Chapter 5 – President is Stroking a Cat?

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The whole morning was basically spent on the orientation ceremony and in the afternoon, the students all rushed towards the cafeteria. Lin Jiabao knew that his physique wouldn’t be able to get past the whole crowd, so he waited for everyone to leave before making his way out of the classroom.

Before he left the cafeteria, he took a look at Ouyang Chen. It seemed like the young master had already ordered the food and didn’t plan on eating in the cafeteria.

The college’s cafeterias were all massive. There were three four-story buildings and each floor had different types of food. Each floor had their own specialties so as to meet all the students’ needs. Of course, Lin Jiabao forgot to bring his wallet. He decided to choose the canteen on the first floor, which had much cheaper prices and was only opened during special occasions such as orientation day.

He stood in front of the longest queue and when it was finally his turn, he happily ordered his dry fried fish before turning around to find an empty seat. Only then did he realise he forgot to take a pair of chopsticks with his food.


Suddenly, a pair of chopsticks were thrust towards Lin Jiabao’s face. He looked up and made a sound of surprise, “Yi?!”

He saw Bai Youlian holding a bowl in each of her hands, looking helplessly at him. Lin Jiabao scurried off while holding just the plate of vegetables, not even hearing the cafeteria lady call to pick up his food.

He was so similar to the cat at the Bai household.

Bai Youlian sat across Lin Jiabao. She adjusted her glasses before saying, “You’re still looking at me, you don’t want to eat?”

Lin Jiabao hurriedly shook his head and just as he was about to start eating, he stopped and pushed the dry fried fish a little forward. He asked softly, “Do you want to eat?”

Bai Youlian picked the biggest fish piece without consideration and enjoyed the little sour look in Lin Jiabao’s eyes. She then pushed over her braised pork and asked deliberately while eating, “You seem nervous when you’re talking to me, have you seen me before?”

This sentence caused Lin Jiabao, who was chewing on the fish meat, to almost choke on a bone. He quickly shook his head.

But how could he not be nervous! He was nervous to peek at her.

After that, Bai Youlian didn’t frighten Lin Jiabao anymore. After the meal, Lin Jiabao felt that he got closer to the female lead. _(:3_|)_

The female lead ate faster than Lin Jiabao, that little cat-tongued boy. She took out a tissue to wipe her mouth and prepared to leave. Before leaving, she said to Lin Jiabao, “Be careful of your table partner. If you encounter any problems, remember to find me. After all, I’m your class monitor.”

What a good person!

However, no matter how much trouble this young master Ouyang Chen brought, he definitely couldn’t go and bother the female lead. Even if he was afraid, he had to carry on. If the two were pulled apart too early, the dean would be forced to let out a little secret which wasn’t too kind.

Their lunch break ended and Lin Jiabao went back to the classroom. Unsurprisingly, when the bell rang, his table partner wasn’t back yet.

As it was the first day, each subject teacher gave out textbooks in the afternoon and went through the basics of the subject. They also didn’t give out any homework. When Lin Jiabao finished taking notes, it was basically time for students to go home.

When he saw that his table partner still hadn’t returned, he tore out a piece of paper from his notebook and placed it on Ouyang Chen’s table before leaving school.

When he got on the train, he didn’t go home but went to the shop to work first. The shop’s number of customers at this time was especially a lot. The shop manager couldn’t handle it alone and needed him to come back. Not only did he need to take orders, he also needed to get the little masters to listen and let the customers pet them.

Lin Jiabao changed out of his school clothes and put on his work uniform. He was especially popular among the girls who liked to come to the cat cafe. Today, many regular customers had come to tease him and the cats.

However, why does the person sitting by the window look a little like the male lead?

Impossible, they must just have similar faces, humans all look a little alike. Mummy said it already, the male lead was a billionaire, he probably wouldn’t come to a small cafe like theirs.

He comforted himself, took a step forward and shrinked away. He got a little closer and got on his tiptoes to get a better look. Wah, he really looks like him!

The man seemed like he wanted to look up, causing Lin Jiabao to reflexively want to hide. Later he found his thoughts to be a little strange. He should ask what the guy wanted.

“That… Do you want to order something?”

This seemed to break the man’s train of thought, causing him to frown. He didn’t look at Lin Jiabao, his fingers slid across his tablet and said, “Bring a blue mountain1I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the brand of coffee, Blue Mountain. Must be expensive!.”

“Okay.” Yi, a rich man?

Just as he planned to walk away, the man called for him again. He stared at Lin Jiabao, as if thinking of something. He stared until Lin Jiabao started to break out in sweat. Only after a long while did he say, “Bring me a cat along the way too. I want a quiet one.”


The man’s aura was too strong and it caused Lin Jiabao’s voice to tremble. He quickly scurried off.

When the coffee was ready, he begged the big boss of the café, Ba Ye. Only after promising to give extra food did he finally manage to get Ba Ye to agree.

“Here’s the coffee and the cat you ordered.”

He placed the coffee and cat in front of the man before rushing away quickly, hiding behind the counter. He thought in his heart, this kind of strong man also wanted to tease the cats?

The answer was obvious. The man stirred his coffee with one hand while stroking Ba Ye’s head with the other. He suddenly turned to Lin Jiabao’s direction, causing Lin Jiabao to immediately duck back down. When he peeked back up and saw that the man wasn’t looking anymore, he heaved a sigh of relief.


Lin Lan stood behind him and slapped his forehead. “Baobao, are you catching mice here?”


“Your brother Song isn’t coming, go and feed the cats.”

The corner of the man’s mouth hooked up as he watched this scene and thoughtfully stroked Ba Ye again, saying softly, “Baobao?”

Of course no one replied him.

Lin Jiabao went to open different types of cat food and mixed it together. The cats surrounded Lin Jiabao who was holding all the food. When he put down the food properly and said they could eat, the cats all ran to their respective bowls. They were usually very lazy and only became active when it was time to eat.

This made Lin Jiabao cover his face, he was almost the same as them.

When he finished feeding the cats, he realised the man had long paid and left the cafe. After working at the cafe for another few hours, the shop manager finally let Lin Jiabao to hurry home to eat. The number of customers at night was less so Lin Jiabao didn’t need to work overtime.

‘So today you became a member of the student committee and disrupted the plot. Not bad, not bad, you deserve a reward. I’ll help you keep the prize first. When it reaches a certain amount, I’ll give it to you.’

When he got home and 1028 heard about Lin Jiabao’s day, it turned around. Its tone was that of a parent who wanted their child to hand over their New Year’s money. However, this child didn’t resist at all and obediently gave it to his parent.

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