Chapter 16.2 – Betrayal

Feng Hua drove and Feng Yeran leaned crookedly on the car seat. His body had just been changed into clean clothes and was draped with a thick blanket.

“Kid, I only just learned you can drive?”

“Don’t call me kid. I’ve grown up already. Driving’s easy. I just looked and I got it. Besides, I’ve got a driving licence.”


“Stop talking and have a good sleep. There are still two hours to go. There’s a lake, gardens and hot springs over there. I’ll ask the chef to cook you something nutritious. I’ve prepared a little cake with a few of your favourite cherries on it, and a glass of milk before you go to bed…”

“Are you raising me as a pig?”

Feng Hua looked serious. “No, I’ll go for a walk with you after dinner too.”

“Will the police come here to arrest me?”

“No. You’re the owner of that document. You’re innocent. It’ll be fine.”

“You’re so sure?” Feng Yeran smiled, his face without a care in the world. He yawned. “I’m going to sleep. Call me when we arrive.”

He slept quite uneasily this time, like he was having non-stop nightmares, struggling in his dreams, even shouting out. Occasionally, Feng Hua pulled the car over to the side to wipe his sweat and soothe him. Later, it was only by holding Feng Yeran’s hand that Feng Yeran quietened down.

However, after Feng Yeran woke up, he looked as if nothing was wrong. The gloom on Feng Hua’s face grew heavier and heavier.

Feng Yeran didn’t eat much for dinner, didn’t have an appetite for cake, and didn’t really want to go for a walk. He sat on the sofa in the guest room drinking a hot drink.

He wanted to watch TV, but Feng Hua didn’t let him watch. After all, there was news about Feng Yeran everywhere now. Feng Hua put on a funny movie.

Feng Yeran stared at the screen with a flushed smile on his face. There was no telling whether he was amused by the movie or thinking about something else.

It was practically the first time they’d watched a movie in this way. Every time they’d watched a movie before, Feng Yeran had been so busy with other things that he could only watch a third of it at most.

This time, they finished the movie together.

Feng Yeran buried his head between his legs, a smile on his lips. “It’s… quite good.” His voice was strange.

Feng Hua grabbed the can on the floor and found that it was an alcoholic drink!

“Your stomach is clearly… Why did you drink so much! How are you now? Does it hurt?”

“What’s the difference… between… me and Feng Boran… Why, did everyone, not choose me, betray me, again and again… cheat me…”

“Ye’er, look up.”

“She clearly said, she loved me… Several times, I told her, we couldn’t be together. It was her. She begged me, she said she loved me, said nothing else mattered. I really liked her, liked her a lot, but why…”

Feng Yeran finally lifted his head. Sure enough, his face was full of messy snot and tears, so miserable. “Why does everyone around me leave me? I loved my mum so much, but all she could see was that bastard Feng Mu, and she died just like that… I… thought Feng Mu… finally looked at me, but I was wrong. He said he wanted to sever ties with me. I loved Xiao Xuan so much, and I thought we were in love, but she lied to me and married my brother… and now they’re conspiring to cheat me for information. Not only that, but also framing me…”

Feng Hua hurriedly wiped his tears, and held him in his arms as if comforting a baby, soothing his back again and again. “It doesn’t matter. You still have me by your side. I won’t leave you.”

“You will leave me… Aren’t you with that young model?”

“I’m not with her! I’m sorry! I did it on purpose that day… Because you said you wanted me to divert my attention, I tried to stay with her! But after you left, I immediately separated from her. Ye’er, do you care about that? To be honest, I’m very happy…!”

His head in a tangled mess, Feng Yeran couldn’t think about anything.

He’d forgotten how his former self had resisted Feng Hua’s feelings. He just wanted to grasp the only straw, and hugged Feng Hua back tightly, murmuring, “Yeah, I still have you.”

It was the first time Feng Hua had heard Feng Yeran say such words, as if it was the first time Feng Yeran was truly seeing him. He was so excited he forgot all his negative emotions, and hugged Feng Yeran tightly, almost wanting to rub Feng Yeran into his body.

Feng Hua kissed Feng Yeran’s neck, and Feng Yeran didn’t escape.

