Chapter 9 – Opened the Instance of the Demonic College (Hard)

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After the first lesson in the afternoon, Bai Youlian took two notebooks and slammed it down on Lin Jiabao’s and Ouyang Chen’s table. With a fake smile, she said, “Your relationship is really not bad. You even help do the other’s homework.”

Young master Ouyang Chen put his arms behind his head, looking like a cat that was too lazy to wake up. “What nonsense are you saying? This is what laozi1 老子 lǎo zi is an arrogant/prideful way to refer to oneself wrote himself.”

Lin Jiabao silently stretched out his two fingers, wanting to take away his own notebook when they weren’t paying attention. In the end, Bai Youlian didn’t notice Lin Jiabao’s action and just passed the book directly into Lin Jiabao’s hands.

“The words are so ugly, other than the young master, who else has such an ugly handwriting? There are more comments than there are answers. These fat and round words, why does it look so familiar?” Bai Youlian turned to Lin Jiabao and smiled gently at him.

The words are like their writer, it was him who wrote it.

“What’s the matter? Does our good relationship make you jealous?” Ouyang Chen turned his gaze to Lin Jiabao who was sitting beside him, even using his eyes to signal (threaten) him. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Lin Jiabao nodded his head quickly, like a frightened chick. But when he heard Bai Youlian cough once, he immediately shook his head, like a rattle that fell to the floor. Ouyang Chen raised his eyebrow and reached out to hold Lin Jiabao’s head and Lin Jiabao started to dumbly nod his head again.

“Little Bao, do you want to shake or nod your head?”

He didn’t want to do any, let him off ba QAQ… 

It was probably due to his pitiful expression that the two decided to stop fighting in their hearts.

Bai Youlian shoved Lin Jiabao’s notebook into his arms and adjusted her glasses before saying to Ouyang Chen, “Young masters like you shouldn’t bully little Bao all day. Your assignments also need help, did you turn all your intelligence into muscles when you were a primary school student?”

“I’m spoiling him, don’t be so meddlesome.”

“I’m a puppy, are you a rat2汪酱 = ~puppy, it’s a diminutive pet name for someone beloved/doted upon while 耗子 just means rat LOL // credit to Mukyuu for this!! I had zero idea what it meant oopsie?”

Lin Jiabao silently took out the materials needed for the next lesson before laying down on the table without talking. He looked at the clock and noted that in two minutes, the bell would ring and Bai Youlian would leave. The next lesson was English, one of the subjects he was better at.

He had to be better at it. At that time, there were genetic modifications made to his language functions by the system, which made it easier for him to learn foreign languages, which made other students feel extremely jealous.

However, the English taught at Dong Chen wasn’t that simple. It included using English to explain current affairs, ways to protect the environment and all kinds of other stuff. It wasn’t that easy to score. 

Due to his own financial situation, Lin Jiabao having the same knowledge as the other students who had just entered the school wasn’t really possible.

After speaking to the form teacher for a while, he would make the most of his lunch period to stay at the library. Although Lin Jiabao truly lacked practical experience, he still tried his best to make up for his shortcomings by increasing his theoretical knowledge and reading more books. He also tried to pick up common phrases that other people used. 

During the lesson, Lin Jiabao and Ouyang Chen were like two polar opposites; one was sitting upright writing down whatever the teacher said and was paying attention while the other was leaning on the table lazily, playing on his phone and making zero effort to cover it up.

The teacher cast a glance at Ouyang Chen. Even if they wanted to say something, they couldn’t. The young master had a powerful background and his family donated a lot of money to the school.

Fortunately, seeing Lin Jiabao sitting beside him who was dutifully listening to them, was comforting. It had to be said that the relationship between the male and female lead was rather unknown at this point.

Seeing that the English teacher wasn’t looking in their direction anymore, Lin Jiabao stopped writing and thought for a while. He finally couldn’t help pulling the edge of Ouyang Chen’s clothes.

“What is it?” Ouyang Chen looked down and moved his gaze from his phone screen to Lin Jiabao’s little head. Seeing that Lin Jiabao hadn’t responded for a while, he asked again, “En?” 

Lin Jiabao regretted his actions a little after he got Ouyang Chen’s attention. He couldn’t possibly tell Ouyang Chen to stop playing because the teacher kept looking at them. His mind was wandering around and he looked back at his book. An idea popped into his mind and he raised the book to Ouyang Chen.

“I, I… have a paragraph that I don’t understand. In front, it’s written ‘It is given to him but once’. I can understand that part but I can’t understand the part behind.”

“You’re asking me?” Ouyang Chen was taken aback by him, there was no sarcasm in his tone.

But even more unexpectedly, Ouyang Chen actually put down his phone and took over Lin Jiabao’s book. He glanced over the contents before saying, “A person’s life should be spent like this: when he looks back on the past, he won’t regret wasting his years nor will he be ashamed of the instances he failed to act.”

Just look at Ouyang Chen’s smooth explanation.

“This way, when he was dying, he could say that his entire life and all his energy had been dedicated to the most magnificent cause in the world, which is fighting for the liberation of mankind.”

Ouyang Chen passed the book back to Lin Jiabao and with an eyebrow raised asked him, “Do you have any more questions?”

Lin Jiabao shook his head. His eyebrows were knitted together as he was struggling to find more questions. 

Out of the blue, Lin Jiabao’s forehead was flicked. Ouyang Chen continued to play with his phone as he said, “Don’t get distracted. Pay attention to class.”

Lin Jiabao felt that the Ouyang Chen now was a little different from the usual but he just couldn’t pinpoint where. In the end, he continued to take notes and memorise what he wrote.

This was because the English teacher turned around when the teacher heard the noise. _(:3_|\\)_

After class, the teacher assigned their homework for the day and instructed the class representative to hand it out. Before the teacher left the class, they gave Lin Jiabao a meaningful glance.

Then, the head teacher called Bai Youlian away and when Bai Youlian came back, she smiled at Ouyang Chen and Lin Jiabao.

That smile made their hair stand up!

When the boy in the back row of Ouyang Chen and Bai Youlian exchanged positions, they finally knew why Bai Youlian was smiling… 

“Oi! Why did you run all the way here?” Ouyang Chen raised his eyebrows and tossed his phone one side, his expression full of dissatisfaction.

And Lin Jiabao, who was next to him, seemed to be brain-dead. Ai, why did the plot get back on track suddenly? His points won’t be deducted, right?

Bai Youlian arranged her table and answered uncaringly, “The teacher said my eyesight isn’t good and wanted me to sit nearer. What, you’re scared that I won’t make it?”

In fact, the English teacher told the class teacher just now that they feared that Ouyang Chen would teach Lin Jiabao his bad ways, it was best to adjust their seating arrangement.

But the head teacher was worried that the sudden transfer of Lin Jiabao’s position would have a negative effect on Lin Jiabao’s heart. After all, he was one of the few people who knew of Lin Jiabao’s family situation.

After thinking about it for a while, the teacher thought that it was better to let the more responsible classmate, Bai Youlian, take care of him, so the teacher decisively accepted the English teacher’s suggestion.

“Cut it out, four-eyes.” Ouyang Chen was quite displeased. “Why am I sitting near you?”

The Lin Jiabao next to him was still brain-dead, his head was completely empty—

Bai Youlian didn’t care about Ouyang Chen’s attitude. She put down her glasses before asking Lin Jiabao, “What’s wrong little Bao? Why aren’t you welcoming me?”

Lin Jiabao heard her and hurried to turn around. “Wel…”

He didn’t even get to finish his sentence as he was frightened by Ouyang Chen’s gaze. He could only manage out, “ – come.”

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