Chapter 23 – Kiss Me

Feng Yeran avoided the cold fingers and pressed the “open” button shakily.

Feng Hua’s voice came from behind. “What, you don’t want to be touched by me?”

However, no matter how he pressed or pounded, the door wouldn’t open or operate, almost as if it was broken. What was going on?!

A cold embrace came from behind. Feng Yeran seemed to hear the sound of his nerves breaking.

He pushed Feng Hua away hard. “Don’t touch me!!”

“Why?” Feng Hua said, gently and softly.

“You killed Chen Xuan! You killed Feng Boran!”


“You killed Xiao Zhijie…”

“He’s not dead.”

Feng Yeran thought of the extremely horrific image again, and he retched several more times.

“Ye’er, don’t be afraid. Come here.”

“No… you get out… get out…”

Feng Yeran clutched his head, his back against the wall. His boundless fear gradually turned into anger. He roared, without regard to the consequences, “Get out! Get out! You monster!!”

Feng Hua’s entire body shook violently, and then, an exaggerated laugh resurfaced. “Hahahaha! So, you want to drive me away again?! Do you want to leave me again?? You know I only have you! You know I can’t leave you at all—”

The lights in the elevator suddenly went out. There was darkness.

What was going on?!

Feng Yeran groped for the buttons and pressed them randomly. However, there was no response.

In the darkness, he heard Feng Hua’s low delirious voice. “Ye’er, if you really want to leave me…”

Feng Yeran had a very bad feeling.

“What do you want to do?!”

Feng Hua’s voice was soft, even pleasant. “Then how about we just fall together like this.”

It was so relaxed, as if he were saying “Let’s take a walk together”.

However, before Feng Yeran could react, extreme terror suddenly came.

Instant weightlessness.

The elevator, in a 70-storey building, suddenly plunged.

Feng Yeran’s feet couldn’t touch the floor and he almost flew up. There was total darkness. The terrible sense of weightlessness almost immediately killed him, the organs of his whole body seeming to be about to come out of the shell. He couldn’t control his roars at all, just like an animal on the verge of death—


With a bang, the elevator suddenly came to a halt, and Feng Yeran fell hard to the floor in pain and confusion.

Fear made him hold his head. He crawled to the corner with a struggle, snot running down his face. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I’m sorry… stop… stop!”

In the darkness, Feng Hua crouched in front of him and watched him, like an innocent child. “Do you want me to stop? Alright. Beg me, kiss me.”

Feng Yeran immediately kneeled on the ground and begged him, “Please… please stop… I’m going crazy… I won’t leave you… I was wrong… I was wrong…”

“I want you to kiss me.”

Feng Yeran looked blankly in the direction of the voice and didn’t respond.

But the elevator fell down again.

Feng Yeran seemed to have seen his body with broken bones all over and a ruptured bleeding head.

Fear destroyed almost all thoughts.

With only his last desire to survive, he groped around in the darkness.

He caught Feng Hua’s arm and shoulder, and he almost slammed into him. He didn’t know where his lips touched at all.

Finally, the elevator came to a halt.

This time, he was hugged and sat firmly on the floor.

The lights in the elevator also came on, faint and yellow.

Feng Yeran’s back was against the wall and he gasped for breath in the darkness, his chest heaving and his head throbbing with dizziness.

Feng Hua crouched in front of him, the corners of his bloodied mouth slightly raised. “You did very well.”

It wasn’t clear whether the blood was Feng Yeran’s or Feng Hua’s.

Feng Hua traced Feng Yeran’s trembling lips with his cold fingers, gently wiping away the blood from the corners of his mouth, as if he were applying lipstick on him, his eyes incredibly affectionate.

He tilted his head and kissed Feng Yeran’s lips, rubbing his soft lips against Feng Yeran’s, licking the blood that tasted of rust.

It was probably the blood that stimulated his instincts. His kiss gradually filled with aggression and extreme possessiveness. He pulled down Feng Yeran’s jaw and kissed him intensely, entwining his lips and tongue, plundering the air from his mouth.

“You’re mine.”

“You’re mine.”

He seemed to be possessed, constantly saying that.

The elevator was slowly descending. Outside the elevator, there was a bustling night scene, with feasting and revelry.

After some time, Feng Hua’s kiss gradually became gentle again.

He softly called out Feng Yeran’s name.

He held his cheeks as if he were holding a treasure and kissed him with the utmost tenderness.

He said over and over again:

Ye’er, I love you.

* * *

Xiao Zhijie indeed wasn’t dead. He’d gone mad. His father learned of this and sent someone to pick him up.

It was obvious that Feng Hua’s illness had been underestimated.

Not long after coming out of the elevator, Feng Hua disappeared, like a bubble blown away by the wind.

Feng Hua’s body had indeed been imprisoned in the house and hadn’t come out the entire time.

Feng Yeran had his team secretly research Feng Hua. They overturned some of the previous results. From analysing a large amount of information, they found that Feng Hua didn’t just have multiple personalities. Firstly, he had the ability to split or replicate himself, but this ability had a time limit, which meant that he could split part of his body to go out to find Feng Yeran, and when the time was up, this body would disappear or return to the original body in another way. Secondly, he did indeed suffer from multiple personality disorder. In his mind, Sean was an arrogant red-haired man, while in reality, Sean was just one of his personalities. As for why he had red hair, an experienced researcher suggested that it might have something to do with Feng Hua’s childhood, perhaps from some fairy tale, or some TV cartoon, etc.

Feng Yeran remembered that once, he had watched a heroic action movie with Feng Hua. The male lead’s name was Sean, a robust red-haired man.

Then, a lot of things made sense.

