Chapter 22.2 – Baptism

Sean was very upset. He hadn’t slept well these past few days because he was so busy with his thankless brother. To say why Feng Hua was thankless, it was because he’d helped Feng Hua so much, but that guy actually wanted to cut him off, and even investigate him and hang him. It was just too hateful!

He crouched on a stool with boredom, staring at the data on the computer screen, which was a three-dimensional image of the city. Suddenly, a dot began flashing.

He raised the corners of his mouth and smiled. Fortunately, he’d been smart enough to implant a tiny chip in Feng Yeran’s skin before. The reason it had taken so long this time was that Feng Hua only asked him for help very late, and later, he went to several cities, which had taken quite a bit of time.

Well, how to deal with that pervert next?

He changed into a hoodie, covered his red hair, put on gloves and a mask, placed the baseball bat from the corner into his backpack, and walked out of the room.

He stepped lightly into the Rongyue Building—one of the tallest buildings in B City, with a total of 72 floors.

He stepped into the elevator and stopped on the 70th floor. Step by step, he came to room 7014.

He took a handheld from his backpack and quickly input a code with his fingers. In less than a minute, a string of numbers was displayed on the screen. The combination lock was successfully unlocked.

He walked into the room and gently closed the door.

Amidst the symphony, he heard the sound of fighting and Feng Yeran crying for help.

The pores of his body almost instantly burst out, and a raging fire drowned all his reason.

He opened the bedroom door and saw Feng Yeran pinned to the bed, his hands bound by a tie, constantly struggling.

Before Xiao Zhijie could react, his body had already been sent flying.

He hit the wall so hard he heard the sound of his bones breaking.

At first, he didn’t have any feeling, to the point he felt cold all over. He tried to stand up, but suddenly found himself weak all over. Then, there was quite intense pain, which doused all his excitement.

He saw the man coming towards him, step by step.

As he walked, he opened his backpack and pulled out a baseball bat.

Xiao Zhijie gasped in fear. “No… don’t come any closer!!”

He struggled to prop himself up, but before he could get up completely, he fell to the ground.

The baseball bat smashed hard onto his leg bone, blood spattered, and he watched as his calf instantly deformed…

“Ahhhhhhhh—” he broke down and screamed, the skin of his face completely twisted.

Now, even Feng Yeran was terrified.

He yelled, “Stop!! Stop!!! You’ll kill him!!!”

However, Sean had absolutely no intention of stopping. He just curled his mouth into a smile and then raised the bat again, and it seemed that next, he wanted to smash it straight down at Xiao Zhijie’s male part.

Xiao Zhijie was almost incontinent with fear.

Feng Yeran struggled to run towards him, grabbed his arm, and yelled to stop him, “Ahhh, stop, Feng Hua! Feng Hua! Stop! Stop! Stop, Feng Hua! You can’t kill him! You can’t kill someone! He may have been wrong, but he’s my friend! You can’t ruin yourself!”

Finally, he stopped.

The baseball bat fell to the ground.

Feng Hua’s whole body was trembling and seemed to be in great pain. He covered his face and crouched on the ground. Xiao Zhijie’s blood was splattered on his hands and clothes, dirtying his face at this point.

Feng Yeran hugged him in fright and kept soothing his back. “Feng Hua?? Are you alright, Feng Hua?”

After half a minute, Feng Hua stopped shaking.

He held Feng Yeran on the bed and, while Feng Yeran was at a loss, wiped his dirtied body with a clean wet towel, changed him into a light blue robe, covered him with a clean blanket, left a pure kiss on his forehead, and whispered in his ear, “Stay here. Don’t go.”

He took off his bloodstained coat. Wearing a white shirt, he calmly walked towards Xiao Zhijie, who was drenched in cold sweat.

Classical music was still playing in the room. It was a sacred piece, the organ with the soprano, the tempo climbing gradually from slow to fast.

Feng Hua was almost walking to the beat, step by step. The lights shone down from above, as if they were holy light cast in from the top of a church.

The holy light hit Feng Hua’s messy black hair and his pale skin. His forehead, high brow bone and nose bridge were shining. Beneath his pitying brow, his emotionless eyes and elegant lips were hidden in darkness. He was like a character in Rembrandt’s light1Rembrandt, a Dutch painter, is one of the greatest painters of the 17th century. Rembrandt lighting is a kind of universal and useful lighting. He usually places his characters in dark backgrounds, such as dark brown and olive brown, and the characters appear to stand on a black stage. He uses precise triangular stereoscopic lighting to hit the character’s face, outlining their silhouette, highlighting the main parts, and leaving the rest hidden in the darkness. It gives a sense of stability and solemnity. Some say he paints light with darkness.. He was standing on the black stage, light and shadow outlining his figure.

