fallen asleep. The surveillance footage was a noisy and silent black.

He immediately spoke to the room where Feng Hua and Eve were. Feng Hua, can you hear me?

There was no response.

The researchers wouldn’t wake up for a while. Their faces were blue and their lips were purple, as if they’d been poisoned. Feng Yeran immediately sounded the alarm. New researchers should be here soon.

He entered the code and opened the room where Feng Hua and Eve were.

The strong smell of blood hit his face, his heart instantly rose to his throat, and his stomach began to ache again. He remembered the horror of Feng Hua’s birth, and, at that moment, he undoubtedly needed to witness that horror again.

Sure enough, Eve’s mutilated body was strewn on the ghastly white sheets, her blood still hot.

Feng Yeran closed Eve’s round eyes and frowned.

If Feng Hua had killed the mother body at birth, it was out of instinct, and the mother body was only a vessel, not a complete life; if Feng Hua had killed Chen Xuan and Feng Boran to avenge him, at least there was still a reason; if he had driven Xiao Zhijie mad, it was because Xiao Zhijie had kidnapped him, which was a reason. But what about this time? Eve, like him, though created, had life and emotion. If he didn’t want to bond with Eve, he could have refused, but why did he have to kill her—such an innocent and fragile life?

Feng Hua wasn’t in the room.

Feng Yeran looked at the spreading red footprints, and the alarm in his heart rang again.

This closed room, which had always been used as a laboratory, had actually always been connected to a key corridor that led directly to the core of the research institute…

Feng Hua had found and opened the door leading to that corridor!

He had really been too careless. What could Feng Hua not do!

Feng Yeran followed the crimson footprints and quickly walked deeper into the corridor.

He ran, his leather shoes making a rhythmic sound on the floor, coinciding with his gasping breaths and the pounding of his heart. Every now and then, there were dark blue wall lights in the empty corridor, and the circular arcs of light crisscrossed each other in the darkness.

He didn’t know how long he’d been running, but he finally saw a blurred, pale figure ahead of the red footprints. He was dressed in a white robe, and his left hand and two feet were covered with blood.

“Feng Hua! Stop!”

Feng Hua stopped.

Feng Yeran stopped and gasped for breath.

Feng Hua didn’t turn his head to look at him. His soft voice seemed very clear in the empty corridor. “Ye’er, why do you want my offspring? Because you want to get my children, and then, replace me? You want a replica of me? So that when I’m worthless, you can throw me away?”

“What’re you talking about?! It’s only because you’ve reached adulthood and can breed offspring now… You could’ve refused if you didn’t want to…”

Feng Hua interrupted him. “Ye’er, I heard you.”

His voice became youthful and soft, like a young child’s.

Feng Yeran rubbed his eyes and found that Feng Hua’s figure had really shrunk, turning into a teenage child. He stood alone in a pool of blood with his back to him. “After I first broke down, I heard your conversation with the director. You said that you were still working on an experiment that could replace me and that it’d only take three years. When the time came, you would… kill me with your own hands.1See chapter 11.

Feng Yeran was surprised. “No!!! No!!! I didn’t say that! I…”

“That’s the way I like you, so gentle you can’t even bear to tell me the truth.”

Feng Yeran sucked in a cool breath, because Feng Hua was suddenly standing right in front of him, tall and handsome again, gazing at him, and, unlike his ambiguous voice, his blue eyes were so ethereal and so cold.

He gently lifted Feng Yeran’s jaw and drooped his head towards him, his black curls slowly sliding down, blocking half an eye.

His breath spread on Feng Yeran’s face, fragrant, sensual and bewitching. Only, this sensuality was alienated and despairing, like those poisonous fruits growing on vines that were extremely beautiful but could kill people. “Speaking of which, Ye’er, don’t you feel uncomfortable when I make love to someone else? …Ah, I’m so stupid. You just want to get rid of me, a burden.”

“Feng Hua!” Feng Yeran tried to grab Feng Hua’s wrist, but Feng Hua had already disappeared. Red footprints rapidly spread into the distance.

Feng Yeran had a very bad feeling. “Feng Hua! Stop!! You can’t…”

The massive room that required a sixfold password was opened easily.