Why Feng Hua could kill Chen Xuan in the Feng family mansion when he was clearly lying next to him.

Why Feng Boran, who was put into prison, always saw terrifying visions and committed suicide before long.

Why he saw him talking to himself alone in the living room on the camera.

And, the question that had been puzzling Feng Yeran had an answer—he had been wondering who had used his computer in advance, helped him transfer the confidential document, and tampered with the file, so that he could get out of the “intellectual property theft” case.

Yes, that person was Feng Hua.

Now, when Feng Hua knew that Sean was himself, he seemed to have reached a wonderful fusion, and he had Sean’s memories.

He admitted it himself.

When talking about Xiao Zhijie, he said that not killing him was already a mercy to him.

Feng Yeran sat in his office, watching the videos about Feng Hua that the researchers had recorded.

After turning off his computer, he rubbed his temples and sighed.

Now that Feng Hua was being more strictly imprisoned in the house, even the confinement devices had all been upgraded to electronic equipment, so that the slightest movements could be displayed on the instruments.

On his bookshelf was the ancient novel Frankenstein. Now, again and again, he was deeply aware that he’d thought he had created a new human, yet he had actually created an incomparably terrifying scientific monster.

On the night the research results came out, Feng Yeran went to the bar for the first time in a long time.

He knew full well that he was very weak and that drinking was obviously self-torture.

But he was just too uncomfortable.

He felt hollow, empty and extremely lonely.

His mother had died long ago, the woman he loved most and his hated but only brother were dead, his father didn’t care for him at all and was now abroad with his mistress, his best friend, who had actually betrayed him early on, was now mad, and his child, Feng Hua, was as dangerous as a bomb and just being around him made him tremble with fear.

He sat in the corner, pouring glass after glass.

Messy thoughts whirled in his mind.

He was terminally ill and probably wouldn’t live for many years. Why did he always have to waste time on these things? Ah, he really wanted to run away, to a place where no one knew him, and spend his last few years there in peace.

But what about Feng Hua? Feng Hua couldn’t leave him.

Now that he knew that Feng Hua was the murderer, should he hand him over to the police? Because of his illness, maybe he wouldn’t be sentenced but sent to a sanatorium? No… no, he wasn’t human. He was just an experiment. He didn’t have human rights yet… Maybe… he’d really be disposed of.

No… no…

Feng Yeran’s consciousness became fuzzier and fuzzier, his rationality gradually dissipated, and his fear and worry disappeared as well.

Inexplicably, after he got drunk, something dull and hot swelled in his body. It throbbed and trembled, as if it’d break out at any moment.

After he paid the bill, he staggered out of the bar.

Several people came over to help him, and some came over to chat him up, but he ignored them all.

He got into a taxi, and an excited emotion was spreading through his body. He was eager to see one person, he longed for one person, and he only thought of one person.

Thinking of him as a child, innocent and lovely, thinking of his tiny golden flower.

Thinking of his soft words, thinking of him writing his name over and over on the page, thinking of him drawing his appearance over and over on the drawing paper.

Thinking of him growing up and becoming youthful, thinking of the way he leaned on him as he napped.

Thinking of his hugs, the way he spoke, his tears, his gifts, his kisses.

Thinking of his constant confessions, when he said, Ye’er, I love you…

Once he got out of the taxi, Feng Yeran was practically running!

For the first time, he hated that the house had too many locks and that the code was too difficult!

He wanted to see him right away!

Feng Hua was wearing a simple thin sweater, and there was a strong sense of alienation on his pale face. He was slightly surprised when he saw Feng Yeran rushing through the door, but immediately, that emotion dissipated.

He thought that Feng Yeran had only come to pick up his luggage. He was afraid Feng Yeran wouldn’t live here with him anymore.

“Feng Hua…” Feng Yeran happily called Feng Hua’s name, with a strong smell of alcohol and a big, very dazzling smile.

Feng Hua froze, then shifted his gaze. “You drank?”

“Feng Hua… Feng Hua…”

“You’re still drinking when you’re clearly in bad health.”

“Feng Hua… Feng Hua… come here…” Feng Yeran opened his arms and his voice was full of joy.

Feng Hua walked towards him, but didn’t hug him or even look at him. “Does your stomach hurt?”

Feng Yeran thought for a moment before saying, “A little.”

Feng Hua put his hand over his stomach to treat him. His heart, however, sank once again, and he laughed at himself in his mind. Sure enough, his Ye’er hadn’t come over for so many days. He had only come over today because he had a stomachache and he needed him to treat him. But then, he immediately thought, this was a good thing. At least, he still needed him.

“Feng Hua!”


“Feng Hua, today, I… burp… want to see you so much…”

“Is that so.”

“Feng Hua!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Why don’t you look at me?”

“You’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk. Look at me.”

As if he hadn’t heard him, Feng Hua still didn’t look at Feng Yeran. He asked softly, “It’s much better, right?”


“I’ll go get you a cup of hot water.”

With that, his fingers left Feng Yeran’s stomach and he was about to turn and leave.

Unexpectedly, Feng Yeran wrapped his arms around his neck and, before he could respond at all, stood on his tiptoes and gently pecked his lips.

The strong smell of alcohol hit him and Feng Hua’s eyes widened.

Feng Yeran was very, very satisfied. He smiled and pressed himself against Feng Hua, elated. “You’re finally looking at me!”

The author has something to say:

Actually, when I was writing the elevator fall, I always thought of the feeling of riding the Tron Lightcycle Power Run at Disney a few days ago. Although I didn’t scream at all, it was really too exciting ==

Also, about the character Sean, I don’t know if you remember Chapter 7 when Feng Hua and Feng Yeran watched a movie together. Sean was based on the main character of this movie.

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