Chapter 1 – Birth

Feng Yeran sat decadently in the unlit room. The grey air was like a turbid river, flooding the room, suffocating it. The only light spilt through the slightly flickering dark curtains onto the paper on the carpet. Dust was stirred by the warm air, fluttering in the dull golden glow like small, hideous ghosts. The clock was ticking, ticking, ticking, the minutes passing by.

After an unknown amount of time, Feng Yeran reached out his pale hand and fumbled with the remote control buttons on the messy coffee table. His fingers were thin and slender, the skin, illuminated by the slightly moving light rays, so white that it reflected light, and the crisscrossing veins gathered on the back of his hand and gradually dispersed into his arm. The moment the image was opened, the whole room was illuminated.

It was an extremely messy room, with full bookshelves, a coffee table, books scattered messily on the floor, cluttered clothes, a white coat on an old sofa, an ashtray full of cigarette butts… However, Feng Yeran had obviously turned a blind eye to all this as he stared at the television, which was playing a news item at the moment.

“Feng Boran, a renowned researcher of SW University, has achieved unprecedented success in his genetic experiments. The world’s long-awaited first ‘new housekeeper’ has been born! The ‘new housekeeper’ possesses 2.78% of Adesir genes, and its intelligence and physical ability have reached 1.2 times that of ordinary humans…”

“Feng Boran is really young and promising. He has achieved this at the age of 35. He is worthy of being Feng Mu’s son!”

Feng Boran was Feng Yeran’s half-brother. Although they were both the sons of Feng Mu, the president of SW’s top research institute, Feng Boran, who was twelve years older than Feng Yeran, was born to the legitimate wife, while Feng Yeran was the son of a mistress. Naturally, Feng Boran’s status was much higher. Feng Boran had a smooth journey and excelled in his studies. Now, he had inherited the family business and was married to the woman Feng Yeran loved most. On the other hand, due to his mother’s death, the woman he loved most being taken away from him, and other blows, Feng Yeran’s grades plummeted, and then he ran away from home. Now this was the result.

Feng Yeran picked up the piece of paper on the floor and stared at the words on it in the dimly lit room. As if he couldn’t understand it at all, he read it for at least ten minutes, and his lips moved slightly—stomach cancer.

Was this a joke? He was only twenty-three years old.

He still had so much to do. His research hadn’t come to fruition, he hadn’t proved himself better than Feng Boran, he hadn’t fought for his mother, he hadn’t reclaimed his beloved woman, he hadn’t realised his life’s dream… He hadn’t done anything yet!

One year? Two years? Five years? Ten years?! How much time did he have left?

His stomach began to ache again, and a wave of nausea came over him. Feng Yeran rushed to the bathroom and began to retch.

He clearly hadn’t eaten anything, but the strong acidic and pungent gastric juices were disgusting. He vomited only liquid, his stomach was spasmodic, his whole body was shaking, his eyes and nose were burning, and his tears fell uncontrollably.

It shouldn’t be like this! It shouldn’t be like this! His life would absolutely not end like this!

The phone began to ring. Feng Yeran tried to control his emotions and acted as if nothing was wrong as he answered the phone. “Hello.”

The voice on the other end was very excited. “Yeran!! Come here quickly! Mother 347 has started contracting! It’s about to give birth!”

At that moment, Feng Yeran’s hope was rekindled.

Yes, he still had his experiments! He and his team had spent three whole years taking samples, going through almost all the information they could find, and giving almost everything just to create a foetus that could inherit the Adesir bloodline.

The Adesir had always existed in human mythology. Some said their royal family were the sphinxes, infinitely powerful; some said they were the legendary blood clan, exceptionally beautiful and harming countless people; some said they were like the monster in Frankenstein, just a product of mad scientists, incomparably ugly; some even said they were the sons of God, with limitless magic. Myths were somewhat exaggerated, but in the scientific community, it was generally accepted that the Adesir people had high intelligence, docile personality, good appearance and boundless potential. In the creation of “new humans”, the integration of a tiny bit of Adesir genes, even if they were defective, could bring about earthshaking changes to the human world. It was just that now the Adesir race had long since become extinct, and their frozen genetic remnants could only be found in extremely cold places. And because of the strong repulsion between Adesir and human genes, extracting even 0.01 of their genes had been considered impossible for quite some time. That was why Feng Boran’s experimental results were so sensational.

But Feng Yeran possessed even greater ambition. He didn’t want to create just a substandard product that integrated a tiny bit of the Adesir’s defective genes. What he wanted to create was—a new human with more than 80% of the Adesir bloodline.

Although he had failed too many times… too many times! He always believed it would succeed!

Maybe it could succeed this time!!

After he hurriedly washed up, he put on his thick sweater, grabbed his white coat, then ran into the snow, as if he were still a healthy teenager.

It took him only ten minutes to run to the familiar door of the operating room. His hands and feet were freezing, but he didn’t care at all. After putting on disinfection clothing, he was ready to deliver the baby, but was stopped outside by a director.

“Feng Yeran, what are you doing here?”

“347 is about to be born. I came to deliver it.”

“You’re not in charge of this.”

“What?” Feng Yeran was very surprised. “I’ve always been in charge of this before.”

Yes, from gene collection to test tube breeding, from maternal selection to fetal breeding, Feng Yeran had always been in charge of this project.