Of course, Feng Yeran knew what this place was for. All here were replicas of Feng Hua, a total of twelve, all stored in nutrient fluid, to be extracted when they matured. But now, they hadn’t matured yet. Just like dolls, they were completely defenceless. Even just five minutes out of the nutrient fluid would kill them.

Feng Hua walked to the control panel, studied it with a frown for a moment, and pressed several buttons. All twelve vertical nutrient bottle coverings in the room were slowly opened, revealing replicas floating in the clear glass, like goldfish kept in fish tanks. Feng Hua seemed very excited. “You guys are amazing. They look almost exactly like me… How did you guys make all these? With my hair? My skin? My blood? Speaking of which, which one did you make? This one?”

Feng Hua looked up at the replica sleeping in nutrient fluid and cocked his head slightly. “But, this one’s too short. I’m not that short.”

He moved on casually and studied another replica. “Is it this one? So you like the stronger type?”

“This one? There’s hardly any difference between us… Which do you prefer, me or him?”

“Now that you’ve seen it all, let’s go back,” Feng Yeran said.

Feng Hua’s back was against a tall nutrient bottle and his fingers tapped lightly on the glass, making a rhythmic sound. He looked leisurely at Feng Yeran and said, “When I was a child, I went through a notebook on your bookshelf. It wrote a sentence: The life span of the Adesir is almost infinite for the short-lived human. Even if it doesn’t reach the point of infinity, it can be said that I have a very long life span and I can benefit the institute for a long time. But why does the institute need to make so many replicas?”

“It’s just…”

“Because I’m considered unsound and dangerous. With my equal, or perhaps even stronger and more obedient replacement, I naturally no longer have the value to survive. Even having an infinite lifespan wouldn’t help. You guys can kill me with a word at will.”

Feng Yeran realised that Feng Hua wasn’t talking about “them”, but “you guys”.

He said loudly, “I would never do such a thing!”

But Feng Hua laughed. “Who knows?”

Facing Feng Yeran, he stepped back step by step, the smile on his face becoming more and more gloomy. “But, what if I’m the only experiment left in the entire institute?”

Feng Yeran yelled, “Stop!!”

But it was too late.

Feng Hua stepped back step by step, almost pleasantly, and slowly opened his arms.

He was dressed all in white, like a wounded angel slowly spreading his wings.

However, his actions were devastating.

The nutrient bottles on either side of him shattered and exploded one after another, and the life in them rolled out, like water-starved fish, drenched in blood as they struggled to breathe and twitched in the glass shards.

Feng Yeran almost instinctively crouched in the corner and clutched his head.

As the shattering and explosions sounded one after another, he heard Feng Hua’s rampant and terrifying laughter. It was intermittent, high and low, with drawn-out endings, and, every now and then, some slightly terrifying sound came out of his throat.

When Feng Hua stepped back to the end, the whole room had turned into a living hell.

Feng Hua stepped on the broken glass and passed in front of Feng Yeran. Every step had blood, his own blood, but he didn’t care.

By the time Feng Yeran finally came to his senses, Feng Hua had already left.

He got up and frantically searched for Feng Hua.

Suddenly remembering something, he ran towards the location of the embryo. This embryo was the most valuable thing in the research institute at present—it possessed 91% Adesir genes, two percentage points higher than that of Feng Hua. This embryo had been carefully cultivated for nearly two years and now showed some slight signs of a body shape. In a few days, it would be transplanted into the mother body’s womb, and one year later, the most powerful new life in the world would be born.

If Feng Hua hated his replicas, then he surely wanted to destroy this embryo as well!

Sure enough, Feng Yeran found Feng Hua. From the nutrient fluid, he took out a jumping round object with some microvascular meridians on it. He said with a smile, “If I destroy it, what’ll happen?”

“You absolutely can’t!!”

“Why?” he asked, almost naively.

“If you destroy it, you’ll be killed! You’ve already committed a heinous crime, Feng Hua… You can’t go on… I don’t care at all how powerful it’ll be in the future. I’m already too tired… I just want you to be well and safe. Don’t scare me anymore!”