But he didn’t go any further. He whispered in Feng Yeran’s ear, “Ye’er, look.”

In Feng Yeran’s hazy vision were thousands of candles shining like fireflies. And in the middle of those candles was the tiny cake, red and white, decorated with flowers, hearts and fruits, very childish and cute.

Feng Yeran suddenly thought of something. He said, “Did you make this cake yourself?”

Feng Hua nodded a little shyly. “Mm…”

Immediately, he came over again and gently left a kiss on Feng Yeran’s tear-stained right cheek. “Happy birthday, Ye’er!”

New, hot tears fell from Feng Yeran’s eyes. He suddenly remembered that every birthday he had before had been spent with this angelic child, from when he was still a very, very small baby to when he’d grown into a tall man.

“Thank you!”

Feng Yeran began to eat the cake, cream and tears on his face, very strange.

But they didn’t care. Inexplicably, it was incredible that such happiness was still dotted throughout this extremely painful time.

In his dream, Feng Yeran felt that he’d become a small boat, rising and falling in the sea of pain and joy. The whole world was sometimes pitch black, and sometimes radiant and gorgeous to the extreme.

Someone whispered in his ear, “Tell me what your birthday wish is. I’ll make it come true for you.”

Wandering in the sea of his dream, Feng Yeran was a little unclear as to who was speaking. It looked like Feng Hua, yet it looked like someone else. He didn’t know if it was someone from reality talking to him, or someone from his dream.

But he seemed to have no particular wish, because he couldn’t see the meaning to life. It was like riding a rollercoaster again and again, rushing to the top then falling into the abyss in an instant, constantly cycling between pain, joy, despair, bliss and melancholy. What was the point?

A pure whisper, with a slightly hot breath. “For example, Chen Xuan. What do you wish for her?”

Hearing the name Chen Xuan, the waves suddenly became rough, and the boat lurched in the huge waves. Amidst the flashes of painful emotions was a constant hatred.

Feng Yeran’s stood on the rocking boat and his voice was intermittent. “To have her reputation ruined… to be desperate, betrayed… by the person she loves most, to truly experience… the pain… she brought me…”

The words seemed to ignite the emotions of the person by his ear. He raised his voice and said, “Is that enough? She betrayed you twice… and will set you up tomorrow in front of the whole world, saying she loved you, but now wants to send you to prison herself and take everything away from you…”

The dream world began to flash with lightning and roll with thunder, and the heavy thunder and lightning connecting the sky and sea seemed to further ignite his emotions. He yelled, “If only she were dead! With the man she loves most… Haha, I’d be helping to make them whole!”

He heard laughter in his ears. From light to strong, from low to high, intermittent, with a strange ending, it was a joyful laugh, an ecstatic laugh, but also a dangerous laugh, a cold laugh, an unfamiliar laugh.

Feng Yeran was suddenly a little scared. He turned around, looking for the person who spoke in his ear. But there was nothing. He seemed to be the only one in the world. There was thunder and lightning, and raging waves pounded the shore. He stood alone on the small sailboat, and he suddenly felt scared.

He didn’t know how many hours had passed, or perhaps it was just a second, but he felt himself embraced by a pair of hands, and the man’s voice appeared again, incomparably soft and slow this time, as if singing a lullaby. “Sleep, sleep, my dear baby. When you wake up tomorrow, your wishes will come true in turn.”

Feng Yeran finally relaxed. He raised his head and found that the dark clouds had dissipated and the sky had cleared, a beautiful golden yellow.

Feng Yeran woke up from his dream several times.

Every time he woke up, he’d make sure the person by his side was there. Having been betrayed by one after another, he’d become extremely insecure by now.

Every time, he found Feng Hua lying quietly by his side, keeping him company.

The next morning, their door was knocked by the police.

Feng Yeran could expect that at this moment, the research institute was probably already under police control, and all Feng Yeran’s information and his every move after the case broke out was probably being monitored. He was glad that he hadn’t modified the document. The more he added, the darker it might get.

He didn’t know long he’d stay in the police station and whether he’d be sent straight to prison.

But he hadn’t expected what happened next at all.

After questioning them about their whereabouts last night, the police said, “Chen Xuan died at the Feng family mansion at 3am last night.”

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