At that moment, he wasn’t a monster at all, but more like a young priest baptising someone in a church. When his pursed lips opened, what he read out must be the timeless, soul-cleansing words of the Bible.

He opened his mouth, his voice low, but gentle, like a soft feather. “Xiao Zhijie, you told me what you were afraid of, remember?”

Xiao Zhijie was completely confused. “…I… I don’t remember…”

Feng Hua looked down at him. “Do you need me to help you remember? At that time, you asked me what I was afraid of, and you even enthusiastically recorded a video and showed it to Ye’er.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I was wrong! Please forgive me!”

“I haven’t finished yet. What’s the rush.”


“In fact, you didn’t record it all, because later on, I asked you back. I asked, then what are you afraid of?”

“…” Xiao Zhijie had a very bad feeling.



“So tell me now, what are you afraid of?”


“If you don’t want to say, do you need me to help open your mouth?”

Xiao Zhijie immediately spoke up. “I… I’m afraid of blood! I’m afraid of blood!”

“Good.” Feng Hua smiled.

Suddenly, Xiao Zhijie trembled all over. He seemed to see something rather terrifying.

He clutched his head and roared wildly as the music approached the climax, as if in agony. He dodged and struggled, his roars like that of an animal being slaughtered, his saliva drooling uncontrollably. He was incontinent.

Feng Yeran couldn’t see anything special.

Feng Hua stood gracefully in front of Xiao Zhijie the whole time, his back to Feng Yeran, and seemed to be calmly watching a devil being purified. Xiao Zhijie, however, was convulsing violently as if he were having a seizure, his body shape becoming more and more bizarre.

Feng Yeran’s heart was pounding. The fear he had been deliberately burying was once again awakened and began to take root rapidly.

He burst out of the blanket, stood barefoot on the cold floor, and heard Xiao Zhijie’s intermittent voice in his roars.

“Please… you… ahhhhh… kill me… kill ahh wuwu… kill me…”

He couldn’t help but beg for mercy again. “Feng Hua, let him go!”

Feng Hua didn’t look at him, but just remained staring expressionlessly at the creature twitching and begging for mercy in the space.

Feng Yeran got more and more worried. “God, Feng Hua! What the hell did you show him? Enough already! He’s already collapsed…”

Feng Hua suddenly turned his head to look at him, his eyes wide, his mouth curled with an exaggerated smile, a strange and excited smile.

“Ye’er, do you want to see it?” His voice was still soft and bewitching.

It was probably because of his bewitching voice.

Feng Yeran nodded.

In an instant, the grey walls and floor, the snow-white bed, this grey space was quickly dyed red by a scarlet brush.

Then, he saw the unimaginable horror.

In this world, Xiao Zhijie had long since ceased to be a person. He had become disconnected, disembodied chunks of flesh, yet he still retained his consciousness and pain, watching his body, already elsewhere, being hacked to pieces.

The sticky red filling the world.

The fishy smell filling the world.

And Feng Hua, dressed all in white, holding a sharp knife, cutting Xiao Zhijie’s flesh bit by bit.

Ho ho ho ho.

Ho ho ho ho.

With an icy grin on his lips.

Feng Yeran retched several times.

His mind went blank and he instinctively backed away, instinctively fled.

He’d almost forgotten everything. Wearing a light blue robe, he was just like a pathetic little mouse, running frantically barefoot in the corridor covered with the fishy red carpet. To him, the red carpet was like a sea of blood.

He bumped into several people in a row, but he didn’t even notice.

He waited nervously for the elevator, trembling all over and retching from time to time.

He was so afraid of being caught up he was forgetting how to breathe and his heart was jumping out of his chest.

Fortunately, the elevator opened quickly.

He immediately rushed in and pressed close.

He had no idea where to go next.

He had no idea what to do. He was only in a robe. He didn’t even have a cent.

But he could no longer think of anything else but escape.

The elevator door slowly closed and his heartbeat gradually slowed.

Finally, it closed, and he let out a great sigh of relief.

This confined space had protected him, keeping him away from that bloody, horrific world.

He reached for the ‘1’.

However, before he could touch it, his hand was covered by cold, bloody fingers.

A familiar voice came from behind, still soft with an almost doting rebuke, but now it sent chills down Feng Yeran’s spine.

“Ye’er, didn’t I tell you not to leave? Where are you trying to go alone?”

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