“But, Ye’er,” Feng Hua said with a gentle voice, his eyes filled with pity and tenderness, as if he were holding a holy relic, “if I were the only experiment in the entire institute, I wouldn’t be killed. Don’t you remember how much benefit I’ve brought to the institute? If even I were lost, how much value would the entire institute lose? Ye’er, you’re still too naive. How could the institute obliterate its only cash cow?”

“Don’t be like that…”

How feeble Feng Yeran’s persuasion seemed.

He heard sounds of plopping as thick drops of blood slid down Feng Hua’s fingers and spilled onto the ground one after another.

Feng Yeran opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

His head was filled with a cacophony of noise, and his ears were ringing with the continuous chirping of cicadas.

He staggered towards the door.

He was really too tired. Too tired.

He had to leave.

He pushed the door, but it didn’t open.

The door suddenly vibrated, and a red palm pressed against the door. Feng Yeran’s ears rang with Feng Hua’s cold voice. “Are you trying to escape again? Ye’er?”

“Go away.”

“I’m all you have left now, oh.”


“I’m all you have.”

“Open the door…”

“By the way, Ye’er, I haven’t sorted this out yet.”

Feng Hua caught Feng Yeran’s hand and made him touch it.

Feng Yeran suddenly dodged away as if he’d been scalded. “Just now, didn’t you…”

Feng Hua laughed. “Do you think I did it with that woman? How’s that possible? Other than you, everyone else is trash to me. Even touching them makes me feel sick.”


“So, shouldn’t you be responsible for me?”

“Go away!”

“Didn’t you guys want me to get that woman pregnant? But, I only want to get you pregnant. What should I do?”

“Shut up!! Stop talking nonsense!!”

“How cold. You were clearly so enthusiastic when you were drunk…”

Without giving Feng Yeran time to think at all, Feng Hua had already covered his body from behind.

His breath was originally ice cold, but it soon became blazing hot. He sucked on Feng Yeran’s lips and ears, frantically licked the back of his neck, and, following the shape of his spine, gradually worked his way down through the thin shirt.

Feng Yeran, who had received a violent shock, was weak all over and unable to resist at that moment.

Through the layers of fabric, Feng Hua pressed the burning part against Feng Yeran’s buttocks.

Feng Hua just rubbed lightly, and Feng Yeran was red all over. He trembled and struggled, but this undoubtedly stimulated Feng Hua even more.

Feng Hua’s fingers probed into Feng Yeran’s moist, soft mouth and gently stirred.

His panting breaths spread on the back of Feng Yeran’s neck, and he occasionally called out Feng Yeran’s name in his ear, his lower body pushing hard against Feng Yeran again and again.

It was clear that through the pants, they weren’t really doing it, but the shock Feng Yeran received was greater than any of the scenes he’d just seen.

He found it hard to believe. It seemed as if all the cells of his body were awakened by Feng Hua’s touch. Feng Hua’s every kiss, every whisper, every touch, and every collision made his body hot, made him numb all over, made his body tremble violently, and caused shameful pleasure to spread up from his lower body, almost drowning all his reason.

His body slowly slid down the door, but he was picked up directly by Feng Hua and collided into from behind.

Feng Yeran couldn’t control himself. His tears, saliva and moans spilled out one after another. He was afraid that next, he would take the initiative to cater to him with complete disregard for the consequences and any shame.

Feng Hua paused for a moment. His palm slipped into Feng Yeran’s underwear, and when he took it out, he looked at the sticky stuff on his hand and said with a smile, “Are you already this wet?”

Immediately, he turned Feng Yeran around and held him in his arms, rubbing and colliding against him even more intensely.

Feng Yeran gradually fell into chaos.

He longed for it, yet repressed it.

Pleasure, yet pain.

He enjoyed the extreme pleasure, yet feared and dreaded it.

Gradually, he could no longer bear the impacts.

His consciousness began to lapse. He seemed to see the blood on Feng Hua’s body, the blood that contaminated his own shirt, and the blood on the ground. He remembered the crushed embryo and the hellish laboratory with twelve corpses that looked almost exactly like Feng Hua.

Then, everything turned into shifting blocks of colour that finally merged into a pool of scarlet blood.

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    See chapter 11.

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