Just as he finished speaking, several colleagues behind the director began to smile. One of them came over, kindly patted Feng Yeran on the shoulder, and said, “Yeran, your health isn’t very good, so Gao Chuan will be in charge of this from now on…”

A fire fiercely ignited and surged up to Feng Yeran’s cheeks, just short of spurting out. No one in the unit knew that Feng Yeran had stomach cancer, so they took his discomfort as petulance, arrogance, laziness or even pretending. But what was the point of telling them? Tell them that even though he already had advanced stomach cancer, he didn’t choose to treat it but rather still wanted to experiment? He held back and held back to keep himself from exploding, then just stood there at the operation door, watching the lights come on and the door close, unable to say anything. He just felt sad.

Embryo 347 was the one he valued the most, and the one he thought was the most promising. From the day the embryo was detected, he had gone to see it, talked to it, prepared music for it and read stories to it every day as if it were his own child. The first moment it opened its eyes, it should see him. It was his dream, the fruit that had taken him five whole years to come into being…

But now, he was actually not qualified to welcome its birth!

Feng Yeran ignored the others’ gossip as he paced around outside the operation door.

He began to worry again. Was it a boy or a girl? Would it be like the previous embryos that’d died just after birth? Congenital deformity? He really hoped it could survive the first hurdle…


A scream spread throughout the research institute. Feng Yeran froze for a few seconds. Then, he heard the sound of glass products shattering. The lights in the operating room went out and the door was slammed open. A female nurse struggled to crawl out, blood spilling out through the snow-white door…

“Something’s wrong! Help…”

“Monster ahhhh…”

At that moment, the backs of almost everyone’s head were in pain, as if they were being pressed by something. There was ringing in both ears, and they could hear sounds similar to an electric current every now and then.

The research institute nurses ran out of the operating room in disarray. While Feng Yeran ran quickly towards the operating room with a blank head.

As soon as he entered the operating room, he smelled a strong stench of blood and decay, as well as a faint, burning smell.

The mother body on the bed was broken. Gao Chuan stood in the corner of the room with a face of horror, trembling all over.

“Where’s the child?!” Feng Yeran asked.

In place of an answer was Gao Chuan’s howl. One of Gao Chuan’s hands flew out, hit the window, and slowly slid down. Gao Chuan’s whole body was on the verge of collapse. In front of him, a piece of rotting flesh slowly squirmed towards him, with a speed that was even relaxed, as if it were a cat catching a mouse.

Feng Yeran saw with his own eyes this piece of rotting flesh gradually splitting, the gurgling blood like its feet, flowing towards Gao Chuan. There was a vortex in the centre of it, which was probably its mouth. It gradually split and grew larger, and rushed violently towards Gao Chuan’s neck—


Feng Yeran roared.

The whole operating room seemed to freeze. In those seconds, the monster really didn’t move. Then, it turned its “head” and seemed to be observing Feng Yeran, from top to bottom, not sparing a single corner. At that point, goosebumps rose all over Feng Yeran’s body. He knew what he should do. He should give the monster an injection right away, he had to stop this bloodbath, he should run away! But he felt an indescribable oppressive force, just like chains, binding his entire body. He couldn’t move, and even felt an unbearable pain in his head!

He watched helplessly as the monster gradually took back its feet that were attacking Gao Chuan and slowly approached him.

It was only then that Feng Yeran felt fear. Extreme fear.

The blood had formed cobweb-like streams throughout the operating room, intertwining with each other. The mangled flesh was rapidly being gnawed and digested in the streams, the putrid smell was growing stronger and stronger, and the small pieces of meat scattered everywhere were flowing back along the gurgling streams of blood, gradually gathering in front of Feng Yeran. Some people were screaming, some were shouting Feng Yeran’s and Gao Chuan’s names from the door, and some were wailing.

Feng Yeran breathed heavily, cold sweat pouring out.

His mind worked intermittently in fear… Only now did he realise that the creature that was approaching him was the “fruit” of the experiments he had spent so many years on, the baby he had spent a whole year with day by day. But what had gone wrong? How could it have failed like this—not only did it not have any characteristics of the Adesir, it was simply a bloodthirsty monster…

It wasn’t even a monster. It was simply a disgusting piece of rotting flesh.

His breathing became rather heavy, and the disgusting sounds of the rotting flesh moving around with the strange electricity sounds became more and more terrifying. He seemed to imagine that this piece of flesh would open its mouth the next moment and devour him clean in one gulp…

—But he was going to die anyway. Was there a difference between dying of illness and being eaten by the fruit of his own efforts?

“Zizi… zizi…”

The sound of electricity was constantly ringing.

The instruments around were shaking slightly, as if there were an earthquake. That included the surgical lights, which seemed ready to go out at any moment. It was clearly a scene of fear to the extreme, but Feng Yeran was somewhat relieved. There was even a dizzying sense of familiarity.

The flesh finally reached him, and the “mouth” in its centre gradually opened, revealing hideous teeth.

Feng Yeran closed his eyes.

Then, amid the noise of electricity, he heard a vague voice.

“Zizizi… Ye’er1The addition of 儿 [ér] to a part of the given name forms a diminutive.… Yeer… zizizi…”

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    The addition of 儿 [ér] to a part of the given name forms a diminutive.

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