Chapter 6 – Homework Service

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Dong Chen college had no restrictions placed on students who wanted to self-study early in the morning or late at night. Of course students wanted to self-study, and the library and the classrooms had heater facilities and electricity 24 hours a day for them.

Lin Jiabao arrived earlier than usual to class and at that time, the classroom was empty save for the female lead.

After being in school for a few days, he was more or less used to the environment and atmosphere around him. Lin Jiabao rarely saw his deskmate as Ouyang Chen came to school  only a handful of times, so when he saw Ouyang Chen today, he was surprised. 

This deskmate of his was welcomed by almost all the girls. He only came to school for a couple of days but there were already several love letters shoved into his desk.

Not only did he get love letters from his own classroom girls but also from girls of different classes and higher grades. It was simply amazing!

After the teacher gave out homework, Lin Jiabao had already started working on it and finished three out of the five given work. Just as he was about to start the second last piece of his work, Ouyang Chen snatched the book out of his hands.

Lin Jiabao didn’t understand his actions and turned to look at Ouyang Chen with round confused eyes. Ouyang Chen flipped through his book without much care and asked nonchalantly, “You’re writing fairly seriously, were you the one who put those notes on my table?”

Ouyang Chen didn’t attend school for several days. With the spirit of a helpful deskmate, Lin Jiabao would make two copies of his notes and place it on his desk. It also helped him to consolidate his learning along the way.

Lin Jiabao nodded his head dumbly. He really wanted to take his book back but he wasn’t sure why the other took his book. Could it be that the notes he did himself were not clear, so he took his notes to check?

Of course, that kind of thing was impossible for young master Ouyang Chen. He passed the book back to Lin Jiabao and moved closer to say, “ There’s no need to do extra notes for me. Next time, just do my homework.”

Lin Jiabao nodded with understanding. He wasn’t agreeing to do Ouyang Chen’s homework, what he heard was — “I don’t understand my notes so I can’t do my homework. Help me think of a solution.”

However, the Bai Youlian who was at their side couldn’t take it anymore. She slammed her hand on the table, drawing both their eyes and attention.

She adjusted her glasses and said seriously, “This fellow student, I haven’t seen you around much. School has been open for a while and you’ve only attended twice. You even bully the student who did notes for you, that’s not very kind of you.”

Ouyang Chen was a little taken aback. He narrowed his eyes at Bai Youlian and said lazily, “It’s none of your business.”

“As the class monitor, it’s naturally my business.” Her tone turned mocking. “It’s young master’s homework, it’s definitely the business of the class committee.”

Meow, meow, meow?? Why were they quarreling? The cat alarms inside Lin Jiabao’s heart were meowing non-stop.

After all, in the original plot, this was how they quarreled. It turned out that even though they weren’t deskmates, sparks could still fly between them!

This, this, this wasn’t good ai!

“It’s—it’s—it is okay!” Lin Jiabao found a strong resolve in his heart and threw his body onto Ouyang Chen’s table, his head hitting the back of the bench with a ‘peng’. This attracted the gazes of the classmates around them.  

Painful, painful, painful, meow QAQ…

“Helping fellow deskmates is a student’s responsibility. Ouyang Chen didn’t come to school for a few days and has quite a lot of homework piled up. Don’t quarrel. QAQ”

This silly little child’s forehead was already red and the way he spoke was so pretty. It was just a pity his expression after just being hit looked extremely wronged.

The two flames were extinguished when this little idiot knocked his forehead.

Ouyang Chen laughed and readjusted his desk. Bai Youlian couldn’t help gently touching Lin Jiabao’s face and huffed offhandedly at Ouyang Chen, “Don’t bully him.”

The flames were silently put out. Lin Jiabao lowered his head, wondering if his sacrifice could be exchanged for points.

He didn’t know if he could exchange points for his actions, but he did know that doing homework was a must.

Lin Jiabao took Ouyang Chen’s homework and left the school. Today, he would go to the store to work as usual. As he was entering the shop, he purposely glanced at the seating area beside the window and realised the man who really looked like the male lead was here again.

The man sat where he sat the previous time and teased the cats. Although the number of times he came was few, he had left a deep impression on Lin Jiabao every time.

When a few guests left, he could finally take a break. Lin Jiabao asked Lin Lan for permission before going to a table to sit down and do his work, which Lin Lan was hurrying him to do.

