Chapter 8 – Successfully Obtained Phone Number (1/1)

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Ouyang Feng placed his cup of coffee down and with his face indifferent, he said to the youth who had his head down, “Go ahead and tell me, what’s going on? Did your desk mate bully you?”

Lin Jiabao stared at his fingers and hurriedly shook his head, “No.”

“Lift your head first. Look at me and talk.”

“Really… really never!”

Ouyang Feng raised an eyebrow and signalled Lin Jiabao to continue talking with his eyes but only saw Lin Jiabao holding himself back. His two hands were doing the same little gesture that a little primary student would do behind their backs when they were nervous. He wanted to say it but was embarrassed at the same time as his face slowly became redder by each passing minute.

“That… That.” He stared at Ouyang Feng’s face and suddenly felt shy out of the blue. He looked around and then said in a small voice after a little while, “During physical education class, I lagged behind everyone else while running three rounds for warm-up. Big brother, you say, is my physique really very bad?”

Does this ‘everyone’ include the girls too? Then, that’d be pretty bad. Ouyang Feng wanted to laugh out loud but when he saw that the child was truly feeling wronged, he held himself back.

However, he didn’t show any of his emotions in face as he placed the coffee cup down before saying, “It can’t be said that you are bad, but it could be that it’s because that everyone else is too good.”


Of course not! Ouyang Feng calmly said, ‘En.’

“But today, I tried skipping!” When he started talking about skipping, Lin Jiabao became more excited. It was as if his entire demeanor lit up immediately. “It was my first time skipping, it was more fun than playing with a ball or yarn!”

Skipping being more fun than playing with a ball of yarn had a few meanings – this guy could knit as well?

“Then why did you seem so spiritless today? You were even sighing often.”

Once Ouyang Feng asked that question, Lin Jiabao turned into an eggplant that had been beaten and was angry.

He sighed again. Then, he told Ouyang Feng everything that had taken place today honestly and praised Ouyang Chen’s change of attitude along the way.

Puff…” Ouyang Feng massaged his temples. He felt that this child’s physique was rather lacking, why didn’t Lin Lan do anything about it?

“Let me ask you, besides working and class, do you ever go to the gym to work out?”

Lin Jiabao dumbly shook his head. His bank account was tightly locked, where would he get the money for extra hobbies? Of course he didn’t. He didn’t go out either and would instead lie down at home to bask under the sun comfortably.

No wonder… forget it…

This was also the person who did that stinky brat’s, Ouyang Chen’s, homework. Ouyang Feng sipped his cup of coffee before he said, “Give me your phone.”

Lin Jiabao was suspicious of what Ouyang Feng wanted with his phone but he still obediently passed it over to him.

Ouyang Feng took over Lin Jiabao’s phone with furrowed eyebrows. This child looked white and tender but it seems that his living conditions were rather poor.

He used Lin Jiabao’s phone to call his own before saving his number into Lin Jiabao’s contacts and returned the phone back to him. “This is my phone number. If you have any problems in the future, call this number. During the weekends, I’ll come to say hi to Lin Lan before taking you out to the gym.”

Ai, ai, ai, ai, ai???

What was this situation, how did the problem change into this?

He originally wanted to refuse his offer but swallowed his refusal when he met Ouyang Feng’s piercing gaze.

Could he refuse or should he say thank you?

Of course he couldn’t refuse. Ouyang Feng was someone who preferred to speak with his actions rather than words so while Lin Jiabao was dealing with the stone in his brain, he directly went to greet Lin Lan.

Lin Lan stared blankly at him, as if she was staring at an alien. In return, Ouyang Feng stared back with the same gaze.

After being mocked by Ouyang Feng’s gaze, Lin Lan was sure that this man wasn’t an alien wearing his friend’s skin.

“What’s up? Did you take a fancy to our family’s little Bao?”

“What nonsense are you sprouting?” Ouyang Feng lifted his chin a little. He had an expression that was a little similar to Ouyang Chen but he had a more deterring aura and it made Lin Lan restrain herself.

“You can pull my family’s little Bao to go out and bring him out to the gym.” Lin Lan smiled. “But you have to treat him well ah!”

“Of course.”

When Lin Jiabao got home, he was still in a daze, feeling as if his body was floating in the air. He sat on the sofa dumbly and didn’t even hear 1028 asking him how school was.

In the end, 1028 scratched him to get his attention.

“That’s painful, mummy.”

‘What happened, it’s not even night time, where has your soul wandered off to?’

“Meow, my soul is still here, still here.” Lin Jiabao covered his forehead and his entire body melted onto the sofa. The white cat rushed over and stood on his body.

‘Say ba, what happened today?’

“No… Nothing.”

With two cat paws on Lin Jiabao’s face, 1028 chided, ‘Quickly say, I saw you grow up, I can tell when there’s something up.’

This domineering posture was similar to Ouyang Feng’s. As he was at the bottom of the food chain, he didn’t have any right to question or go against them.

Lin Jiabao struggled to get the cat paws out of his face before slowly explaining, “It’s just that today, I realised that my physique is too poor. Later a friend at the cafe told me that they will bring me out to the gym to exercise on the weekend. I didn’t really want to go but I didn’t get to refuse…”

It wasn’t that he couldn’t really refuse, it was just that he forgot to.

‘A friend from the shop? Male or female, are they reliable?’

“Reliable, reliable, a super good big brother meow!”

Look at the amount of praise for this unknown big brother coming from its cub’s mouth.

1028 believed that as a small animal, maybe Lin Jiabao could tell whether someone had good or bad intentions towards himself. This person should really have pure intentions.

It shouldn’t interfere too much, making more friends would be beneficial for him in adapting to society. It couldn’t possibly monitor him 24 hours a day and it believed in the importance of little Bao making his own decisions.

‘Don’t do anything silly and sell yourself away. Hurry up and go make dinner, you came back so late.’

Lin Jiabao nodded and got up to open the fridge to take out what he bought from the supermarket before. He used cooking oil to remove the fishy smell from the fish slices that he had cut the previous day and chopped some vegetables to stir fry with. Then, he followed the recipe written in the cooking manual to cook the fish in soy sauce.

He washed his plate cleanly before sitting down on the chair and rubbing his tummy! This moment was simply the peak of a kitty’s life!

If only he didn’t have to wash the dishes later _(:3_|\\\\)_

He spent most of his morning thinking about how to skip the gym and he was later startled by the big brother coming to the store.

Although today’s homework was already done, he hadn’t looked through the materials for tomorrow. Lin Jiabao helped Ouyang Chen do his notes while looking through his own.

Speaking of notes, Bai Youlian often took this matter to annoy Ouyang Chen.

In the original world, she often quarreled with her friends. However, to Lin Jiabao, Bai Youlian and Ouyang Chen only seemed to be fighting and he completely couldn’t see a relationship between them forming.

Not only that, now the milk kitten between them was the most pitiful. Every time the two quarreled, Lin Jiabao would be the first to be shot down.

Too bad, he shouldn’t think about it anymore and continue to do his notes ba.

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