Chapter 18 – Starry Sky

On January 2nd, Feng Hua, holding a black umbrella, strolled with Feng Yeran through the drifting snow.

Feng Hua was afraid that Feng Yeran would catch a cold, but Feng Yeran liked to walk in the snowflakes until countless beautiful ice crystals tinged his hair and eyelashes with a layer of snow-white.

“Xiao Zhijie gave you a psychological test today, right?” Feng Yeran asked.

“Yeah, he made me fill out a few forms and asked me some questions.”

“What questions did he ask?”

“Very simple ones. For example, what do you like, what do you hate, what do you often dream about, what are you afraid of.”

“What do you often dream about?”

“I dream of travelling with you.”

“Ah, how nice. Travel to where?”

“The whole world.”

“If I had the time, I’d really like to go. Then, what do you like?”

“I like you.”

“…Kid, I’m seriously asking you a question! You should answer me seriously too! Or else I won’t take you to the astronomy tower later.”

Feng Hua laughed. “You really treat me like a child.”

“You’re only six years old. You say if you’re a child or not!”

“For the Adesir, six years old is already the human age of twenty.”

“But the Adesir’s life span is at least several times that of humans, so six years old is still just a baby!”

“Okay, Ye’er. I can’t argue with you.”

“So, what are you afraid of? I’m really curious.”


“Yeah, I used to know what you were afraid of. But now, I really don’t know!”

Feng Hua lowered his eyes, remembering the scene when Xiao Zhijie asked him what he was afraid of.

Xiao Zhijie turned over the form in his hand and asked, Why didn’t you fill in this column? Don’t you have anything you’re afraid of? For example, bugs, nightmares, or ghosts.

Feng Hua thought for a while. I’m afraid that Ye’er will leave me.

Xiao Zhijie: What else?

This time, Feng Hua thought for a longer time, then slowly said, I’m afraid of myself.

Feng Yeran hugged Feng Hua’s neck and said, “So, what are you afraid of?”

“I’m afraid that you’ll leave me.”

Feng Yeran ran away, his ears red. “I told you to stop joking!”

The two of them arrived at the astronomy tower and took the elevator to the top floor—the 99th floor.

As the tallest tower in the city, standing at the top, they could overlook the night view of the whole city, and, if the evening weather was good, they could also view the starry sky.

Feng Yeran excitedly looked out through the thick glass.

The whole city was in full view—the surrounding sky tracks, overpasses and wide avenues were like golden ribbons in the dusk. The frozen lake was like a mirror, in which towering and low buildings rose and fell, all tinged pure white by snowflakes. The sun was slowly setting above the western arc-shaped horizon. The sky was a wonderful pink and light purple. Several elliptical air tour ships glided slowly through the clouds.

The two of them looked out at the world outside the glass.

As the red sun set, firefly-like streetlights, starting near the stadium, lit up bit by bit, patch by patch, until they lit up the whole world. Tiny snowflakes began to drift diagonally again.

“Isn’t it so beautiful it’s a bit surreal!”

“Yeah, it’s like a dream.”

“The ceiling here is transparent, so we can see the world from all sides. The most amazing thing is the design of the floor. After 10pm, the floor will reflect images from the sky, which means that we’ll have the illusion of walking in the universe,” Feng Yeran said excitedly.

“I can do that too!”

Feng Yeran laughed. “Haha, I know. On your 4th birthday, you simulated the night sky from the picture album and took me to the sky—you are a miracle.”

Feng Hua was obviously very happy to be praised, like a dog whose head was touched. If his invisible tail could be seen, it must be wagging wildly.

At 10pm, as Feng Yeran had said, the lights in the room turned off and the whole world turned into a night sky.

A winter night sky.

Visitors on the top floor strolled through the city’s night sky, overlooking the magnificent night view.

The stars in winter weren’t as bright and numerous as in summer but somewhat scattered, simple and fragmentary. They were like fairies in the universe, trembling slightly. Even in the night sky, slightly pale clouds and the half-moon hidden behind them could be seen. Shy, yet extremely beautiful.

Another air tour ship slowly passed through the clouds, rippling in the river of stars.

“Ye’er, do you remember what you said before?”


“You said you’d take me on an air tour ship in the future.”

“Haha, of course I remember. Don’t worry, I’ll take you one day. We can take an air tour ship and circle the whole world in half a year.”

“But it’s so slow. I’m afraid half a year won’t be enough.”

“Don’t underestimate it. It’s particularly slow when it comes to wonderful landscapes. But when it wants to go fast, it can go fast, just like an aeroplane… What’s more, it can stop midway and we can float on parachutes like dandelions to play at the attractions. How great is that!”

Feng Hua’s eyes glowed as he listened to Feng Yeran say this.

“We have a deal!” Feng Hua said.

“Mm-hm, I always keep my word!”

The two of them strolled through the air, took a lot of photos, and observed a lot of constellations with telescopes.

Just after eleven o’clock, Feng Yeran was a little sleepy.

“Have a rest, Ye’er.”