Lin Jiabao sat in the seat opposite Ouyang Feng, biting the head of his pen.

He deliberately brought a pen to write down the core idea of each question under it and even made a summary.

He wrote the corresponding textbook pages at the top, marked the difficult questions and stuck a post-it note on that which had the quickest solution for the difficult questions.

Of course, the only way to skip the process and give the answer directly was to extend the question that was originally two to three or four pages.

This strange action attracted the attention of Ouyang Feng. As a CEO who faced a myriad of problems everyday, coming to a cat cafe wasn’t only weird, it was also a troublesome thing.

He didn’t want to have to go through the troubles of having a pet but in reality, he always liked little animals. Furthermore, the shop manager was his long-time friend.  

Last time when he went to Fu Ke Lai, he had seen the three of them. However, he had brought along those two bear children1Bear children are essentially naughty and ‘hard to control’. and thus didn’t say hello to Lin Lan and Song Jie.

Later he had contacted them and this window seat became his designated seat.

He was rather interested in this boy, whose courage was rather similar to that one of a cat’s. He thought that he was peeking at the boy secretly, unaware that his actions were simply outright staring.

When he was caught, he retracted his gaze with the speed similar to that of a turtle hiding back into its shell. In addition, Lin Lan praised how good and obedient Lin Jiabao was, as if she was praising her own son.

When compared with his family’s shameful little brother, this child’s demeanor was like that of an angel’s.

Lin Jiabao finished up the work and arranged the books. With his sharp eyes, he noticed that the name written on the front of the book was the same as the bear child of his little brother.

He recalled when Lin Jiabao came into the store, he was wearing the uniform of Dong Chen college and his finger couldn’t help tapping the table.

“What’s your name?”

The deep, magnetic voice interrupted Lin Jiabao’s actions of packing his bag. He replied ‘Lin Jiabao’ out of reflex before noticing who was asking him.

Ouyang Feng stood in front of Lin Jiabao and by looking at him, Lin Jiabao could tell that he’d only reach his chest. How… How tall!

“Lin Jiabao?” Jiabao, little baby?2The last letter of Lin Jiabao’s name is 宝 and 宝宝 means baby >0< The man thought for a moment and the silence made Lin Jiabao’s ears grow hot.

“I, I, I…” Lin Jiabao wanted to ask what Ouyang Feng was doing but in a moment of nervousness, he wasn’t thinking clearly.

“Don’t be nervous, I’m a student at Dong Chen college. My little brother is too.”

Is that so, that’s so coincidental. _(:3_|\\\\)_

Ouyang Feng suddenly smiled at Lin Jiabao and rubbed his head. “I’m friends with your shop’s manager.”

Turns out he was the shop manager’s friend ya! Lin Jiabao’s nervousness was significantly lesser than before.

Being stroked was very comfortable. His eyes closed like a cat and his leg couldn’t help kicking a few times.

He felt the furriness and Ouyang Feng felt that rubbing this child’s hair was better than rubbing a cat’s.

Finally, with some regret, he took his hand back and asked, “What class are you from?”

“The 4th class, why?” Lin Jiabao sent him a suspicious gaze.

“Nothing much, I’m just asking.” Very good, he was in the same class as that shameful child.

“I saw that the name on the homework book isn’t yours, are you helping someone else do their homework?”

“No.” Lin Jiabao shook his head. “This is my deskmate’s homework, he hasn’t come to school for a few days so he doesn’t know how to do his homework. I’m helping him to write down the way to solve the questions so it’s easier for him to do.”

“…” Skipping school and making other people do your work that you can’t even do yourself! Ouyang Chen, you’re too good!

In the end, Ouyang Feng didn’t reveal his identity, but he told Lin Jiabao to remember to rest. If he got tired doing other people’s work, he didn’t have to. He shouldn’t tire himself out. It seemed like this child helped Ouyang Chen out a lot.


The homework was returned to Ouyang Chen the next day, who got a headache when he saw it.

This bookworm! He made Lin Jiabao do his homework, who made something out of nothing by writing the way to solve the question and didn’t write the answers down at all.

When Bai Youlian heard about this, she smiled, especially happy. She even went up to Lin Jiabao to pat his back and praised him, saying he did a good job. This made Ouyang Chen explode in anger.

Of course, Ouyang Chen didn’t know that he’d face an even worse event later. His older brother would hear about all the details of his doings in school from his little deskmate. It was really something he needed to be congratulated for.

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