Chapter 7 – Physical Education is Difficult for Shorties

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Ever since Lin Jiabao gave Ouyang Chen the homework he had ‘done’ for him, the young master Ouyang had been ‘paying attention’ in class these past few days. This made Lin Jiabao believe that Ouyang Chen may have changed personalities. 

Until one day, Lin Jiabao saw him talking on the phone. He eavesdropped and heard —— “I’m in school, leave me alone”, “Okay”, “So long-winded”, “I heard you”, “I did it, so why are you getting more busy?”, “Okay, okay, okay, it’s me who’s wrong”.

It was as if he was giving someone else his situation in school, the hole in Lin Jiabao’s head grew larger.

When it came to homework, Ouyang Chen was truly helpless.

Lin Jiabao did notes for Ouyang Chen crazily for a couple of times. But no matter what he said, Ouyang Chen didn’t change. To ‘change’ meant that he had to rewrite the whole analysis. Ouyang Chen’s wooden block of a brain simply didn’t cooperate with it.

Of course, it was also due to the troublesome Bai Youlian who would specifically pick out his work for the teacher to check. In addition, his elder brother – who seemed to have taken the wrong medication – was supervising his school work. Life really wasn’t easy for the young master.

Ouyang Chen was sure that one of the teachers from his class was his elder brother’s spy. Otherwise, how could all his mistakes be revealed?

But the real ‘spy’ who was sitting right next to him was currently helping the student behind them with a wrong question – Lin Jiabao. Though, this little spy was not even aware that he was currently on a mission.

It was almost time for physical education class. Dong Chen College paid special attention to the students’ comprehensive development of morals, intelligence, physical education and arts. As a result, there was a great emphasis placed on physical education and there was no class to ‘substitute’ it.

And this made Lin Jiabao cry bitterly in his heart as he was the shortest in class.

 Lin Jiabao was lacking in physical strength as the system points were not enough to exchange for a genetic modification. The three little steps he took with his short legs could barely compare with others’ one step.

When it came to the warm-up of running three rounds, the class had already finished running and only he had half a lap more to go. He was panting the whole way and felt that he breathed out his whole lungs.

Huff… huff… huff…

The physical education teacher had the subject rep bring everyone to exercise. He stood in front of Lin Jiabao with his arms on his hips. “Your stamina is a little lacking.”

Huff… meow… huff huff…”

He hadn’t caught his breath yet.

The teacher allowed Lin Jiabao to slowly walk the remaining lap and had him return to his classmates when he finally caught his breath.

Although his stamina was lacking, his posture was still standard. It may also be due to no one else doing the exercises seriously that he stood out from the crowd.

When they finished warming up, the teacher waved his hand. The students could freely choose the sport they wanted to play. They could play anywhere—indoors or outdoors, but they couldn’t leave the place. They could only leave after class.

“Little Bao, come and play basketball with us ba~”

“Don’t tease him, are you asking him to play ball or get hit by the ball? Haha.”

“Play tennis with us~”

Little Bao was now Lin Jiabao’s nickname. As his personality was good and he was helpful, he was quite popular among both boys and girls.

But this time, he declined everyone’s invitations. Ah, meow, so tired, why wasn’t there a sport where he didn’t need to move and could lie down peacefully?

Contrary to him, Ouyang Chen didn’t skip this class and even joined the basketball team. The opposition team’s boys were fiercer than usual. They were all secretly unhappy about Ouyang Chen’s stinky behaviour in class but they couldn’t say it out loud and could only take advantage of this chance to get back at him.

Of course they didn’t succeed and the match became Ouyang Chen’s personal show. There were various shrill screams of girls whenever he scored and it was about to make Lin Jiabao deaf.

Lin Jiabao quickly hurried away. When he walked past the badminton court, Bai Youlian also asked him if he wanted to play badminton together. He quickly waved his hands and said no before going next door.

This ‘next door’ was referring to the little corner of the field. There were very few, it was practically empty. There were some skipping ropes hung on the hoops. This place was the skipping area and was known by the students as the place to seek death by doing skipping tricks.

Lin Jiabao didn’t know about this. Compared to other sports, skipping seemed more suited to his physique, probably… 

He swiped his ID at the card reader and picked up a skipping rope. This was his first time skipping~ 

Most people would feel unfamiliar the first time but they would get the hang of it during the second time.

Lin Jiabao tried it out; he threw the rope out first and waited for the rope to hit the ground. He would then stop and jump over it. He threw it out again and waited for the rope to hit the ground before jumping over it. 

He was jumping over the rope rather awkwardly but Lin Jiabao seemed to enjoy it and continued to repeat the steps. 

But good times never lasted long. In a moment of carelessness, his right foot stepped on the rope while his left foot was still jumping. The rope got trapped between his legs. In a moment of panic, he hurriedly lifted his hand and the rope ended up wrapped more tightly around his legs, nearly tripping him.


Fortunately no one noticed. It was an ability in itself to get tied up by a skipping rope.

He let go of the handle and squatted for half a day before managing to undo the knot. This matter didn’t discourage Lin Jiabao, who continued to jump happily.

As predicted, he managed to get the skipping rope tied up around his legs again. How did this happen? He was jumping properly and doing all sorts of tricks. Jumping while doing tricks could cause problems.

He tried out several times until the end of the class but still ended in failure. Lin Jiabao dejectedly returned the skipping rope. He looked at the basketball court and saw the male lead’s matchmaker (Ouyang Chen) playing badminton with the female lead and they were abusing the cannon fodder together. The little cat in Lin Jiabao’s heart hugged its legs to its chest aggrievedly.

Comparing people would make anyone angry, despite being a cat. 

When he got to the cat cafe, he was still listless. Although he managed to avoid the manager’s questioning, he was still caught by Ouyang Feng’s claws. 

As Ouyang Feng always ordered the same type of coffee whenever he came to the café, brewing one and passing it to him went without question. 

The manager was of course happy to see this. This man was rich and always spent a lot of money whenever he came. There was so much money that they could afford supper for the cats.

“What happened, why do you look so frustrated?” Ouyang Feng took over his cup of coffee. Looking at Lin Jiabao’s dejected appearance, Ouyang Feng thought that if Lin Jiabao had cat ears, it’d be drooping down.

Lin Jiabao shuffled around and after hesitating for a long time, he finally sighed, “Ai.”

Where did this youngster learn to sigh? Ouyang Feng furrowed his eyebrows. Could it be that he was being bullied at school? What did that brat, Ouyang Chen, do now?

“You’re still so young, what is there to sigh about? Come here and sit down.”

His tone left no room for refusal. Lin Jiabao froze when he first heard Ouyang Feng’s words before getting into the chair with the same hand and same leg1Usually you walk while swinging the opposite hands and legs, like your right leg with your left hand and vice versa. But our baobao was too nervous!. He stared at Ouyang Feng with a semi-suspicious and semi-wronged gaze.

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