Feng Yeran sat on the small sofa with a smile. “If I fall asleep, will you carry me back?”

Feng Hua nodded naturally. “Yeah. You don’t need to worry.”

Feng Yeran said with a loving face, “Come here.”

Feng Hua puzzledly walked up to him.

“Bend down. You’re too tall.”

Feng Hua bent down.

Feng Yeran stroked his head and said with satisfaction, “What a good baby!”

The corners of Feng Hua’s mouth twitched. He caught Feng Yeran’s wrist, propped his other hand on the transparent glass behind the sofa, and instantly moved closer towards him.

The sudden pressure made Feng Yeran’s back press against the sofa. He froze for a moment before saying, “You… you child. Are you trying to play me again?”

Feng Hua gazed at Feng Yeran, those eyes which had turned a deep blue in the night seemingly carrying the entire starry sky within them.

“When have I ever played you?”

He whispered, and then moved closer and gently took Feng Yeran’s lips.

* * *

In fact, this incident had an extremely strong impact on Feng Yeran. His mental state wasn’t stable. At times, he was in a very good mood and could concentrate on his work and laugh with Feng Hua. At times, he’d fall into depressed contemplation, with worried frowns, constant nightmares, and fears.

When he was depressed, he’d refuse to work and hide in his room.

He’d hug his legs on the sofa in a daze. He’d constantly change channels when watching TV. He’d pay close attention to what was in the newspaper and be sensitive to some news.

And he himself knew that his worries were totally unnecessary, that the incident had already passed. But sometimes, he just couldn’t control himself and kept pasting newspapers and searching for information.

He was much better when Feng Hua was by his side, because his attention would involuntarily be focused on Feng Hua.

Feng Hua would never let him get bored, though he’d always say with disdain that it was stuff children played with.

Because Feng Hua liked to buy him some comics, play games with him, watch movies with him, tell him all sorts of strange stories, which he didn’t know where he’d read from, and play some music that young people liked in the room, with heavy metal, rock and roll, and some soft niche music. And Feng Yeran had always been a traditional-loving person. He always listened to classical music.

On this day, Feng Yeran was depressed again. Feng Hua had played games with him all afternoon. He was a little tired, so he leaned on Feng Hua’s back. Feng Hua was still playing games, his body moving slightly. He turned off the game sound and a soft song began to play.

It was a very ethereal piece of music, with pure, slow piano notes, a dreamy female voice, mixed with wonderful water and breathing sounds. The melody lingered and floated in the room, over and over again. Until the dazed Feng Yeran heard Feng Hua’s low humming, not as high as the female voice. His voice was soft and low, but very nice.

“If you are scared to open your eyes, I’ll be your eyes to show you a thousand skies;

If you are scared to release yourself, I’ll be your wings to fly you away;

If you cry alone in the dark, I’ll be your moon with a hundred stars;

If you cry, I’ll stand by your side, all my doubts and fears came to an end whenever you gave the hope to me.

If you are scared to sleep at night, I’ll count sheep for you for 10 years;

If you are scared to believe in yourself, I’ll be your light to show your way.

1Singer: Chouchou, Song Title: Spira

Feng Yeran, listening to the soft lullaby-like humming, slowly fell asleep.

All the negative emotions of the day dissipated with the singing.

He had a good dream.

* * *

He thought life would go on quietly like this, but heaven wasn’t cooperative.

On January 10th, a piece of big news came out of nowhere.

The forensic investigators had originally identified Chen Xuan as having died of a heart attack, namely, sudden death, ruling out the possibility of homicide. However, when the police were investigating, they unexpectedly found image remnants from one of the cameras. After using high technology to magnify infinitely and restore it, they found the image of the intruder.

The video lasted about eight seconds.

A door was opened and a tall man in a hoodie came out. He stood in the yellowish corridor, turned his head, and glanced at the camera. Then, he strode towards the camera, his face shrouded in shadows and his half-revealed eyes a terrifying red. Almost the next instant, with an ear-piercing sound, the man in the camera disappeared.

Almost everyone who saw this video had chills come up their spines.

Because it seemed that the man wasn’t walking towards the camera, but really towards them, with extreme oppression. Those red eyes weren’t human at all, but more like some beast, bloodthirsty and cold, staring straight at his poor prey.

Feng Yeran’s face instantly lost its blood when he saw this video.

The police call had come through. “Looking at the body shape, it isn’t you. But, do you have anyone around you with that appearance?”

“I can’t see clearly.”

“Just one with a roughly similar body shape.”

“…I don’t know.” Feng Yeran looked at Feng Hua’s back playing games. Cold sweat slid down his forehead.

“Contact us promptly when you have an idea. Also, we’ll send someone to your home tomorrow to check it, just letting you know.”


He’d just received a call from the police, and then a message from Xiao Zhijie.

Xiao Zhijie: “Are you there?”


“Do you have time to come downstairs now?”


“Then, I’ll be waiting for you in the coffee shop downstairs. I have something very important to say to you.”

  • 1
    Singer: Chouchou, Song Title: Spira

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